Zoya Lovely Spring 2013 Collection Review and Swatches & Happy New year

Happy New Year Guys, I hope yours was great.  Let's talk more about the new year in a few, but for now I want to get into   the new Zoya  Lovely collection for Spring 2013. I'm giddy over this collection.  You know how I fell in love with Zoya. When I was pregnant,  I did lots of research on any ingredients that caused birth defects. I then met Dr. OZ who told me to make sure none of my polishes contained phthalates.  Anyway, I found Zoya to be the best phthalate free polish around. I recently went away to the Caribbean and wore two of the Zoya Lovely shades and got so many compliments. The collection contains pastels with hints of metallic in them and cream finishes.  I love them!  In my opinion, this collection captures the Spring season like no other!! Click below to see my swatches, and let's get into the new year, and your resolutions while we're at it.

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