Sephora Gift Certificate Contest

One of the reasons I started "Beauty of the Week" is because I love hearing success stories. Reading about a woman who followed her dream, and triumphed always gives me a great feeling. Another reason I started this was because I think that women can be very divisive towards each other. Time and time again instead of congratulating our sisters on their achievements, I’ve seen women become envious and begin to look at these women (who were once their friends) in an adversarial and competitive way. It shouldn’t be like that. In fact, we should all be learning from each other so we can all win! This world is big enough for all of us to succeed and I’m sure we all will. I hope that the "Beauty of the Week" is enjoyable to you because I truly do love doing them. So here’s where you come in-my readers. I want to know about you. Tell me a little about yourself then answer the five Beauty of the Week questions. If you don’t know what those questions are, please look through the past Beauties. The winner of the Beauty of the Week contest will get a $100.00 certificate to Sephora. The contest ends June 9-the winner will know they won when they see their pic on this site June 12 ( a pic must be sent in addition to the responses)If you want me to blur a little of your face off in the pic, I will. Please e-mail all post to I look forward to reading about you guys.

Due to working on deadline, this will be my last post this week. I'll miss you guys :-)



When mineral makeup started becoming popular, I was so excited by its claims of not containing any harsh chemicals, and how it would cover all your imperfections while transforming the health of your skin. I must have bought every single mineral make-up out there. However, I just didn’t like the way they looked on my skin. Usually, the colors didn’t match my tan complexion, and it would look as if I had a mask on my face. By the middle of the day, my pores would be showing more than ever and my face would be left a greasy mess. I was kind of intent on not using any more mineral make-up but I recently discovered Mineralogie and this is making me want to put away my liquid foundations for good.

This mineral make-up really does what it purports to do. First of all, the foundation and the blush have a very high SPF of 26 (this is incredibly high for any make-up) and are described as being “very water resistant.” They also offer 33 shades of mineral foundation that are supposed to match every skin tone, but if it doesn’t, they will custom blend one just for you. I tried the mineral pressed foundation in the Latte shade and the Apricot Toast blush. The first thing I loved about this make-up was the adorable packaging. It comes in this chic square silver/clear container.
I love how it’s not messy at all. It advises you to press three pin- holes into the seal to assure that there is no mess.
I punched in three, and then used my Kabuki brush to apply. As I applied the Latte shade, I noticed that this beautiful brown shade was an exact match to my skin. I was impressed!! The amount of coverage was truly incredible, however, it did not look like I had any make-up on!! This mineral make-up really made my skin look airbrushed but still very natural. Because of my tan complexion, when I get a zit or irritation on my skin, I get left with a dark mark. I usually use a concealer to cover it. However, I didn’t need to use any concealer with this. An application of this made my skin looked flawless and my brown mark was not showing at all. I was in heaven!!!!! I then applied the Apricot Toast blush. This is such a beautiful highly pigmented peachy blush with a hint of shimmer. Here’s a swatch.
This made me look as if I was glowing. Yesterday was a beautiful day in New York, so after having lunch with my mom, I dropped my bag off at the gym, and ran three miles in Central Park (totally forgetting to wash my make-up off). After my run, I returned to the gym and looked in the mirror. My face was covered in sweat; my eyeliner was smudged all over my lids but my skin still looked perfect, and the blush looked like I had just applied it. The staying power of this is incredible. This is a must have and I mean it.


How Do You Pamper Yourself?

The last few weeks for me have been ridiculously busy and tiring. Literally, I haven’t slept more than three hours a night. So today, I’ve decided to do something that I rarely do and dedicate this day to ME!! Yes, I’m doing nothing today but pampering myself, and I hope you beauties do that for yourself from time to time. YOU DESERVE IT! When I woke up this morning, I gave myself a scalp massage for fifteen minute with a blend of Avocado and Coconut Oil (two of the most nourishing oils for you tresses). Although I usually go to the spa to get a facial, I’ve decided to give myself one today, using my steamer, and two of my favorite masks:
The Astara Purification Mask
And then my Astara Golden Hydration Mask
I’ll blog about both of these products later, but all I got to say is they are fantastic for cleansing your skin and the line never processes its products over 105 degrees so you know that all the ingredients are active.

Then I'm off to my favorite spa-Silk Day Spa for three hours of pampering. If you ever come to New York you should definitely get a treatment there. You'll love it.

After that, I’m off to have lunch with my two bestest and then we're all going to get our hair done. Now my question to you is, HOW DO YOU PAMPER YOURSELF? Send your response to BEAUTYLOGICBLOG@YAHOO.COM-contest ends sunday
I've said before I'm addicted to manis and pedis, and am always trying out new nail polishes. I love this line-the colors are beautiful, the packaging is so cute, and the names are hysterical (The BRONX, GOT MY BACK, WEST 4TH). Please note that the winner will be chosen by my mom (because like I've said before, she's always right). Also, I didn't forget about the Sephora contest. It's coming!!



Speaking Of Hair

Hey ladies, some of you might be interested in this:


Kicking off on May 27th in Miami, Florida, the John Frieda Collection See for Yourself Salon Tour will be traveling around the country, led by celebrity stylist Harry Josh and his team of experts, transforming women's hair right in front of their very eyes. At each stop, a gorgeous salon will be set up where women can come get private consultations with Harry Josh and the stylist team. Josh has worked with A-listers such as Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker and Ellen Pompeo, to name a few, and now he is coming to your city to work on you. Do you have unmanageable, frizzy hair that's in need of an expert's touch? Are you interested in getting that coveted celebrity style? Now is your chance with the John Frieda Collection See for Yourself Tour, which will be traveling across the country making stops in Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Ann Arbor, New York and Los Angeles, ending in Denver on August 6th.

You can log onto to find a stop closest to you. In order to receive a coveted 45 minute consultation, you MUST schedule your appointment online prior to visiting the salon. Every client who books an appointment will receive the following:

* “Before and After” photos taken to highlight her dramatic transformation
* A luxurious shampoo and conditioning
* A consultation with Harry Josh or another expert stylist on the ideal style for her hair
* Personal styling by a member of the John Frieda Collection team and information to log on to to view her transformation online
* A personalized hair chart and free samples to recreate the look at home

*Clients who do not book an appointment in advance will receive a 3-minute transformation with Harry Josh or another expert stylist and also walk away with a personalized hair chart and free samples.

Beauty of The Week-Vashtie Kola

I’d like to introduce you to my next Beauty of the Week. She goes by the name of Vashtie, and this woman is INCREDIBLE. This beauty has accomplished more in her young life than most people have done in their life time. She has been a director (Kanye, Pharrell & Lupe Us Placers & Chrisette Michelle video), stylist of the Billionares Boys Club clothing line, a model, and the former creative director of Def Jam. She also is responsible for these incredible parties in New York called 1992. I’ve gone to all of them and believe me; they are like nothing you’ve ever seen. One thing I love about Vashtie is she doesn’t let the industry get to her; she stays the same cool and down to earth beauty. Keep a look out for this girl, because I got a feeling she’s just getting started.


Ladies and Jets my Beauty of The Week; Vashtie Kola

What is your beauty regimen morning/night?
I wash my face with Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution and hydrate with a Nars moisture creme. I like my face to feel smothered in cream.

2) What’s the deal with your make-up?
I'm a minimalist and don't prefer to wear make-up. although, when i go out I'll apply some black eyeliner, curl my eyelashes and apply some Tarte Cheek Stain in Natural Beauty.

3) What beauty product can’t you live without?
My rosebud salve. It's so perfect and classic.

4) What beauty advice can you give us?
I think, less is more. Don't overload on makeup. I think natural is beautiful. Also make sure to MOISTURIZE!!! It keeps you looking young.

5) What is the best advice anyone has given you (this doesn’t have to be beauty-related)?
Be true to who you are. I think it's obvious, yet overlooked. Everyone is beautiful in their own right, so don't get caught up in being someone else.

Thanks V,


Want a chance to win a $100.00 gift card to Sephora. Stay tuned cuties.

8 Hair Tips for Beautiful Hair

Hey Babes,

I got this from a Dominican Hairstylist website. Here are 8 tips for Fabulous Hair:

1. Avoid shampoos that contain sodium laurel sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate. These chemicals are synthetic detergents that are used in dishwashing liquid and other cleansers. They are valued because they lather well, but they are very harsh, and can dry out your hair. Instead, look for shampoos made with decyl glucose, or decyl glucoside, which are much gentler.

2. Give yourself a hot oil treatment to deep condition your hair. Warm oil penetrates the hair shaft making the hair more flexible and giving it shine. This can also help to prevent split ends which result from dry hair.

3. Eat right and consider taking vitamin and mineral supplements to encourage healthy hair. Several vitamins and minerals have been shown to help hair growth and condition including biotin, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin C and MSM.

4. If you are an African American, or if you have extra curly hair, avoid brushing your hair. Use a wide toothed comb, or your fingers to work with your hair. Brushes can destroy African American or extra curly hair by shearing it out of the scalp.

5. Look for essential oils, herbs and vegetable oils in your hair care products. Essential oils such as rosemary, ylang-ylang and west indian bay help to stimulate hair growth. Lavender and tea tree and naturally antiseptic and help to fight dandruff. Vegetable oils such as soybean oil, safflower oil and corn oil are moisturizing and conditioning to the hair shaft.

6. Avoid sleeping in hair accessories such as barrettes, scrunchies, head bands, etc. This can lead to hair damage.

7. Massage your scalp to help stimulate hair growth. Massaging helps stimulate hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the scalp. This nourishes the hair roots and helps to stimulate the hair growth process.

8. If your hair ends are damaged, give yourself a trim every so often to remove damage.

Hope this helped.


Juice Your Skin!


I’m really loving Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk for a few reasons. One: my mommy recommends this (and you know De’s mom is always right. Remember mom is in her mid fifties, but looks like she’s in her early thirties). Two: this is not soap-based and after using this gentle cleanser, my skin is left so moisturized, and incredibly smooth. (Don’t you hate when you use soap-based face wash and your skin is left tight, itchy and cracked..grrr) Three: this has some serious anti-aging ingredients (you know how I’m obsessed with anti-aging) from organic white grape and red raspberry to soothing aloe vera and it’s also loaded with nourishing plant oils. Four: this removes my Revlon ColorStay black eyeliner while still leaving my skin soft and hydrated. (Usually, I practically need paint remover to remove my Colorstay, LOL). Five: It’s scented with orange blossom essential oils-yum!!! Sixth: This product is certified Organic!!

This is definitely something to look at for smooth, moist and healthy skin.

Have you tried Juice Beauty products? What do you think of them?


Know for sure that it's NATURAL!

You girls know how much I love natural products! Apparently now we're going to know for sure whether a product is truly natural or not. This is the seal that will let you know!


As the demand for “natural” personal care products – such as lotions, balms and shampoos – continues to soar, manufacturers are responding with a host of new products. Some are natural, some aren’t. But how is a shopper to know? Until now, consumers had no idea what was truly natural since there was no standard definition of the term used by industry.

That is no longer the case. To end this confusion and help consumers, the Natural Products Association just unveiled a new certification program that defines natural and includes an easily-identified seal. Shoppers can expect the seal to begin appearing on certified natural personal care products such as Burt’s Bees, Weleda, Aubrey Organics, Badger Balm, Farmaesthetics, and Trilogy Fragrances during this summer.

The companies that have joined in this effort with the Natural Products Association (the largest non-profit company in this arena) are not required to do this by any federal agency but these brands got fed up with seeing other companies call their lines “natural” when they were anything but. So much of what we see on shelves says natural on it but contains NOTHING natural… The seal will help take the guesswork out of smart buying and educate consumers on what products are truly natural.

Products must follow strict guidelines set out by the Natural Products Association to merit bearing the seal. The criteria includes, but are not limited to:

– 95% truly natural ingredients

– No ingredients with any potential suspected human health risks

– No processes that significantly or adversely alter the purity/effect of the natural ingredients

– Ingredients that come from a purposeful, renewable/plentiful source found in nature (flora, fauna, mineral)

– Processes that are minimal and don't use synthetic/harsh chemicals or otherwise dilute purity

– Unnatural ingredients only when viable natural alternative ingredients are unavailable and only when there are absolutely no suspected potential human health risks

Essie Summer Collection=Perfection


I sometimes wonder if Essie has some sort of magical ingredient that make all their nail polishes look fabulous on me. I'm serious, I've never met an Essie nail polish that I didn't like. Besides looking beautiful, the staying power of Essie is incredible. ( I type at least 5 hours a day, and my Essie still last at least a week). Also, the names are too cute and funny. A few of my old favorites are Bikini with a Martini, Mucho Dinero and After Sex. When I found out about Essie’s summer collection I had to have it, and of course, every single color looks perfect on me! I'm sure they'll look fab on you too! Here are some pics that i took at home while I was deathly ill yesterday.

I love love love Movers and Shakers. It's such a cute sassy and bold pink.


My place or Yours = a beautiful sophisticated pink rose (and what a hot name!!!!)


Risky Business=hot blend of red and


Guilty Pleasures =gorgeous light pink beauty.


Secret Stash
This is such a hot traffic stopping fuschia!!


And my favorite is Escapades a hot Momma Sexy red coral!!


I'm obsessed with this one and have it on my toes right now!!

What's your favorite Essie Color?


Out for the Count Today Mammas

Hey babes,

I've been working hard all week on some papers, but I also think I may be suffering from severe food poisoning because I've been sick all night. (I'm looking like Charlotte & Harry in Sex & the City after they had the Fromage!) I hope you mammas/pappas had a great weekend, and if anything happened that was fun, please feel free to share. Would love to hear! I need a laugh right now. Ill be back tomorrow though blogging about something that i know you'll love. The new Essie Summer Collection!! Also stay tuned, this week I'm going to reveal how you could win a gift certificate to Sephora and be featured on this site.



Dominican Salon Review #2

Mirror Image Salon

I’d first read about this salon on my fellow beauty blogger 55 secret street’s page. Then one of my loyal readers Valerie, wrote in that she went there too, so I figured it was time for me to check it out. I'm so happy that I did.


Pros: This salon has over 13 dryer seats and 8 hair do chairs. You might be saying to yourself, "Who the heck cares, DE?" Well, you should care. This means that you will never have to wait long for a wash/set. I arrived at 9:30 on a Thursday morning. There were already six girls ahead of me, but I didn't have to wait long at all. Seriously, i was in and out of the salon in less than two hours.

Customer Sevice: I thought it was great. The beauticians smiled at me. They asked me if I had any special preferences for my hair and most importantly they asked me how I was doing. Many times you walk into these salons, and they look at you as if they have a personal vendetta against you and your family-not at Mirror Image. They greeted me in a very friendly manner, and everyone else that came in after me was greeted the same way.
- Products-They offered a lot of products. From Salerm, Alter-Ego, Mizani, Nexxus, Sebastian, Luzy Colors,Infusium, and a whole bunch of other stuff I haven’t heard of. They also offer some Brazilian treatment called Kera Hair that is supposed to do wonders for your locks. It supposedly takes three hours for them to work it through your tresses, and the service is around $80.00.
-The hair dryers are fantastic. Because my hair is long, I had those huge rollers, and I still had room under the dryer for my big head. And guess what, after she did my roller set, SHE GAVE ME EAR COVERS!! YEAHH! I was very happy about that.
-The Experience-When I sat down in Ramona’s chair, I showed her the pic of what I wanted done to my hair. She told me that when she was done with my hair-it would look even better than the picture. (I love that attitude!!) She began to blow dry my hair with a 3 inch round brush. Almost immediately after she finished blow drying one section, she would then curl it with her fingers. I liked that method because usually other salons put a curling iron to my hair even after they blow-dry (therefore adding more heat to my tresses and increasing damage) but not Ramona-she clearly knew what she was doing. She took her time working on my hair too which really made me feel as if she cared about it. After I was done, my hair looked incredible. Photobucket
I observed two other young ladies with different hair textures than mine getting their hair done. These beauticians took their time making sure that their client's hair came out fabulous, and these 2 beauties left with such shiny, bouncy, and lustrous locks. (I asked them if i could take a pic of their hair but they said they were a little uncomfortable about appearing online, lol).
Decorum-This salon is pretty big. It has two levels. There are over 13 dryer chairs, and 8 hair-do stations-and a pedicure station (apparently they are looking for someone to do pedicures now). But there are only 2 washer stations (which will be my only con). There are three televisions as well. There was a waiting area with around 4 chairs, and a small table with flowers. They also have boards that show the different conditioners they offer and what the conditioners are good for.Here's a pic of one:
Price-The price was $30.00-again because my hair was long, but normal price is $18.00. Usually this would have been under my “cons” section, but I liked my hair so much that I didn’t mind.

My only con was that 2 hair washing stations is not enough if you have over 13 dryers. In the future they should add more.

After getting my hair done and paying, I advised them that I was reviewing the salon on my site and wanted to ask them questions. They were very receptive. I knew my readers would want to know if they worked on natural/non-relaxed hair. I spoke with a beautician named Suny, and her response was, “We work on all hair; natural hair, relaxed hair, curly, all hair. We are experts in it all.” I asked if they did weaves, and they responded that although they don’t put in the weaves, they know how to take care of a weave after it’s in.

All in all, out of a scale of 1-5, this salon gets a 4. I would highly recommend it. If you go, please let me know of your experience.


Have a great weekend hot mammas!

Beauty of the Week-June Ambrose

Last year, I gave up a pretty lucrative stint in finance to pursue my real passion which is reporting. I was called crazy, stupid, and a dreamer. Many times, I regretted it, but then I hear about women like June Ambrose and realize that I made the right decision. Remember, everything in life is possible if you truly work hard for it! What an amazing woman Ms. June Ambrose is! She started her career in investment banking, realized she hated it and decided to pursue her passion-STYLE. Since then, this true phenomenal woman has worked with the biggest names in the world including Kelly Ripa, Janet Jackson, P-diddy and Kim Cantrall (my fave on Sex& the City!!!). She’s also appeared on Oprah discussing her work and has written the fabulous book, Effortless Style. This woman is a true example to us that you should never be scared to get out of your comfort zone, and explore the opportunities that make you happy, because who knows where you’ll end up. Ms. Ambrose, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. You’re amazing.

Ladies and Jets, My Beauty of The Week: June Ambrose


What is your beauty regimen?
My beauty regimen for morning and night is a little time consuming but necessary. I get very little sleep and I live in a city filled with lots of pollution. In the morning I pour rose water or green tea in a bowl of ice cubes. This helps with the swelling and brightens my eyes. I cleanse with Natura Bisse cleansing wash and toner. I then use the Natura Bisse diamond eye cream, sun block, and finally the Natura Bisse diamond cream for a moist healthy face.

At night I use bliss eye make-up remover and Shu Uemora make-up remover. It’s genius! I then use my Natura Bisse cleansing wash, and toner, followed by my B intensive lightening complex serum, eye cream, and then diamond cream.

What’s the deal with your make-up?
My make up is Giorgio Armani liquid foundation (silicone based), Bobby brown eye brow pencil, Blush from MAC, Revlon mascara, Keilhs’ lip balm with a tint, and my YSL eye liner.

What are some beauty products you can’t live without?
The beauty products I can not live without are Natura Bisse C+C vitamin body cream, Fresh sugar scrub and, Keilhs’sun block.

What’s the best beauty advice someone has given you?
The best advice I was ever given was drink a lot of water, get as much sleep as possible and stay out of the sun.

What’s the best advice you can give us (doesn’t have to be beauty-related)?
Never take a day off from being stylish. Style is second skin.



Do you want to be a Beauty of the Week? We're having a contest soon. The winner will win a gift card to Sephora. Stay tuned for more details.


I love being tanned-but I won’t risk dying for one or speed up the aging process to get one. Nope, no sun for me! I always wear SPF 30 or higher and live on self-tanners. I recently discovered one that has led me to throw all of my other self-tanners away. Ladies and Jets, I introduce you to:

Bath & Body True Blue Spa Shade to Order


First of all, this is a tanner and an oil-free moisturizer in one, which is FABULOUS!! A great thing about this product is there are seven settings (one is the moisturizer) and YOU customize the intensity of your sunless tan by turning the dial. This is excellent for someone who hasn’t tanned before because if you don’t want to go too dark, try the lowest setting which is #6. But if you’re a rebel like me, go the highest setting which is #1. Before using this amazing product, I exfoliated my skin thoroughly (helps prevent uneven tanning). I then turned the dial to the darkest setting and began applying. The first thing I noticed about this product was the fact that the smell was almost non-existent. It’s a very light and pleasant coconut scent, that I didn’t smell 5 minutes after application. Tanners usually don’t smell so great, so I was very happy about this!!!!!! Seriously, in order for me to smell anything, I had to practically stick this cream inside my nostril. Also, the tanner is a pretty thin consistency, and it glided right on my skin. I applied this all over my face, legs, chest, and arms. There were no streaks at all when using this. I love the fact that this tanner is packed full of luxurious ingredients like glycerin which keep your skin moisturized, Aloe Vera to smooth skin, and vitamin E to moisturize and protect your skin.
It’s now a few days later and I still can’t believe how golden and sun-kissed I look. On my way to work this morning, a few people asked me what island I’d been to because my bronze glow looked so good. This is a summer must-have and I mean it!!!!!!!
Check out my fellow beauty blogger Wes of Honey Brown Sugar . She blogs about her great experience as well using other items from the True Blue Tan line.


Stila + Summer = Bronze Goddess

Stila is offering some products to give you that golden sun-kissed look for the summer. These products work to enhance your natural beauty and not cover it up. Stila artist Sarah Lucero explains how to use them.

Sun Bronzing Powder SPF 15 ($28.00)


What it is: Natural glow, no sun required.

What it does: Provides full protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays and imparts a radiant glow.

How it does it: Now formulated with SPF 15, this Stila classic blocks the sun without leaving you pale.

From the expert: “This is a must–have for the summer and for all skin types and tone—it leaves your skin looking healthy and luminous,” says Lucero. “For a light, sun-kissed look, use Stila Brush #8 to lightly apply Stila Sun Bronzing Powder SPF 15 Shade #1. Dust over the nose, tops of cheeks and forehead – wherever the sun naturally first touches the skin. For a tanner look, use Shade #2.”

Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain ($24.00)


What it is: Lip and cheek color at the click of a pen.

What it does:
Delivers a perfect individualized cherry stain to lips and cheeks.

How it does it: The formula reacts to the pH levels in the cheeks and lips to create a personalized blush and pout. Cherry and pomegranate extracts provides skin and lips with anti-oxidant protection.

From the expert: “Apply with fingertips to cheeks and apply directly to lips with the brush tip applicator,” Lucero recommends. “On lips, wear the stain alone or under your favorite Stila lip glaze. On cheeks, layer for intensity.”

Multi-Effect Mascara ($20.00)


What it is: A multi-tasking lash booster.

What it does: Volumizes, lengthens, thickens and curls in a single stroke.

How it does it: Via a revolutionary, technologically advanced formula and a unique application brush featuring a slightly slanted tip designed to get into the corners of the eyes.

From the expert: “Multi-Effect Mascara is the perfect way to add instant drama to a clean, minimal summer look,” recommends Lucero. “Just a single coat creates a head-turning eye-opening effect.”

Sun Shimmer Dry Oil ($26.00)


What it is: Glistening shimmer and a touch of color in one.

What it does:
Delivers a veil of shimmery moisture to the skin with a hint of natural tint.

How it does it: Macadamia and kukui nut oils hydrate and smooth the skin, imparting a glowing sheen.

From the expert: “I love this product for the beach because it replenishes skin that gets dehydrated in the heat,” Lucero explains. “Layer over an SPF formula for head-to-toe radiance under the sun.”

Bonus tip: Lucero says, “Leave the heavy powder at home during summer months. A great trick is to lightly dust bronzer in the t-zone to remove shine and add warmth to the skin. Try using Stila Brush #8 for a soft, blendable application.”

GPB+Honeysuckle=Fabulous Hair

Recently one of my good friends decided to dye her hair from a healthy dark brown to blond. I tried to discourage her from doing it but nothing could change her mind. She was adamant about wanting a change for the summer. Not that I have anything against blond hair. Oh contraire! I think blond hair can be quite beautiful, but I also know that bleaching your hair can do some serious irreparable damage to your locks (and her hair was just soooooooooo pretty). Anyway, the day she colored her tresses, I went to pick her up from the salon. When I walked in, I found her in tears, and rightfully so. Her hair looked as if someone had thrown an electric device in her bath water. It was frizzy, full of cowlicks, incredibly dry looking, and just damaged-not good! Plus, because they had done such major work on her hair, it had a serious amount of breakage, so they had to cut almost 4 inches off-she was mortified. Not being one to say, “I told you so,” I took her home and tried to make her feel better, but to no avail. Before I left her, I recommended these two conditioners:
Aubrey GPB conditioner,
GPB stands for Glycogen Protein Balancing. This conditioner is packed full of protein to strengthen your locks. It's a very thick and creamy consistency, so sometimes you'll need to use your triceps to shake it out of the bottle, but i love it. The smell is so fresh and clean, and the best thing about this product is it's 100% natural.
The next one I recommended for after treating your hair with the GPB was
Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner
I really believe its important to always use a moisturizing conditioner after using such a potent protein treatment on your hair. This product leaves your hair so soft and moisturized and sooooo shiny. One of my best friend's daughter has type4a hair, and she swears by the moisturizing abilities of this conditioner as well. I also adore the smell of this-it's pure honeysuckle, yum!!! And again this product is 100% natural. Anyway, yesterday i went to meet my girlfriend at the gym. I hadn’t seen her since the bad dye job, and was shocked when she walked in looking as if she had stepped out of the pages of a Pantene Ad. Her once fried locks now resembled golden strands of silk. The shine was almost blinding. Her hair looked beautiful. Guess what she'd used...

Happy Mommie Day


Beauty of the Week-Mally Roncal

Mally Roncal is one of the most well-known and in-demand make-up artists in the business.
A-list celebrities such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah depend on Mally’s amazing ability to keep them looking flawless. She is also frequently featured as a make-up expert on many shows such as Oprah, The Today Show and The View. I’m obsessed with her make-up line Mally Beauty, It offers such a wide array of colors that look so beautiful on darker-skinned women. Mally, thank you so much for being so gracious and taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. I truly appreciate it.

Ladies and Jets, my beauty of the week: Mally Roncal


) What is your beauty regimen morning/night?
My day, beauty wise, begins and ends with an intense moisturizing and cleansing routine. I love, love, love Dr. Brandt’s line – Lineless. Sunscreen is must, everyday! Shiseido and Fresh make great sunscreens.

2) What’s the deal with your make-up?
As you may know, I’m a bit of a drag queen. I have no problem with going for it every day! Of course I use all Mally BEAUTY (the great part about having your own line is that you get to make products that you like, especially for yourself. Hehe!). First I apply concealer and then dust on my powder foundation. I live for a smokey eye in the spring. I especially enjoy my CityChick Smokey Eye Kit in Central Park, which is a set of delicious greens. I always define my brows and throw on a false lash or two…or three. I apply Shimmer Shape and Glow in Love in Deeper or In the Pink Deeper. Lately I’ve been popping my cheek with my favorite blush, Mally's Baby. I finish off with my CityChick Nude Lip Kit. And that’s just to go to the grocery store!

3) What beauty product can't you live without?
- A great blush – whether its powder or cream, blush is the easiest thing to do to make you look more alive.

4) What beauty advice can you give us?
- Look in the mirror and say “hello gorgeous, I love you!” Every woman should be doing this everyday; it all starts from the inside.

5) What is the best advice anyone has given you (this doesn't have to be beauty-related)?
- If it doesn’t matter in 5 years from now, then it just doesn’t matter. Worrying gives you wrinkles!

Thanks Mally,

A little obsessed with Melange

Last week, I rubbed on a new fragrance before meeting my friends at Asia De Cuba for our weekly Friday dinners. I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my scent, and I wanted to give you girlies the scoop. I’m obsessed with Melange Apothecary Concrete perfumes.
These parfums are delicious smelling fragrances in a solid form and very small packaging (you can easily fit them in your cute pochette). My two favorite scents are Tuberose & Green Tea. The tuberose is this clean, fresh scent with floral notes. It reminds me of Philosophy’s Pure Grace, but Melange’s is so much better. The Green tea is this amazing woodsy fragrance. So Yum! There are over twenty other concrete parfums, and the wonderful thing is that you can blend them to create your own personalized fragrance. Plus because these concrete parfums are prepared with Jojoba oil & pure beeswax, the scent is so long-lasting but never overpowering. And guess what!! I’ve got even better news. These babies are only $10.00!!! This is a must-have and I mean it!
Hugs, DE

Always carry Protection!

A few of my fellow bloggers have mentioned an article that appeared on MSNBC about lip glosses possibly increasing the risk of cancer. I’m a huge cancer-phobe (runs in my family) so I always make sure that my lips are protected. Here are some products that not only make your lips look FABULOUS, but also provide you with sun protection as well.

Juice Beauty SPF 15 Lip Moisturizer

I’m a huge fan of Juice Beauty SPF 15 Lip moisturizer. I have the colors Joyful and Playful. Both leave a beautiful light pink tint on the lips, and make your lips feel so moisturized (but not overly so). Plus they are infused with SPF 15 which will protect your beautiful lips and make them look gorgeous at the same time and the double Plus is they are organic!

Laura Mercier Lip Kisses SPF 15
I have this in heat wave (sheer nude pink) . It has SPF 15 and gives my lips a beautiful glossy pink finish.
Clinique New Long Last Gloss Wear SPF 15
This is Clinique’s new gem. It’s packed with SPF 15 and claims to give you over 8 hours of shine. With over 18 colors available and the spectacular $14.00 price tag, it’s something you should look into.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss with SPF 15
Revlon offers their super lustrous lip gloss with SPF 15 It has over twelve shades and really creates amazing shine. Plus theres that much-needed SPF 15 at an affordable price tag.
MAC tinted lip conditioner with SPF 15
MAC offers tinted lip conditioner with SPF 15.This luxurious lip conditioner combines sheer soft-light-quenched color with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 protection and moisture.

How are you protecting your lips from the sun while looking fabulous at the same time?

I've been tagged

I've been tagged yet again by Yummy 411.

• My Foundation: Armani Luminous Silk foundation, shade 9 or my Revlon Colorstay in Caramel
• My Mascara: Lancome Defincils in black, Covergirl lash Blash in very black, Dior Show
• My Blush: Nars Outlaw, Nars Orgasm, Mac Pink Swoon, …. Way too many to list.
• My Eye Shadow: Mac, Makeup forever, and Milani.
• My Day Cream: Intelligent Esthetics AM/PM Restorative complex or Olay Regenerist
• My Lipstick: Currently rockng Mac Batuex (have way too many to list)
• My Beauty Product Brand: Hmm…favorite is MAC
• My Essential Beauty Product: my Clinique Luminizer-makes me look like I’m glowing even when I’m not
• My Favorite Makeup Product: Blush
• My Perfumes: Currently rocking Melange Apothecary in Tuberose & Greentea (will blog about this fantastic brand this week).
• My Nails: One thing my mother always said is a woman should always have well-groomed hands. So, I get a manicure every chance I get. My favorite polishes are Essie No Prenup and Essie Fiji
• My Feet: Huge Pedicure girl. I get one every week. I’m also a huge germaphobe so I always bring my own pedicure kit. For my foot lotion, I use The Body Shop’s Body butter. Yumm
• My Hands: Philosophy’s Amazing Grace

• Three Products to bring on a deserted island: SPF: 30, Coconut Oil and and my Aubrey conditioner.
• Woman I admire for their beauty: Have you ever seen a woman who wears absolutely no make-up and is still flawless. That would be my mommie. She’s the most beautiful woman I know.
• Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Hmm.. good question. I love so many different styles for different reasons. But someone who is always a bad-ass dresser is Sarah Jessica Parker

• My Ultimate Dream: to host my own daytime show.
• How Do I Define Womanhood: Wow, Gracefulness, Secure in knowing that its ok to be alone, Loving your flaws and realizing that they make you unique.
• My Favorite Fashion Publication: Lucky and Zandile Blay’s Blog

I'll tag the other bloggers later.

Beauty of the Week-Michelle Rodriguez

This week’s Beauty of the Week is another incredible woman. She began her career in 2000 with the critically acclaimed independent film Girlfight. Since then she has starred in the popular television series, Lost, and has been featured in a string of movies including S.W.A.T, The Fast and the Furious, and Resident Evil. Her new film Battle in Seattle is set to be released in September of this year, and she just finished filming the James Cameron sci-fi movie Avator. One thing I love about Michelle is that she has not allowed Hollywood to change her. She stays true to herself. I’d like to thank Michelle for being so gracious when I contacted her and responding right away. So let’s begin.


Beauty of the Week Michelle Rodriguez

What’s your beauty regimen?
My beauty regimen for day and night is pretty much wash my face from germs, and throw on some VALMONT Regenera 1 cream.

What’s the deal with your make-up?
I cover my blemishes when I go out on the town with some tea tree oil to disinfect them, and then I’ll put on an oil free cover up under my eyes if I didn’t sleep. After that I will apply a little lip stain on the cheeks (if I’ve neglected my weekly vitamin intake) for a fresh complexion. I’ll put a little mascara, but that sums it up.

What is your must have beauty product?
My must-have beauty product is my moisturizer. I care more about my skin and its maintenance than I do covering it up.

What beauty advice can you give us?
I’m not much of a beauty queen but I do believe the advice worth giving is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, because skin and body issue are usually a representation of bodily imbalances.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received (does not have to be beauty-related)?
The best advice I’ve ever received was from my brother: ‘Never give a stranger an excuse to tell you what to do. ”

Thanks Michelle,


I've been Naughty


This morning I was dead-set on going to MAC and picking up some new Naughty Nauticals. The problem was, I had a fever of 103 degrees. But I begged my bestest to bring them to me and she did.(I love my friends!)Anyway, I've been playing with my eyes and lips all day (while trying not to throw up). I love this new line-but MAC never disappoints. Here are my eyes right now. (I just got a new camera and I have no idea how to turn on the flash so I hope you can see this!)

Submarine Eyes-used Naughy Nauticals Shore Leave and submarine, and my old Shadowylady

I love their new lip glasses. The Ensign one looks like an ultraviolet pink.

And the Bateaux is a beautiful apricot color. Goes great if you're tan skin like myself:


Alright, let me go take a much needed nap. If i feel better, I will post my new beauty of the week. If not, I'll post it tomorrow. Hugs, DE

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