Meet Joyce Bonelli-Kim Kardashian's Official Makeup Artist

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You girls know how much I love me some Kardashians. We've met Kim a few times here and just loved her. She's not only stunning, but a really sweet girl as well. I'm kind of obsessed with Keeping Up With the Kardashians too. Her family is so close, and so in love with each other. It's a beautiful thing to watch and I can't wait for Kourtney and Kim take NY on January 23!!  Beautylogic got to talk with the Kardashian's wonderful makeup artist and friend Joyce Bonelli.  She's  giving us the deets on some of Kim's beauty secrets, and giving us some advice too. Let's talk to Joyce:

1) How did you begin working with the Kardashians?
I actually worked with Kim on a 944 shoot almost 5 years ago. This was before Keeping Up With The Kardashians so I didn't even know who she was at the time. Weird to think there was ever that time. She was the same sweet, fabulous and gorgeous girl then as she is now. Kim is an on going inspiration to work with! We worked on numerous projects over the years together. Along with Kris Kourtney & Khloe too. And now Kendall & Kylie. I Die for their whole family!  

2) How did you get into makeup?
I grew up watching the show The Munsters and that’s what made me want to do makeup.

3) What beauty product do you seem to always use on Kim time and time again?
Kim loves when I use Armani foundations on her. I often use Nars shadows too. But, I always use L’oreal’s Voluminous mascara. Kim and I die over Lumifill by Fusion Beauty.

4) What is your favorite look that you have done on Kim? What products did you use? 

My most recent fave look that I did on Kim was for the Apprentice Red Carpet. We used Smashbox eyeshadow & bronzer, Benefit’s Lust Duster. Ardelle Lashes and a Revlon Lipstick.  

5) What is Kim’s personal Fave beauty product?

Kim loves Lip Fusion Plumping Gloss 

6) What beauty product do you think all women should own?
All women need to own a contour powder. This changes women’s lives everday. Chisel Chisel Chisel!

7) What beauty advice can you give us? 
Eyebrows are everything. They frame your whole face. So wax, trim and dye as needed!
Also, pick one facial feature at a time to be  your statement piece. A Heavy eye, 
bright lip, or rosy cheeks. Don't over do it by going Cray Cray on all 3 at the same time. 

8) What are your 5 must have items in your beauty bag?
  I can NOT live without the following:
  La prairie Dermo Caviar Foundation
  Burberry pressed powder
  Mally's Liquid Eyeliner
  Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
  And obviously my RED LIPSTICK! 
  (but its a secret)

Joyce, you're wonderful. Follow Joyce on her twitter @glamsquadbts and check out her own makeup blog

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Kali Nicole said...

Great interview. I like Kim's makeup she always looks like she's glowing. It's never anything outrageous and she looks great. I've personally started using a contour powder myself GREAT stuff.

Vintage Shaun said...

I swear by Armani foundation as liquid bronzer as well!

roseofsharron said...

Great Interview! Kim's makeup is always flawless... I love the 'Dash sistah's also. I totally agree with tip 7 on eyebrows.. they are the gatekeepers to our souls... Great post! said...

Love the work Joyce does with Kim! Would love to meet her and work with her! Great interview. I love when artists talk about their favorite products. I haven't tried the Burberry Powder...running to go check it out NOW!

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