And The Winners are

The winner of the Beautiful perfume is Laurel Graham

and guess what, the winner of the Barbar iron never came forward, so the new winner will be:

Georganna Barnes

Georgana and Laurel, you both have 2 days to e-mail me or as usual I will have to give the prizes to another one of my readers.



Healthy Long Hair From Within

I get a lot of e-mails with people asking me “De, how do you get your hair so long? Or so healthy?” My hair is very thick with a lot of curl when I wash it, and a ridiculous amount of natural shine (yes I’m very vain when it comes to my tresses). But when I was growing up, my hair was also incredibly dry,and damaged, with almost no growth at all, (it stayed shoulder length forever) no shine at all, and my skin was no better (acne galore!). My diet mostly consisted of 50 cents soda’s and a whole bunch of other sugar-laden foods that local bodegas offer. I’ve said before, and I’ll say this again, there is no way you can have glistening shiny long hair, and healthy skin if your diet consist of massive sugar and other stuff that doesn’t provide your body with the nutrients it needs to nourish your hair and skin. Now since I sometimes don’t have the time to eat nutrient-rich salads (remember I’m trying to take over the world), I make sure I take a greens replacement drink every morning that is loaded with so many vitamins, and minerals, there’s just way too many to count.

Garden of Life


I’ve been drinking this putrid tasting stuff for a few years. It tastes like death if you drink it with water, but if you mix it with Orange juice the taste is fine. Every since I’ve been taking this stuff, my hair and skin have really shown me that it’s working. My hairstylist is always complementing me on how fast my hair grows and how ridiculously shiny it is as well. Your body needs nutrients to create healthy locks of hair and fantastic skin and this stuff really does provide you with everything and then some. Also, I rarely get sick and if I do get sick, I’m fine within a day. This stuff really boost your immune system! If you’re not as rushed as me, then make sure to have a big organic salad every day. Greens are loaded with so many nutrients and vitamins, your hair will see the difference. DE Promises. Even Ted Gibson said hair growth starts internally.

How was your weekend loves?

Do you eat better for healthier hair and skin?



Are You Following Your Dreams?

I remember when I was growing up. Mommy and I would love to go to the Macys on 34th Street in Manhattan and go directly to the Estee Lauder Counters. Mommy' signature fragrance was Estee Lauder’s Beautiful and she always had over 5 bottles of the stuff at a time. She also only used Estee Lauder make-up and skin care products. (Mommy and I love supporting women businesses). So it’s so amazing to me that twenty years later, I would get the opportunity (due to Total Beauty) to go and visit the Estee Lauder Headquarters, including her office:


I even got to sit in her chair! It was a fantastic experience and I’d like to thank Total Beauty for that from the bottom of my heart. But another thing I want to tell you is an inspiring story that we heard about Estee.

When Estee was first starting her line, she tried desperately to get her products sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, but they kept rejecting her, telling her that her line was way too small for them to carry. This incredibly savvy woman never gave up, and one day she had an idea! She went into Saks and “by accident” dropped a bottle of one of her fragrances on the floor. The glass shattered, and the delicious aroma filled the store.
That day thousands of people asked Saks where they could buy that fragrance and the next day Saks begged Estee to allow them to carry her line. What an amazing story! And what an amazing woman! Estee reminds me so much of mommy because mommy never gives up either. She never allows anyone to tell her no and she raised me with the same beliefs. So in honor of Estee, and mommy, I’m giving away a bottle of mommy's favorite Estee fragrance, Beautiful.


Just send an email to with the subject, “DE, I am making all my dreams come true. Send me Beautiful."Winner gets announced on Monday September 29, 2008.

I also want to remind you to please never listen to those who tell you that you can’t do something. You can do anything and everything you put your mind to! Never give up on your dreams; I’ve never given up on mine.

life is so random.

How are you following your dreams?

Do you have an inspirational story for us?

Have a great weekend loves!



Potent Anti-Aging Weapon-Patricia Wexler Serum

A lot of my friends are women of color who think because they are tan or dark skinned beauties, they don’t need any anti-aging remedies. I highly disagree with that and advise everyone I know to make sure that they use sun-screen all the time and anti-aging creams from the time they are 20 and over. (I’ve been using them forever and my theatre teacher told me I can pass for 18- 21!!… alright I’ll stop gloating over that!) Anyway, a close gorgeous African friend of mine got married around a month ago. She’s a huge product junkie like myself, so for her bridal shower, I gave her a bag full of beauty products. She was so thrilled! Anyway last week, I met up with her for a Bikram Yoga session. I hadn’t seen her since her bridal shower. (Her wedding was in Africa and I couldn’t afford to go!) She couldn’t stop raving about the Patricia Wexler MMPI20 Skin Regenerating serum that was in the gift bag I’d given her.


I did notice her skin looked a lot more luminous and clear. She claims that this serum leaves her skin so incredibly smooth -close to silk. Her make-up application is a dream, and the spottiness on her skin has diminished dramatically. She claims that her pores and the lines around her eyes are much less visible. Her skin is incredibly oily but this serum seems to balance it out. This product is apparently the only one on the market that has a patented MMPI 20 technology. What that means is, this product addresses all of the 20 MMP’s (skin destroying enzymes) and leaves your skin in amazing condition. She couldn’t stop gushing about it and told me that I must recommend it to you beauties.

What's your anti-aging weapon?



Dominican Salon Review # 4 Sister's Unisex in BK

Note: There are no pics of the interior of this salon because they wouldn’t allow me to take any. They didn’t even want me to take a pic of the front of the salon until I got the owner’s permission, but you know I took it anyway (it’s not that serious).

Anyway, I recently went to Sisters Unisex in Brooklyn. A few of my readers had e-mailed me about this spot so I went. Apparently there are four of them, two in Brooklyn and two in Manhattan. I went to one in BK (2 train). Let's Begin:


Interior: The salon is a pretty decent size but they sure do a lot for the space they have. There are over twenty-seven hair-drying stations in this salon and twelve hair-do areas. (I was in and out of this salon in an hour and a half.) There are four hair-wash areas as well. They have these annoying green signs all over the salon that have different warning to the customers like: Only children getting their hair done are allowed to be in the salon, or, we can’t do your hair if it’s dirty, or no cell phones allowed while washing your hair, or you have to pay before you deep condition. I feel like a salon should be welcoming, and those signs weren’t at all. The salon is pretty standard in decoration. Green leather hair drying chairs. Nothing overly pretty about it. Two flat screen tv’s in the front.

Products: I saw Wella & Chi products but I mostly saw Perfect for Perms, Olive Oil and Dominican Products. Not top-notch products but not ridiculously cheap either.

Customer service: I walked in on a Wednesday Morning. For a weekday and for an early morning, I was surprised at how many people were getting their hair done already. It was like 9:00am and there were eight or nine people there. I was immediately greeted by a lady with a smile who asked me what I wanted to get done. I advised her that I came for a wash/set and she led me directly to the back to get my hair washed. Thinking about that hair wash is getting me excited! That was one of the most soothing, and therapeutic hair washes I’ve ever had in my life. She was massaging my scalp directly on my itchy spots as if I had told her where they were. It was so relaxing and felt amazing. I was almost crying when she stopped.

I was then immediately put into a chair and a young lady began setting my hair with rollers. I notice no one was overly conversational but I think it’s because they didn’t know if I spoke Spanish or not (for some reason people never think I’m Dominican). Anyway, she gave me ear covers which was a major plus for me and put me under the dryer. As I was under there, I observed two girls getting their hair done and I’ll be honest, I was very impressed. One had around texture 4b hair, and I’d say the other had around 3a hair, and their hair came out very full, shiny, and volumous. I noticed that they don’t like to use the curling iron too much; they’ll use their fingers more. Anyway when I was done drying (it went by really fast) I walked up to the same lady that had done the other girls hair, and asked her to do my hair. I told her I wanted my hair with a little bit of volume, and she began blow-drying and curling sections of my hair with pins. Although my hair didn’t come out quite what I was expecting, it came out pretty cool. The same lady that did my hair had done the other two girls hair and their hair looked incredible. Oh, another good thing is this salon opens at 7:00 am and they take the last customer at 8:30pm (great for if you want to get your hair done before and after work.)

FYI: I cut 4 inches off of my hair last week.

Price: My price was $25.00 but if you hair is short they charge $15.00, if it’s shoulder length it’s $20 and if it’s long $25.00. If you want some highlights, it’s $65.

Anyway after I was done, I asked the lady in the front a few questions: I asked her if they were comfortable working with women who did not relax their hair, and she said they were very comfortable working with all types of hair and they do it all.

This salon seems to nickel and dime you. If you want to leave with pincurls they charge $5.00 extra for short hair, $10.00 for medium hair and $15.00 or more for long hair. Also, they might want to revamp the interior a little. My hair didn't come out exaclty like I wanted it, but it came out ok. And those signs (ones i discuss in the interior section) are such a turn-off. grrrrrrrrr

We’ll give this spot a 3.5-4.

Sister’s Unisex Four locations in BK & MANHATTAN.

Winner of the BeautyChoice Iron

is Lydia!

Lydia please send me your address by tomorrow or I will be forced to give this iron to someone else.

Anyway, my new Dominican salon review coming in a few minutes.




When I go to Sephora, the first spot I run to is the fragrance section to try out new scents. I’m obsessed with them. It’s to the point where I have an area in my closet strictly devoted to my scents (Mr. De is not happy about having to put his work clothes in the dresser because of my perfume addiction taking over our closet). But, no matter how many new scents I buy or what season I’m in, I always end up going back to my Holy Grail which is the Dolce & Gabbana’s Women.


I’ve been wearing this for six years and I just can’t stop. I'll try out a new scent for a week or two but always revert back to this one. I don’t know what it is about this scent on me but the chemistry between us is fantastic. On my mom this smells like cat piss but on me, it’s glorious-clean and fresh but seductive at the same time, not overpowering at all. It’s to the point that I got into an argument on the 1 train yesterday because this guy kept sniffing me and telling me how amazing I smelled (NY subways are so full of weirdos).

What’s your holy grail scent?

Would you recommend any?



BeautyLogic’s New obsession-Suki Lemongrass/Sugar Exfoliator.

I wanted to let you guys know about this glorious exfoliator I’ve been using. Have you heard of Suki? Chances are if you’ve walked through the beauty aisles of Whole Foods you’ve seen these natural products around. I’ve been using their Lemongrass Exfoliator and I love it!


First of all Lemongrass is known for working wonders on skin because it’s loaded with the powerful antioxidant vitamin C which is also a great skin exfoliant. When I was a teenager and suffering from severe acne, mommy would make me drink lemongrass tea every day. This also contains sugar! Sugar of course contains natural glycolic acid, which is a another fab exfoliant. I can’t stress how important exfoliation is for your skin care regimen and your fight against aging. (FYI, Yesterday, my theater teacher thought I was twenty-one, Yippee!!!). Everyday, your skin is exposed to so many toxins and pollutants. A great exfoliator will help remove that exposed layer, and reveal your wonderful new skin. Exfoliation is great if you suffer from hyper pigmentation as well. It will help clear up those marks a lot faster. I don’t recommend exfoliating every day but twice or three times a week is sufficient.

When I opened Suki's Lemongrass/Sugar exfoliator the first thing I noticed was the delicious aroma of lemons. I then took about a dime size of the product and began applying using gentle circular motions on my face. Now the first day I used this, I had come from taking my headshots so my skin was packed with make-up (reporters need to take headshots). With one application of this, my make-up was completely removed. The granules are not harsh and my skin was not left overly red or irritated. After I used it, I noticed that my skin was left so soft with a gorgeous glow! I also used this after i self tan, and it's fabulous for removing tanning cream that has gotten on your fingertips. I love the fact that this product is completely vegan and that the owner Suki wants to make a perfect skincare line with 100% natural ingredients. Mommy’s been using this too and she’s obsessed.

Have you tried Suki Products before?

What do you use as a great exfoliant?



Introducing Borghese Fall Collection

This season Borghese took inspiration from the deep, rich tones that color daily life in Tuscany. The collection draws on the lush reds, purples and plums of Italy’s famed wines, from Brunello and Pomino to Chianti and Vino Nobile. The Wine of Tuscany Fall collection comes in six shades:

Vin Santo Raisin (brown/purple frost)
Vino Nobile Berry (medium/dark berry crème)
Rosato Rose (dark rose pink crème)
Vini Violet (dark lavender/light purple crème)
Pomino Plum (purple frost)
Brunello Grape (dark purple crème with a little pearl)

I had never tried this line before and I must say I loved it. My favorite color would have to be the Vinto Santo Raisin which is a gorgeous brown/purple combination. Loved it! I also love the big brush that Borghese uses. My nail color was much easier to apply!


Have you tried the Borghese line of nailpolishes?




Beauty Choice loves BeautyLogic and Beautylogic feels the same. So when BeautyChoice wanted to give a Barbar 2500 Ionic Flat iron (retails for $150.00) to one of DE’s lucky readers, you know DE had to take them up on their offer. Here are the details.


The Barbar 2500 Ionic Charger 1 1/2" Flat Iron equipped with a MCH ceramic heater and nano technology. Use wet or dry to create sleek and shiny hair!

Barbar 2500 Ionic Charger 1 1/2" Flat Iron Review
* MCH Ceramic Heater
* 180W
* 110V/125V
* AC 50/60 HZ
* 210°C/410°F
* Nano Technology
* 25mm-11⁄2"
* Digital LCD Temperature Control Display
* 360° Swivel Cord

For more information about Barbar go to . Here are the Giveaway details. Send an e-mail to with the subject heading "DE, I want the BeautyChoice iron too" then describe your worst hair day. The winner that makes me laugh the most wins the iron. Contest ends next Wednesday Sept 24, with winner being announced Thursday September 25. Good Luck darlings.

Here are some updates for next week:
1) New Borghese Nail polish review
2) New Hair product review.
3) New Serum Review-essential for fab skin
4) Book Review
5) Dominican Salon review-DE headed to BK for this one.
6) Roomie Recommendation

Have a great weekend Loves,



Natural Sexy Lips with Lavanila

I have this LL Cool J complex where I lick my lips every five seconds. Lip glosses never last more than 5 minutes on me before I have to reapply because I’m constantly licking my lips! I really try to stop myself from doing it because the fact of the matter is, every time I lick my lips, I’m basically ingesting my glosses and who the heck knows what kind of harsh chemicals they contain. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that a large number of major lip products on the market contain surprisingly high levels of lead that can be toxic if ingested. Oooh very scary!!!!!! But I recently tried the Lavanila’s Lip Shines


and I’m in love!!!!! First of all, these products are 100% chemical free, and they deliver a healthy dose of 30 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids and 100% pure apricot, jojoba and sunflower oils. I got the Warm Nude in Vanilla Coconut. My lips were left incredibly soft, so shiny, nourished, and the taste of vanilla-coconut….yum! I absolutely loved this!
If you’re looking for natural lip care this is a great alternative for you lovelies.

Do you use any natural ingredients on your gorgeous lips?



Good Enough For a Queen!


My current obsession is Kings & Queens Nefertiti Honey Shower Gel. I always loved researching about the real Nefertiti. You mammas know who Nefertiti was right? Queen of Egypt, known for being beautiful, invented her own make-up using a plant and she used honey as a part of her daily beauty regime. She was no joke! Anyway back to this shower gel,it's mineral oil and paraben free, (which is always a huge plus in my book) and when I tell you that this smells exactly like sweet delicious honey, I’m not kidding. As soon as I opened this, my nose was in heaven. The delightful aroma of honey lingered throughout my bathroom, and when I actually used this thick and creamy liquid, it left my skin feeling ridiculously smooth, soft and so moisturized-I didn’t even need to apply any lotion afterwards. Just like Nefertiti would have wanted it!



Hey Dahling's

ahhhhhhhhh, what a day what a day! I'm sorry I've been so late to post the winner of this auction but my day has been crazy and my cousin didn't get back to me up until now. But she has chosen...............................


Thanks for everyone else that entered and don't fret my sweeties, BEAUTYLOGIC is giving away a new flat iron this week. Product Junkie Diva, you must send me your address within 2 days or the auction will go to the next person.



Tracy Reese & Sally Hansen Know Beauty

I'm obsessed with Tracy Reese. She happens to be my favorite designer.  Anyway, this fall, hot plum, silver and fiery red’s seem to be taking over. Tracy Reese and Sally Hansen collaborated to create a fantastic fall line that includes all of these hot shades and so much more!

Alchemy- a gorgeous dark purple. I love purple!


MoonStone-Silver at it’s hottest!


The Good Earth-a Sexy Dark brown plum

Night Lily- A gorgeous fun pink!


Storymy Blue-a blue teal. This is probably my fave color.


Torrid Bloom- a stunning reddish pink

Divinity-A Creamish beauty.


Raven’s Swing- A sophisticated brown shade with GLITTER (you know I love glitter-so fun)


Cruel Heart- Breathtaking sexy burgundy


Quartz Chameleon-A show stopper light pink


What's your favorite color in the Tracy Reese Collection?

Here's a weekend giveaway. We're giving way the whole Tracy Reese & Sally Hansen Fall Collection to one lucky reader. Send an e-mail to with the subject "DE I like Tracy Reese & Sally Hansen too.Give me that fall collection" Winner gets picked by my cousin and announced Tuesday September 16 2008.


Photobucket Image Hosting

Carol's Daughter is launching their first fine fragrance Pearls on November 1. Lisa Price descibes the scent:

"It is absolutely gorgeous and I am in love. For this scent I used violets, vanilla, lemon verbena and sweet sugar to make a scent that is not a gourmand but soft and sophisticated. I had the pleasure of working with legendary fragrance house, Firmenich to add the finishing touches to it and to create a scent that is as timeless as the gem for which it is named."

I was given the opportunity to try this scent and I must admit, I'm hooked too. Although this scent has notes of bergamont, lemon, apricot and peach, the drydown has distinct notes of musk and vanilla, wrapped around caramel. This fragrance is so warm and delish not overpowering at all. Mr. De likes it too and I think my aunt stole my bottle. Don't you just love this luxe and glam bottle?


This scent is set to launch November 1, 2008.

What's your favorite Carol's Daughter scent?

What's your favorite Carol's Daughter product?



The Movie The Women


Are you guys going to see The Women this weekend. I’m actually dying to see it. I love all the actresses in it (especially Jada and Eva) and I love how this movie focuses on the bond that women share with their friends. That's an important part of life.

Dove wanted me to let you guys know that they worked with film director Diane English to create a short film called The Women Behind “The Women.” This short film follows 16-year-old teen journalist Cammy Nelson behind-the-scenes of The Women to learn, first-hand, how Hollywood creates the images we see on screen, highlighting the work and people involved in making a major motion picture come to life.

The short film encourages women to challenge today’s beauty stereotypes, celebrates the opportunities for women to empower one another and explores the diverse definitions of beauty, shared through interviews with some of the cast and crew of The Women. The Women Behind “The Women” is available exclusively on I’d say go see them both. You guys can see exclusive clips of the movie The Women on then input username: thewomen passcode: sept12.

I'll support anything that wants women to learn how to feel better about themselves!



DE talks Hair with Guru Ted Gibson


Fashion week has been fabulous! I had the opportunity to talk to the adorable and sweet Hair Guru Ted Gibson.He was so warm and open, and his glam squad officially made my hair look fantastic (especially with New York’s humidity). Ted is known for his A-list clients which include: Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Joy Bryant and Gabrielle Union. And here’s great news, Ted told me my hair was very healthy and advised me to keep it long and black. (I had been thinking about cutting it and dyeing it brown for the winter.) I had a fabulous picture with him but since I’m moving and I’ve packed everything up, I can’t find my darn usb plug. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

Anyway here are a few questions I asked him:

1) How did you get your start in the business?
"Well I’ve been doing hair for twenty years. I worked for Aveda salon then went and lived in Minneapolis and taught basic cosmetology. Then Aveda moved me downtown and I got into the fashion business. The first show I ever worked on was Miu Miu."

2) A lot of my readers are relaxed hair honeys, what products or ingredients would you recommend to maintain the health of their hair?
"The first thing is to always know what hair needs. If you have relaxed hair, then think of what it needs. It needs plenty of moisture and protein. I have a product called GoodNight, that is a scalp hair serum that is a patented wheat protein and has vitamin A, D, and E and antioxidants that bodify and strengthen the hair"

3) A lot of my readers are natural haired honeys too, what can we recommend for them?
"I’d go for the same thing. They need a lot of moisture and add some anti-frizz along with that too. They’ll need something heavier to control and enhance the curl. Remember that curly hair absorbs lights and straight hair reflects light. I have something called Tame it Shine lotion for their hair.

4) Is there any ingredient that you believe can actually increase hair growth? "I think hair growth can only be increased internally. I tell all of my clients to go buy biotin pills. I really like the phyto vitamins too for hair. " (DE has said this many times)

5) What are the newest style trends for the fall?
"I do think the bob will remain the trend this season. But remember that beauty is individual. Know about trends but don’t be a slave to them. Don’t cut your hair in order to be in trend. Make sure you think about what can enhance your features." (DE knows that's right! A bob would make me look identical to my older bro Carlos. Lol)

6) Who was your first celebrity client?
"Angelina Jolie-she put me on the map."

While I was interviewing Ted, the gorgeous and so adorably pregnant Tia Williams was there. I love Tia and I'm addicted to her blog Shake Your Beauty and I've read all of her books (including her teenage series). I had a pic with her too, but my darn USB is nowhere to be found. Anyway, both of us had just come in from New York’s disgustingly humid weather and Ted told us to try his hair sheets. Well after Tia applied it, her hair looked incredible. It was soooooo shiny. So you know I had to grab some. I put some on and seriously my hair was gleaming. It was crazy!!!!! Those hair sheets are the business!

Ted Gibson salon is located at 184 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY and his products are sold on or in

Thanks Ted



DE Loves FHI Curling Iron!

You guys know how obsessed I am with my tresses. I do everything I can to maintain the health of my hair and only use top-notch products on my mane. I recently received an FHI Pro Digital Flat iron from BeautyChoice. Com (Fantastic costumer service and incredibly fast delivery of items).


The Iron has a digital temperature display that allows me to set the temperature as high as 410 degrees. As usual the FHI is advanced with their Nano Fuzein Technology. I won’t get into the scientifics of this but it allows the hair to absorb more moisture for superior conditioning and shine and helps remove chemical pollutants and toxins which build up in your hair from normal exposure, and it leaves your hair incredibly healthier and shinier.
Now as I always say, the proof is in the pudding. I had my hairstylist use this right after she did my hair. She put my hair inside the barrel of the curling iron and she loved how smooth the barrel felt on my hair. But the biggest shock was how shiny and bouncy my curls were with no cowlicks. My hair looked so full and lustrous after she was done.

You can find this iron and other amazing products on And BeautyChoice is offering a special discount for my readers. .

If you input the code beautylogic66 to all orders over $150 you get 20% off. Or you can input beautylogic67 you'll get $10.00 off all orders over $100.00 effective up until September 30, 2008

Hint Hint: There may be a giveaway of this iron soon.

Random Late Giveaway

Name the 4 character names on The Golden Girls.
First one that gets it right wins some great products from one of my favorite mineral make-up brands Mineralogie.



Let your hair Shine!

On Saturday for Fashion Week, Total Beauty had Molton Brown in their beauty suite demonstrating their products, giving out hand massages and wondrous hair touch-ups. Now, if you were in NY on Saturday, you know there was a tropical storm that would have destroyed anyone’s tresses. I, of course had forgotten to bring my umbrella, and as I was walking to the Bryant Park Hotel, the downpour came and my hair was left a frizzy, tangled mess. As I walked into the suite, I was greeted by the Molton Brown people. I received a wondrous hand massage by one of the workers. He rubbed this luxurious citrus lotion that smelled like pure oranges, all over my hand while giving me a soothing and relaxing massage. (It was much needed after a day of moving.) Then, the hairstylist saw me and placed me in his chair. He advised me that after he was done with my hair it would look as if I had never been caught in a torrential downpour. He was absolutely right! His secret weapon was the Molten Brown Smoothing Lila Leaf Hair-Gloss.


After he applied it to my hair and began blow drying the shine that I was seeing was mind-boggling. When he was done, he applied a little more of the serum and I was left with gorgeous, frizz-free and gleaming hair. This product is absolutely wonderful for shine and leaving your hair in incredible condition. I had never used a Molton Brown product before and I'm so glad I did.

What do you use to give your hair that pantene shine?



Today we're having a Random Giveaway so stay tuned.



According to WWD

"Lancôme has added an up-and-comer to its stable of spokesmodels: Arlenis Sosa, a 19-year-old former student discovered in her home country of the Dominican Republic this past April.

“Arlenis possesses beauty, intelligence, charm and compassion,” said Odile Roujol, president of Lancôme. “All of our brand ambassadors share these attributes, so we knew she would be a wonderful addition. We are very proud to welcome her to the Lancôme family.”

Sosa was discovered on her way to a college class by a designer, who sent a shot of her to Marilyn Agency’s Peter Cedeño. She arrived in the U.S. this spring, signed with the Marilyn..."

I love that Dominicana & Lancome!


Last week I went to a Persian wedding. If you’ve never been to one, you need to go. I had so much fun belly dancing and getting my Dominican groove on. But before the wedding, I was a complete mess. I had bought this gorgeous black cocktail dress and had specifically purchased a deodorant that claimed it was “black dress approved.” So after applying the deodorant, I put the dress on. When I looked in the mirror, I was mortified! My dress looked as if it had white stripes on the top part. The deodorant had left so many thick white lines! I had my hair in curlers, my make-up still wasn’t applied and the wedding was in 30 minutes. Desperately, I ran to my room, picked up a towel and began dabbing the white stains but the problem just got worse! Not only did I have white stripes, but the towel had left lint all over the dress. I was going crazy!!!!! I finally called my boyfriend and begged him to drive to my apartment and grab my red cocktail dress. He was furious (I was in Long Island and my apartment is in Manhattan) but he obliged and my night was saved (although I was 2 hours late to the wedding). However, I just discovered an amazing invention that I will never be without.

Miss Oops Rescue Sponge


This Portable Stain Lifter is Fantastic!! It’s designed with scalloped edges, and it gets at hard-to-reach areas to gently buff away deodorant marks, makeup powder and baby powder from your clothes.

I love it! I tried it yesterday and it took white deodorant marks off my brown dress within seconds. It’s a fantastic product and so convenient. I wish I had this with me the day of the wedding.

Try it!



PS: I know I said the giveaways were this week but life has been crazy so they'll be next week! I promise.

Crest Weekly Intensive

I have an obsession with white clean teeth. I remember when I was in elementary school, there was this girl that my schoolmates made fun of. They would corner her in the playground and chant, “tartar teeth, tartar teeth, you’ve got tartar teeth!” (kids can be so darn mean). She would try to run away but that would only make them chant harder. So since I never want to be known as “tartar teeth,” I take my teeth regime very seriously. I work hard, so I usually drink close to 6 cups of coffee a day to stay up. But you would never know it, because my teeth are still a gleaming white and I haven’t had a cavity since the age of 9. (I used to eat around a dozen Now & Later candies per day.) I brush, and floss like there is no tomorrow. I recently was able to try Crest Weekly Clean Intensive Cleaning Paste and it’s now been added to my weekly teeth care regimen.


It contains the same effective ingredient that dentist use when they polish your teeth. You’re only supposed to use it once a week (but I’m a little obsessive compulsive and use it twice a week). My teeth feel so incredibly cleaned and smooth after using this (as if I don’t even need the dentist) although the box says this shouldn’t replace your annual clean up. I love this, and knowing that it contains the same ingredients that dentist use to polish my teeth, keep me comfortable in knowing that I’ll probably never get a cavity again. Yippee! Try it for $3.99! It’s really worth it!

Essie's Winter Line- Glam Sneak Preview

Ah, you beauties know how obsessed I am with Essie polishes. I have over 100. Essie decided to give BeautyLogic a sneak peak of their fantastic winter collection coming out in November. Essie Weingarden had this to say about her winter collection:

"Winter’s divine fashions parallel essie’s new collection of six striking nail colors from classy reds to shimmery violets and a surprising burst of gold, proving that “without color, it wouldn’t be fashion.”

Essie's winter 2008 nail color collection includes:

Shifting Power – Sizzling molten gold


Bold and Beautiful: Rich, ruby garnet


Damsel in a Dress – Oh-so-deep currant

It's Genius: A violet quartz shimmer


Rock Star Skinny: Glamorous crimson red


Sexy Divide: Electric Violet Temptation


What are your favorite shades in the Essie new Winter Collection?

Mine would have to be Shifting Power & It's Genius. I love them! They'll look gorgeous on my tan skin.



Exuviance is Extraordinary

I hope you guys had a fantastic Labor day. I had an amazing time, frolicking in the sun with friends (with spf 40 of course). I’ve mentioned to you guys before that I take my anti-aging regime very seriously. My mom has always taken her anti-aging regime seriously and at the age of fifty-something she doesn’t look a day over thirty-five. It’s amazing! (I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m proud to say I still get carded.) I’d like to attribute it to good genes but I know that’s not the case. (Some of my aunts look a lot older than their ages.) My mom has always used serums and one of the main ingredients in my anti-aging arsenal is my serum. I love serums! They are highly concentrated liquids packed full of antioxidants and vitamins that are incredibly beneficial for the skin. One of my favorite serums is Exuviance Bionic Vespera serum.


This leaves my skin in amazing shape. It’s formulated with PHA’s which are Polyhydroxy Acids (this is a new form of Alpha Hydroxy that is supposed to work better on sensitive skin and PHA;s provide much more moisturizing and humectant properties than AHA’s) and it also contains Pro Vitamin A, C and E (top-notch antioxidants that are known for working wonders). I use this light weight serum every morning and night, and seriously my pores are so much smaller, my skin glows and it's so much clearer and moisturized! I absolutely can see a remarkable difference when using this! I love it!

What are some of your favorite serums?

Any anti-aging weapons you want to share?

FYI: We're having some great giveaways this week so stay tuned.



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