5 Ways to Switch Up Your Beauty Routine For The Fall

Yesterday it was a bit chilly, and for the first time in a few months, I felt a bit cold, and had to rock a jacket. I'm so annoyed about Fall coming. I am such a Summer and Spring gal. Truthfully, I can't stand the cold. If California had subways (I can't drive!)  I'd probably want to live there because of the perfect weather.  When the seasons change, you change your wardrobe,  well you should also change your beauty routine too, because the products you use in the summer, can make you look a hot mess in the winter.  Here are some of my suggestions.

1) Fish Oils-Alright, I've told you about my love of fish oils a million times (and how I believe it may have given me a butt that resembles Kim K's), but please take me seriously. Recently,  I stopped using them for a month because my local whole foods ran out, and I just forgot to get them, and I saw such a difference in my skin, and not a good difference. Remember how they helped stop my Cystic Acne.  My favorite, is Barleans Mango Peach. The winter can dry out your skin big time, and this oil will help to keep it hydrated, and smooth from within. Plus it taste really good.
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Run and Get the Living Proof Prime Style Extender Now-Review

Hey loves! how have you guys been? I hope great. Have you ever tried a hair product that made you so happy that you wanted to do a backflip? That's how I felt after using the new - Living Proof Prime Style Extender. It's so good, I had to feature it in the October Cosmo For Latinas. I'll admit when I  first heard of this product and what it claimed to do, I was super skeptical. The product promises to maintain your hairstyle until your next shampoo. It's supposed to be formulated with a miracle molecule that totally blocks humidity, and moisture. It's supposed to repel oil and dirt, keeping your hair cleaner and style longer. Let's be real-that doesn't sound possible, especially for me since I only wash my hair twice a week.  (I  like my hair to maintain it's natural PH, and not remove it's natural oils.) Anyway, usually after a few days of not washing my hair, it looks greasy, and that's when I have to grab my dry shampoo, so I was super skeptical- but now, I'm a believer.  Click below to read about why I am super impressed with it.

Sofia Vergara Makeup and Beauty Look Emmy Awards 2012

I'm kind of obsessed with Sofia Vergera. Her positive energy radiates through my TV screen, and I love how she doesn't take herself too seriously. I always say that's the secret to being a happy person. Like yesterday, 20 minutes before she won the Emmy,  the back of her dress opened, and her derriere was exposed. She could have easily been mortified, and upset about it, but instead, she opted to laugh, and to even tweet the pic of her exposed bootay, and here's what she wrote: " Yes!!!! This happened 20 min before we won!!!! Jajajajja. I luv my life!!!!,”
Pic from her twitter

 Hilarious! Anyway, let's talk about how gorgeous she looked last night. Did you see her! Wowza!! Makeup artist Kayleen Mcadams (FYI, she's  actress Rachel McAdams sister) created the look. Click below for the deets.

Zoe Saldana Alma Awards 2012 Beauty and Makeup Deets

You girls know, when it comes to Zoe Saldana, I'm a bit obsessed. I was crazy about her before I met her, but after meeting her at the party for Cosmo For Latinas, I truly fell in love with her. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she's also incredibly cool, and warm. Let's put it like this, she came to the party with her mom, abuela (grandma), and sister, and when I was having trouble taking a pic of her and Mr. Milly she came around and showed me how to work the camera.  I love that!! Anyway,  Did you girls see her at the Alma Awards yesterday.  She looked so magnificent.  I got the exclusive deets on her makeup from friend to the blog, makeup artist extraordinare-Vera Steimberg. Click below to read about it.

Daisy Fuentes Spring 2013 Show Review & Kohls $100 Giftcard Giveaway

So last week, I headed over to the Daisy Fuentes Kohls Fashion show. Truth be told,  I really didn't know too much about her line. But let me start off by saying, I love me some Daisy Fuentes. I really don't think she gets enough credit. Before JLO, Daisy was already hosting MTV House of Style. She was def one of the first Latinas to hit mainstream so I"m a huge fan. And when I saw her before her show, HOT DAMN, that woman is still flawless. Not a wrinkle on her gorgeous face. And her hair is super long and healthy.  She's looks amazing.  (I'll be interviewing her tomorrow so you know Milly will be finding out her beauty secrets.) Then her models rocked the runway, and I was super impressed. Her clothes were insane.  I wanted almost every outfit that I laid my eyes on!  I also love the fact that she's coming out with a wig line. Yes, I'll be finding out the deets of that line very soon. Check out some of her designs, and find out how you can win a Kohls giftcard valued at $100.00

Isn't this collection the bomb.com. I'm obsessed. Anyway, I'm giving you girls a chance to pick some pieces. Kohls is giving one beautylogic reader a $100 Giftcard

. Here's how you have to enter .
 1) You must like my facebook page and this post on the FB. Click here for the page. 
2) then leave a comment on the FB post telling me something about yourself. It can be about anything. Here's an example "My name is Milly. I plan on looking 21 forever" "My name is Milly. My favorite tv series is Dexter and I can't wait till next week." "My name is Milly, and I believe Positive thinking=positive life" See what I mean, the comment can be about anything.
Good Luck.
Winner picked Friday night, September 20 via random.org

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Wet n Wild Fergie CenterStage Collection Preview

Hey Loves,

I was so excited when Wet n Wild invited me to meet, The Dutchess, Fergie and talk about her new collection, Wet n Wild presents Fergie Centerstage Collection which comes out January 2013. You don't understand how much I love me some Fergie! When I'm getting ready for a date night with Mr. Milly, I always put on her song- Glamorous. That's my Jam! Anyway, I was invited to preview the collection with a few other bloggers/editors and talk to her for a few seconds too.  Can I just say, she is beyond sweet. So personable. Adore her to pieces. We have a mutual friend, Kim Snyder, so we spoke about our love for Kim and I told her I loved her lipstick. I've got some pics here for you girls.

Those eyeshadow palettes are gorgeous, and super pigmented. 
OMG, these lippys gave me life. Especially that last red. We got makeupovers with the line, and that red stayed on all night, and was so hydrating. It's called Old School Glam.

Pic credit (my buddy Leaura Luciano)

I love that Fergie said she was inspired by the Cholas she grew up with. She said they were her friends, and they would always go to the drugstore to buy Wet N Wild because that's all they could really afford.  Her eyeshadow primer is even called "For my Primas." Primas means "cousins in English.

The line will contain four eyeshadow quads retailing $4.99
An eyeshadow primer called "For My Primas" $4.99
10 Lipsticks called Fergie Perfect Pout.$3.49 You must, I repeat, YOU MUST, get these. I had on Old School Glam all night (a perfect orange red) and it was so hydrating, and stayed on all night. These lippys are def on par with much higher-end ones.
Fergie On Edge Creme Liner $4.99 A cream liner that will also contain a brush for application.  2 shades will be available. Black will be called, Little Black Dress. Brown, Cocoa Riche .
Fergie to Reflect Shimmer Palette. Three shimmer palettes for $5.99.
Fergie Turn Up The Volume Mascara-$4.99
Fergie Nail Polish Collection -Available now -contains 24 colors.

Check out Fergie's Nails. Weren't they Insane.

I'm so excited about this collection. That lipstick, "Old School Glam, was just beautiful!!!

Will you be picking up this collection?



Smashbox Icon Image Factory Photo-Op Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hey Loves,

I'm excited. I hit 600 Facebook likes yesterday. That made me happy. For some, that's not a lot, but for me, that's great!! Especially since I really just started getting into it. Woohoo!! Anyway,
it's been a week since I blogged. Fashion week is here and life has just been crazy. But I recently started updating my facebook often, so please follow me there. Anyway, let's talk the new Smashbox Icon Palette which has been my go-to evening palette for the last few weeks.  I probably wouldn't rock this palette during the day, as I think the colors might be a little too dark. But for night, the deep and intense shades of this palette work perfectly for a sexy smokey eye. Click below to read more and see a look I created using the palette.

Quick Look of the Day

I never do fashion post. Let's be honest, Milly isn't a fashionista... AT ALL. But, when I posted this pic of myself yesterday on Facebook, I got a lot of compliments on my outfit. And when I wore it on the streets of NY, a few peeps told me they liked it So, I wanted to give the deets on it because the whole outfit was less than $50.00.

Forever 21 Shirt-The shirt I originally bought was $6.99, but I no longer see it on the site. This one is pretty similar though. 

Forever 21 Skirt-Again, this isn't the exact skirt I bought because I purchased it last year. But this one looks very similar and it's cheaper. Mine was $22.00, this one is $15.80.

 Forever 21 Shoes-They no longer sell these or anything like them on the site. :-( I paid $22.00 for the shoes.

What do you think of this outfit?
Would you have styled it differently?



August Favorites

Hey guys,

It's been a while (about two weeks) since I've blogged. I've missed you guys big time, but I had a lot going on. Sadly, this blog had to suffer, but no more! Milly is back in action. Woohoo! Anyway, I hope you guys have been doing great. What's new in your world?  Today we're talking my August Favorites. These are products that I found myself using over and over again in August.  Products that I loved, loved, loved! Products that I would be faithful to if I could be! Unfortunately, because I'm a beauty blogger/editor, being faithful to any beauty product just can't happen. But, let's get into these goodies and why I love them.

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