New Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup Review

  A drugstore makeup brand that I've always loved is Revlon. In my opinion, their liquid Colorstay foundation is one of the best drugstore foundations out. I've been wearing caramel and rich ginger for years. Caramel usually during the summer, rich ginger alone or mixed with caramel during the winter.  Anway, last week, I was running low on Lil Man's formula and ran to the drugstore. After picking up his stuff, I headed towards the beauty aisle and spotted New Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup and a new Revlon Colorstay lipgloss (review up next week). I was intrigued and picked up both. The back of the Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup said, "Instant hydration with a flawless luminous finish. All day wear." Upon further investigation I found out the hydration came from coconut water. How interesting! And it contained spf 13. They had a pretty limited amount of colors, but I picked up the Medium Deep and headed on home to feed Lil Man and test the product

The foundation contains a dense brush, that was actually pretty effective in application of the product. Usually I use my Kabuki if applying mineral makeup, but since I was testing, I used the Revlon brush and its not bad at all. When I first applied,  I did notice this cooling sensation that Revlon claims you'll get.

Another thing I noticed was that the coverage was very minimal. But I kept building on product, and after sweeping the brush over my face twice, the coverage was to where I wanted it to be without looking cakey. I notice that this product contains sparkles. I didn't like that at all. Unless I'm going out for a night on the town, the only sparkle you should see coming from me, are my sparkling white teeth. ( I crack myself up lol.) Usually I don't love mineral foundations because they really bring out my pores, but I didn't see that with this product. This like the other Colorstay products last long. I got a good 10 hours of wear with this. Since I like  medium to heavier coverage though I probably wouldn't pick this up again and I'll stick with my liquid Colorstay.  However, my cousin who likes a lighter coverage tried this, and on her it looked pretty amazing and the sparkles were barely perceptible.  Bottom line: Medium-Heavy coverage you may want to think twice. Lighter coverage, you may like it. FYI: I think Revlon is discontinuing their Colorstay Mousse Line. It's on sale at Walgreens for $3.
Update: Also, I reviewed Almays Version of this product, click here for that review.


Product purchased by me while buying Lil Man's formula.


Lisamarie and Christelle said...

Thanks for this, I have been eying this one at the drugstore for a few weeks and ended up with the new L'Oreal souffle foundation instead. Hearing about the sparkles, I think I'm happy with my choice! I do love powders that have that cooling sensation though!

Best, Lisamarie

Anonymous said...

mac is actually coming out with a new collection next year based on the liquid powders they had in the Venomous Villains collection so that might be something to look at. I can not wear drugstore foundations because my skin is incredibly hard to match and mac breaks me out. I had seen the commercial for this one and liked it but knowing it has sparkles is a huge turn off. thanks for the review.

Nikia said...

I'm so glad you reviewed this. I do medium to full coverage also. I wanna try their new Colorburst Lipgloss though. The packaging is pretty :-)

Catherine said...

Thanks for the review! I also love their Colorstay liquid foundation and the mousse version, and like medium/heavy coverage too. I tried the old Colorstay mineral make-up but that was too light (coverage-wise) for me, so I think I'll give this one a miss too.

Redbone7684 said...

I had already been a loysl user of the Revlon Color Stay mineral foundation, so when I went to get a new container, this was in it's place. I figured it had to be somewhat the same and I was so surprised. This formula is a power but actually feels like a liquid when you sweep the bruch across your face. I Love It!! I am a persom who prefers light to medium coverage and this is perfect. Thanks for reviewing this product.

Anonymous said...

I tried this product as well and ended up returning it because like you said was too sparkly.The cool hydration sensation it gave was really nice and I really wanted to like the product but I looked like a disco ball. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Anonymous said...

I loved the old Revlon Colorstay mineral makeup. I am so disapointed that they changed the formula. At first I was excited new Aqua with coconut but after tying it for 1 week my face broke out and I had a horrible reaction, my skin felt like it was sunburned. Now I am trying to find a new makeup that is light yet still covers. I would get so many compliments on my skin with the onld makeup :(.

Kim Rilet said...

Hi Milly...
I am from South Africa and yesterday while doing some light shopping i noticed this product... the shop assistant told me that i had to try it, so i did.... and i must say, I AM IN LOVE!!!! ive got a light skin, but like a good cover, and this is perfect for me! I will never go back to any other foundation....

ps, the sparles are realy not that bad, just gives me a natural glow!


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Colleen

I tried the colorstay mineral aqua
and I really LOVE it its perfect for
My skin and my skin looks AMAZINGLY
Beautiful and it glows. The sparkles
Are not bad at all u can't really see them
So for those that don't like the product
Must not discourage others from using this
Product I mean if it doesn't work for u it
Doesn't mean it won't work for the other person
I love it and it feels great on the skin too,
Thanks a lot I feel fabulous! It matches my skin

beautylogicblog said...

@colleen I clearly said it looked better on my cousin than it looked on me. Please read my full post.thanks

Anonymous said...

It gave me an allergic reaction!!! Rash all over my face

Leslie said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing your review!

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