Hana Flat Iron Works Wonders & New Givewaway

You guys know how addicted I am to my hair. I go through great pains to take the absolute best care of her (yes I said "her") and make sure that I keep her in tip top shape. Because I’m a hair fanatic, I’m always on the look out for the greatest and best products that will keep my hair looking beautiful, but not cause damage. I recently tried the Hana flat iron from Misikko and I'm very impressed with how effective it is.

Again, this flat iron contains the must have Tourmaline. If you don’t know what Tourmaline is, it’s a substance that produces negative ions. Again you want negative ions because it keeps your hair straighter and much shinier than regular plates do. I used my Hana after my hair was a little damp. I adjusted the temperature to around 250 and began the process of ironing her.My hair came out beautiful, very smooth, frizz-free, and incredibly shiny. I love that this iron has an adjustable temperature dial from 150-450 and it also has this heat proof pouch. If you're like me (trying to take over the world) you're always on the go. I love the fact that after using the Hana, I can just throw her in the pouch, then in my bag, and go. (No waiting for her to cool down.) This is an excellent flat iron for those who like to have straight, fabulous hair and the place to get it is Misikko.com

New Contest: Tell me about your worst Hair day. Misikko & Beauty Logic are partnering to bring you a brand new Hana iron. Email me at beautylogicblog@yahoo.com the worst hair blunder you ever made, and you can win a brand new Hana flat iron. Contest Ends Thursday July 3.

Beauty Updates & Purple Doggies

One of my good friends was going through a crisis yesterday so the time I would have normally spent writing today’s post was used to comfort her-so no new post today except some updates on what’s to come next week.

BeautyLogic & Misikko.com are giving you the chance to win a Fantabulous New Flat Iron –my review and giveaway coming next week.

They’ll be another giveaway with fabulous products from Mineralogie.

New Sunless Tanner Reviews.

New Hair Product Reviews.

New Body Scrub Review.

A new Word on the Street (hopefully this girl won't bail out on me like the last one did) & Blogger Beauty of the Week post.

And, in things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm, I spotted a dyed purple dog on the streets of Manhattan yesterday. Any animal lovers out there? What do you think of this?


Congrats to Emily Donald for the Bath & Body winnings!

I'm also working on a BeautyLogic Myspace/Facebook Page. Yeahhhh!

Have a good weekend.



5 Star Bronzer for Under $5.00

When I first read Paula Begoun’s book, Don’t go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, I was in serious shock. Page after page revealed the reality of cosmetics and their ingredients. So many expensive products which I had read about before and had been purported to give amazing results, were revealed to be useless, and the cost of formulating them was often less than $1.00. I remember after finishing reading Paula’s book (I read every single page) feeling (this will sound very cliché) that the truth had set me free. I no longer needed to be a snob about products. (Although, lol, sometimes I still will be.) Paula had found many products that cost less than $5.00 were often better than their $30.00 counterparts. I love that lady for being so truthful. Anyway because it’s the summer, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bronzer and have become a serious guinea pig, trying as many that I can get my hands on. I recently got an email from a Marla Hernandez asking if I knew of any effective bronzers that were under $10.00. Marla, I can do better than that, I recently found one for less than $5.00 and I think the quality is exceptional.

NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzer


First of all this product is dermatologist tested, oil absorbing, and fragrance free. There are three shades of the Sun 2 Sun, but I used the Bronze Mist. This product comes in a split pan with 2 skin-illuminating bronzers in it. There is a little shimmer to them but its not overly done. I applied this, and my face look incredibly sun-kissed and golden but still so natural. The powder is fine-milled, and easily shows up on my skin with just one swoop of my brush. This bronzer makes me look as if I spent the day at the beach. I love the staying power of this as well. For $4.99 you can’t beat the price or quality of this. FYI, I compared the ingredients of this to two of my other bronzers that cost more than $20.00-the ingredients of NYC were almost the same. This is something to definitely take a second look at.



New Giveaway

New Giveaway from Bath & Body. I reviewed Bath & Body's fabulous tanner about a month ago and fell in love. Here's my review,
True Blue

Anway, today's giveaway is True Blue Bath & Body Products:
One Lucky reader will get:
True Blue Solar Power
True Blue Shade To Order
True Blue Strike Gold
True Blue Bronze Bombshell

Just send an e-mail to Beautylogicblog@yahoo.com with the title: "DE Make me a Bronze Bombshell" and your name in the e-mail. Contest ends tomorrow at 5:am

Congrats to the winner of yesterday's contest Laktavia P. Laktavia, the pics you sent were really sad, but with the right products, right supplements, and adequate hair massage, your hair will soon look amazing. Enjoy and please send your address.

Blogger Beauty of The Week

Wes is the owner of the blog Honey Brown Sugar. A great blog filled with loads of information. She's a Bronx girl who loves to write and would love to publish a book one day but she hasn't come up with a great story idea yet. She holds a BA in Journalism and an AA in Fashion Design/Merchandising. She currently works in the fashion industry, but she's still searching for her dream job. Ladies and Jets, our beauty of the week, Wes.

What is your beauty regimen morning/night?

Every morning/night I wash my face w/ Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Photobucket
and I always moisturize with the "Clinique M Lotion"


What's the deal with your makeup?

I don't wear makeup on a daily basis but I ALWAYS wear lip gloss. Sometimes I might wear a little eyeliner like Cover Girl Perfect Blend Pencil in Basic Black
Photobucketor mascara like Maybelline Lash Stylist in Very Black
Also, if I notice dark patches under my eyes I'll use a dab of MAC's Select Moisturecover concealer.

What beauty product can't you live without?


What beauty advice can you give us?

Applying a little gold eyeshadow along the cupid's bow in your upper lip will give the appearance of fuller and thicker lips, it really works- try it!

What is the best advice anyone has given you (doesn't have to be beauty related)?

My boss is a busy man and he lives by the motto "Under promise, over deliver". I always keep this phrase in my head because I don't want to be the type of person who will promise you the world and then only give you a city. I'd rather promise you a city and then give you the world.

Thanks Wes,


Congrats to the winners

Mally's Lip Glosses goes to

Yahaira Liriano

Essie Neon Collection goes to:



Both winners e-mail me so I can get your address

Also the winnner of the Mally Favorite Product has not contacted me so please make sure to do that.

Hair Giveaway

We're giving away some of the products that I use in my Hair Regime to one lucky Reader!!!

Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner

Organic Coconut Oil (secret weapon)

Aubrey GPB Conditioner

Giovanni Nutrafixx Hair Reconstructor

Giovanni Tea Trea Shampoo

My guide to an effective Scalp massage

Email all responses to Beautylogicblog@yahoo.com-to "DE Hair Regimen Giveaway"
and your name in the e-mail. Contest ends tomorrow 6:am. If you've won a contest before, please don't enter this one.

Hugs, DE

Take it Easy With Bath & Body Aromatherapy Sets


Bath & Body works has these little aromatherapy products that I wanted to let you know about. You readers know how much i love natural remedies. In case you don’t know, aromatherapy is basically the use of essential oils to promote your health and give you a general feeling of well-being. When I visit my favorite spa, I always get an aromatherapy massage with lavendar. There is nothing more relaxing! Recently, I’ve been going through some crazy times! Work, boyfriend issues, trying to take over the world (lol) and just overall stress have taken a huge toll on me. In addition to all of my woes, I’ve also been suffering from a terrible case of insomnia and have only been getting around two hours of sleep per night. The rest of my night is spent tossing and turning, trying to fall back to sleep while staring at my clock, dreading when the hand turns to 6:am. I’m an aromatherapy fiend, so when I heard about these Bath & Body aromatherapy roll-ons, I wanted to see if the Sound Sleep remedy could help me. So, I took a long lustrous bath, turned on some classic Sade and applied the Sound Sleep to my wrist and inhaled. I instantly smelled the familiar and calming scent of lavender, and began to feel a lot less anxious. This product also contains chamomile which gives you a better quality sleep.(My mom loves chamomile tea before bed.) All I know is the last lyric I heard of Sade’s fabulous song Cherish the Day was, ‘You won’t catch me running.” I ended up sleeping a few hours longer than I had been, and when I awoke, I felt much more refreshed and alert.

This collection includes four other roll-ons for other ailments as well.

Has anyone tried this product or has dabbled in aromatherapy?
What were your thoughts?

Bath and Body


New Giveaway

No One won the Mally lip glosses, but Don't fret, we'll just have two winners for this one. The first winner will get the 2 Mally Lip glosses
Love is Pink &
City Chick Nude Deep

and the second winner will get

The Essie Neon Collection courtesy of Essie

Here's how the colors look -DE's Essie Neon Collection Review

The collection will also include Essie's Base coat and Essie's Amazing Patented Top Coat called Good To Go! (Dries your nails in full in like 2 minutes). This is the large Size of the Collection!

Just send an e-mail to Beautylogicblog@yahoo.com with Essie & Mally contest giveaway in the subject and your name in the e-mail. My mom will randomly pick the 2 winners. Contest ends tomorrow at 8am.

No Winners of Mally's Lip Gloss-But New Giveaway!

So no one guessed right on my Fave movie. It’s Beverly Hills Cop
I used to watch that movie a lot with my granddad when he was alive, and I have such fond memories of the time we spent together while that movie was on. However, we're having a new giveaway.

Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway

One of my boyfriend’s biggest complaints about me is that I’m incredibly indecisive. I’ll make a decision and then two minutes later change my mind. It happens all the time! What can I say, I’m a Cancer, we are known for doing that. BUT, a great thing about being a cancer is that we are known for being GIVERS, so, I’ve decided that instead of giving away a huge bag of BeautyLogic Approved items to one lucky person, I’d rather give a few readers a different Beauty Logic approved item each day. So, for the next few days you readers have the chance to win some fantastic products!

So here we go. As you readers know, I love Mally Roncal's make-up line.
Last week she had on this fab light pink gloss. I asked her what it was and she let me know that it was her Mally gloss in Love Is Pink
Photobucket along with her City Chick Nude Deep Lip Collection
Photobucket which includes a lip pencil and a gorgeous gloss. I got those items and fell in love with them. They look amazing on me and the consistency was perfect, not sticky at all, just a smooth and silky feeling on my lips. The color was sooooooo beautiful, light sheer but a beautiful pretty pink at the same time!

Anyway, we’re giving away a New MALLY BEAUTY LOVE IS PINK GLOSS away along with Mally’s CITY’S CHICK LIP COLLECTION in NUDE DEEP for the perfect nude lip. My rules are a little different this time. I think it’s important that you guys learn about me since many of you readers take advice from me (I really appreciate that). So, the first person who guesses what my favorite movie is, winsssssss! I’ll give you a hint, it stars Eddie Murphy. Contest begins now. You can only guess one movie. Leave it in the comments section!!!!!!! Oh contest ends 8am tomorrow morning, stay tuned for more giveaways this week each with different rules.

PS: If you have won a previous contest of mine, please don't enter this one. I want different winners. Sorry (I don't make the rules-oh wait, yes i do)lol,

Congrats to the Winner of Mally's Fave Product!

Chichi A please e-mail me your address.

Blueberries Aren’t Just For Breakfast

I have a weird addiction for things that smell like blueberries. No matter what it is, if it smells like blueberries, I want it. It’s such a fresh, clean, and delish scent- reminds me of my cousin’s farm back in the Dominican Republic. My boyfriend constantly catches me opening up my blueberry products, and sniffing them (he thinks I’m nuts, but whatever). Here are some of my favorite blueberry scented products that actually work wonders for me, while feeding my addiction for all thing scented blueberries.

Bath & Body Works 100% Organic Vegeterian Blueberry Scrub
Photobucket I bought this last week and I’m addicted. First of all this scrub is 10000% natural and not made with any parabens or any chemicals. It smells incredibly fruity and the granules exfoliate my skin so well without being harsh on my skin. I love how after I use this, I don’t really need to use a moisturizer on my legs because this leaves my skin so soft, and smooth.

Whish Beauty Shave Crave Pump

Photobucket The one thing thats better than the blueberry scent is blueberry mint products! Prior to buying this, I really hated shaving my legs, but now I shave them all the time-. This shaving cream has the most amazing blueberry mint aroma and it leaves my skin super smooth, refreshed, and moisturized and I never cut my legs while using this (which is huge for me because before I would cut my legs all the time).

Essie Blueberry Banana Lotion
PhotobucketAhhhhhhh, the scent of blueberry banana, yuuummy, I bring this when I get my pedis. I like them to massage my legs with this…………

The Body Deli Blueberry Fusion Fresh Cell Face Scrub

PhotobucketOne of my bestest friends lives in Cali and sent me this recently as an early bday gift-(she knows about my blueberry obsession). This company, The Body Deli’s products are all 100% organic, and natural. They claim to have this whole system of keeping the ingredients in their products alive. This product is so wondrous; I wouldn’t care if the ingredients were dead (j/k). The smell of this product takes me to heaven and not only that, my face is left so exfoliated, without irritation, no redness at all, and soooooooooo hydrated and smooth. Also, blueberry is a huge antioxidant so using it on my face will keep those wrinkles away!I love this product. Thanks Shayla

The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter

Photobucket Do you want skin to feel soft as a baby’s bottom? I do, and I definitely get that result when I use this product. I’m addicted to all of the The Body Shops body butter’s but this is my favorite. The scent is so fruity and incredibly yummmmmmmmmmmmy. It’s loaded with nourishing ingredients like blueberry oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and sesame oil. I actually own three of these because I tend to open and sniff them so much, that the scent ends up going away (as soon as that happens, I have to re-buy). However, this thick cream is so moisturizing, after using it this your legs will feel so smooth and silky allllllll day and the big plus is they’ll smell like blueberries tooooooooooooooooo. Yummmmmmmmm

What are your favorite fruit scents? Are you psycho like me and buy anything that smells like blueberries? Let me know.

Dominican Salon Review #3 Reaction Salon

Last year I reviewed this salon’s Queens Location and thought it was fabulous. However, after returning another time and being a little disappointed with the service, I could no longer stand by my word, and removed my recommendation. Recently though, I have been staying in Long Island (boyfriend lives there), and one morning, I needed to find a place to get my hair done for two very important events. We were driving around searching for a salon when we passed by the Long Island Location of Reaction. I walked in and I must say this salon seriously exceeded all of my expectations.


Decorum: The interior of this salon is so pretty. When you first walk in, there’s a miniature waterfall on the wall. Here’s a pic:


The salon is decorated in a very chic and contemporary style. The mirrors are enormous with gorgeous orange frames and the chairs (orange as well) look so incredibly modern and stylish Here’s another pic


This size of this salon is enormous. It’s probably the biggest Dominican salon I’ve been to. It has 8 hair drying stations (pictured only 4)


5 hair do stations and 5 hair washing stations

Everything is meticulous in this salon. Nothing is out of order, and everything is in its place (I love that).

Customer Service: The customer service was indeed great. Everyone greeted me with a smile, and asked me how I was doing and what service I wanted. Also when I was getting my hair done, the stylist kept asking me if she was doing my hair the way I liked it. Three other women walked in while I was there, and they were treated with the same courtesy as I was. FYI: the owner advised me that they will soon be offering coffee and donuts on the weekends and wifi so you can log on to the internet while getting your hair done.

Quality of Products: Ok, when it comes to products this salon has the majority of salons beat. First of all, they are an Aveda Approved salon, which means that Aveda walked in the salon and deemed them good enough to carry their products. Although I bring my own products to wash my hair, all the washer stations had products by Aveda, Matrix, Bain de Terre, Joice and Alter Ego. I was pretty impressed. I also noticed all of the stylists had Aveda products on their work stations. Photobucket
By default they will only use Aveda to style your tresses. However, if you want another brand, they also offer, Joico, Nixoderm, Matrix, Nexxus, Alter Ego, oh, and the owner claims to have every Dominican product that has ever been made for hair-that was incredibly interesting to me. Also, four of the salon’s hairstylist are Aveda trained in hair coloring.

Hair-My hair wash was really therapeutic. The lady was using her fingertips to do some serious magic on my scalp. I wanted to sit there forever. After she finished washing my hair, I advised her that I was in a rush, so she used these enormous rollers to set my hair. She put me under the dryer, but guess what, no ear covers (you know how I feel about no ear covers). Under the dryer, the intensity of the heat was really bothering my ears, but after thirty minutes they took me out and proceeded to style my hair. The stylist removed my rollers, and began using the blow dryer on a very low setting. I told her that I wanted a lot of body on my hair, so she began using the curling iron on sections of my hair, and then she would pin the curls up. Once she was done, she removed all the pins, and my hair looked like this. (I’ve already posted this pic before)
Also, after my good friend saw how my hair looked, she borrowed my Giovanni conditioner, and went to the Reaction in Long Island and here’s how her hair came out (I’ve posted this pic before too.)
On Tuesday, I had to get my hair done again and I went back there (I was in Long Island Here's how it looked:

Price: The pricing to me is great. Your hair can be as long as Rapunzel or as short as a new military cadet, and they'll still charge you $23.00. HOWEVER, IF YOU BRING THIS POST TO REACTION (BOTH THE LONG ISLAND LOCATION AND QUEENS LOCATION) YOU WILL GET A WASH/SET FOR $15.00 from June 21 to July 6.

CONS: NO EAR COVERS,and the salon needs more workers. I asked two girls who were getting their hair permed what their biggest complaint was and they said that although they love this salon and they only trust them to get their hair done,a few times they have had to wait an hour to be seen. However, in my own personal experience, I was seen immediately and the girls after me were seen immediately as well.

Rating: A solid 4.5 for the location in Long Island! Remember though, if you go the salon location in Long Island (one I highly recommend) or in Queens and you bring this post, you can get a wash/set for $15.00 from June 21st to July 6.

Reaction salon


Hey guys I'm now www.beautylogicblog.com no more "blogspot" for me!

Also, tomorrow will be a new salon review. You'll have the chance to get a special Beautylogic discount at the salon as well.

I'm still working with some of the sponsors of the BeautyLogic Approved Bag giveaway contest-I want that bag loaded with all of my faves!




Blogger Beauty of the Week

We're featuring some beauty bloggers for the months of June & July as Beauty of the Week so let's kick it off with Kitiya of Mischo Beauty.Photobucket This amazing woman graduated from college with a chemistry degree. However, she decided that being a scientist wasn’t her dream so she went back to school to become a cosmetologist and an esthetician- oh and a licensed make-up artist. Kitiya is another example to us of a woman who was not afraid to follow her dreams and in the end she succeeded. So with that being said, let me introduce you guys to this week’s beauty of the week blogger Kitiya.

What is your beauty regimen morning/night?

"I'm an esthetician and through training and working on clients, I've learned to appreciate the benefits of a skincare regimen. So here goes: in the morning I cleanse with Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk Photobucket followed by the Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist Photobucket,Next I apply Ren's Lipovector Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Photobucketand then I give my skin a few minutes to absorb it before applying Juice Beauty's Oil Free Moisturizer PhotobucketNext I apply my Lancôme Flash Bronzer Self-Tanning Face Gel Photobucketand follow that with my Dermalogica Super Sensitive Faceblock SPF30 Photobucket
I know that sounds like a lot, but my skin type is normal and it very rarely breaks out!"

"At night I use Dermalogica's Soothing Eye Makeup Remover Photobucket and I cleanse with Juice Beauty's Cleansing Milk, followed by the Hydrating Mist. I then use Ren's Lipovector Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream and then use the Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum Photobucket The serum is amazing (very moisturizing) and does wonders for my skin- every time I use it I wake up with a glow."

What's the deal with your make-up?

"My makeup is very simple right now because it's been extremely hot in DC! The combination of my Lancôme Flash Bronzer Self-Tanning Face Gel and my MAC Cream Colour Base in Improper Cooper Photobucket is all I need for a nice glow- and believe it or not- I get compliments!" and right now I'm using L'Oreal's Voluminous Naturale mascara Photobucket On my lips- I'm wearing a simple, but sexy, nude look- it's MAC's Oak Lip Pencil with a mix of the MAC Heatherette Lollipop Loving with YSL's Rouge Pure Shine No #27 Natural Honey Photobucket (I like to keep it fun!). So all of that was just my simple day look.:)" (I coudn't find images of the 2 Mac products)

What Beauty Product can't you live without?

"I can't live without my Maybelline New York Expert Eyes Twin Brow & Eye Pencil in Light Brown (Sam Fine uses it and works wonders with eyebrows and after seeing him use it I was encouraged to give it a try!)Photobucket

What beauty advice can you give us?

Take care of your skin! I know not everyone can afford a cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturizer, exfoliant, mask, etc. If you can cleanse your skin twice a day (morning and night) and use a moisturizer at night and a moisturizer with an SPF during the day, I believe you're off to a great start! And as you can, and based on your skin's needs, try to add in an eye cream or exfoliant, etc. when possible.

What is the best advice anyone has given you (this doesn't have to be beauty-related)?

Dream big dreams! The world is your oyster and the sky is the limit! I didn't begin to pursue my love for all things beauty until many years after I had obtained my degree in Chemistry and had worked professionally. I knew after finishing college that I wanted to someday own a salon and get involved in the beauty industry, but I guess I was scared and didn't know where to begin. And, I was worried about what people might think due to the fact that I had held great corporate positions and was on my way to achieving great things in the corporate world! So crazy! Anyway, I finally went to cosmetology school and esthetics school and now have licenses in cosmetology, esthetics and makeup artistry. But it wasn't easy! I went to school full-time, worked full-time and held part-time jobs on the weekends at a salon and spa in order to get experience. If you want something bad enough, believe me, you'll do whatever you need to in order to achieve your goal! Now, this is not to say that I won't end up back in the corporate world, but if I do it would have to be doing something I really loved with regards to beauty! I'd love to be the CEO of a beauty empire! For now, my future plans include opening a salon/spa, launching a line of haircare & skincare products, writing a beauty book, opening a beauty institute, launching an agency to represent hairstylists, make-up artists, fashion stylists, and skin/nail care specialists; and most importantly giving back to my community!

Thanks Kitiya,


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