I'm the Newest Member of The CVS Beauty Board & HUGE Giveaway

Hey guys, so remember the "big news!"  I'm so thrilled to announce that I can finally tell you what it is. I have now partnered with CVS Pharmacy to be a member of their Beauty Board, as their Global Beauty Expert.The Beauty Board already consist of three amazing and fabulous women Nichelle Pace, Mickey Williams, and Keiko Lynn and now me. You can watch the videos we have all done for them here.

Make sure you like the CVS Beauty Board Page.

Here are two videos I did:

What Beauty Secrets Were Passed Down To You From other generations?

 Meet Milly Almodovar

I'll be teaching you girls all about ingredients that are beneficial for you, and what you should look for in your products as well as a host of other things. woohoo!!!

Anyway, you girls know how I am, when I've got big news, I love to share. So here's what I'm giving away with CVS Pharmacy.  I really love the quality of the Salma Hayek Nuance Line so I've got a great giveaway for SEVEN OF YOU. Yes I said SEVEN of you.

Seven of you will win SEVEN of the Salma Hayek Nuance Products of your choice. Yes Seven of you will win Seven Nuance products that you like. If you win, you'll tell me the seven products you'd like to try, and we'll send them over. Here's what you have to do to win.

You must rt this

Welcome @beautylogicblog to the @cvsbeautyclub by entering her  Nuance Giveaway. 7 Peeps will each win 7 items. http://goo.gl/8qNyY

Then Just leave a comment here, telling me anything!

The Seven winners will get announced Monday December 5. 2011

So what are you waiting for ENTER to Win!!!

Prep those Lips for Winter

As I told you girls before, when I was in ninth grade, I thought I was in love with this 10th grader We were doing great, (at least I thought we were) until one day he told me that he could no longer see me. I couldn't believe it. When I asked why, his excuse was, that my chapped lips really bothered him. At the time I had braces, so I'm sure that it didn't help the chapped lip problem.  But I was so sad. Years later, you'll never ever find me with chapped lips. I'm a  little insane when it comes to my lips, and have been for years. So here are some things I do to keep my lips ultra hydrated especially in the cold weather. Click below to read more and to find out why getting dumped was a great thing:

Clarins Holiday Smokey Passion Eye Quartet Mineral Palette

Clarins sent over their Holiday Smokey Passion Eye Quartet Mineral Palette recently. In this palette you'll find four eyeshadows, a satin rose copper, a creamy silver, a black with silver shimmer,  and a satin gray plum shade. I like this palette. The shadows (besides the silver) are super rich and easily blendable. I didn't experience much fallout. However, I can do without that creamy silver color.  I tried to use it on the lid, and it was seriously streaky. It felt like I had to pack on way too much product to get it to be even so I'd probably just reserve it for the inner corner of my eye. Click below to see swatches and a quick look I created.

Obsessed with G2 Organics Odorless Nail Polish Remover

When G2 Organics approached me about reviewing their odorless nail polish remover, I was a little skeptical. Odorless? How can a nail polish remover be odorless. Or maybe it is odorless, but it probably doesn't work well and I'll have to use half of the bottle to remove polish from just one of my nails. I'm happy to say peeps, I was so wrong. The G2 Organics nail polish remover is odorless and it works just as good as those other stinky nail polish remover I've tried. This polish remover curtains only five ingredients. Ethyl Alchohol, Butyl, Digicol, Aloe Vera, Embittering agent & Vitamin E. Oh also, if you're a Reiki fan, this polish remover is Reiki charged.  Reiki is a Japanese technique used for relaxation.The bottle contains quartz crystals that have been Reiki charged to create harmony and well being with each use. Now I'm not sure if I felt better  emotionally after using this, but what I do know is that it removed all of my polish, and the product smells like nothing, absolutely nothing! Also, many times I'll use nail polish remover and the skin around my nails will be dry as heck. Not with this product. My skin was still soft. All in all, if you're looking for an odorless nail polish remover, I highly recommend the G2 Organics Odorless Nail Polish Remover. My qualm with this product is the price though. At $15.95 it is a little pricey.

Find out more about the odorless Polish remover here at www.g2organics.com

Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2011

Glitter is everywhere this season and Deborah Lippmann really stepped it up a notch with her Holiday Collection. Although the collection is both glitter and metallic, I was sent,  Shake Your Groove Thing Polish, which was pure gold glitter with a clear base. You girls know how I love me some gold glitter! (Actually I like anything gold.)   I was a little nervous about applying this polish. I thought it would be messy but not at all. The clear base coat is pretty thin, so you're able to really work with this polish without it being messy. With this polish, you really can’t apply your nail polish like normal. You have to paint the nails, then apply the glitter around empty parts of your nails. It’s super easy, and I only had to do it three times to really get full coverage on my nails, and when I was done, look how gorgeous my nails looked. Just thick rich pure gold glitter on my nails.After about 4 minutes I would say my nails were fully dried. I didn't use a top coat with this.

Click Below to check out the other shades in the Deborah Lippmann Holiday Collection:

Weekend Updates & Milly a reggae singer?

Hey Loves, how was your Thanksgiving weekend. I hope amazing. Mine was a lot of fun. On Thursday, we went to see the Macys Annual Thanksgiving Parade. It was a lot of fun, and we had a great view of all of the floats. Here's a pic I took.

Then Thursday night, we went to my grandfather's house to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was a good time, but sad as well. This was the first Thanksgiving without my abuela. My grandparents were married for over 55 years, so my granddad was a little sad. The food was amazing though. So many family members.  So much Food. Yum!!  I showed my family my Good Morning Connecticut segment, and they all laughed at my "professional voice." lol, whatever. On Friday I was going to be brave and do Black Friday but I decided against it. Then Sunday, Hubby and I did our date night. We walked around dowtown Manhattan for a while. I really wanted to buy some pictures, but we just don't have the same taste in photos. Click below to read more about my weekend, and see how I became a reggae singer for a day.lol

Shop Covergirl's Newest Products Today Cyber Monday With Free Shipping


COVERGIRL is thrilled to finally unveil its newest product lineup for 2012!
These beauty products won’t be available in stores till January 2012  however, in honor of Cyber Monday, P&G is launching them on Facebook today by offering an exclusive online Pre-Sale with Free Shipping! You'll also be able to purchase Sophia Vergara's Holiday Hotlist. 

2012 Products (so far):
o   -Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation
o   -Blast FlipStick LipColor
o   -LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara
o   -LineBlast 24 Hour Eyeliner
So hurry up and take advantage of this presale. These products won't be available in stores till 2012, so you'll be the first to get your hands on them! 



Makeup Used For My Good Morning Connecticut Segment

Hey loves, how was your thanksgiving. Mine was a lot of fun. Went to the parade, and hung with about forty crazy Dominican family members. Had so much fun, and so much food. YUM! I hope yours was amazing and you ate like crazy. I've gotten a lot of emails from you guys asking about the makeup used on my Good Morning Connecticut Segment. When I'm prepping for a segment, the last thing I want to worry about is my makeup, so I always call on one of my closest friend Pam Arnone. Pam and I met a few years back when I worked at the local Fox Channel in NYC. She was a makeup artist there, and we hit it off right away.I feel incredibly close to her, and know that she'll always make me look my best.

Pam and I

Click below to find out what Pam used for the segment.

Therapy Thursdays: Mr. Milly's Guide - Six Things to NEVER do on a First Date

Girls, this article is written by Mr. Milly. I only edited it a little. All of these opinions are his own. I'm aware it's not Thursday. I forgot to post this yesterday. So without further Ado, here's Mr. Milly:

"When Milly asked me to tell you girls Six Things You Should Never Do On a First Date, I wasn't sure why she thought I would be an expert in that but since she threatened no cooking for a month I knew I better get right to it. These are six things you should never do on a first date if you're looking for a serious relationship. Click below to read Mr. Milly's Words of Wisdom:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving girls.
I hope you guys are having a wonderful day eating a lot of turkey or pernil (pork shoulder, It's a tradition in Latin homes).
What are you thankful for?
A few things I'm thankful for: 
I'm thankful for every member of my family. 
I'm thankful for an old friend who set me up on a blind date and forced  me to go 7 years ago, although I had sworn off dating. That blind date turned out to be the most beautiful man I ever met, and we've been with each other ever since.
I"m thankful for all of the experiences I've had in my life. The good and bad. Yes, I'm thankful for the bad too, because I have learned many lessons from them!
I'm thankful for you guys. I've been blogging for almost five years, and have had the opportunity to meet many of you and forge friendships with many of you, I truly appreciate you.

Lots of love to you!



Zoya Feel Collection Review & Giveaway

The new Zoya Feel collection delivers six new super pigmented full coverage neutrals. I never thought of blue as a neutral but for some reason in this Zoya collection, it works.  The shades in this collection are super work friendly and range from blues to grays to creams.  If you're looking for a collection of neutrals you may want to check this out. Click below to see my review and find out how you can wine the Feel Set for yourself.

Milani Red Vino Blush! Why Yes Please!

As I told you girls before, my parents have the best beauty finds in their neighborhood. Where I live, I never find Milani blushes, but around my parent's home, I can always find a wide array of beauty products not available in my hood. My new drugstore find is Milani Red Vino Baked Powder Blush. I love Milani's Baked Powder blushes and have reviewed Corallina and Luminoso here. This blush is so freaking pretty on my tan skin. In the pan, you'll see a berry blush wish massive golden shimmer (the shimmer looks almost scary) but on the skin, this leaves a stunning deep pink glow to my cheeks with just a hint of sparkle (nothing crazy). The blush is so pigmented too. First time I applied, I was a little too heavy handed with my brush, and it looked like I had rosacea. My cheeks were way too red, but once I mastered the application, I got left with a gorgeous natural flush to the skin for about a good six hours. On tan and dark complexions, I think this blush would look stunning.  Here's a swatch:

For $7.99 this drugstore blush is a steal!
I actually picked two of them just because I hear Milani likes to discontinue stuff. 

What do you think of this blush?

Do you like Milani too?


Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own dough!

June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Mask

I have always suffered from hyperpigmentation. My siblings had the clearest most beautiful skin, but I was never that lucky. Growing up, my cheeks were full of dark marks, (left over from acne). Man it was hard being a teen (thank Heavens for my discovery of concealer and foundation). Even now as a grown woman I still get occasional zits (especially when it's my time of month!) and after that I know I'll have to work heavy duty to get rid of the brown mark left behind. Peels are a huge part of helping my dark marks go away and one I've been doing once a week for the last six weeks that I like is June Jacobs Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. This contains 15% pumpkin extract. Pumpkin extract is seriously nutrient rich with essential fatty acids, and zinc (Zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory) . This mask is also power packed with antioxidants, like green tea and red wine. So here's how i use it. The mask is fairly thick, a gel like consistency, and  smells delicious, like pumpkin (I'm all about pumpkin recently, maybe it's because of thanksgiving.). I apply to my face, and leave this on for 10 minutes. I once left it on for 20 minutes (big mistake, skin was so red). I then remove. After 10 minutes, my skin is left glowing and soft. I don't know if this is the reason my marks have been going away so fast lately (remember I use about 10 products a day) but what i do notice is right after using this, my skin really feels smooth, and silky, and when I use my foundation, it just seems to apply better. I also love the massive sources of antioxidants in this. You girls know the plan: Looking 21 Forever! My qualm with this product is the name. This is def not a peeling masque. You have to wash it off.

All in all if you've never tried June Jacobs Mask you may want to give this a whirl.

What are your favorite peeling mask?

What's your solution to getting rid of hyperpigmentation?



Product provided by pr for review, but you should know by now, if Milly don't like it, you don't see it.



Socap Extensions & Capelli D'Oro Salon

 As I told you girls before six weeks ago, Socap Extensions invited me to get extensions at the famed Capelli D’Oro in NYC on 5th ave. Since my hair is already pretty long (3 inches below bra strap, you can look at my past salon reviews to see how it looked before the extensions) I didn’t know if I should do it, but since I like to try anything beauty related once, I decided, What the hey!  My plan was to review the extensions a week after getting them, but then I remembered that Leslie (the hairstylist) told me that I should have them in for six weeks before having to get any maintenance so I decided to wait the six weeks to see (I want this review as accurate as possible), and let’s just say, Leslie was right.  Click Below to Find Out about my hair extension experience. 

Sponsored Post: Spiegel Has The Styles You'll Live in this Holiday Season

        One of the best things about the holiday seasons (after all the holiday food, that is!) is all of the celebrations and holiday parties that come with the cold weather.  But if your winter wardrobe needs a chic boost, check out Spiegel’s selection of women’s clothing that epitomizes the meeting ground of fashion and functional.
            Since 1905, Spiegel has been mailing fashion catalogs to women who want and need versatile and unique apparel. Now, over 100 years later, they’re still doing the same. This season, they’ve got all your dressy and casual needs covered.
            Take advantage of the shine and metallic trend with the subtle sophistication of our metallic jacquard dress,

or opt for more casual with any of Spiegel’s form-fitting shimmery and metallic-detailed sweaters and cardigans.
            You can also play up your feminine side with their delicate options. Spiegel’s lace bolero jacket almost looks like you’re wearing a cape of snowflakes! 

Meanwhile, our pleated wrap skirt makes animal print sexy and our pumps in lace mesh look like an upgrade from Cinderella’s dainty glass slippers. 
            No matter what you are looking for this season, Spiegel’s got you covered! Visit www.spiegel.com today to find your new favorite holiday piece today. 
    (Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post which means I did not write this, however, since my mom and I shop at Spiegel and I have found some great things there, I agreed to let them post this.)

Beauty Secrets From Around The World Segment on Good Morning Conneticut

Hey loves, I did a segment for Good Morning Connecticut yesterday called Beauty Secrets From Around The World. I would love you to check it out here. And if you don't feel like watching, I've posted the deets of it.

Click below to read deets on beauty secrets from around the world:

Get Your Skin Winter Ready!!!

New York City's Weather has been a dream come true, but last week we did get hit with a few cold days, and I noticed a lot of people who hadn't been preparing their skin for the cold air. As the weather get's cold your skin gets dryer, and for many people, it's very noticeable in the form of dry flaky skin, chapped lips, and really dry hard hands. During the winter, I know a lot of peeps who tend to get very flaky skin under their chin area. I used to too, but I found a way to stop it.  Click below to read about products I've been using to make sure my skin is winter ready! 

Pencils of Promise

Last week I was invited by Dominica supermodel Arlenis Sosa  and my buddy Patricia to this amazing Pencils of Promise Charity Event. Pencils of Promise was founded by Adam Braun when he went to India, and he saw poor kids begging on the street. He asked one kid, If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? This poor kid who had absolutely nothing went on to say that he wish he could have "a pencil." Wow, Can you believe that? This kid had nothing, and all he wanted was a pencil. That happpened three years ago and since then Pencils For Promise had created over 30 schools around the world in poor countries. This story touches me so much. The night of the Pecils of Promise event, they raised over a million dollars (Rumor was Justin Bieber actually donated 1 million himself.) Anyway click below to see some fun pics from the event:

Some Beauty Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Who wants to wake up at 5 AM on Black Friday when you can get equally amazing deals from the comfort of your own home on Cyber Monday?  The following skincare and beauty brands are offering fabulous savings to make your Cyber Monday (Nov. 29th) anything but boring!
Description: BlackOpal-LavenderMia
Description: miabundles_headergraphic_368x190_10132011
Clarisonic Pairs & Bundles
All already-reduced Clarisonic "Skincare Pairs" that are purchased between 11/25-11/29 will be 20% off. Products such as the Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System, Opal Sonic Infusion System, brush heads and cleansers bought in pairs will be included in this special.
Consumers will also receive an additional 20% off all “Clarisonic Bundles” purchased.  “Clarisonic Bundles” are made up of 3 or more Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems.  Each “bundle” provides consumers with Clarisonic Mias at a discounted price and allows them to personalize their Mias free of charge. 
There is free shipping on all orders as well as a free gift with each “Pair” or “Bundle” purchase: a Houndstooth Travel Bag and a 6 oz. Body Serum (a $65 value)
Availability: www.clarisonic.com

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than with the delightful smell of CleanWell Warm Vanilla All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes? All CleanWell products purchased between 11/24-11/29 will be an additional 25% off.  Use the discount code SAVE25 at checkout. 
Availability: www.cleanwelltoday.com
Description: Tweezerman Candy Cane
Enjoy free shipping on all orders and a free Candy Cane Glitter Mini Slant Tweezer with all orders over $50.
Availability: www.tweezerman.com
For Cyber Monday, LovelySkin.com will be offering 25% off all orders, and a special *gift with purchase* for orders over $200!
LovelySkin.com is the home of hundreds of your favorite brands, including: Jane Iredale, Colorescience, Obagi, Stila, EltaMD, and more!
Check out LovelySkin’s Facebook page for more giveaways throughout the month of November!
Description: image002
Welcome to Zeel, your online concierge for health, wellness & beauty treatments! For the holidays, we're offering an instant $25 credit in addition to up to 15% off all services with Zeel's top experts. Join now (it’s FREE!) and use your credit and promotional offers to treat yourself, OR use your credit towards a gift card for a loved one (a great stocking stuffer!). Simply log onto www.zeel.com/holidays and register for your $25 credit!
Description: Email_Template%20Fragrance%20Jewelry
Lisa Hoffman Beauty
Lisa Hoffman Beauty’s NEW Fragrance Bracelets make a perfect gift for everyone on your list this holiday season.  For Cyber Monday, receive a Free Signature Votive Candle & Deluxe Samples ($15 retail value) with every $65 purchase and receive free shipping over purchases of $50 or more.
                         Description: LightStim front
LightStim for Wrinkles
        Treat your skin to LED Light Therapy with LightStim for Wrinkles! Cyber Monday, the product will be available at a discounted rate of $270 (instead of $299) and will include a 10ml bottle of LightStim Collagen Peptide Serum. Free Shipping will be provided. Use the promo code “CyberLight” to receive this offer.
Promo Code: CyberLight

BeautyLogic China Glaze 3 D Collection Giveaway

So I'm so excited about my first two days on Facebook. I've gotten to interact with a few of you and that is super great.
So in honor of our first few days of facebook, I'm doing a giveaway for the whole China Glaze 3D collection. This is probably my favorite glitter collection this season. The glitter really does look 3d, and it's so thick, and rich. I reviewed it here. 

All you have to do is like our page on facebook.

The link is here. 

My aunt will pick a winner next Monday November 21, 2011. ( I never pick winners).



Protect Your Neck!

During the summer, when I went to get my hair done, there was an older woman sitting next to me getting her hair cut. She was really upset with the hairstylist, screaming that she had cut her hair too short. Since the woman couldn’t speak Spanish and the hairstylist really couldn’t speak English, I intervened, and tried to calm the situation. I  then  told the woman that I actually loved her hair that length.   It was then she whispered in my ear that she liked her hair down to her shoulders because she was really self conscious about her neck area. This woman didn’t seem that old, but then I took a look at her neck and her decolette area I saw that her neck  did look a lot older than her face. It was clear to me that she focused most of her anti-aging on her face, and forgotten about er neck and decolette. That is a huge mistake. An aging neck and decolettte can make you look years older. Your neck area has the  thinnest skin on your body and is exposed most of the time to damaging UVA and UVB rays .  Your neck skin also has less collagen to plump it up, so the skin can begin to sag. Dr Oz says one of the biggest mistakes women do, is not moisturize their neck. So basically girls, you need to protect that neck! Here are some neck creams that you may want to give a whirl. Click Below:

Nail Call with Revlon Blue Lagoon and Revlon Blue Mosaic!

I'm loving the combo of these two polishes together. This is Revlon Blue Lagoon from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, and Revlon Blue Mosaic from the Gucci Westman Expressionist collection. The two together remind me so much of childhood memories. I always wanted to be an ice skater and I imagined my costume would be an ice blue, much like the Revlon Blue Lagoon color, with dark blue glitter on the sides and collar much like Blue Mosaic (although Blue Mosaic contains some tiny green and silver glitter too). I'd also have an ice skating partner named Vladimir and we'd win so many championships together....(don't ask me why his name had to be Vladimir). Sadly where I'm from, there were no ice skating lessons available so my mom put me in piano lessons instead (hated them). Anyway, check out these colors together. I've got them on my nails today.

Revlon Blue Lagoon

Revlon Blue Mosaic and Revlon Blue Lagoon

So let's do a nail call!

What are you rocking on your nails now?

You can purchase revlon cosmetics  here! 



We're finally on Facebook & Winners of Dr Oz Giveaway

Hey guys, how was your weekend? I hope amazing.
I'm really bad with social media but after almost five years of having beautylogic, we are finally on Facebook.
You'll have to bare with me, since I don't really use Facebook personally, I'm trying to get used to it.
If you know any cool things we can do with the facebook page, let me know.
Right now I just have a pic of me. lol
Not even sure if I even set the page up correctly, but hey you live and you learn.
Anyway, please like us
You can click here

And this Sunday at 7:00am, I'll be on Connecticut's weekend morning show, Good morning Conneticut, WTNH, doing a segment on Beauty Secrets From Around the World, so if you live in Ct, please  tune in. But I'm pretty sure you can tune in online too. I will provide link soon.

I've got a lot of fun posts this week including new makeup, new neck creams (i never understood how peeps don't anti-age their neck, first sign of aging shows there), and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.

See you tonight, or tomorrow. 



PS: winners of dr oz giveaway chosen by random. org is


If you didn't win, no worries, it's holiday season here on beautylogic, and we are doing some major giveaways in the upcoming weeks.

China Glaze 3-D Eye Candy Collection Review Holiday 2011

 I am loving that nail polish brands are all about the glitter this season. Now, If you are thinking of getting glitter nail polishes this season you must look at the China Glaze Eye Candy Collection. The collection was inspired by Marilyn Monroe.  Eye Candy features a nail industry first: 3-D glitters. China Glaze says "Multi-sized and differently shaped glitter particles are cleverly combined to create a sexy, super decadent, 3-D finish in six bright, eye-popping shades." I'm here to say this China Glaze Eye Candy Collection is the bomb.com 

Click below to see polishes and read my review and see pics. Remember to click on pics to enlarge them so you can see.

Snooki By Nicole Polizzi Perfume Review

On Thursday nights during Jersey Shore season, Mr. Milly and I would get so excited. We love that show!  That is the only reality show he will watch (I am a reality show addict!). He got into the show late (this season) but now he loves it. He can't get enough.  Mr. Milly's idea of good TV is watching CNBC or Bloomberg so the fact that he loves Jersey Shore is hilarious. I've loved Jersey Shore since Day 1. It's my addiction.  Although Snooki was a little  sad when it came to Gianni last season, I still find her hysterical.  Tonight Snooki is launching her new perfume Snooki by Nicole Polizzi Eau De Parfum on HSN. It was recently sent to me, and it's not a bad fragrance at all. I actually got a few compliments while wearing it. Read my full review by clicking below:

3 of You Will Win DR OZ APPROVED Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMX Eye Giveaway

We're doing a giveaway today. THREE of you will win this product that Dr. Oz says he is never without. 

I am not going on the set without this anymore.” – Dr. Oz
So last Friday’s episode of “The Dr. Oz Show,” which was 3 years in the making, showcased a round-up of Dr. Oz’s personally approved favorite products, one of which: Peter Thomas Roth’s Instant FIRMx Eye, a temporary skin tightener that firms and smooths the eye area to instantly minimize crow’s feet, fine lines, deep wrinkles, bag and puffiness.
Dr Oz's Under eye before using Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firm RX
Dr oz undereye right after using Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firm RX
 Dr. Oz proclaimed he uses Instant FIRMx Eye every single day for his personal biggest beauty woe, undereye bags, which runs in his family and has only gotten worse with age.
Dr. Oz showed close-up images of his eyes before and after using the product – and the results were astonishing. See below. The audience ooh-and-aah at the results as Oz explained that you can actually feel the product tugging on your skin and tightening the eye area.
The episode will actually be re-airing this Friday, November 11th on Fox (11am in the tri-state area).

  Watch it. 

Here's what you have to do to enter to win this product. Just leave a comment about anything. I don't care what it is. Maybe tell me a little something about yourself. "My name is Milly, and I'm born and raised in NYC. Can't imagine living anywhere else." Maybe recommend something "My name is Milly and I love June Jacobs Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. It is so wonderful for my skin." Just leave a comment about pretty much anything you want. 

The three winners will get announced on Monday November 14, 2011



Tarte Precious Gems Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Review and Swatches!

You know an eyeshadow is good, if you take a bikram yoga class (over 105 degrees in the room) and even after an hour and a half of massive sweat running down your face, your eyeshadow looks like you just applied it. That's what happened when I used Tarte Precious Gems Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeshadow in plum smoke and pink champagne.
From Left to Right: Pink Champagne, Plum smoke, Shimmering Golden Beige, and Shimmering Moss

 Pink Champagne is a beautiful shimmery pink, Plum Smoke-a rich mid purple, Shimmering Golden Beige (is a shimmering golden beige, so pretty, perfect for inner corner or highlight) Shimmering moss is a forest green with bits of gold (gorgeous color on brown eyes).

 Click below to see swatches, and read my review:

Lorac Bejeweled Lip Gloss Collection is a STEAL & Lorac Sale on Hautelook

The Lorac Bejeweled Lip Gloss Collection should be on every makeup lover's Christmas list for a few reasons. 1) You are getting six full sized Lorac lip glosses for $25.00. That is a great deal! 2) The colors in this collection are gorgeous and I think these are pretty wearable by everyone whether alone or layering over lipstick.  3) The packaging itself is just so pretty. Look at those sparkly caps! I love sparkly things, don't you? lol

Click below to see swatches, and read review:

Essie Luxeffects for Holiday 2011

For the holidays, Essie has released thier Luxeffects collection. A set of five top coats for your nails. Lately I've been applying a lot of glittery top coats to my polished nails so this is perfect for me. Essie said "Whether you go for a golden brocade, glam over your classic creamy essie shade, or simply enjoy the beauty of a single coat of pristine white pearl, the loop is beautifully alluring." Click below for swatches of the top coats themselves and make sure you click on pics to see full size:

Weekend Updates & Happy Heart Fund& Marathon

Me and supermodel Petra Nemcova
This weekend I met so many inspirational people.  People who are devoting their lives to help others live better lives. People who have risked their own safety so that children in other countries affected by natural disasters can have some sort of normalcy to their life.  Anyway, let me explain. On Friday night Mr. Milly and I went to a pre-celebration for this charity called Happy Hearts. It was a gathering before the big celebration which took place the next day. Supermodel Petra Nemcova is the founder of this organization. In 2004, Petra was in the Tsunami along with her boyfriend. He actually died, and she held on to a tree for hours in order to survive. Anyway, since then she has devoted her life to her Happy Hearts organization. The organization helps to build schools and the self-esteem of children who have been through natural disasters. I spoke to Petra that night, and was struck by what a kind-hearted person this woman is. She is not only extraordinarily beautiful outside, but even more so inside.  Her organization has built 56 schools in nine countries affected by natural disaster including in Haiti.  Click Below to read more about the weekend and see a cool video.

Therapy Thursdays-Stop Living Your Life For Other People!

Hey loves, how are you. Mr. Milly was supposed to be posting his Six Things You Should Never Do On a First Date post, but he's late with it. I told him that if it's late next week, I won't be cooking dinner for a month. But today I want to talk about something that is one of the worst things you can do, and that's care what people think of you, and put others opinions over your own. Now before we begin, what are you drinking? I've got my white tea but unfortunately I drank most of it, so how about I offer you some pomegranate lemonade instead. Yum, that's Mr. Milly's favorite.

There was a time in my life when I pretty much based all of my decisions on what others would think of me, or I valued people's opinions over my own intuition-that was a rough time, and probably the time when I made the worst decisions of my life.   Click below to read more:

New Smashbox Click You're It Holiday Eye Palette Review and Swatches

I don't think I've ever been tempted to try orange on my lids. It's my favorite color when it comes to clothes, but for eyeshadow, ehh, not really for me...or so I thought. I then opened the new Smashbox Click You're It Holiday Eye Palette, which includes 15 eye shadows, 5 cream liners, a primer, and their get the look cards, and well, their orangish shade was calling my name! It's #9 on the palete. Isn't it beautiful?

Click below to see swatches, and see a look I created with the palette. 

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