The Dominican Enigma Hair Regimen

My Hair Regimen

A few days ago, I was heading to Nobu for my friends engagement party when I was stopped by this uber-chic glam statuesque model-type woman. She stared at my hair for a few seconds and asked me, “What do you use on your hair that it’s so shiny and long?”. I immediately advised her on how to get shiny hair and wanted to make a post about it.

1) The first thing I always recommend is not washing your hair often. I have very long hair, (all the way down the bottom of my back) and I only wash my hair once or twice a week. Washing your hair often will strip it of its natural oils, and leave you with dry, stringy hair.
2) The second thing I do is every night massage my scalp. Yes, I massage my scalp (and face for that matter-but that’s a different post) for 5 minutes every single night. Why? You ask. Massaging your scalp for 5 minutes will increase blood flow to your scalp-and therefore increase growth for long lustrous locks.
3) Coconut Oil-I am addicted to this stuff. But make sure you buy Pure, Organic Unrefined Coconut oil. I often add coconut oil and sesame oil to my massage routine.
4) Hair products-As I’ve said before I never ever use any product with Sulfates in it (stuff that makes your shampoo lather). That stuff will leave you with very un-healthy hair. I only use Aubrey Organic or Giovanni hair products which have absolutely no chemicals.
5) Vitamins. I am a vitamin addict. I know how effective they are on hair. I am not a Doctor and in no way am I advising you to take the supplements I take. But these are my supplements and they work for me: MSM, Multi-vitamin, Borage Oil, Omega 3 Oils (fish oils), Zinc, and a B-multi.
6) I always sleep on a silk pillow cover. I find that my hair is still incredibly shiny 4 days after getting it done.

I hope this helps.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Before the New Year began, I suffered a terrible loss and have been dealing with it. I’ve gotten some very nice e-mails and I really appreciate them. Anyway, the first thing I would like to do is wish you all a Happy New Year. (I know I’m late but hey, better late than never.) Second I would like to let you guys know about Thalia’s new book titled Belleza. I just started reading it this morning and am so excited about it. Thalia gives some great make-up advice as well as admitting her own make-up blunders. I absolutely love it. Buy it! (Or you can get it from the library like I did.)


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