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Completely Bare Spa Gets Waxing Right!

For the last eleven years, I have been getting  Brazilian waxes every four to six weeks. It’s something that I must do. Lately though since I’ve been pregnant, my skin has been very sensitive,and the Brazilian woman who usually does my waxes, doesn’t seem to really understand that, so I’ve had to stop seeing her. Last time as I tried to explain to her that she had to be a little bit easy, she scoffed at me and told me in her Brazilian Accent, “Ah You Can Take The Pain,” as she roughly ripped the wax off of my delicate hormone filled skin. After that,  I was in so much pain, I was in tears, which hadn’t happened since the first time I’d gotten a Brazilian. So after eleven years with her, I decided to drop her like a bad habit. (She's been calling me since, begging me to come back, but heck no!) I’d heard great things about Completely Bare salon, and knew that I had to try them. Apparently they treat everyone like they have sensitive skin so when they asked if I wanted to stop in, of course I had to say yes. 

The space is absolutely beautiful and the girls are so friendly in the front. I had to fill out paperwork asking if I was on Retin A or anything like that.  (Apparently not good for the waxing.) Once finished, I was led to the back by a woman named Jill. Jill will now replace my normal Brazilian girl and will be my waxer for the rest of my life. I was led to a  room, that actually had a television inside of the ceiling so I could watch tv as I was getting waxed.

I told Jill my concerns, and she immediately said “Yes, your skin right now is very sensitive, so we’ll try to make this as painless as possible.” Finally, someone who had empathy for me!  But Jill is not just an ordinary waxer. She’s a medical aesthetician who actually teaches waxing as well so she knows how to treat skin.  Completely Bare use their own line of  “ouchless” waxes, one is a hard wax which was almost painless (no Brazilian is pain free) and a soft wax as well. 

Bottom line, as I watched Juno on the ceiling TV,  Jill worked her magic, being soothing and letting me know what she was doing,  and when I walked out, I was ‘completely bare,’ very happy, and absolutely thrilled with Jill and Completely Bare spa. I booked my next appointment three days before my baby's due date.

If you're new to  waxing, or if you’re looking for a new place to wax, or you’re pissed off with your current waxer like I was, I highly recommend going to Completely Bare. I must warn you, after coming here, you will never get waxed anywhere else again. 

For more info on Completely Bare, visit

**Completely Bare provided this service for editorial review. But girls you know how I am,  if this service hadn't been amazing, I wouldn't even have written about it. **

If you have any questions, make sure to e-mail me.



Pump Up The Volume-Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara

Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Mascara

You know what I love better than a great mascara? A great mascara that’s under 10. Bucks. Those always win this tired pregnant girl's heart. Yes I do love higher end mascaras too, but let’s face it, why pay more, when you can pay less-especially since now most of my money is being spent on baby stuff.  

Anyway  I recently got the chance to try Rimmel’s newest The Max Volume Flash mascara, and although I am a more of a luscious length girl, I actually do love the amount of volume that this mascara gives my lashes.

The mascara promises 14X more volume than normal. I’m not sure about 14 times more but, it does pack some serious volumizer in that brush.
The brush is Rimmel's biggest brush, with huge bristles that managed to catch all of my lashes. Apparently the brush contains collagen and keratin as well. Collagen is supposed to fatten & Keratin supposed to strengthen
For me the proof is always in the pudding.

Here are my lashes before any mascara at 7:00 am: 

Here's my lashes after 1 coat:

Here are my lashes after two coats:No clumping, I  was impressed.

I' m definitely digging it-for the price, and for the amount of volume I get, this is pretty serious and the lasting power is pretty sweet.The only thing I did notice was it slightly smudged as I applied. But that could just be because I was half asleep while I was doing it. The rest of the day it was smudge free.

What's your favorite volumizing mascara?

Are you more of a length girl like me?



Vapour Organics-How to Fake a Pregnant Glow

The last two weeks, everyone and their mama has been commenting to me about my amazing ‘pregnancy glow.’ That’s sweet and all, but the fact of the matter is the last thing this pregnancy has given me is a glow. It’s given me seriously bad skin (which I finally got in control), swollen feet, 24 pounds of weight, and a butt JLo would be jealous of. (I’m not complaining about the last one. I’ve dreamed about a butt like this for years.) I’ve been using some great products that have been helping me get that glowing goddess look so I’m starting a new series called How To Fake a Pregnancy Glow where each week I’ll reveal products that will give you a gorgeous glow-perfect for the summer months. This week I’m letting you know about Vapour Organics. 

First off, I want to start by saying that this brand is truly rocking my world and because of that, I will be reviewing their whole array of product in the near future. This line is different from anything I’ve ever tried because  its base is organic, and contains light dry plant oils that are non –comedogenic. One of the founders of Vapour Organics is also one of the founders of Kevyn Aucoin Beauty and that says a lot. (Kevyn Aucoins makeup is probably some of the best ever.) All of Vapour's products are in a stick form, and their Aura Shimmer Muti-use Blush in Charisma has been making my skin glow since I got my hands on it. Usually cream blushes scare me because I think they’ll break me out, but not this one, it’s a beautiful pink, with gorgeous shimmer, that leaves my bronze skin looking flushed, dewy and oh so radiant.and has never once left me with skin irritation. The fact that all these ingredients are 100% natural and 70 % organic, really rocks my world (making it incredibly safe for me and my lil squirrel) and  this product last. I put it on in the morning, and it was still going strong six hours later when I went to take a break. 

                       Here's me with it on. My camera sucks, but I'm glowing-8 hours after applying!

Bottom line, this new product line is fantastic, and their Aura Charisma blush will make it seem as if you're pregnant too (well maybe that’s not a good way to describe it) but you know what I mean. It will give you a serious dewy radiant knock-your-socks-off glow. Lol

What are you using to give you a glow?

PS: Don't forget to enter my giveaway. We're giving away over $150.00 worth of Moroccan Oil products.  

Next week, I’ll reveal another product that’s faking my pregnant glow.



Moroccan Oil Giveaway

Alright guys, Here's the other giveaway that I promised you last week. Sorry I didn't have a camera to take pics. Anyway, I'm giving a set of Moroccan Oil Products away.
 The set includes
Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Masque 8.5 Fl Oz-retails for $40.00
Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Creme $40.00
Moroccan Oil Oil Treatment Full Size Retails for $40.00
Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray Retails for $40.00

In order to win, all you have to do is

1) Follow me on twitter
2) tweet say you're entering this contest and use this link
3) Or comment here saying "DE I'm entering your Moroccan Oil Giveaway Contest"

Winner gets announced Friday April 30



Interviews: Tia Dantzler-Celebrity Makeup Artist

We love featuring amazing women on Beautylogic and we're so excited to introduce you to the brilliant Tia Dantzler. Tia  is one of the most sought after makeup artist around, having worked with not only  the president of the United States Barack Obama, but  celebrity clients like Jennifer Hudson, Maxwell, Kanye West and many more.  Her work can also be seen gracing the cover of Vogue, Glamour and many other publications. We're excited that Tia decided to talk beauty with us so without further ado, let's meet celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler.

1) How did you get started in Makeup?
I was asked to do makeup for a Bride, and reluctantly, I did and that's when I actually discovered my gift and I immediately started working behind the makeup counter to gain the necessary experience I needed to be a working Makeup Artist.
2) What are some common mistakes you see women doing with their makeup?
One mistake that I have seen with women, is finding the perfect foundation match to achieve that flawless look.  I suggest visiting your local cosmetic counters so you can actual apply the makeup and also get a second opinion.  When you purchase foundation from your local drugstores, buy a couple of shades so you can match perfectly and simply return the foundation that didn't work out.
3) This is a very competitive industry, how did you go from a regular makeup artist to a celebrity makeup artist?
I believe in working hard, being consistent and treating everyone that sits in my chair like a celebrity.  So I had a very organic progression into the entertainment industry.  I aimed at being the best at what I did and everything else fell right into place.  I truly believe that becoming a "Celebrity Makeup Artist" was apart of my destiny.
4) You worked with President Obama. How was he?
Receiving the call to work with President Barack Obama the 1st time was such a honor for me.  Both times were absolutely nerve wrecking however, each time President Barack Obama said something funny to ease my nervousness so that I could do my job.  It was truly some great experiences for me that I will not soon forget.
5) What is always always always in your makeup bag? 
One staple product that my kit can not survive without is Bobbi Brown's Creme Gel liner in Black Ink. 
6) What is in your makeup bag that is under $10.00?
I'm big on well groomed brows so I would have to say my Ardell Clear Brow Set which keeps your brows tamed and polished.
7) What is the one makeup product that you think all women should own?
One product that I believe every woman should own is MASCARA because it serves so many purposes depending on your needs.  Mascara can brings definition to the eyes, it opens up the eyes, it curls, lengthens, and thickens all at the same time.
8) What are some of the trends you see now in beauty?
One trend that I'm loving is the flawless barely there makeup look.  Skin that's breathable and glowing, fits in perfectly for the spring.
9) For newbies in makeup what resources can they use to learn more?
The best resource for "young" Makeup Artist is the internet. You can gain so much knowledge on the net whether it's researching your favorite Makeup Artist path to success, to finding a Makeup School in your area.  I also recommend going to the library do more research for your industry.
10) What advice would you give to young women trying to make it in the industry?
 My advice would be to work hard, study your craft, and to do all the free work you can so you gain knowledge and experience.
Thanks Tia, you're amazing. 
Big Hugs, 

New Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara -Waterproof

Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara -Waterproof

Girls, as you know, I take my mascara game very seriously. I own over 20 tubes, and have gotten/purchased all within the last 3 months (never keep a tube of mascara longer than 3 months) . There's nothing like gorgeous long lashes to complement your face.
My current favorite mascara is always in my bag, just so that I can make sure to touch up with it during the day.
Recently I got the chance to try Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara Waterproof, and let's just say, after applying, and seeing the results, it immediately made it's way into my bag and I think it's going to stay there for some time. 
                                           Before Mascara

First of all, this mascara's wand is different from most. It's  a sphere tip that has massive fibers on it. It's incredibly effective in coating every single one of my sparse lashes even the itty bitty teeny weeny ones in the corner that are usually so hard to reach. But the look that it gives my lashes is ridiculous.

I"m talking serious length and volume people with very minimal clumpingl,  With such a small wand, I was shocked at how great this mascara worked. Now what I'm also loving about this mascara is how long it last. It  last for hours with no smudging.   Last week I slept with my makeup on (I know I know I'm not supposed to but I was so tired.) When I awoke, after a night of tossing and turning, the mascara had not smudged at all, and my lashes were still looking so long and volumous. My only gripe with this mascara is that you have to apply fast because it dries quickly. But once you master it, you'll be pretty hooked. 

I love it.

This gets an A-/B+  in DE's Book of beauty.

What's your current fave mascara?

This mascara will hit Sephora in May.

**This mascara was provided by the PR company for review" 



Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Products

I love reading about young socially responsible kids who are doing big thing with their time. Remember Leanna Archer, man that girl is amazing! Recently I got introduced to Ava Anderson products. This beauty line was started by, a 15 year old girl. 

Now in this age of technology that may not be a big thing, but what’s amazing and different about this teen, is the fact that her product line contains 100% non-toxic ingredients. Ava saw a report with her mother on a study about hazardous chemicals in the bloodstream of teens commonly found in cosmetics and skin care products and decided she needed to start a line with non toxic ingredients.. Isnt that incredible? You guy know how crazy I’ve been about my ingredients lately. After meeting Dr Oz a few months back, and him advising me to stay away from products with phthalates because of what they can do to little boy fetuses, I’m so careful about my skincare ingredient’s it’s ridiculous. 

I had to start using Ava’s stuff. I love the fact that when you go on the Cosmetics Toxicity Database and research her product, her stuff scores a 0 on the level of toxicity. That’s amazing and almost unheard of. Since I just started using the line, I won’t have a review up for another few weeks, but I wanted you guys to be aware of this amazing girl and her skin care line (especially if you're pregnant).


NYC Dining -The Smith

Saturdays before work, I love to indulge with a good girlfriend for lunch. I hadn’t seen my friend Cassie in a while so we decided to head out to The Smith to get our grub on!  I’d heard great things about this place from many people including my beauty blogger sister Lianne Farbes of The Makeup girl. When we arrived at around 1pm,  I was shocked at how packed the restaurant was. I knew it would  be because the weather was glorious, but hot damn, there were people waiting outside for a seat. It was completely full and the place was buzzing with noise. The crowd was  a great mix of young urbanites and professionals. Although we didn’t have a reservation, and it was packed we were seated in around 5 minutes. Cassie ordered a baked salmon benedict and I got a grilled chicken sandwich.

All I got to say is the sandwich was to die for! The chicken was delish, well-seasoned, fresh and so juicy with avocados. It was really tasty. I also noticed they give you huge portions of food. I couldn’t even finish my whole sandwich (took it home).  I found myself licking my fingers after (I know that’s gross but hey, it was that good.).The fries that it came with were so tender and not greasy at all.  I usually don’t like French fries but these were absolutely amazing. But the star of the meal was the bread pudding.

Although on top it was loaded with vanilla ice cream (which I didn’t touch because I’m lactose intolerant, but Cassie was glad to let it off of my hands) the bread pudding itself was so moist and delicious with warm bananas on top. YUM!  The dish truly rocked my word. Cassie loved her dish too.
Here are some interesting things about the Smith:
Downstairs they have a wall, with a few holes in it. In some of the holes you can’t see anything, but one hole shows very old porn movies. It was kind of hilarious and weird at the same time.
There’s also a photo booth where you can take really cute pics for $3 bucks. Here’s Cassie and I.

All in all, if you’re looking for a great inexpensive meal at a cool spot,with a great crowd, def go to The Smith.

Sue Devitt Southern Seas Collection - Beauty Reviews

Beauty is an adventure” that’s makeup artist Sue Devitt’s personal mantra and I totally agree. When I wake up in the morning bare faced, and whip out my makeup palettes, I wonder what adventure will I take my face on. Will I go for a dramatic seductive look? Or will I leave with a more neutral subdued appearance. In the history of BeautyLogic, I’ve never reviewed a Sue Devitt product. I was recently introduced to her makeup, and seriously I’ve been missing out.

Her Southern Seas Collection was inspired by her trips to the South Pacific. The collection includes a gorgeous Solomon Seas Palette which contains a beautiful array of pinks and corals and brown. Although the palette says it’s for the eyes and cheeks, I’ve only used it on the cheeks, and love the beautiful pink  shimmer glow that I get from it. Leaves me looking very fresh faced. Its funny how when people see how much I'm glowing they attribute it to my pregnancy. Little do they know its in the palettes I use. lol
The palette also contains nutrients for the skin like  hyaluronic acid, which is a natural skin plumper, marine collagen, and antioxidant Tamanu essence.

The collection also includes four glosses. I tried Telena which is a  opaque bright pink color. The consistency is pretty thick, and it last incredibly long.

Even after I finishing drinking my morning smoothie, which is a green concoction, it was still going strong on my lips. That's pretty impressive, and it's not sticky. Loves it!

All in all, me likey.

To find out more about Sue Devitt and her products, click on her website.

Have you tried Sue Devitt products?

What were your thoughts?

These products were provided to me by her PR company and in no way affected the review.

Three Winners of The Agadir Set & New Moroccan Oil Giveaway

hey there,

Three winners of the Agadir Set are......

twitter id Havillandsavage
twitter id shellsea
comment: nadia

all of you must send address within two days or i will have to give this to someone else.

if you didn't win, no worries, having more giveaways coming up, including one tomorrow sponsored by morrocan oil and another one this week sponsored by lancome.



Lancome Matte Lipstick Color Design

Lipsticks are barely a part of my beauty arsenal. I rarely if ever wear them. I’m much more in love with glosses. For some reason when I think of lipstick, I think of my vicious seventh grade teacher who had very thin chapped lips, horrible coffee/cigarette breath.  She always wore this bright red lipstick that was totally wrong for her, and to make it worse, there were always shades of it on her front teeth. Yuke, not a cool memory at all.  But, recently I tried Lancome’s new matte lipsticks, and after trying this, the memory of Miss. Klenfeld (yes that was her name) has completely been erased, because this new lipstick is rocking my world.

First of all, I tried two of their colors. Pink Preview Matte and Bronze Show Matte. The colors of both looked fantastic on my tan skin, but the bronze was the clear winner. The lipstick is matte, but when applied,  my lips felt super hydrated (which never happens with lipstick). This did not dry my lips out at all. 

Apparently the lipsticks contains a Revolutionary Color Seal Complex that contains soft silicones and pigments that are combined with comfort agents to deliver a rich matte color that is non-drying and long-lasting. The bronze color was a gorgeous dark orange, that really would work well on all women with tan skin, but the pink was the big surprise. It was a bright pink that honestly looked beautiful on me. Although lipsticks are never my first choice when it comes to beauty, I’ll reconsider with these  Lancome ones. 


pic has Bronze Show

Have you tried these Lancome Shades?

Have you tried this Lancome Collection?



Denise Vasi- Beauty of the Week

There’s something you guys don’t know about me. I’m quite the soap opera addict. Well not just any soap, but one in particular-All My  Children. Growing up, I clearly remember my nine aunts  gathering around the television anxiously waiting for it to begin. I never quite understood why they were obsessed with the soap, until around a year ago when my work schedule changed to nights and all of a sudden, I found myself hooked on it as well. There is one particular storyline that I can’t get enough of- Randi and Frankie. If you don’t know about these two, you need to start watching. The character of Randi is played by the  beautiful Denise Vasi. The first time I watched her on screen, I swore to myself that I knew her from somewhere. I quickly realized I didn’t know her personally but from the countless modeling, commercials and tv series that I had seen her in. This stunning woman of Puerto Rican, Dominican and Greek ethnicity is literally everywhere, from Target ads, Disney Films,
 to being the face of Olay,  to also being in the new book,  Cosmo’s sexiest Beauty Secrets. When I reached out to Denise and asked if she would share her beauty secrets with beautylogic readers, she was more than wonderful. I’d like to thank Denise for being so sweet, and for giving beautylogic readers the inside scoop on her beauty regime so without further ado, let’s meet Denise Vasi

What is your  beauty regime morning and night? 

My morning regimen starts off with make up remover called Bioderma Crealine TS H20 to remove anything I may not have gotten off the night before.  This is the most amazing makeup remover. It’s like water, doesn’t irritate the skin, contains no oils and works like magic. There was a point you could only find it in France or the French occupied islands, but now I’m pretty sure you can get it online. Then I use a cleanser, usually Olay facial scrub and follow it with L’oreal Hydra Renewal moisturizer. This product is just as good as high-end brands. At night its pretty much the same steps but, I'll use a facial cream made specially for night called Emergin C (d-red strengthening balm). I must be truthful I'm really bad about taking off my makeup. I try and keep my routine minimal. Wash and go. I love simple products like Cetaphil.  Skin is genetics!!!

What’s your makeup routine? 

I keep two makeup routines. One I call “The Quickie” which takes no more than ten minutes. I use L’oreal’s True Match Concealer, a splash of color on the cheeks with my Artistry Timeless palette, some  Maybelline Great Lash Mascara or Anastasia mascara and some Lancaster Infinite Bronze Lipgloss.  Then there’s the  "Full Routine." Basically that’s more for evenings, events and special occasions. It includes my Armani Foundation, L’oreal True Match Concealer,  some eyeshadow from my Artistry Timeless Palette. ( I love color on the eyelids) Two coats of mascara, blush from my Artistry Timeless Palette, a little bronzer, powder to set and lastly lip gloss like my Mac varneesh.
What piece of beauty advice can you give us?

Buy products that you can use for an array of purposes. I have this amazing palette from Artistry. It has 4 colors from a nude hint to burgundy. I use it for my lips, cheeks, and lids separate or all together. A product like this is worth it because of the multiple uses you can get out of it. 

What's your hair Regime?  

I use  Remane Sidoine color retention hair shampoo/conditioner/mask . Warren Tricomi makes a great hair serum I use it when I'm doing my straight hair look and Mix Chicks for when I'm going curly.
What’s the best piece of advice you can give us?

A journey of a million miles begins with one step.

Check out  Denise on All my Children, and make sure you follow her twitter page.

Thanks Denise for being so wonderful. 

Big Hugs to you, 


I'm back with some order in my life but not quite!

So i'm finished unpacking all my stuff. Mr. De has to begin his unpacking, hopefully that will happen this weekend. I know I was supposed to unveil the blog design this week, but I just needed to get finished with my apartment.

But here's whats coming next week:

I'm introducing you to a latina actress/model who is so beautiful and talented, she's beyond words and she's one of the sweetest people DE's ever come across.

We've got amazing giveaways including the top three argan oils companies are giving away sets on but those aren't the only giveaways we're having.

Some new beauty reviews-because you know that's how DE does it.

And my big news, including my new column.

I hope you have an amazing weekend.

I'm working this weekend.

Happy Easter. Spend time with your family. So important!



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