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Hey girls, Today we have a guest post from Esthetician Cecelia Wong. Cecelia gave me a facial a while back that I lovedddddddd!  Here is the review if you missed it. Anyway, today, she is giving us tips on vitamins that will keep you looking 21 forever, well not forever, but they'll help you stay looking young! I'm a true believer in vitamins and foods for anti-aging. I'm proud to say I still get carded when I buy wine and lotto tickets. (I only play lotto when it's over 200 million, hey you never know!) Anyway, here's Cecilia!

Choose the right vitamins

When choosing the right vitamins, it's my opinion that you should consult with your doctor or nutritional experts first. This way you can be sure you get the right mix of vitamins, not just for your overall health but also help to fight the signs of aging as you mature.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that additionally helps build collagen. It also helps fade sun spots, smooth out rough patches and brightens the skin. Unfortunately, you can get enough by taking it internally as it is difficult to get through the gastrointestinal track. That's why top beauty experts recommend topical formulas that incorporate Vitamin C as a means to boost its beauty effects. Though Vitamin C has all these amazing beauty benefits, at times, it can dry out the skin. Therefore, I recommend to really hydrate your skin and use sunscreen on top of that.

Vitamin K is another fabulous mix that I personally use. This is used specifically to help diminish dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Topically, it diminishes the appearances of broken capillaries, spider veins and helps with bruising post surgery.
It's all about aging gracefully..

OPC-3, when I tell my clients I take OPC-3 both internally and topically, they have no idea what this is or what it does. OPC-3 is a supplement that is made from a combination of bilberry, grape seed, red wine, pine bark extracts, and citrus extracts bioflavonoids, all found to be extremely powerful antioxidants. Some of the benefits are combat free radicals, demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity and supports a healthy complexion. Topically, I use the antioxidant grape seed moisturizer from ILIKE. This amazing moisturizer not only contains OPC but Vitamin C and many other powerful ingredients.

Vitamin B3- topically it's a hydration booster. It plays an important role in protecting and nourishing the skin. Internally taken B3 helps to properly breakdown proteins and fats and aids the digestive system to function properly.

The secrets to healthy aging skin is easy when you have the right information and actions to back up those choices. I hope I have made this available to you so you can continue to stay young and beautiful. Remember to always consult your doctor or nutritional expert first.

Cecelia's Contact info:
215 Park Ave South, Ste 1304
NY, 10003
(917) 596-5206


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Always take care of your skin by taking the right vitamins. Thanks a lot for that information.

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