Limited Edition Pretty in Pink Collection

I thought this was cute and wanted to let you guys know about this collection (since i adore pink). The PRETTY IN PINK from Tweezerman – The Beauty Took Experts. Teaming up with leading beauty authority Sephora, Tweezerman designed a limited-edition collection of their best selling products in Sephora’s top selling color – PINK. With a color that has such a positive affect on the human spirit, its no surprise this is the favored color of choice by Sephora’s loyal clientele.

The PRETTY IN PINK collection includes:

Slant Tweezer w/crystal – Price: $20.00
Point Tweezer w/crystal – Price: $22.00
Point/Slant Tweezer w/crystal – Price: $25.00
Petite Tweeze Set – Price: $25.00
10 X Mirror – Price: $15.00
Pedro Callus Stone – Price: $20.00
Safety Slide Callus Rasp and Shaver – Price: $10.00
Deluxe Nail Clipper – Price: $10.00
FileMate w/ Polka Dot file – $5.00
Nail Rescue Kit – Price: $20.00

I love pink! lol,

Nubar For Breast Cancer Awareness


As you guys know by now October is breast cancer awareness month, and NUBAR nailpolishes made sure to create a polish specifically for the cause. If you guys haven’t heard of NUBAR, let me tell you that they are incredibly long lasting polishes, and Toluene, Formaledehyde and Phthalate free (the least chemicals, the better). Their gorgeous polish “OH BABY PINK” is a beautiful light pink shade, perfect for everyday wear and the best thing is by buying “OH BABY PINK” 10% of the proceeds go to funding a cure for breast cancer.



P.S: The winner of the Linda Mason book Eye Candy is Colleen Markson. Please send me all your info within 2 days or we'll give this to someone else.

Affordable Beauty: NYC Metro Metals


As you guys know after reading Paula Begoun’s book Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me where she claimed that drugstore beauty products can be just as good as expensive ones, I really don’t believe that beauty has to cost an arm and a leg. I personally think N.Y.C makes some really good products for a very affordable price. Their Sun2Sun bronzer is one I constantly wear, and lately I’ve been rocking their Chroma Metals Face Glow in Moonstone, and I love how it leaves this gorgeous pink shimmer on my skin with just a swipe or two of my brush. Looks as if I'm glowing! Plus the staying power is great, and the price is even better.

Have you tried N.Y.C. Metro Metals Collection?

Have you tried N.Y.C at all?

Don’t you love that beauty can be affordable?




Suki Facial Moisture Serum-Nourishing


I was a little hesitant about using Suki’s Facial Moisture Serum because it contains many oils-although all are natural. However,the fact is my skin is incredibly sensitive and one product can make my skin breakout for months (because I’m a tan skinned mama, break-outs leave dark marks and I hate those :-(. However, I did finally delve into Suki’s Facial Moisture Serum and I’m so happy I did. The product is loaded with essential and nourishing oils like Jojoba (the oil specifically known for having almost the same properties as human sebum) rice germ, carrot oil, evening primrose and a few other nourishing natural ingredients. I’ve been using this at night for the past three weeks right before bed, and I wake up to such soft, moisturized, and dewy skin with absolutely NO BREAKOUTS at all!

I really have been enjoying the Suki line of natural skin-care products.

Have you tried Suki?

Eye Candy

Although I’m addicted to all beauty items, I’ve always been a little hesitant about creating looks with eyeshadows. I’m not really artistically inclined so I never knew how to really match colors together. Lately though I’ve been addicted to eyeshadow videos on youtube. So many gifted artist out there (two being makeupbyrenren and makeupmakesmehappy). These youtubes and many others explain in detail how to use eye shadows, and I must say now I’m hooked to the stuff. I also picked up this really cute book called Eye Candy by make-up artist extraordinaire Linda Mason .


If you’re a novice eye shadow user this book is great for explaining what brushes you need, what techniques to use to make your eyes appear a certain shape, and it also shows 55 fun looks (most of them you could never wear at the office but hey who cares?) and explains in detail how they can be created. For the last few months, I’ve been addicted to the videos, and this book, and my eyeshadow game has definitely improved big time. They have this fantastic Cleopatra look that I'll be using for Halloween!

Anyway you know DE’s not greedy so send an e-mail to BeautyLogicBlog with the subject “DE, I want to be an Eyeshadow expert like you.” to win a chance to win Linda Mason’s Eye Candy. Winner gets announced Thursday October 30, 2008

What will you be for Halloween this year?

Are you a shadow expert?









Ooh Baby! You’re a Bombshell


As a woman who is obsessed with scented lotions, I have a new addiction. I recently tried Original Bombshell’s Ooh Baby lotion in Gardenia, and all I got to say is “OOH BABY! THIS SMELLS FANTASTIC!” The packaging is absolutely adorable, and when I first opened this bottle, I really was in awe of how great it smelled. It’s such a fresh, clean fragrance with a light scent of gardenia. When I apply this, it really moisturizes and hydrates my skin and the elegant and delicious aroma lingered throughout the day but subtly, not overly done. (I hate when I can smell someone two blocks away.) This product is loaded with the very moisturizing ingredients of shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera. Also, it’s free of artificial colors and paraben free.

I’m absolutely loving this and I want you to love it too. De is giving away a brand new Original Bombshell Ooh Baby in Gardenia lotion. Send an e-mail to with the subject being “DE, you can’t be the only Original Bombshell, send me that lotion.” Winner gets announced Monday October 27.

Congrats To The Winner

of the Total Beauty Total Cure $255 Remergent Set.

Karissa Gindling

Karissa, please e-mail me within 2 days or I will have to give this set to someone else.

Also the winner of the Lancome mascara has not come forward, please come forward by tomorrow or we will have to give this away to someone else.



Photobucket Photobucket

I am so honored to be part of Total Beauty Total Cure’s Campaign to raise awareness of Breast Cancer issues. You guys know how Cancer has affected my life, and I’m sad to say that everyone I know knows someone who has been afflicted by this horrible disease. This giveaway is to raise awareness of this disease that has taken so many lives. Remergent was generous enough to donate their Remergent Treatment System (retails for $255).


It includes:

1)DNA Repair Formula.
2)A.M. Moisture SPF 15
3)Antioxidant Refoliatior

Just email with the subject “DE, WE NEED TO BEAT BREAST CANCER NOW” then in the body of the e-mail send me a fact that you know about breast cancer. This is a 24 hour giveaway so good luck. Winner will be announced first thing tomorrow morning OCTOBER 23.






Rhonda, please email me your address ASAP.For those who didn't win, you can find the new Lancome Oscillating mascara at


Help DE!


Lately, life has been a little stressful. I’m trying to get into a business that already has so many established people and it’s getting a little nerve-wracking, but I’ll make it, I have confidence in myself and a lot of support. My big problem is, because I’m constantly on the go, I seem to always be drinking one of these


Matter of fact, this is kind of what my garbage can looks like


I’ve always been a huge drinker of coffee but lately it’s been getting ridiculous. Funny thing was on Saturday I went to see a friend, and she kept complimenting me on my smile. You see guys, although I drink a crap load of coffee, you could never tell because my teeth are white as heck (yes I’m vain about my teeth, lol). Now when I was younger, I used to use this incredible tooth whitener that is no longer sold in the US, but it left my teeth insanely white, I mean seriously, my smile was almost glow in the dark! But, anyway, last night after flossing, I looked at my smile, and I became mortified. My teeth looked as if they were loosing a little bit of their brilliance. When I kept interrupting Mr. De's football game to show him what I was talking about, he called me crazy and said I was imagining things. (Men just don't get it.) So this is where you mammas come in,

Can you recommend anything to me?

What do you know that works, that DE can use to keep her glow in the dark smile?



Tomorrow I’m doing a $250.00 giveaway of Remergent Products, in honor of Total Beauty Total Cure Breast Cancer Awareness so please make sure to enter. It’s a one day giveaway, also tonight is the last day to enter the Lancome Contest so make sure you enter!

De's New Inspiration- 13-year old Leanna Archer

I remember when I was nine years old; the last thing I was thinking about was starting my own business. Shoot, I was too ridiculously busy causing mischief and watching TV. When I first read about this young girl, I was in awe. Leanna Archer started her own natural hair care/skin care line at the tender age of nine years old using an old hair recipe that had been passed down from her grandmother. When her parents wouldn’t help her she decided to just start mixing the products herself, but now at the tender age of thirteen, her parents have both quit their jobs, and work for her. Lol. Last year Leanna Inc grossed 100,000 dollars, not bad for a hair/skin care line that a 13 year old girl runs. I love the fact that these products are natural containing hair nourishing ingredients like avocado oil, hibiscus, rosemary oil and shea butter, but I also love the fact that this thirteen year old girl runs her own successful business, was nominated by Inc magazine as one of it’s top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, and this last Thursday she became the youngest person ever to ring the bell of the Nasdaq. Oh, I also forgot to tell you, she travels the country as a motivational speaker as well. She believes kids will learn a lot faster from other kids. She’s amazing! Don’t I always tell you that you have to believe in yourself in order to make your dreams come true! Leanna Archer is such a great example of that.

Have you tried Leanna’s hair products?

Are you taking my advice and following your dreams?




Powerful Skincare with The Solution

Alright guys take a pen and paper and write this down. When my mom recommends something, I listen carefully. As you guys know she cured herself from cancer using raw foods and at close to sixty years old, she’s in way better shape than me. Mommy is very selective when it comes to her skincare regime as well. When she heard the creator of The Solution was a raw foodist, she decided she must try this product, and now she is obsessed.


Now remember, mommy is in her late fifties, but looks no older than thirty. She’s been trying The solution for close to a month, and she loves it. ! She says after using it, her skin feel like pure silk, and after a month her very fine lines are much less noticeable and her skin looks so plump. Mommy says her skin has never looked better! And when Mommy believes in something, I take note. This product is loaded with so many natural antioxidants like Grapeseed, Gogi, and Acai, Vitamin C, but it also includes other scientifically proven ingredients like Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE and Retinol. She loves that this combines nature with science. I love the fact that it doesn’t contain parabens, ethyl alcohols and harsh synthetics that can tax the skin and body. I had dinner over at Mommy’s house on Friday and her skin does have this really beautiful dewy glow to it. She’s in love with this. This product is supposed to replace your (1) day cream, (2) night cream (3) eye cream (4) moisturizer (5) anti-aging serum and (6) pre-makeup base! This is something to definitely consider-especially since Mommy said it works, and remember she’s always right!

How was your weekend loves?



Lancome Oscillation Mascara Giveaway

Hey Guys, Lancome has given BeautyLogic a new oscillation mascara to give to one of our lucky readers. (It doesn't get released until October 22). Yippee! I love Lancome. Their mascaras are the best and they signed another fellow Dominicana Arlenis Sosa. Lancome also allowed me to interview the creator of the mascara Jean-Louis Guéret. (He's created 400 mascaras.)

1)What was the inspiration behind a 7000 oscillation per minute mascara? Good question! We were inspired by the way many women and makeup artists apply mascara. They take the wand and they wiggle it back and forth. We wanted to see if we could make the mascara do that for you.
2) How long did it take to perfect? A long time. We worked on this for more than four years.
3) What is the best way to apply this to get ultimate results? When it comes to application, I tell everyone they will find their own way. Keep playing and experimenting and you will find the application technique that works best for you. But whatever you do, don’t wiggle the brush!


This mascara doesn't come out till October 22, 2008 but there is a waiting list for it, so try to win it here! Here are the rules of the contest: Send an e-mail to with the subject "DE, I Cant Wait On The Waiting List. Send me that Lancome Oscillating Mascara."

Winner gets announced October 22.

And the Winner is

Janine James YOu have two days to respond to the e-mail or your prize will get sent to someone else.

but For those who didn't win, don't worry, DE is giving away a brand New Lancome Oscillation Mascara courtesy of Lancome. Although it's coming out on October 22nd, there is also a 13,000 people waiting list so come grab it over here!

More Details to come soon.

No New Post today because DE has a severe migraine.

Have a great day loves.



CO Bigelow + Cancer Vixen Kicking Cancer's Butt & Giveaway

As I've mentioned before this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it's important as women that we really try to find a cure for this horrible illness. C.O. Bigelow has teamed up with Marisa Acocella Marchetto, author of the graphic novel “Cancer Vixen: A True Story” and breast cancer survivor, to create a special edition Cancer Vixen Collection. Acocella Marchetto will give C.O. Bigelow classics a vixen twist with her illustrations, while C.O. Bigelow will help give cancer the boot with a donation. C.O. Bigelow will donate $250,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The kit includes the Lemon Cream Body Wash, Lemon Body Cream, Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint, Mentha Foot - Tingling Foot Cream, and Dr. Hiosous Quince Hand Lotion


C.O Bigelow has donated one for BeautyLogic to give away. This is a short giveaway, only one day so send an e-mail to with "DE, I want to get rid of breast cancer too. Send me that Kit" winner gets announed tomorrow October 13, 2008

How Deep is Your Love?

I was hanging out with my favorite couple around 3 days ago, and seriously, I can’t get over how cute these two are. They’ve been together for 23 years, have 2 kids, and genuinely love being around each other. I asked them what their secret was for being together so long and not wanting to kill each other. They told me that laughter is their secret-even after so long, they can still laugh together and make each other laugh. Here are some other great couples that look like laughter is their secret too:

The Obama Team ( Married 16 years)

Team Lopez (Married 4 years)

B and J (Married less than a year-together for over 5)

Ellen and Portia (Married less than a year-together for 4)

What’s your secret to long lasting love?

Do you think there is a secret?

Have a great weekend loves.



I’ve told you guys before how addicted I am to serums. Serums are incredibly potent liquids that keep DE looking very young. (Did I tell you guys my theatre professor thought I was 18-21?) lol, ok I’ll stop talking about that. A lot of anti-aging creams claim they contain Vitamin C. But, a lot of people don’t know that unless there’s a certain type of Vitamin C in the product, then most likely the Vitamin C will not be active once you place it on your skin.


I’ve been using Jan Marini's C-Esta Oil Control serum and I can really see the difference. First of all it contains vitamin C in the stable form of Ascorbyl Palmitate. I’ve told you about Jan Marini before. She’s known as the Derma Diva. She was using glycolic acid before anyone and researches extensively everything she sells. She’s also the first person that ever used this stable form of Vitamin C, and her C-esta products have a shelf life of up to two years. If you don’t know what Vitamin C is good for, it’s one of the most potent antioxidants for your skin. It works deep within your skin to create collagen and is great for preventive aging and protects the skin from UV damage. Anyway on to results, I’ve been applying this right before my moisturizer. I give it about two minutes to settle in, then on to the moisturizer and then on to the make-up. I’ve been using this for 3 weeks, and my skin is looking beautiful! The last three weeks have been incredibly stressful, and usually my skin shows how much stress I’m going through with acne breakouts, but not this time. I haven’t got one zit, even when my monthly visitor came around. This is also a thicker consistency than my regular serums. Usually after a few hours, my skin begins getting oily, and I have to apply some powder. Not with this serum! It keeps the oil away, and I’m glowing. I’m loving how even and refreshed my skin looks, and my pores appear so much smaller and the fact that this has a stable vitamin C, makes me very happy in knowing that I’m actually putting something on my face that works,,,,,,, and it shows!!!




I can’t stress to you hot mamas the importance of working out. When I was a little Dominican Enigma, I was never active and always felt sluggish, and just exhausted. For the past three years though, I have been pretty consistent with my work outs, to the point where if I don’t work out, I don’t’ feel so great. I try to run at least two miles a day. Working out is so beneficial for your health and your overall beauty. You’ll find by working out, your body will feel so much better. You will have a lot more energy and your health will improve and you’ll look a lot younger than your age. Also you’ll feel better. When you work out your brain releases endorphins which cause you to feel a natural high and studies have shown that working out has a lot of the same therapeutic effects as a therapy session. One thing DE can’t stand is laziness. Motivate yourself! Go to the gym or just workout at home by doing some jumping jacks, squats (you’ll give yourself a nice shaped butt doing those) sit-ups, and lunges.

Here’s Jennifer Lopez working out


Beyonce works out 6 days a week. Can’t you tell?


Do you workout?




Because I try to run 2 miles a day, constantly wear heels, and walk like mad, the bottom of my feet can get a teensy bit hard. Ok, let me not tell a fib, if I don’t take care of my feet they can begin to feel as hard and dry as rocks! For the last 3 weeks, I haven’t really had the chance to get a pedicure, (life is crazyyyyyyyy right now). So before I go to sleep, I’ve been applying this lotion by Miss Oops called Pedicure in a Bottle
on my feet and wearing socks to bed. This is a miracle worker. It's been 3 weeks since I got a pedi. Usually by now my feet would be cutting through my shoes, but they are still incredibly soft and smooth (must be the glycolic acid this has in it or the lemon and sugarcane extract). I love the cute message on the bottle “Apply daily until you can no longer sand furniture with your feet.” Whatever it is, I love it and it works!!!!

What do you use to keep the bottom of your feet from scraping your wood floors?



Drink To Your Hair

Last week after posting about the greens that I take for my hair, I got a lot of other e-mails from people asking “What else can I use?” Well, of course I must answer the question. First of all I need to post this Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, I have no medical experience. This is just what I use for my hair. Contact your Doctor before trying any regimen just to make sure you’re not allergic.

Anyway back to the subject a hand. Another supplement that I use for hair, is MSM, which is methylsulfonylmethane. I’ve been taking this stuff for years and really believe in its positive effects on my hair, skin and nails.


MSM is basically a naturally occurring sulfur that is supposed to be found in certain foods but because of cooking it’s lost in the process. MSM is found in all tissue and is necessary for the production of collagen and keratin which helps with great skin and long hair. According to HAIR LOSS.ORG
“a study conducted using MSM by a Dr. Ronald Lawrence M.D, PHD “showed that 100% of the subjects on MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane), a nutritional supplement that provides biologically active sulfur, showed increased hair growth compared to the group on placebo. In addition, 30% of the subjects on MSM showed improvement in hair brilliance, while none of the subjects on placebo showed such an improvement.”

I’ve been using this stuff in powdered form for years and personally see the positive effects on my hair (increased growth with amazing shine) and nails (long and strong).

The taste isn't bad either. Actually there's not really a taste to it.

Something to consider

I hope this helps!



Let me Clarify

I got an e-mail recently asking if I could recommend a shampoo that clarifies the hair, but doesn’t strip it. Now, the night before I go to the salon, I give myself a scalp massage using a good amount of coconut oil. I need to have a clarifying shampoo on hand the next day to remove the massive oil from my hair. One that I highly recommend is the Giovanni Tea Treat Oil Shampoo:


I’ve recommended this before as a good treatment for dandruff, but I also find that this not only cleanses the hair thoroughly but it doesn't strip or dry it out. When my hair-washer massages this in my scalp, there is this amazing tingling sensation that really let’s me know its working. It has a strong scent of peppermint, and I find after using this, my hair is clean, still bouncy and with a lot of shine. (I notice a lot of other clarifying shampoos will strip your hair of its natural shine.)

What do you use to clarify your tresses?



New Winner of Flat Iron

Lydia, don't feel bad, the second winner never came forward either so the new winner of the Flat Iron (retails for $150) will be Anu Abraham. As usual, you have two days to send me your address or it will go to someone else!


Celebrity make-up artist Jessica Vartoughian founder of Jessica Cosmetics has introduced her Empowered Collection. These colors are light, fresh and perfect for all occasions. The best part is that 65% of all Empowered Custom Colour purchases will be donated to American Institute for Cancer Research. The Empowered Collection includes six shades:

Bravery- Because you are more brave than you know!
Courage-To fight this disease hands on takes a lot of courage and strength.
Hope Because we hope one day to annihilate this illness and we will!
Endure You will endure this and persevere!
Breathe Breathe in and out-this too shall pass!
Faith Because faith is the strongest medicine you can have.

What's your favorite color in the empowered collection?



Cancer - You're Going Down


Today is the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So many people I know have been affected by this horrible illness. Mommy got it three times, but beat it-even after Doctor’s told her she wouldn’t! (Don’t I always tell you, she’s amazing!) It’s so sad what can happen when your own body turns on you. The results are devastating. It’s really depressing that everyone I know, is friends with someone who is either fighting cancer, has died from cancer or their cancer is in remission. I’m so happy that so many organizations are taking a stand against this dreadful illness including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation-started by the Lauder Family. I’d like to do my share too!

Total Beauty and a few other bloggers have partnered together for the Total Beauty Total Cure Campaign. I'll also be having a special give away on October 22, 2008 so stay tuned.

I'm also trying to raise $200 by October 31, 2008 to donate to the BCRF foundation. Please click on the chip in widget to the right. All donations are appreciated.

How has Cancer Affected you?

What steps are you taking to prevent cancer?

I’m currently taking a stand against cancer too by eating right, getting annual breast and pap exams, and raising money for this effort as well! Also, my good friend MischoBeauty is running for a cure so please join her in her fight as well!



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