Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? and Win a $50 Gift Certificate From Sephora

As I’ve mentioned before, besides blogging, and makeup, my absolute favorite thing on earth is reading any books related to beauty. It’s a bit of an obsession. I was recently sent the book Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm? and this book is a def must-read if you’re a beauty junkie like me.  The book is written by the creators of This is a website that is written by a team of  scientist who answer beauty questions and try to debunk many  beauty myths. The book is divided into Hair questions, Makeup questions, Skin questions, and then the Beauty Industry. It’s such an easy read and  I learned so much and agreed with them on so many things. Plus they answered a few questions that I always wondered about, but I was way  too embarrassed to ask.

1)    They agree with me and say that coconut oil and olive oil are highly effective oils for the  hair.
2)    They don’t think that that Wen conditioner is anything special too. (Just like I thought.)
3)    They talk about spending way too much money on hair conditioners and how it’s really not needed. Most $5 to  $10 dollar conditioners are just as good as $30 dollar ones.
4)    They talk about the popular Ojon treatment, and basically say you can get the same thing with a  product containing coconut oil which will probably be way cheaper.

All in all, this book is LOADED with amazing information and I highly recommend it. Anyway, the nice folks at The Beauty Brains are not only giving us a copy of the book to give away, but a $50. Sephora gift certificate as well. 

Just leave any comment here. Tell me something interesting about yourself.
Here’s something interesting. I find after having lil man now that I’m incredibly organized and I can't stand clutter but before I had lil man I was the most disorganized  person you could ever meet. It’s kind of funny. Anyway, for extra chances to win, please follow me on twitter and leave me a comment letting me know you are following me. 

Winner will be announced this Monday. Also, tomorrow or Monday whenever I get around to it (lil man is being a handful), I'm reviewing and giving away some of  Lorac's new Summer Collection. This collection is so  beautiful!!! Here's a peek at some of the products



Keeping Your Hair Gorgeous During the Spring/Summer Months

The spring/summer is here. Due to the sun's rays, chlorine filled pools, beach water, these two seasons are probably the most damaging and drying to your hair.  The pic below is me enjoying time in a pool. As you can see, my hair is out .  But, my hair still stays healthy. Here's what I do to prevent damage to my hair during the spring/summer months.

At the Pool, hair out!
1) Every single time I jump in and out of the pool, I drench my hair with a conditioner containing conconut oil. The one I used while away was Essentious. Why does my conditioner have to contain coconut oil because coconut oil and Olive Oil are the ONLY two oils that naturally penetrate the hair so using them will lessen the damage  caused by chlorine.

2) When I'm walking about in the hot tropical weather, I tend to wear hats. There are so many cool sun hats you can get especially at TJ Maxx.
3) There are a lot of hair products now that contain spf. Use them if you're going to be outdoors a lot.
I blogged about this one before. 

4) During the summer/spring, I tend to shampoo my hair less often. During these months your hair tends to need more moisture. So I shampoo probably the most once a week.
5) I actually do a deep conditioning a lot more than normal especially if I'm in the water.
6) I tend not to do so much heat styling. The most I'll do is once a week. 
7) Also if I'm really crazy about my hair or feel like I've exposed it to too much chlorine, while I'm in the pool, I will wear a protective cap.
8) This is  great time to invest in some good borage oil. Borage oil is great for hydrating from inside out.

Hope this helps.



Getting Bikini Ready is Easy With Bare Ease

Me and my mystery man

I've missed you guys! I was kidnapped by a hot man who took me away and told me that for four days my only job was to RELAX! Don't tell my hubby. Jk, obviously it was my hubby.  He booked a trip for us last year, and didn't tell me.  I found out about the trip literally one day  before we were supposed to leave.  Thank God I found out in advance! I was totally not bikini ready. A girl had to go get waxed PRONTO!  The problem was my regular waxer Allah couldn't see me. She was booked for days. I begged, cried,pleaded, but they just couldn't squeeze me in. I am so crazy when it comes to getting waxed. Although I've been doing it forever, it still isn't painless. Allah knows me well, and she knows how sensitive my skin down there can be so she has a whole method that works for me. Anyway, I didn't know what to do. I knew there was a waxing place around me, but I had never been there before, and I was so scared . But then I remembered a product that had been sent to me called BareEase. It's supposed to take the pain out of the waxing.

It was created by a female Doctor named  Edna Ma who like all of us hated the pain of being waxed. The main ingredient in this product is Lidocine which is also the main ingredient in local anesthesia. Anyway, I followed the instructions and applied the cream all over my area, then put on the latex underwear that it came with , and then walked to the waxing place close to my house. You're supposed to wait around 30 minutes after application to get waxed. I sat down and told the woman what I wanted. She led me to the room, and began. I thought it would hurt like hell because they didn't even have the sensitive wax that I normally use. I was so nervous but OMG, this stuff works. The pain was barely there. Literally, while she was waxing, I was relaxed enough to text my mom about my surprise trip. If you are scared of getting waxed for the first time (and you should be) I would highly recommend this product.  This was incredibly effective.



#product sent by pr for review.

5 Tips From Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Joyce Bonelli

Hey guys, we're starting a weekly series called "5 Tips From!" It's where we ask a celeb makeup artist five makeup tips, especially for the spring/summer weather. We're going to start our series with friend to the blog, and the woman who is responsible for Kim Kardashian's  amazing makeup, Joyce Bonelli. If you haven't met Joyce yet, click here.  Here are Joyce's 5 Makeup Tips:

1.)  Don't be afraid to get WILD- try adding more than just ONE bright color, especially for spring!!

2.)  Jump outside the boX, and try experimenting with some individual false lashes, as oppose to a strip lash for a more natural feathery look. **Don't forget to trim the lashes as you go toward the tear duct, this gives an even more natural look. 

3.) ALWAYS line your lips with a half shade darker than the color you fill your lips in with to give a more pronounced full shape. 

4.) Although foundation can be a girls best friend, it does nothing for you without setting powder.  Try out some translucent setting powders such as HD powder from Make Up For Ever to get a photo-ready look!

5.) This spring be trendy and go with the trends! Try using more blush and less bronzer. Bronzer has always been a staple in makeup, while this spring its all about bright colorful faces, so try painting your face with bright in mind ;).
Thanks for the tips Joyce!!
Make sure you are following Joyce on twitter. Here's the link. Click here


Milani Baked Blush Corallina & Luminoso Perfect For The Spring & Updates

It's insane how so many of my favorite beauty products are coming from the drugstore now. Sephora is still my second home, but now or days, I'm spending just as much time at the drugstore beauty aisles  as well. The drugstore brand Milani has some really great stuff and their new baked blushes in Corallina and Luminoso are so perfect for the spring.

These baked blushes are extremely pigmented, finely milled, and pretty long lasting. I got some serious wear out of them.
Corallina is my favorite although I did like Luminoso on me too (big surprise).

Corallina is a breathtaking slightly shimmery coral.  This blush gives my skin such a beautiful coral glow without making me look like  disco ball. I highly recommend this blush if you are a woman of color.  Don't let the shimmer scare you. Once applied, it's barely perceptible and you will have such a beautiful flush to your face. This is a must get.

Luminoso is a slightly shimmery peach. Usually makeup in this shade range doesn't look so great on me, or barely shows up on me,but this did. Again the shimmer is not even noticeable once applied on the cheeks. This gave my tan skin a really pretty peachy glow.

Here are swatches. Corallina to the left, and Luminoso to the right. Click to enlarge.
All in all for $7.00, these are a steal. Corallina is definitely my favorite, and is  one of the prettiest most pigmented coral blushes I own, and believe me, I own a few.

What do you think of these blushes?

Do you love Milani products?

Have a great weekend!!



Product provided by pr for review, but that had nothing to do with the way I felt about these amazing blushes.

If you're in the tristate area, NYC, Connecticut or New Jersey, I believe I'll be on WPIX channel 11 talking spring cleaning your makeup bag.I shot it last week.  I'm pretty sure it will air either Monday or Tuesday morning. Will give you a definite date once I know it.

Lil man hits 10 months, he's causing some major trouble
Lorac's summer collection (this will be up Monday, I wanted to do a giveaway alongside it)
How I cured my acne.
5 top conditioners for under 10 bucks.
& more

The Beauty Detox Solution Book Launch Party!

I'm really proud of friend to the blog  Kimberly Snyder. Not only is her book The Beauty Detox Solution life changing, but she had such an amazing showing at her book launch party. Too bad it was in LA because if it was in NYC, you know Beautylogicblog would have been up in there. (We love a good party!)

Celebrity guests included  Fergie, Drew Barrymore, Hillary Duff, Channing Tatum, and so many other amazing people. Knowing Kimberly, this is so well-deserved. She's just as beautiful inside, as she is outside. Doesn't she  look amazing!!! Please make sure to get her book. It will change your life, it changed mine!

Order it here



MY Target Beauty Video & Spill Your Prettiest Secrets

Hey guys, this is the video that myself and a few other bloggers did with Target.We're dishing on our favorite Target beauty finds, our must have Target items, and some of our beauty secrets. You can click on each video to hear what each blogger has to say. Mine is the last one. Guess what my beauty secret was? I've shared it with you lovelies a few times! The video was so fun to shoot. I kept screwing up the contest name though. lol

Watch the video as a full screen, so you can go through it, and after watching why not make your own video and spill your prettiest little secrets for the chance to win some sweet swag from Target Beauty



Target Beauty is the premier destination for high-quality, low-priced beauty products. No matter your style--glamour goddess or laid-back casual cutie--Target Beauty has the essentials and the extras you need to keep your beauty routine fresh. From hair spritz to makeup glitz, you can save big on old favorites and new treats all in one convenient place.

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media”
 “The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target”

Zoya Mod Matte Collection Limited Edition

Wowza Zoya, these new mod matte shades are rocking my world. I love all three of these shades, even that green which I thought I wouldn't like at all. .Here are some swatches. Click to enlarge:

Zoya Phoebe-a beautiful matte almost cerulean blue (i know that because of Devil Wears Prada) I have a dress this color!

Zoya Lolly- A gorgeous matte pink! My favorite of the collection

Zoya Mitzi-a greenish yellow. I actually ended up loving the way this color looked against my tan skin

Would you wear any of these colors?

What are your thoughts?


Product provided by pr for review.

DIY Beauty-Grape Masque for Glowing Brighter Younger Skin

You girls know I'm all about Do It Yourself Beauty. So, every week (well knowing me, every other week or every month, lol) I'll try to post one of my favorite Do It Yourself Beauty Recipes. My first one will be my Grape Mask. Mommy used to make this when I was growing up, and I never knew why. Now looking at her and seeing that Mommy is darn near sixty and looks no where near 40, I'm doing everything she did to look young. Anyway, I make this mask about once a week. Many times I have left overs so I freeze them until I use them again. Grapes are one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. I only make this mask with red grapes because the darker the grape, the more powerful the antioxidants in it and the more younger I'll look! (At least that's what I tell myself!) This mask will leave your skin loaded with antioxidants, glowing, brighter, and the best part, it's super cheap. A pound of grapes is usually $2.99 or $3.99. I prefer organic, just because I'm putting it on my skin. Let's begin:

So you'll start with some grapes, wash them, then you throw them in the blender.
Then blend them, but not so much where they are the consistency of juice. You want them a little thick. I blended these a little too much.
Then take some Flour (FYI, My family thinks I'm weird because I refrigerate my flour, does anyone else do that?)

Throw about 4 or 5 Teaspoons in there so that the mask is a little thick

Then place on the skin. Although my mask is usually thick, I still put one of Lil man's bibs on to cover my clothes just in case the mask starts drooping all over me. (Don't judge me, he doesn't like bibs anyway.)

Wait about 10 minutes, and we're talking brighter, glowing, and silky skin. Also, if you want, you can use grapes with seeds and make a great face exfoliator. Maybe I'll do that video next.

If you have left overs stick it in some tupper ware, and place in the fridge and save it for next time.

Hope you try it.

Let me know how it works.



Zoya Sunshine Collection is Really Bringing the Heat!

Hey loves, how was your weekend? I hope it was amazing, and I hope you are one step closer to making all your dreams come true. Anyway, Let's talk beauty. You girls know I'm a huge Zoya fan. Their nail polishes were pretty much the only ones I used while pregnant because of their vegan friendly formula, and when their new collections come out, I'm always super excited. Their Sunshine collection is really bringing the heat with glitter and gorgeous bright colors but there is also another summer collection that Zoya has released called  Summertime  that I will be reviewing sometime this week.  We're going to start first by meeting the Zoya Sunshine Collection. Click on pics to enlarge and really see the color.

Zoya_Apple -This is a gorgeous green packed with gold metallic sparkle. I was surprised that I liked this one so much. 

Zoya Faye-This is my second favorite color. A bronzed mauve with purple and brown undertones, and gold sparkle.

 Zoya Reva-- A cool toned strawberry red with glowing golden metallic sparkle.

 Zoya Rica Warm light coral with pink and orange tones and heavy gold metallic sparkle. 

Zoya Kimmy (ZP547) - Reds are always my favorite.Nothing sexier than a gorgeous red.I love this one. Gleaming metallic candy apple red brightened by gold sparkle.

 Zoya Tanzy (ZP549) - Light, bright tangerine orange with yellow gold metallic sparkle. A sunny orange that's easy to wear year-round.

 So what's your favorite in this collection?

Do you love these colors?

You can order them here. 

Product provided for review


Target Event Recap and Have You Spilled Your Beauty Secrets?

Recently, one of my favorite stores,  Target invited me to a fun event at The London Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.
I was treated to a great time which included meeting other fabulous bloggers from sites like ,, and , delicious food, and we were invited to share our beauty secrets and why we loved Target Beauty  in a video that Target and I will be showing you later on next week.
Remember that Target wants you to Spill your prettiest little secrets for the chance to win some sweet swag from Target Beauty

Share some of your beauty secrets in a video. Here are some of mine!

1)Refrigerate your eye cream. Your under eye area’s puffiness will be reduced almost immediately after applying.
2) Garlic on nails will really strengthen them. 
3) Taking Zinc and Fish oil will really help acne. I should know, it really helped mine.

What are some of your beauty secrets? 

Share them with Target at 
for a chance to win some major swag.

Also, Why do you love Target beauty?

I’ll be back with the video soon.



Target Beauty is the premier destination for high-quality, low-priced beauty products. No matter your style—glamour goddess or laid-back casual cutie—Target Beauty has the essentials and the extras you need to keep your beauty routine fresh. From hair spritz to makeup glitz, you can save big on old favorites and new treats all in one convenient place.

 Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media”
 The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target”

Updates & Thanks

Hey guys, I've been gone for a few days. I want to start by saying that due to a lot of my fabulous readers, I cured my own toothache. Who needs a dentist when I got so many brilliant readers? The trick: gargling with salt and water. I did that after every meal, and my teeth are like new again. Also Clove oil is great for the pain. You guys are wonderful. Love you all.

Anyway, this week has been incredibly bittersweet. Two of my vision board dreams came true,  and then I lost someone incredibly dear to me. I"ll elaborate soon in another post. Anyway, because of the strength that I got from her, and because she loved beauty too, I will be back soon. Here are some sneak peeks of what we're doing:

Zoya's new Summer Collection-This is just one part of their gorgeous summer collection.

Lorac's new summer Collection-again this is just one part.

Telling you how I got rid of my acne/including before/after pics. The before pics may scare you, so get ready.

Life Lesson: Don't listen to what anyone says about another person. Make your own judgments and why.

How my "no meat" plan has been going...not so good.

Some drugstore products that I'm loving

A fun video that I shot with Target. 

A salon located in midtown Manhattan 

And I get this question alot, my five favorite natural conditioners for under $10.00

Also, I'm aware that my "older post" button doesn't work. I am working on it with my fabulous web designer Christina. 

Have a great weekend.



Target Beauty & Spill YOUR Beauty Secrets to Win

 I remember when I first moved to Manhattan. Although I was so happy I had finally moved there (always had wanted to live in the big city),  I was not thrilled, that there weren't any Target stores around. I would have to troop all the way to another borough, Queens (45 minute ride)to get my Target fix. Literally, I would plan my whole weekend around heading to Target. What can I say!  That store has absolutely everything I need, groceries, toys,electronics,  clothes, and my favorite: a massive array of quality beauty products.But, last year Target opened a store near me, and I am seriously there twice a week especially in the beauty aisles.  Some of my favorites from their new spring collections are:

Sonia Kashuk’s Small Treasure 4 piece brush Set

Have you seen Sonia Kashuk’s new Small treasure 4 piece Purse Brush Set. First of all, this set is unbelievably beautiful!!!! It includes smaller sizes of Sonia Kashuk’s brushes and to me her brushes are incredible quality for a very affordable price. My all time favorite eyeliner brush is her angled one. I use that one every day.  This set contains 4 of her brushes with gold trimmed wooden handles, and they are packaged inside a soft golden burlap pouch printed with tribal systems that mean Love,Strength, and unity. For $14.99, this set is a steal!!!

Sonia Kashuk Spring Awakenings Palette

The new Sonia Kashuk Spring Awakenings palette is gorgeous too and has everything a mom and neutral eye lover like myself could ask for. First of all instead of me looking through my makeup bag for stuff, I could just open up this palette, and create a whole look from eyes to cheeks to lips.  Everything is in this palette.The eyeshadows included, are a metallic bronze, a shimmer champagne, a matte tan, and matte brown. That shimmer champagne in the inner corner of the eye, really makes your eyes pop! There’s an eye intensifier which is basically a powder liner, a coral blush (coral blushes this season are huge for the spring!) and three very pretty lipsglosses that are nude, cocoa, and rosewood. Beautiful colors. The eyeshadow has great color payoff, and the lipglosses are all pretty sweet, and the best thing is this is only $20 bucks. Yippeee!

Jemma Kidd South Beach Blush

Jemma Kidd is another brand that Target carries, and her new South Beach blush for the spring really is gorgeous. This blush is more of a bronze with a slight hint of pink and a hint of  shimmer. If you’re looking for a sun-kissed natural glow with a slight flush, you need this in your life asap.

One thing you girls know I love is to share my secrets for staying pretty. Beauty secrets from others are always so much fun to learn. Like the last two days, Lil man has been up all night because he has his first cold.  We're talking runny nose, coughing, screaming. Poor lil guy! So in two days I've probably gotten three hours sleep, but when I do my makeup, instead of using black mascara or eyeliner, I whip out my, blue mascara and blue eyeliner which really bring out the whites to my eyes, and make  me look like I got a good eight hours rest. LOL (I don’t even remember the last time I got 8 hours sleep!) 

What's your favorite pretty secret? Target wants you to Spill your prettiest little secrets for the chance to win some sweet swag from Target Beauty
What are your favorite Target beauty products?


Target Beauty is the premier destination for high-quality, low-priced beauty products. No matter your style—glamour goddess or laid-back casual cutie—Target Beauty has the essentials and the extras you need to keep your beauty routine fresh. From hair spritz to makeup glitz, you can save big on old favorites and new treats all in one convenient place.

 Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media”
 The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target”


The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder-Review

                             Kim and I yesterday.

I'm a beauty book lover. Any book that comes out pertaining to beauty,I've usually got my hands on it. So when I found out friend to the blog Kimberly Snyder was coming out with her new book The Beauty Detox Solution,  you know I had to get my hands on it ASAP. I loved the book, and not only that I read it twice, which is real hard when you have the worst toothache ever. But, honestly I couldn't put it down because so many things made sense, and were life changing. Also, she writes this book in such an easy to read manner that anyone can enjoy it. I hate books that are too technical. After about the second sentence my mind starts wandering, and  I start thinking about other things, but this book is such an easy read.

I got to hang out with Kim yesterday at a blogger event (she even made her glowing green smoothie) and she's actually making a a video for Beautylogic, answering our reader questions. I love this book because Kim doesn't ever say, "You have to stop eating this! "(Well except for dairy.)She believes that any meat eater, can follow her plan too. I love that. Anyway, here are some things I learned:

1) Kim really became interested in beauty and nutrition when she visited poor countries, and noticed that the people there looked a lot younger and healthier than the US. 
2) In order to lose weight and look your most beautiful, you must free up energy from digestion.
3)  Meat ages you. Why does it age you? Because meat is a very acidic substance,  and the energy that should be used for beautifying you, gets wasted on trying to digest meat.
4) Kim has a great chapter called "Beauty Foods", where she talks about foods that beautify you-this is definitely my favorite chapter.  But here's what she says about dairy "No one should eat dairy period." She has a lot of valid reasons, but the one that stood out the most is that dairy has casein in it which has a strong link to causing cancer. You can also get your calcium from plant sources like kale, cauliflower, collard greens and cucumber.
5)She also list a lot of beautifying fruits, which I'm very happy to say many of them I put in my green smoothie. But you must eat fruit on an empty stomach! Fruit goes in and out of your body in 25 minutes. If it has to sit on top of foods that take longer to digest, namely concentrated foods like starch and protein, it will ferment and acidify the whole meal. You never want that to happen because you want your body to be more alkaline. Alkaline bodies have more oxygen in their system and are more beautiful.
6) She talks about Beauty Food pairing,  foods you should and shouldn't eat together. It's based on the science of how foods digest optimally in your stomach. Once you start pairing certain foods together, you free up a lot of beauty energy from digestion which we can now use to rebuild our skin, hair and nails.
7) Here's something interesting, Gorillas and humans have about 94% of the same DNA. Gorilla's are considered the strongest animals on earth, and their diet is pretty much greens. 
8) I also love Kim's True Beauty Stories, where she talks about her clients, and how they have changed their beauty and their lives using her solutions.

I can talk about this book all day. There is so much more to learn. She also includes great easy recipes. This book  definitely changed my life.  I notice lately every time I've been about to eat something I think of The Beauty Detox Solution.

You can order it here.



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