Stila Stay All Day Foundation/Concealer Review

Hey loves, I hope your weekend was great.  So if you guys didn't know, I recently did a segment on The Today Show for "Beauty Tips for Busy Women On The Go." Don't judge me for mentioning it every single moment I get. . :-) It was on my vision board for years and I made it come true. (I'll be blogging about that on Therapy Thursday this week.) Anyway, I had scheduled the segment a few months back, and had already picked my products. However, if I could, I would have definitely added Stila All Day Foundation/Concealer to a product that "women on the go" need in their life.  I'm kind of obsessed with this product for a few reasons. My shade is Dark #11 which is an almost perfect match to my  Makeup Forever HD 170. First of all, not only does this foundation come with a brush, but it also contains a concealer on the top and the concealer itself does a great job of covering any hyperpigmentation marks you may have.  Click below to read my review and see me with the foundation on.

Lancome L'Absolu Creme De Mat Replenishing & Plumping Liquid Rouge Review & Swatches

For the fall, Lancome has released three  L'absolu Creme De Mat Visibly Replenishing & Plumping Liquid Rouges.  (Is that the longest name in the world?) Lancome says:  "combines the gentleness of a gloss and the coverage of a lipstick with a deep velvety finish on the lips." These lippys are the business and since their limited edition, I think you girls should 1) read my review 2) afterwards close your computer and run to a nearby Sephora and pick them up. Why do I like them? Click below to find out.

My Poor Blog & Stila Giveaway for Two

Aye Dios Mio, this blog has been neglected big time. Sorry peeps, but with trying to make my dreams come true, and finishing up the October, Cosmo for Latinas, life has been crazy. But I'm happy to say that there will be more blogging as I think I'll have time, and I miss it so much.   FYI: if you missed me on The Today Show, here's the link. I did a segment on "Beauty Tips For Women on the Go."
Anyway, because I feel so bad for neglecting this blog, I'm doing a nice lil giveaway for you girls-and it's for two of you.
Two of you will win one of my current fave foundations: Stila Stay All Day Foundation/concealer -in the color of your choice.  (I've already tweeted about my obsession with this foundation/concealer. I'm doing a full  review  on Monday, but let me just say YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!) and the new, In The Know Fall palette. So two of you will win the foundation/concealer in the color of your choice and the palette. That's a sweet giveaway.

Here's what you have to do to enter. All my giveaways are FB ONLY. 
You must 
1) like my facebook page
2) Like this post and leave a comment on the post on FB. 
3) For an extra entry, tweet, "I am entering "beautylogicblog Stila Giveaway"
4) Then leave an extra comment on twitter telling me you tweeted. 

I will be selecting winners through 

Winner announced next Wed. 

Good Luck. 

Sorry my loves out of the US, this is US Only. 
But I will be having international giveaways soon.

Butter London Fall 2012 Collection Review And Swatches

(Update-Apologies, yesterday when I published both of my blog posts, my writing corrections were not saved. It has been fixed now. )
Butter London's new Autumn/Winter 2012 collection has me "Gobsmacked." lol. If you're British, you know what this means. I know my fellow Americans are like, "huh?". Well that basically means the collection has left me shocked.  I'm not really shocked, but I wanted to use that word, "Gobsmacked" in a sentence. However, I am impressed with it. The colors are pretty gorgeous.    They've released the beautiful BeSpoke collection and their Autumn/Winter Lippys. I'll be reviewing some of each here.  Butter London has a huge following and I've always wondered why. However, after testing their last few collections, I can honestly say, I'm a believer. Their colors are rich, cruelty free, unique, and apply like a dream. Click below to read my review:

Therapy Thursdays: "Life Lessons To Be a Happier You""

(update: Yesterday for some reason, both of my blog posts did not get updated with my writing corrections. I was mortified after I realized it hours later. It has been fixed now :-))

A few months back, I received an email with this question, "Dear Milly, do you ever get sad and when you do, what do you do to get over it. I'm in a depressed funk and can't get out of it. " I ended up emailing the young lady, but I wanted to share a few of my answers with you. Of course I get sad and depressed sometimes; I'm human. But I learned a long time ago, that in most cases, you have the power to control your mind and especially your happiness. So here are some lessons to be a happier person.

1) Focus on the positive-Here are two ways I can think about my life: "Aww man, seven years ago, I quit a great paying job in finance so I could pursue my dreams, and it still hasn't happened." or " Aww man, that audition went wrong, I must suck." Holy crap! I'm already sad just writing that. Time to change my thinking. Here's how I choose to think about my life: "Seven years ago, I quit my high paying job to follow my dreams.  No, my dreams haven't come true YET, but they WILL and while I'm waiting for them to come true, I am having a lot of fun a long the way." or "Yes that audition didn't go so well, but hey, this prepares me for the next one, which I will rock." When you choose to FOCUS on the positive out of every situation, believe you me, your whole outlook on everything changes for the better. I hear JLO is a huge believe in positive thinking and her life seems kind of awesome.  Click below to read more tips:

Let's Meet on August 16 "Beauty Editors Day" At Saks

Hey friends,

On August 16, Saks is having a really cool event that I'm so happy to be a part of. It's "Beauty Editors Day" to benefit " Look Good Feel Better," an organization  that benefits women with Cancer.   From 12-7, you can consult with your favorite beauty editors for 20 minutes. I'll be with this fabulous brand called "Ioma." As you girls know, I only talk, blog, or represent things that I believe in 100%, and I"m really into this brand. They are the first "Evidence Based" skincare line in the world. They have this machine at the booth, that gives you a skin analysis, and the info you can learn about your skin from this device is incredible.  How much UV damage you have, if you have early winkles, etc. It's so high-tech and I'm so  excited  to be a part of it. Plus you get a really cool bag worth over $60.00! You know Milly loves giving away things! And we get to meet. YAY! I promise you I'm really friendly in person. :-)
I'll be on, The Today Show the day before, so I'll try to get you Al Roker's autograph. (JK-well if you want it, I'll get it)
But, we can talk girl talk, beauty, friendships, kegel devices (just kidding) and maybe how we are making our dreams come true. Whatever you want.

Please spread to your friends. 

Hope to meet you soon.



New Estee Lauder Rebellious Violet Lipgloss Review & Swatches & Interesting story

Hey friends, Can you believe it's August 1 already? Sheesh, where does the time go? Anyway, Today I'm taking about Estee Lauder's newest lip gloss, Rebellious Violet. This lipgloss is from Estee's new Pure Color Violet Underground Collection (available soon). Also later on in the post, I'm also going to let you in on something very interesting I discovered about fish oils and butt growth, but for now, let's get into this new lippy which  I will be rocking religiously.

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