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This is my 400th post guys and I'm super excited. I want to thank everyone who has been reading me for so long. I really appreciate it. But today, we have a great post along with an amazing giveaway. We're interviewing the PR beauty director of Lancome today, who also happens to be a fellow Dominicana. Patricia Reynoso is absolutely amazing. She was the beauty director at Ladies Home Journal, and is the co-author of famed dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt's book "Age-Less skincare guide." I'm also absolutely obsessed with her blog which chronicles her family's life. I love it! So without further ado, let's meet Patricia Reynoso!

1)What's your beauty regimen morning/night?

I’m fanatical about my skin, maybe even obsessed. I blame it on being a former beauty editor and knowing so much about ingredients and how the skin functions. I look at my skin, which is pretty decent considering I’m pushing 40, but I always want it to be better and better. Right now I’m seeing a dermatologist so I’m on a few prescriptions, like a benzoyl peroxide cleanser and Retin-A Micro. I use those at night, along with Génifique Eye and a salicylic acid moisturizer by our sister brand La Roche Posay. In the morning I cleanse with our Pure Focus gel cleanser and top with a vitamin C serum that protects from the sun and helps fade dark spots. My philosophy is to do the essentials—cleansing and moisturizing and protecting from the sun—but doing it with ingredients that give you the most bang for your buck.

2)What's your makeup routine?

Can I just say how happy makeup makes me? Just wanted say that! Ok, so I have a few makeup essentials that are so essential that I think I might die without them. Concealer tops that list because it’s like an eraser that makes everything nice and neat, allowing me to move onto the fun stuff. It’s the first thing I put on. I play around with different formulas but right now I’m loving Lancôme’s Maquicomplet after our interns told me that makeup artists always request it. I dot it under my eyes, on my eyelids, around my nose and on any blemishes or dark spots. Sometimes I blend it with a brush but most days I use my fingers and walk around getting ready for work while doing so.

I typically wear tinted moisturizer , topped by loose powder. (I need powder; I’m so shiny!) Next, I grab one of my hundreds of fluffy brushes and sweep bronzer pretty much all over. I then take a smaller brush and dot my cheeks with pinkish blush. I stop there and do the rest on the bus. I know that’s tacky but the bus is pretty empty and it takes me just a few minutes. I have a Ziploc bag with a neutral shadow palette, our waterproof eyeliner in either brown or navy and any of our amazing mascaras, usually Ôscillation, already in my purse. Most days I do a metallic brown shadow on my lids and I rim my entire eye with eyeliner. By the time I get to mascara I’m anxious to listen to Marc Anthony on my iPod so I do that really quickly. I do my lips at work, after my coffee!

3)What do you think has led to your success?

I was lucky enough to have started as a fashion editor at WWD but the rest of my career is a result of my passion for the industry. Meaning that yes, I was in a good place, but I would’ve have lasted very long without my fascination and love for what I was doing. I was also really curious about other departments and if I thought it was for me, I would ask those folks if they wouldn’t mind sitting with me and telling me what they did. I also remained very humble and gracious, knowing that my immigrant parents were limited and I wasn’t about to throw away my good fortune.

4)What quotes or motto do you live by?

I don’t know if it’s a quote, but I believe in treating everyone how I’d like to be treated. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because you just never know whose help you’re going to need in the future. That’s been proven to me over and over again!

5)What beauty advice can you give us?

Take care of your skin! A tan is just your skin telling you that it’s been hurt and it’s the cause of all the terrible things you see in the mirror. Don’t sleep with makeup on, especially mascara—yuck! Everyone, I don’t care how gorgeous you are, looks better with a little makeup on so don’t be afraid to play. And finally, be happy. A smile is always beautiful.




Le Style Waterproof Long Lasting Liner in Black





New Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream

My skin care regime is the most important thing to me when it comes to beauty. You can have a gazillion makeup products, but if your skin is in bad shape, believe me it will show. I do a million things to keep my skin in great shape. I drink 8 cups of water a day, drink around 4 cups of green tea (great antioxidant) and use great skin creams. I’m still in my twenties, but I think a huge mistake a lot of women make is start anti-aging when the aging process has already begun. You should be preventing! I’ve been anti-aging for years (and I look so young, I still get carded.)


Recently I was sent Clarins Multi-Activ Day cream to test. This product is created for women thirty and over to prevent aging. I am not thirty yet, but am using this, and adoring it. First of all this contains something called Hesperidin which is supposed to be the most powerful and natural antioxidant obtained from orange peel. It also contains numerous other antioxidants that will keep DE young forever! However, you know with me, the proof is always in the pudding. My skin loves this stuff. I use this in the morning, and my skin feels so moisturized and hydrated. I apply under my makeup, and it seems as if my foundation glides on a lot easier, and, even after hours using this, my face isn’t a greasy mess.

Have you tried Clarins products?

What are your favorites?





About a month ago, I met up with my best friend from when I was in Junior high school. She had moved to Georgia years ago. We'd always kept in contact through instant message, e-mail, and the phone but I hadn't seen her in over 10 years. She was back in town (staying a block away from my house with her aunt.) So she came over my apartment on a Sunday afternoon. Now, when I knew this girl over ten years ago, she was stunning. She took care of herself, loved herself. But, when I saw her again, I was so surprised. This once beautiful girl, had morphed into someone who clearly didn't care about herself at all. Her clothes looked bad and stained. Her hair was a dry mess with dandruff clearly visible, and her skin didn't look great either. I was in shock. Now, when it comes to my friends, I'm very honest. I asked her what was wrong. I knew she had just gotten out of a bad relationship. A relationship where the guy verbally abused her, made her feel unimportant and unattractive, and I guess in short she believed the abuse and felt worthless. She said to me, "What's the point in even trying." I've always been the type who says,"If you look good, you feel good." Abuela (grandma) used to always tell me that you can feel your worst, but if you make yourself look good, you'll feel better. I find that to be very true. After I spoke to my girlfriend for a while, I told her I wanted to take her to lunch but I wanted to make her up first. She reluctantly agreed. She washed her face. I washed her hair and began to work my Dominican magic on it, lol. (I used Aubrey hair products by the way.) After I finished, she was in shock at how shiny and beautiful her hair looked. I applied some makeup on her, from eyes shadows to blush, and some gloss (that I had not yet tried but I have to review it because it looked amazing on her) and then some of my tinted moisturizer. The transformation was insane. She looked like my old beautiful friend again, and when she saw herself, she was so happy. She gave me this great big smile, and it seemed like maybe her old self-esteem had returned. It was such a good feeling. When we walked down the street, guys were trying to hit on her, and she told me smiling, that, that hadn't happened in years. Our lunch was great! We talked about old times, and about my favorite subject, BEAUTY!

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this is yesterday she sent me a beautiful e-mail thanking me telling me she's feeling so much better now. She has a lot more growth to go through (her ex was such an evil jerk) but it's a great start. My advice to you though, is even when you're feeling your worst, don't stop taking care of yourself, love yourself, show everyone else that you feel important by giving a lot of consideration to your appearance, and you'll end up feeling a lot better.



Are you the Next Hair Architect? Audition and find out!


Hey guys, a good friend of mine is producing this show, and they're getting some major distribution. If you or someone you know is amazing and very creative when it comes to doing hair, then I suggest you audition for this on Sunday Nov 1 1-5 at the Ripley Grier Studios on 520 8th Avenue between 36th & 37th Street. If you will audition, please make sure to rsvp to

Let me know if you're coming.



De's loving Face Atelier Pro Ultra Foundation


When it comes to foundation, I’m very picky. I’ve used the same two for years. (One in the summer, and one during the colder months.) However, a few of my friends who are makeup artists had been raving about Face Atelier’s Pro Ultra Foundations so when I was given the opportunity to try it, I jumped at the chance. I tried the honey shade. However, it was still a little light for me. Not to worry, you can get another tube of something called Zero + and what this does is darken the current color. Basically, you’re customizing your color. I applied a drop to the honey foundation, and my skin color match was perfected. (You can also get ZERO- which makes the foundation lighter.) When I apply foundation, I don’t like people knowing that I’m wearing any. I’m not a fan of faces that look way too made up. I don’t try to hide my natural beauty, only enhance it. This was perfect for me, I applied a small amount all over my face, and this offered full coverage, but it didn’t look like I had pounds of makeup on. When I had the foundation on, mommy (who doesn’t really like makeup she thinks women should just be happy with their natural beauty) remarked that my skin looked beautiful.

Have you tried Face Atelier products?

Do you love them?



5 Drugstore Products That Could Be Sold In Sephora

We’re starting something new here, 5 Drugstore products that are good enough to be sold in Sephora. There are so many treasures in the drugstore. My local Duane Reade knows to call me every time they get a new shipment of makeup/nail polishes. Yes that’s how crazy I am. So here are some products that I think are good enough to be sold in Sephora. I’ve actually mentioned some of these before, next week we’ll go with all new ones.

1) L’oreal Collagene Mascara-This mascara elongates and gives my lashes so much volume, it’s ridiculous. This actually works better than some brands I’ve tried from Sephora.
2) Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner This gives me the liquid look without that brush that I can never get right, and it last all day. No lie!

3) Carmindy Lip gloss in Sparkling Champagne-one of my absolute fave glosses. The color is such a gorgeous nude with specks of sparkle. Makes my lips look luscious, and passes the hair test. (Hair doesn’t stick to lips when wind blows.)

4) NYC Terracotta Tan-I’ve recommended this many times, and everyone has told me they loved this stuff. It’s inexpensive, provides an amazing glow, and it’s great for contouring as well.

5) Wet N Wild Belgian Chocolate Palette- Note, I haven't tried this myself, but I went out to this great Brazilian bar yesterday called Felix. I had so much fun! Anyway, my cousin came, and as soon as I saw her I told her that I loved her shadow. Just a gorgeous pigmented blend of browns. Towards the end of the night, I noticed her shadow still looked great (and we’d been dancing to Brazilian music all night.) When I asked her what she was using, she said Wet n Wild shadow in Belgian Chocolates. It looked beautiful and lasted all night even after dancing for hours.

What are some drugstore products that are good enough to be sold in Sephora?

Let Me Know.



Food For Beauty-Nuts


Do you love eating nuts? I hope so because they are so good for you. And did you know besides being tasty, they are fabulous for your hair as well. Nuts are loaded with Zinc. Zinc is so important for hair growth because if you have a zinc deficiency, your hair sheds,and can get prematurely gray. Also, you get those white spots on your fingernails. Nuts contain a lot of zinc, and also contain omega 3 which is fabulous for keeping that hair healthy and strong.

Are nuts part of your diet?

hope this helps,


The Man's Corner


We're starting something new here called The Man's Corner where my fiance recommends some products he uses. Now, my significant other is very meticulous about himself. Not that he’s worst than me, but he doesn’t play when it comes to looking good. (One of our first dates was at the gym.) I asked him if he wanted to contribute to the site, and he said sure. His first recommendation was his must have moisturizer Anthony Logistics for Men Oil Free Facial Lotion with Spf 15. He has very oily skin, and moisturizers usually tend to break him out, but since using this, he has no break outs and he loves how even after the day is over, his face isn’t greasy at all. This apparently has aloe vera and amino acids in it, which he says does wonders on his face. Also because he's a tan skinned cutie when he breaks out, he gets those unsightly dark marks, but since using this, his dark mars have diminished substantially. He says it's because of the spf15. He’s been using this for over 4 months, and says his skin thirst for this stuff. (Yes those were his words.) Needless to say, this is his staple moisturizer.

What does your honey use to keep his skin looking good?



Do You Keep A Vision Board?

Photobucket one of the pics on my vision board.

Yesterday a girlfriend of mine came over my apartment. Usually I don't let anyone in Mr. DE's and my room because we're both pretty messy people.(Hey, De's not perfect :-)) but my room was neat this time, and I wanted to show her some dresses I had just bought from Zara (love that store!). Anyway when she walked in, I saw her staring intently at my vision board. She apparently had never seen one. If you don't know what a vision board is, let me explain. It's a board where you literally put pics of things that you envision for yourself in the future. Since I know that my dream is to be a reporter/Oprah (I'll do both)I have the above pic of me, and a pic of Oprah with her audience and my head over Oprah's. I also have pics of people that I will meet one day. (Notice I say "i will" not "i hope" because if you believe it will happen, it will.) A few years ago, I was told that I could never even step foot in the news business, that they were actually firing people and not hiring. DE listens to no one except her heart. I now work in the news business. Still behind the scenes, but just wait, I'm sure I'll be coming to a tv near you soon.

If you have doubts about yourself, I encourage you to start your vision board. Put things that you know will happen soon. Mine has pics of Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Jennifer Lopez. It has pics of me in various reporting stances. It has pics of the house I will buy my parents once I make it big. It has quotes that I live by. It's basically my dream on a board.

I hope you'll start one soon.

Let me know if you need help.



De's loving LLamasqua Fern Polish

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days. Trying to take over the world is insane. I wanted to talk to you sugarplums about a nail polish that I'm loving by this company named LLamasqua. Cute Name. The brand is apparently just a year old, and is already made it's mark. They're already being sold in the Sephora in Times Square. (I think that's the biggest one in the world.) Anyway, I am addicted to their Fern nailpolish. It's a rich shade of sky blue, that I'm obsessed with. Here's the shade, (I'm wearing it today.)

Isn't it fabulous!

I normally don't wear blue to work, but for some reason I think this one is acceptable (or maybe I just want it to be.)

Loving this shade.

Do you like it?

What shades would you never wear to work?




Photobucket (Disclaimer: I look horrible in this photo, it was raining, no makeup, around 7:00 am and I'm standing next to Vivica Fox. lol)

Even after a career spanning over 16 years, she’s still one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood. Vivica Fox has starred in such mega films as Independence Day to Kill Bill to being in one of my favorite tv shows Curb Your Enthusiasm as Loretta Black (HYSTERICAL)and she'll soon be on the Nickelodeon hit series True Jackson. I got a chance to hang out with Vivica last week, and she was great. Seriously I felt as if I had known her forever. She was so willing to talk beauty. We love her here! So without further adieu, let’s chit chat with Vivica Fox.


DE: Vivica, your skin is flawless, what’s your beauty regimen?

Vivica: Girl, I’m a huge fan of microdermabrasian. I always do it once a month. It just evens everything out. I also try to take a lot of steam showers because I feel like it just keeps my skin hydrated. I remove my makeup with Noxema Wipes. They are inexpensive, and just get everything out. I love Dermalogica products. I start with Dermalogica's Skin prep scrub. Then I use their Active Moist leaves my skin feeling great. Oh, yes make sure you take care of your under eye area-because believe me, it shows if you don't. I'm a huge fan of their Total Eye Care. Also my dermatologist prescribed Clindamycin for skin as well. After everything, I make sure to use my Shue-Uemura Rose Mist Spray. Love it. Take care of your skin from when you're young. Don't start when it's too late.

DE: What's always in Vivica's Makeup Bag?

Vivica I keep it simple girl. Just a clear mascara and a Chanel Lipgloss.

DE: What advice would you give to any woman trying to get into your business?

Make sure you take drama classes. People think that acting is easy, unfortunately it isn't. It requires a lot of work. Also, make sure you take care of yourself because as soon as you walk into that audition, there are going to be thirty other pretty girls in there but what will keep you surviving is Confidence. Confidence is Key. Know that it's yours, and it will be.

What is your life advice to us?

Vivica: Above all keep your skin clean, and your spirit happy. Because the fact is beauty comes from the inside.

I asked Vivica's makeup artist Elenna R George what two products she always uses on Vivica. She said. Mac Lust lipglass. Just looks gorgeous on her, and Makeup Forever Face & Body #12. Keeps her skin looking amazing, but doesn't make her look like she's wearing a mask.




Kimberly Snyder's Fall Green Smoothie

We love Kimberly snyder here on Beautylogic. I personally got to interview her,and felt so close to her from our first meeting. Click here for the youtube we did together

Anyway she has a recipe for a new green smoothie that I wanted to share with you guys. Remember greens not only give you massive nutrition but beautify you as well.

Fall Green Smoothie Recipe

- 3-4 full leaves of dinosaur kale


5 smaller leaves of curly kale

- 3 stalks of celery

- 2 Bosc pears

- 1 banana

- 1 1/2 cups of cold filtered water

Strip the kale leaves (whichever type you are using) off of the stem, discard stems, and blend all the rest of the ingredients until smooth. Tastes best cold, so be sure to use cold water. If your blender is not very strong, and takes longer to blend up, thereby warming the smoothie, make the night before and keep in the fridge overnight. Keeps for a maximum of up to 3 days in the fridge. Makes 4 servings.

In season through the Fall, the extremely powerful dark leafy green kale is the main feature of the Fall Green Smoothie.

Kale is one of the most mineral-rich, beautifying greens there is. It is abundant in calcium, lutein, iron, fiber and Vitamins A, K, and collagen-building Vitamin C. Kale has seven times the beta-carotene of broccoli and ten times more lutein. Full of phytochemicals, it also packs in Vitamin E, which rebuilds beautiful skin. Both Vitamins C and E are also found in abundance in The Solution.

As we switch from season to season our bodies can become more sensitive and it can be easier to get sick. The high content of Vitamin C in kale also helps with immunity, and kale’s naturally rich sulfur content helps boost the body's detoxification enzymes and provides a great cleansing response in the body to wash the system of toxins.

Aim to drink the Fall Green Smoothie 3 times a week or more.

Check out more on kimberly at



Jlo's Make Guru Scott Barnes, Body Bling & About Face


About twelve years ago, I remember watching a movie with Wesley snipes, Woody Harrelson, and Jennifer Lopez. I had never seen JLO before, but I remember thinking “Finally someone that resembles me.” This Latina Goddess has taken over the world since then, and now she is truly a household name. The person that is responsible for making her look her best at all times is her longtime makeup artist Scott Barnes.

Pic i took of Scott

We chit chatted with Scott on our site before and yesterday I watched him work his makeup magic on a young woman and I could clearly see why he’s been Jlo’s makeup artist for over 10 years. The man is a genius. The woman ended up looking so beautiful, that I couldn't stop staring at her. We can all learn some of Scott's secrets with his new book About Face. It comes out January 10, but we can pre-order now on here


Also I got the chance to try Scott's Body Bling Platinum edition. First of all this left my skin so super shimmery, and golden, I couldn't stop staring at myself for a few minutes. I felt like my skin had morphed into a layer of gold. The scent of this is very pleasant and very light, and it won't rub off on clothes. I absolutely loved it.

Here's my leg after use.




PS, Scott now has a youtube channel where he's teaching us all his beauty secrets. Scott Barnes TV

Stay tuned next week for our interview with Vivica Fox about her beauty regime, and some great mineral foundation I just got a hold of and of course Hair. Maybe we'll do a new video too.

I'm just Asking

Recently, I'm noticing I'm getting a lot of new readers. Welcome guys! I love making friends. Big Hugs to all of you.
Anyway, I was going through my blog, and decided that I wanted to showcase some of my past favorite Posts. I'd like to know yours. I have subscribers that have been reading me for over 2 years (when I was very inconsistent with blogging-used to do it about once a month) to newer ones who just subscribed this morning. So my question to you is, what's your favorite beautylogic post? E-mail me your fave, I'd really appreciate it. If i choose your e-mail, you might just win something.

Here are some of mine.

De's Beauty Secrets-shhh don't tell anyone

Coconut Oil

Healthy hair from within (one of the ingredients in the hair tonic)

Are you following your Dreams?

Things that make DE go Hmmmm

Don't Compare Yourself

Please let me know, and thanks.



When a product says “Brazilian” on it, do you start thinking exotic and alluring thoughts. I always do. I recently tried Noah’s Naturals Brazilian body polish with Acai berry. First of all, I’d never heard of Noah’s Naturals, but I’m loving the fact that their products do not contain Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, petrolatums, propylene Glycol and their not tested on animals. Love it!

Their Brazilian body Wash works really well. (I got it in a Sheckys beauty gift bag fyi.) First of all the scent of this is exactly like my strawberry yogurt, it’s incredibly delicious. The product is a thick consistency with tiny Apricot Kernel seeds that are exfoliating, but not harsh on my skin. It’s also loaded with Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Vitamin E so after I wash this off, I notice that my skin is silky and smooth. The delish scent of this also lingers, and makes my bathroom smell fantastic too.

Have you ever tried Noah’s Natural products?

This was my first time, but I’m sure it won’t be my last.



Keep Those Teeth White-GoSmile Touch Up!


I went to a great brunch spot in Brooklyn last week with a group of girlfriends. One of the girls invited her coworker, and she was absolutely beautiful. But when she smiled, all I remember was wanting to recommend a tooth whitener to her. This gorgeous Goddess had very yellow teeth. (Not a good look at all!) Nothing can make you look worse than yellow choppers and in this day and age there is no excuse for that. DE drinks 8 cups of coffee a day. (DE is a Café Bustello/Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts coffee addict!)But you would never know because DE takes such good care of her teeth it's ridiculous. (Why am i talking about myself in the third person? I'll stop! lol.) They are super white. Now God knows I can’t brush my teeth every single time I finish a cup of coffee. Gosmile is thinking just like me. They’ve come out with Gosmile Touch Up!

This is a quick touch up tooth whitener. Right after you eat or drink something that can potentially make those teeth a little less gleaming, you can just use the “Go Smile” touch up system. It’s a cute little ampule, that you flip over, pop it and then rub it all over your teeth. It comes in 3 different flavors, green apple, fresh mint, and watermelon. I tried Watermelon, and am loving it. After a cup of coffee, your breath isn't smelling so fresh either. This product not only maintains the whiteness of my teeth but makes my breath smell delishly fruity as well. Mr. DE gave me a kiss after I’d had one, and said it was yummy. Lol

Have you tried Go smile?

Are you crazy obsessive about your teeth too?





Listen up ladies, when Mommy recommends something, you should be taking copious notes. Shes’ close to sixty and doesn’t look a day over 35. She cured herself from cancer using her own methods-raw foods, and is just the most honest, beautiful human being you’ll ever meet. Anyway, mommy is absolutely obsessed with Liz Earle’s Superskin concentrate. Obsessed! Mommy has oily skin, so she was a little hesitant to use the stuff. But finally she tried it, and for the last three months, she refuses to use anything else. This product is loaded with 100% pure plant oils, like argan, (which apparently is the beauty secret of Moroccan women because it’s loaded with antioxidants and high vitamin E) rosehip, and chamomile. She claims that when she applies this at night, she wakes up to gorgeous smooth, silky, soft skin. Although this is loaded with oils, she has never had a breakout, and she claims that hyperpigmentation that she’s had on her face for years have diminished big time since using this.

She loves this!

Have you tried Liz Earle’s products?



L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara


I recently got the chance to try L’oreal’s new Telescopic Explosion Mascara. The wand which is round, is reminiscent of Givenchy’s phenomen eyes, which I’d heard great things about. I was super excited to try this new product. But unfortunately, this did not live up to expectations. The spherical brush was just not ideal for my lashes. It was way too small, and did not elongate much at all. The volume was non existent as well. Needless to say, DE’s not a fan.

Have you tried this stuff?

What were your thoughts?

Healthy Glow With Mineral Fusion Blush


I’m addicted to blushes. With the swipe of a good blush, you can go from looking deathly pale to breathtakingly healthy. One of my new fave’s is Mineral Fusion’s blush in Airy. This is a gorgeous soft yet shimmery pinkish peach shade. When I apply to my tan cheeks, it makes me look like I have a healthy glow, and a gorgeous flush (you know how you look after a good workout, just healthy!) The company makes all their cosmetics with something called W.R.A.P. technology. White tea, Red tea, Antileukine 6 and Pomegranate, . These 4 ingredients work to prevent skin damage due to sun exposure. I’m loving this gorgeously pigmented shade, and the fact that this company is making me look good, while providing my skin with antiaging ingredients.

You can find mineral fusion products at wholefoods.

Have you tried this line before?



Food For Beauty-Yogurt


Almost every morning, I try to run 2 miles. I love running. I always feel like a new person after a good run. Working out/running lifts your endorphins and makes you feel great. After my run, my body tends not to be too hungry, so every week, I make sure to pick up yogurt at my local whole foods because that’s what my body yearns for after a good run. I love yogurt, the creaminess, the taste. It's light but it also fills me up. I try to mix blueberries and flax seeds in my yogurt to boost it’s nutritional content, but yogurt itself is so fantastic for your beauty. Yogurt is loaded with probiotics which not only help you internally, but it also helps you externally. Probiotics are basically good bacteria that regulate your body’s yeast. This can help stop breakouts, and make your skin fabulous. I also love to apply yogurt as masque. The lactic acid in it acts almost as a slight peel, and it leaves my skin super soft.

I love it.

What are your favorite yogurts?



De's Loving The Crazy Sticks Perfume Sticks.


I have way too many scents. However, I hate putting them in my bag because they always end up leaking, and my bag always ends up smelling like my latest perfume addiction. Recently I tried these cute perfume sticks, and not only am I loving the scent, but I’m also loving the convenience of perfume on a stick. They’re called “The Crazy Sticks,” and the scent I tried was called “Homage A Gabrielle.” First of all, this smells so delish. I usually don’t like vanilla scents too much, but this one is just fabulous. It’s very light, with notes of peony and cedar making this a splendid mix of pure deliciousness. (Did that rhyme? Almost) The fragrance is just so clean, and luxurious, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. I also love that this product contains no alcohol, no parabens, and no coloring agents. Mommy loves their Pompon Gardenia in a stick, reminds her of Chanel's!

Have you ever heard of this brand?

For more info, visit

The Importance of Family and Friends 2

PhotobucketHalle Berry and her mom.

I’m very fortunate. No I’m not a gazillionare, not even close, but remember money does not bring anyone happiness. I also have amazing family and friends and an amazing man who still after five years, makes me tingle. Two weekends ago I went through a period of down time. Don’t we all go through those, where we ask ourselves if our dreams “can” come true. If maybe we’re just thinking too big and maybe we should just settle with out life as is. This is where the importance of friends and family come along. Because when I had those moments of self-doubt, my mother quickly woke me up. She admonished me for being down, and told me to “get it together.” She told me to make sure that I didn’t even think about settling. She told me as long as she was alive, she would make sure that I followed my dream. Then my friends came, and like my own personal cheerleading squad, told me all the reasons that they believed in me, and my goal and then Mr. DE chimed in. He encouraged my dream too.

EvaLongoria and girlfriends


After those pep talks, I felt back to the old me, and I felt victorious! My friends and family encouraged my dream, believed in my dream, and brought me back to reality. Family & friends are so important. They are everything. Sometimes when we forget our potential, they remind us of it. If you’re going through a period of loneliness or of downtime, please make sure to reach out to a family member or friend. I’m sure they’ll remind you of your abilities. But if you don’t have anyone, then by all means, make sure to e-mail me. Although I get a lot of e-mails, I make sure to spend three hours a day answering all of them. Mommy always says, it’s rude not to answer your mail.

The Smiths (cutest family ever, lol)

Just a few thoughts.



Crown Yourself-You're a Queen


In life, I try to have everything positive around me. When a product has a cute and positive name, I'm a sucker for picking it up. I own a 2 dollar purplish red polish (ugliest color you've ever seen) called "You're a winner." I'd never wear it, but i love the name. So when I heard about Smashboxes Crowned, I had to have it. Hello, I'm a Queen!

I'm so happy I picked it up though. In my video "6 mistakes you should avoid in a relationship," I got so many e-mails asking what shade of gloss. I was wearing. It's Crowned baby! The name alone makes me feel like royalty. The color is such a gorgeous and rich peachy nude. It’s stunning on tan skin, and really makes my lips look juicy and sexy (although I don’t have thin lips, I do like to always make them look bigger.) The consistency is not thick or tacky at all, it applies like a dream and the best thing is, it’s hair approved, meaning that when the wind blows, my hair doesn't stick to my lips. I am so loving this gloss.

Have you tried crowned by Smashbox?

Are you loving the shade.



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