Black Opal Color Fusion Mosaic Powder

I follow Sam Fine on twitter, you guys should too. The legendary  makeup artist is always tweeting and giving great makeup advice as well as answering  questions. One thing I notice, he constantly recommends Black Opal products. So, when I was given the opportunity to try the Black Opal Color Fusion Mosaic Powder, I was definitely interested and let me tell you it is definitely giving some major brands a run for their "dinero!" (that’s money in Spanish.)

I got my hands on the Mosaic  Golden Bronzer. This reminded me a lot of my Mac Chic Couple. With one swoop of my brush (that’s all you need this is  highly pigmented), this left my skin with a  sun-kissed bronze/peach glow that looked like I had come from the beach. (Yes this does have a hint of shimmer but nothing intense.)  I’m loving the fact that this contain vitamins to protect and condition the skin. This palette also contains an oil blotter so it's great if you have oily skin.
All in all this is fabu, and for $10.50, you better get your hands on it.
Have you tried Black Opal products?
What were your thoughts?



Product provided by PR for review

Mary J Blige New Fragrance MY LIFE

When I was 11 years old the 6th grade boy that  I positively swore I was destined to marry, began dating a ninth grader. I was distraught and devastated. No one understood my pain and nothing could comfort me, except for one thing,  Mary J Blige’s song “I love you”. That song was the only thing that could get me through that traumatic period in my life.  For the last 15 years Mary’s music has continuously been a source of comfort to me. As you can guess, I’m a huge fan and when I found out Mary was releasing a new fragrance, you know I had to let you girls know about it. 

HSN and Mary J Blige are launching Mary's fragrance "My Life" this Saturday July 31 midnight (12am est). This is the first time a fragrance will be launched exclusively through a multichannel retailer. The fragrance is the first from Mary J Blige and the first celebrity fragrance to be developed by Carol's Daughter. 

Mary says: " My life is a journey and I've always shared it through my music. I can't wait to share my story with millions of women through HSN.  Working with Carol's Daughter on the fragrance has been an amazing experience that I will forever cherish."

Here's the best part of this. A portion of the proceeds of My Life will benefit the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN). FFAWN was created by Mary J Blige to help women gain the confidence and skills they need to pursue and realize their goals and dreams. 

Make sure you watch HSN on Sat July 31 at 12:00am.

I know I will be. 




 I had a dream last night that Scott Barnes, Sam Fine and Tia Dantzler were all fighting to do my makeup.  I had my pick of the three best makeup artist  in the world. Scott was pulling one of my arms, Sam was pulling the other, and Tia was pulling my legs, all fighting to beat my face with their makeup magic!! Sadly, my newborn woke me up screaming for his 4am feeding and I have no idea how my dream ended. I hope the dream resumes tonight, or maybe even during my naptime. (Do dreams ever resume though or is that only in the movies? )

Anyway, I was taking Lil man out to meet a friend yesterday when I picked up my Lancome Ageless Minerale Blush with White Sapphire Complex in Brilliant Berry. I was a little nervous to apply because the color looked so pigmented in the jar. But once I brushed this  blush on my cheeks, it was love at first application.

This gorgeous blush gives my cheeks a beautiful light pink flush. I get the same flush after a great workout except Lancome’s blush contains a hint of shimmer. On bronze skin, the effect this blush has is out of this world! The powder is very pigmented and seriously, one swoop of the brush will leave your cheeks with a good amount of product so apply with a light hand.  The shimmer is not overbearing at all and this shade would be perfect for the day. Seriously this product left my cheeks with a pretty healthy flush  and glowing.  I’m also loving that this product is  Fragrance free, oil-free, talc-free and safe for sensitive skin.

 I am absolutely in love with this blush.

What’s your favorite blush at the moment?

What blushes do you think look gorgeous on bronze skin?

Item provided by lancome for review. 

L'oreal Infallible Stars Never Fail Beyonce Red

I wont deny that one of my career shero's is Beyonce Knowles. The woman is a singer, songwriter, producer, actress etc... Everything Beyonce touches is golden. From her amazing music **currently listening to Put a Ring On It." to her perfume which broke sale records, and now her unbelievable new lipstick from L'oreal Infallible Stars called Beyonce's Red.

This has to be one of the best Red's I've ever tried. Not only is the color a perfect sexy seductive bright bombshell red, the longevity is unbelievable (literally the only way it came off was when I put an oil based cleanser on it) but the best part, it does not dry my lips at all. L'oreal figured that a long lasting lipstick would probably be drying to the lips so, not only is L'oreal Infallible Stars  Beyonce's Red a tube of red lipstick but it also comes with a hydrating conditioning balm that left my siren red lips incredibly moisturized throughout the day.

If you are looking for a gorgeous perfect red lipstick, with long-lasting results, and no dryness at all, definitely get your hands on L'oreal Infallible's  Beyonce's Red

Also, note that 5 other stars have shades of lipsticks from L'oreals Stars Infallible Collection.
Andie MacDowell -Andie's Rose-  a berry shade
Eve Longoria Parker - Eva's Caramel-a rich caramel shade that complements her skin tone (i love this color too)
Kate del Castillo-Kate's Plum
Linda Evangelista -Linda's Beige-
Diane Keaton-Diane's Tuberose-

Pr provided product for review.

NYC Dining -Ideya Restaurant

When friend to the blog actress Denise Vasi recommended restaurant Ideya as one of her favorite Latin spots in the city, I had to go and take a look. This weekend, hubby and I headed to Ideya  and we will definitely be back. The last Sunday of the month is Jamaican night, and Ideya had a live Jamaican band playing.

Jamaica is one of my favorite places on earth, and listening to this band reminded me of the many hours I spent on the beautiful beaches of Negril. The place is  medium size, and the crowd was  a great mix of good looking people. After researching Ideya, I heard they were known for having the best mojitos in New York.

Not the best, but pretty close. I ordered a delicious Pollo Asado which was a grilled marinated dark meat chicken, mango guacamole, and corn; arugula salad. This meal was beyond delicious. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the guacamole  reminded me of some that I had when I went to Mexico.

Hubby ordered a pork chop that was out of this world tender, and flavorful.

We then ended the night with the Flan. Let me tell you, Flan is one of the hardest things anyone can perfect, and this place gets it absolutely right. The flan was out of this world. With great food, fab crowd, and wonderful entertainment, Ideya gets very high marks.  

Ideya Restaurant
349 West Broadway
New York, Ny 
(212) 625-1441

Protect Your Hair with Rene Furterer Protective Summer Oil KPF 90

DE  on Sunday(I'm sticking my post pregnancy pouch in big time)

The last few days in New York have been insanely hot. On Sunday  my bestest  and I were enjoying the weather by  hanging out by the pool and just having a day of girl talk, guacamole,  chips, and fruit.  Mr. DE was watching Lil Man because he knows that Sunday, mommy needs a break.  Anyway, the sun was blazing down on us and you know my skin had some major SPF on. But, you girls know how I feel about my tresses. She's my other best friend. I was protecting her too from the  sun by using Renee Furterer Suncare Waterproof Nutritive Oil KPF 90.

That's right, my hair had some sunscreen on it  too. Renee Furterrr has created the first sun protection system for the hair. The sun can really damage your tresses, making them dry, and rough.  The KPF 90 is proven to block 90% of UV rays on the hair as it prevents salt and chlorine from depositing on the hair too. All you have to do is apply once and it will protect the hair all day from the sun's harmful rays. With this horribly hot NY weather, my hair needs all the protection it can get.

Have you tried Renee Furterer products before?

Have you tried the Suncare system?

How do you protect your hair from the sun?



Winners of Zoya Nailpolishes

Hey guys, sorry I'm so late with this. I have no sense of time with a newborn.

Winners are (Zoya Sparkle) (Zoya sparkle) (Zoya Flash) (Zoya Flash)

Guys you have 2 days to get back to me or we'll have to give this to someone else.

Estee Lauder Owns the Night-July 22

Hey girls, I wanted to let you know about a special night that will be happening at your local department store. On Thursday July 22 2010 Estée Lauder will truly own the night. 

In  department store across the US, Estée Lauder will be giving 360,000 10 day samples of the Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum to lucky customers. (One sample per customer, while supplies last)
The night will be lots of fun with refreshments served, and tons of services, offered such as product demonstrations and signature techniques. This event will take place for 4 synchronized hours from 5pm-9pm (local times). If you’re in NYC, Bloomingdales 59th street is hosting the event.
Will you be attending?
The above Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex was sent to Beauty Logic to review and this is a sponsored post.

New Zoya Flash & Sparkle Collection Giveaway Four Winners

First of all, I'd like to say The winner of the Lancer Method, Airess, has yet to come forward. If I do not hear from you today, this prize will go to someone else. The winner of the Lancome Summer Collection, Jennifer, has not come forward either, if I don't hear from you today, the prize goes to someone else. The Winner of the John Masters Organics collections is Jessica. Please respond by tomorrow or we will give this to someone else. Ok, here is my last giveaway.

Guess what, it's for Four winners.

Two winners will get the Zoya Sparkle Collection

I reviewed the gorgeous collection here

And Two winners will get the Zoya Flash Collection:

I reviewed that stunning collection here

Four winners will win. Just input your name, email, and give me a short response on why you read beautylogic or  if you don't read, why you don't. I love honesty. Winner gets announced Tomorrow.

This contest is open only to USA residents.



John Masters Organics Giveaway!

Alright guys here's the second to last giveaway.
Remember I told you about John Masters Organics Deep Conditioner. It rocked my world.
If you don't remember, here's the post.
Anyway, I'm giving away a set of John Masters Organics Products.
You can win:

1) Evening Primrose Shampoo

2) Lavender & Avocado Intense Deep Conditioner

3) Shine On Leave In Conditioner.

Please enter your email address and name in the contest machine. Winner gets announced tomorrow.

Winner Of The Lancer Method

Airess please email me within two days or we will have to give this to someone else.

New Win The Lancer Method Giveaway RETAILS $200.00

Remember last week, my friend Sophia introduced you to The Lancer Method, and the amazing things it had done for her acne skin. If you don't remember that post, please click here.

Well in honor of BeautyLogic's Three Year Anniversary and 21st Bday, The Lancer Method is giving away one of their kits, retails with over $200.00

You will get

A full Size Cleanser Retails $50.00 Click Here for the Link
A Blemish Control Polish Retails $50.00 Click Here For The Link 
AM/PM Nourishing Treatment Retails $100.00 Click Here for the Link 


Winner of Summer 2010 Lancome Collection

Jennifer (since there were a few jennifer's, her email is
jennifer you have 24 hours to get back to me or this will go to someone else.
I"m having another contest today so stay tuned.

New Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye

The last two weeks have been a roller coaster. I gave birth to my son two weeks early, and haven’t slept  two hours straight since then. Newborns are cute as a button, but they require so much attention and I find myself exhausted every single day. Although I’m seriously tired, I won’t slack on my appearance and let myself go. I’m making sure to reduce the visible dark circles and wrinkles that are bound to form with this crazy schedule. When Estée Lauder asked me to test their  Advanced  Repair Eye Synchronized Complex, I was definitely interested.  I’ve mentioned before,  I’m a huge fan of Estée Lauder herself. You can read the post where I talk about that here  .

 The Advanced Repair Eye Complex  is Estée Lauder’s most comprehensive anti-aging serum to date. Estée Lauder worked together with researchers to study “clock genes” which are located in each of our cells. Clock genes regulate  repair responses within each skin cell to help maximize its DNA repair. However, with aging and environmental stress, clock genes can slowdown and not work as well as they should. Here’s where the Advanced Night Repair Eye comes in, it contains repair technologies that support the natural synchronization of skin’s repair processes so that it repairs its appearance plus it contains Hyaluronic acid which locks in moisture.  As you girls know, I always say the proof is in the pudding. What I noticed after using this product at night is 1) my dark circles are starting to dissapear (since I don’t really sleep that’s surprising) 2) The skin under my eye area is incredibly smooth and soft. 

Disclosure: A free review sample of this product was provided by Estée Lauder via Glam Media; compensation was provided in exchange for this placement.

New Lancome 2010 SUMMER Collection GIVEAWAY


·         Le Vernis polish in Miss Perfectly Pink retail $18.00
·         Juicy Tubes 100% in Sheerfully Sweet retails $18.00




Winner Of Clarisonic Mia

Alrighty guys,
I know I said that the winner would be posted last night.
However, I have someone else pick the winner (77 year old aunt)
and after reading the 118 comments, she just got back to me with the name.
So the winner is

IbisCaraib you have until Monday 12:00pm est to get back to me or I will have to give this to someone else. 

My next contest is Lancome's Bronze Riviera Summer 2010 Collection. It starts today (yes i know I said I wouldn't have weekend contest, but its not really a weekend contest because it ends Monday night) I will post deets later on.

If you didn't win this one, don't worry, a lot more giveaways coming up on beautylogic this week.

Kick Acne to the Curb With The Lancer Method

Hey guys, today's post comes from one of my close friends Sophia. This woman is a gorgeous Portugese mama who was suffering from acne in her twenties. I love Sophia. She's the sweetest most beautiful person alive. Here's what she used that really helped her skin. 

"Remember when you were 10 and had the best skin ever? Remember how you didn’t know to appreciate it until you got your first pimple? Well, did I ever get a wakeup call at the age of 24 when I thought I should put 10% benzoyl peroxide on my face to clean up a few left over pimples! Over the next week my face would resemble a mountain range similar to the Alps. It was like they were all trying to compete with each other on who could be redder and who could rise up the most. All I could feel on my cheeks were bumps – and those guys hurt! They were all cystic acne pimples that I knew wouldn’t go away for a long time. But guess what?! I KEPT USING THE PRODUCT! My naïve brain thought, “Wow, this product is really flushing out my face from all the crap that’s hidden underneath! I have to wait this out, because it’ll be so worth it!” Well 3 weeks later it wasn’t worth it and I wanted out big time. I felt like I had to start every conversation with a disclaimer saying, “It’s ok to look, they’re normally not there I promise." 
                                            Before The Lancer Method

Luckily Lady DE is just a phone call away, so I poured my heart out and she heard my cries of desperation. She told me she had these products just for my problem from this well-known dermatologist, Dr. Lancer. I immediately looked him up and started my research. I couldn’t wait to get started with his 3 step system, The Lancer Method. I mean, if all of Beverly Hills and Hollywood flock to him then I knew I’d be in good hands! The first step is the Polish, which is a gentle exfoliating scrub made with minerals from the Dead Sea. The scrub feels like you’re washing your face with really fine sand and you can really feel that dead skin is just being polished right off. It has a great fresh smell that makes your skin feel super clean. The next part is the Cleanser, which should be used twice daily. It has these little yellow beads that just wipe your skin of all your makeup and other buildup, but it also doesn’t dry out your skin whatsoever! That was my favorite part because in the past my skin can barely stretch after I wash it. Finally you prize your skin a little more by using the Repair AM/PM lotion. It feels thick when you squeeze it out, but not so, my friends, it really does its job. So what’s the verdict?! My skin has no bumps after almost 2 weeks!! Ok, well maybe I have like 4 left, but my major concern now is all the red marks that are still on fire. It’s been too short to really see the complete change so I’ll keep on polishing, cleansing, and repairing and update you guys again! If Dr. Lancer products helped the bumps that quickly I’m sure it’ll help the scars these suckers left behind." 

                                              After almost 2 weeks of The Lancer Method

Wow Sophia What a difference, and only after a little less than two weeks.
The Lancer Method is serious business.

If you suffer from acne, this may be a solution for you.
Find out more info about this on



BeautyLogic's 3 Year Anniversary & Clarisonic Mia Giveaway

Hey guys

Today is BeautyLogic's three year anniversary!
It's also my Birthday! I'm 21 (stop giving me the side-eye, I'll be 21 forever!)
Anyway, in honor of my Three Years and  my 21 Birthday,
I'm having a giveaway every day this week (except Sat and Sunday)
The first giveaway is a product that I can't live without!
The  Clarisonic Mia

The Clarisonic is my must have beauty product.
You can read one of my post on my Clarisonic love here. 
I credit the Clarisonic for being one of the main ingredients in me getting my fab skin back during pregnancy. IT IS A MUST HAVE SKIN CARE PRODUCT!
All you have to do to win is leave a comment here, write anything you want.
Winner gets announced Tomorrow night July 9-yes this is a one day giveaway.

#clarisonic has sponsored the mia for giveaway



Tomorrow Is BeautyLogic's 3 Year Anniversary and My Birthday

You know what that means.... giveaways!



Yin Beauty Arts Spa and $25.00 Deal

The last three weeks have been incredibly hectic with my lil man  but I’m getting by..barely, but I’m doing it. Last week I went to Yin Beauty Spa to indulge myself in a Signature Facial. I try to get a facial at least once a month and hope that you would indulge yourself in one too. It’s important that you always keep yourself looking in tip top shape. Yin Beauty Spa is a spa that prides itself on Eastern philosophies. They have their own product line, and all their products are 100% natural using only the freshest herbs and their facial was exactly what this mamma needed.

I needed a deep cleansing facial (because the last few nights, I had forgotten to take my make up off don't judge me). Katherine began the facial by using the Yin Beauty Arts Micro-Mineral Resurfacing treatment which contains gemstones, this was to remove the dead skin cells off of my skin. This was a gentle scrub, and Katherine rubbed this on my skin for a few moments.   

After the scrub Katherine applied a papaya enzyme masque on my face which she said helps with the exfoliation of the skin, and continues to  lift the dead skin cells off of your face and helps the impurities come to the surface.  After that Katherine did extraction. This is the thing I dread most about facials. But, this was really interesting to me, because Katherine used a towel and her fingers to remove the blackheads, and not only was it the most gentle extraction that I’ve ever had, but once she was done, the skin on my nose looked insanely clear and barely red. After extraction Karen used a honeysuckle herbal masque on my face which is very popular in China and it’s supposed to cool and soothe the skin. That felt great after the extraction.  After the Honeysuckle treatment, Katherine applied a Pearl Masque on my skin.  This was hand mixed by her because they don’t use any artificial anything or preservatives.  The Pearl Masque is beneficial for hydrating and soothing the skin. OMG, while the masque was on, Katherine proceeded to do a lymphatic drainage massage on me.  This was one of the best massages I’ve ever experienced. Do you know how badly I needed a massage after giving birth, barely sleeping, and breast feeding for the last three weeks. It was a God send!  I could not believe the hands that this woman had and I ended up purchasing a massage for later on. It was that good. Anyway after she removed the pearl masque, I noticed she kept touching my face, and she told me it was to make sure that my skins temperature was in even balance and even temperature. After that Katherine applied Yin’s own personalized tonic which contains ginseng, which is supposed to energize the skin and lotus flower which calms and soothes the skin. 

Then she used Yin's Skin Recovery Cream, which was very light. It's supposed to be good for protecting the skin.  On the side of my face  she applied a nourishing citrus cream for the dry areas to balance my skin.  Then we finished the facial off with a  pressure point massage on my face, and lymphatic drainage just to calm everything down. This was not only one of the best facials ever but the massage was seriously unbelievable.  I have never felt so calm and relaxed during a facial and my skin looked out of this world.  I would highly recommend this place and HIGHLY RECOMMEND KATHERINE.

Yin Beauty And Arts Spa
103 West 86th Street
New York, NY 10024
(212) 362-2626

Tomorrow on (one of my fave sites where you can get amazing spa deals for only $25 bucks) they are giving away Yin facials and massages, for steals. You should take advantage. The facial/massage was to die for!

Facial provided for editorial review and in no way affected my review. 

Kick Dry Hair with John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner

You guys would be so mad at me. You know how I stress taking care of your hair, how I always tell you, you must always take care of it no matter what, well I slacked off big time. For almost two weeks, I didn’t even wash it, slept on cotton pillows (you know I tell you to always sleep on silk pillows) and I’m ashamed to say didn’t even comb it. Yes I’m embarrassed, but newborns aren’t easy. Anyway, last week, Mr. De  made a comment that he would be more than  happy to watch Lil Man, if I wanted to do things like uh get my hair done. Well after cursing him out and throwing a book at him (hey, I’m hormonal) I looked at myself, and realized, wow, my hair did look like hell. It was seriously dry, no shine at all, tangled, and just yuke. Immediately I began feeling crappy, and I knew it was because of my appearance. I decided I needed to break out the big guns to get this hair back into tip-top shape. I washed it, and then tried three conditioners but nothing could detangle this mane.

Then I noticed my John Masters Organics Lavender Intensive Deep conditioner and decided to try it. It’s  a pretty thick consistency with a light scent of lavender. (I love the scent, very calming.) I left it on for around 30 minutes under heat and then I began combing it out.  My hair was like silk. It took out those two-week tangles big time. The conditioner contains Lavender and Avocado oil and other certified organic ingredients like aloe, white tea, and arnica. Lavender is supposed to be great for slowing down hair loss, avocado oil is a great moisturizer for the hair. The results were wondrous After I removed the deep conditioner, and did my hair, it was back to it’s tip top shape, super shiny, bouncy, not greasy at all and detangled. The old me was back. 

If you need a great deep conditioner,  I highly recommend this one.



*product was provided by pr for editorial review

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