Crest 3D White Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips Review Before & After Pics

When I heard about the new Crest 3D White Intense Professional Effects Whitestrips, I was over the moon. This product promises to whiten your teeth as well as a $500.00 treatment. Well that sounded amazing. I hate to say it, but the last few months, I've been drinking a lot more Cafe Bustelo than usual. My schedule is nuts, and I've been a little worn out, so Cafe Bustelo has been keeping me sane awake, (oh and I always drink 3 cups of white tea as well). Although I do whiten my teeth, the last month and a half, I really haven't done it. Click below to read my review and see my before and After pics with the Crest 3D  Intensive Professional Effects Whitestrips

Two weeks ago when I found out I was doing a segment on the Dr. Steve Show, I gave myself a once over and then smiled in the mirror, and realized my teeth were a lot yellower than normal. This was a great time to test out those Crest 3D  Intensive Professional Effects White Strips.  You are supposed to apply the white strips on for two hours a day for seven days. Once you're done, walaa!!!!! Your teeth should be gleaming white.  The strips are pretty easy. They look like all of the other whitestrips, plastic sticky things that you apply on both bottom and top teeth. The good thing is, while you have these on, you can drink water. I would apply this for two hours while either blogging or working. They didn't bother me, and my teeth or gums were never hurting (but then again, I've been whitening my teeth for years). Anyway, after seven days, did I notice a difference???? You bet your bottom dollar I did!!! My teeth were a lot whiter than they had been. Here's the before pic
Excuse the crusty lips
Here's the After Shot

Definitely a difference. Would I get these again? Without a doubt.

What do you think of these?

Would you get them?

What's your favorite Teeth Whitener?




*ms.angela89* said...

Wow, I sure noticed the difference! I'll get these when they go on sale, (sometimes). :D But for the price you pay, its worth it. I did try their cheaper ones and I love it!

JoJo said...

Whoa!! I was a bit sceptical on getting them but, I am definitely sold by your review. I will be getting it. Thanks Milly :)

Mandii said...

I love the Crest White Strips! I usually do the 30 minute ones for the fifteen days- but these sound even better! I love these strips because they really are not as harsh for those with sensitivity!

2theskyz said...

I need to get these asap :)

Diana said...

You can get them a lot cheaper on eBay :) About 30$-40$

Crest Whitening Strips said...

Brilliant review! Crest Whitestrips are amazing!

Danny McDonald said...

Thank you for the review I'm definitely gonna get them now :)

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