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Hey girls

In 21 years of living (stop looking at me that way!) I've never had a toothache. I have had one for the last three days and can't take it. The pain is excruciating. I don't know which is worst, this pain or childbirth. They are both neck and neck. And worst part is the oral surgeon can't see me for two weeks. WTH!! I have to live with this agonizing pain for two weeks. The only thing that has been making me smile lately is Lorac's new summer collection (which I plan to review as soon as my head isn't spinning ) and Zoya's new summer polishes. Unbelievable!

Anyway, just wanted to keep you updated on me because I haven't blogged in a few days.
I'll be back tomorrow (maybe) with my interview with Kim Snyder (or maybe Monday).
And I haven't done a giveaway in a while, but I've got a few AMAZING ONES coming soon.

Have any good recommendations for a toothache?



Kim Snyder The Beauty Detox Solution Is A Must Read!!

Hey guys, do you remember Kim Snyder. If you don't, Kim is a wonderful nutritionist who we met a few years back. You can watch the youtube I did with her around two years ago.

That interview really stands out in my mind because I was just learning how to use a film camera, and I screwed up like 20 times. First I forgot to turn the camera on, so we had to shoot again, then I forgot to turn the audio on, so we had to shoot again. It was horrible and so embarrassing, but through out it all, she was so wonderful and kind!! Anyway, since we did this interview, Kim has done so many amazing things.She's been the chef on many top grossing films, and has become the nutritionist to many A-list celebs like Drew Barrymore.  Kim's new book The Beauty Detox Solution is coming out  March 31. I had a chance to read it last week and even re-read it this weekend, and my full review is coming up on Friday. The reason it will be up on Friday is because I'm interviewing Kim on Thursday but let me just say this book has CHANGED MY LIFE.

My mom who is a vegetarian and has been for over ten years has been trying to get me to stop eating meat for years. All it took was for me to read Kim's book and this weekend, I didn't want to even touch meat.  Do you know how hard it is for a  girl who has been eating meat forever to not touch the stuff especially since I still cook meat for hubby? But armed with facts from this book, I really didn't even crave it so much.

You can pre-order Kim's book  here.

Also check out Kim's blog when you can here. 

Follow Kim's twitter here
FYI: Kim's hair is amazing. She loves coconut oil too!

If you want me to ask Kim any questions, let me know, as I'll be meeting with her on Thursday. And full review of book coming on Friday.

Update: The book review is here



Spa Merge Organic Plant Stem Cell Facial $50 During Spa Week

One thing I try not to scrimp on is my facials. I try to get one once every two months. If you notice, I haven’t reviewed a facial in some time because well I haven’t been loving the ones I’ve been getting and to answer your questions, yes a lot of them are provided to me gratis because I am part of the media, but you know my policy, if I don’t like it, I don’t post it. However, Spa Merge recently invited me to try their new Plant Stem Cell Facial which will be available during spa week for $50.00, regular price $175.00 and this facial was definitely worth writing about. The spa itself is beautiful, and located in a prime location. When I walked in, I was led to a relaxation room where I was given a delish cup of coffee, and told to wait for my esthetician.

I was then introduced to Mariana or as I like to call her “Hands of Gold.” First she began by explaining to me what the purpose of the facial was. She told me the facial was from the organic company Naturopathica, and the idea of the facial was to stimulate new growth, and slow cellular aging.  (You girls know how I feel about aging!!!!) She then began working her magic. First, she exfoliated my skin with an enzyme exfoliator while using the steamer. The steamer is actually what activates the enzyme. She then did a facial massage with essential oils to bring everything to the surface. I would pay full price for that massage! That woman's hands were unbelievable.  Then she did a very gentle extraction. I so dread extractions! But,Mariana’s extractions were so gentle, I barely felt them.  Then she used a ultrasonic machine all over my face to help the penetration of the ingredients.After the facial, I definitely noticed a difference in my skin, but when I came home, and hubby said “you are glowing” I knew Mariana’s had worked some serious magic. (I love my husband, but the man notices nothing. I once colored my hair from  black to red, and he noticed a week later!)The facial was beyond amazing, and believe me, I’m one discerning person when it comes to facials. This facial will be $50.00 during Spa Week. If you live in the tristate area, I highly recommend you get it.

Spa Merge
102 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019 - (646) 484-4104
Open Weekdays 9am-8pm; Sat 9am-7pm; Sun 10am-6pm

Agadir Hair Moisture Masque

Remember when I went to the International Beauty Show two weeks ago, and the company Agadir asked me to be a hair model. Well after I was done, the company gifted me their new  Agadir Moisture Masque to try out. I finally got a chance to try this product and here’s the deets on  it. First of all, when I first grabbed some of this masque, I noticed it was incredibly thick. It was so thick that I really thought it would weigh my hair down. I was a little nervous about that, but since I’m a guinea pig for you guys, I kept the masque on anyway. After five minutes, I then washed it out and began styling my hair. This mask contains  argan oil, keratin, vitamin e,  and it also contain silicones. So if you're against silicones this may not be for you. I also noticed that  argan oil was kind of down on the list of ingredients. I thought that was a little strange considering this is supposed to be an argan oil masque. Anyway, after trying the mask, my hair was shiny, and it was also very bouncy, and full.   I was kind of shocked that it wasn’t weighed down because the masque was so thick, but it wasn’t at all. This masque also claims that your hair will dry 40% faster and I felt that my hair did dry much quicker than normal.  Honestly I loved the results my hair was left with, however, they really need to lay off the fragrance! This stuff is way too perfumey and after a while, the scent annoyed the heck out of me.

Hugs ,


Guest Post Dr. Murad: What can I do to look 21 Forever?

So I recently asked friend to the blog, famed dermatologist, and founder of Murad Skincare, Dr. Murad, "What can I do to stay looking 21 forever?"

Don't look at me that way. It's a valid question.

Here was his answer...

"Wouldn’t looking 21 forever be wonderful? If only it was scientifically possible! The good news is that there are easy steps that anyone can take to help us look and feel younger than we do today. 

One of the key barometers of health and wellness is the ability of our cells to hold water. As we age and our bodies experience free radical damage from a variety of sources, our cell membranes become more porous, meaning that our cells begin to lose their ability to retain water the way younger cells do, giving skin more of that dry, wrinkled, sallowed look.

Based on data I have gathered after seeing tens of thousands of patients, we now know that we can improve cellular water, helping us to look and feel younger, through a multidisciplinary approach that I call Inclusive Health.

Inclusive Health optimizes the health of the whole person, beginning at the cellular level through a 3-prong approach that focuses on Topical Care, to protect and reinforce the body’s barrier, Internal Care, nutritional guidance and dietary supplementation to build strong cells, and Emotional Self-Care, to reduce cell damaging stress.

Here are some easy things you can do right away to help you look and feel closer to 21 through an Inclusive Health Approach:

Add more colorful raw fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. By consuming fruits that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, you’ll find more energy and minimize the risk of disease. Pomegranates, the most powerful of them all, help to boost the body’s natural sunscreen level while building a stronger immune system.

Take your ordinary approach to skin care to the next level. Sun damage is just as harmful in the winter as it is during the warmer months, so make sure you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily that also contains anitoxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrators to help build your skin’s barrier function. 

Make time for you.  Cultural Stress is a major factor in the erosion of health and happiness in the modern world. We’re now “logged-on” 24/7 which makes us all increasingly disconnected from real human connection. This lack of time drives us to make poor choices, including eating poorly and starving our most important relationships, which in severe cases, can eventually lead to more severe health problems including sleeping difficulty, depression and anxiety. To combat Cultural Stress, find time to relax, decompress and do the things you love. Remember - putting yourself first is the best line of defense against Cultural Stress.

Follow these very simple, yet extremely effective tips to help make your 21st year, and every year following, the BEST possible.

Thanks Doc!
FYI, Murad just came out with a whole new skin care system called Hydro-dynamic. He says it includes the most hydrating moisturizer he's ever created and it will NOT leave your face greasy.

I'll have to look into that.

I'm so depressed I can't stay looking 21 forever.

booo hoo



Laura Geller Blush N-Brighten Baked Cheek Color-Apricot Berry

Words can't describe how fabulous Laura Geller's Blush N Brighten in Apricot Berry is! I received this at the QVC event I blogged about last week, and this was the blush I had on this whole weekend. The best way to describe this stunning shade is a mix of gorgeous gold, coral, berry and apricot. Sounds insane! But seriously this blush is all that and a bag of chips!! (Do people still say that?) Anyway, It has a tad bit of shimmer, but it's not bad at all. It just adds to the  warm glow that this gives your face. You must apply this with a light hand, because honestly this stuff is no joke. When I first applied, I was rushing to take Lil Man to a playdate and he was screaming bloody murder because I had him in his stroller (and he hates being in his stroller if we aren't moving). So I was rushing, and I  grabbed my blush brush applied this super quickly and with a heavy hand, and it was wayyyyyyy too much. I looked like I had rosacea! I had to wash my face and reapply, and once I applied with a lighter hand, this color just blended so beautifully with my tan skin and gave me a coral golden glow.  I'm so obsessed with the formulation of this blush. It applies like silk and it also contains antioxidants like white tea and vitamins for the skin.I also love this because you need so little of this product, that it will last a long time. Click to enlarge:

Also, during the playdate, I was running with Lil Man, my face was rubbing against the mat (life of a mom) and this blush was still going strong. I love the longevity of this. I  highly recommend this especially if you are a medium to dark complexion. This is perfect for the spring!

Nordstrom Spring Beauty Trends

                                Cheri Botiz (Nordstrom National Beauty & Fragrance Director)

Hey guys, It's the first official day of Spring, although if you're in NYC, you really can't tell. The weather is kind of crappy today. But anyway, one of the reasons I love Spring, besides the warmer weather, is because of the new spring makeup and beauty trends. Spring makeup and beauty trends are always so much brighter than Winter! It just makes me happy!  Nordstrom recently invited Beautylogic to their Spring Beauty Trends event. We got to sit with some of the biggest names in beauty from Cheri Botiz (Nordstrom National Beauty & Fragrance Director), Ricky Wilson (Celebrity makeup artist for Dior),  Rick DiCecca (Estée Lauder Global Makeup Stylist),  Deborah Lippmann (Celebrity Manicurist and Creator of Deborah Lippman Nails) and Jerry Johnson (Laura Mercier Celebrity Makeup Artist). We were also introduced to new programs that will only be available at Nordstrom. First let's get to the spring Beauty Trends. For the spring, you'll find:

1) Bright Lips-We're talking fiery reds, hot pinks, bright corals, make those lips POP!
Ricky Wilson said Dior is launching their newest lipsticks Dior Addict which are  44 new  bright not all light shades. He says they are creamy, and stay on really well. His favorite color in the collection is called Fashion which is a watermelon color. Jerry Johnson of  Laura Mercier  says that they make a product called stick glosses which is a combination of lip balm, lip gloss, and lip color all in one. He says it wears like a  lipstick but shines like a gloss so very  bright reds will look a little softer. His favorite shade is Poppy apparently this is Paris Hilton's favorite too. So if you're not really into lipstick, this may me a good alternative.  Ricky Wilson also added if wearing lipstick, make sure you do your lips twice a day. Don't just apply lipstick once a day and think it's supposed to look fabulous for the whole day, it won't. Reapply!

2) Iridescent Eyes. It's all about iridescent metallic eyes this season. Jerry Johnson of Laura Mercier says that every woman no matter what age can wear iridescent.  Ricky Wilson says anything in moderation is OK. Balancing your textures is going to give you the best look. Don't use all mattes.It will makes you look like a desert.
3) Bold Nails! Deborah Lippman who did Anne Hathaway's nails during the Oscars, and Lady Gaga's nails for her new video, says it's all about glitter and bold colors. She loves glitter. For the spring, she's releasing a new color called Yellow Brick Road. It's a yellow with a jelly finish, not opaque, not quite sheer. Her other colors for spring are Naked, a nude color, and Glitter In The Air,  which is a sheer blue, with pink and silver lilac glitter in it. Also, Girls Just Want to Have Fun is her new coral color,  and I Know What Boys Like, is a  slightly edgier blue, very creamy, very rich periwinkle.

4)Bright Fresh scents-  Fresh fruity floral with musk undertones for spring seasons. My personal fave was Marc Jacobs Daisy.

Nordstrom Programs

Also, Nordstrom is now  offering trend shows to its consumers. It's where they have a panel of experts talk about the latest trends  and where they will also showcase  Nordstrom exclusive products. Customers get gifts with purchase. Follow Nordstrom Facebook for details on when the next trend show is happening!

Nordstrom also  offers complimentary beauty stylists too. This expert in beauty, and fragrance will find what's perfect for you. To schedule an appointment with a Beauty Stylist, simply call your nearest Nordstrom or 1.800.7beauty to get connected.

Also Nordstrom has a great sample program going on now exclusive to Twitter @nordstrombeauty and Facebook. On Fridays on Twitter and Facebook, they will announce a sample that they will be giving away on Saturday. Then on Saturday all you have to do is go to Nordstrom and request the sample. Easy 1,2,3

Last but not least, exclusive to Nordstrom is the new Clarisonic Mia in tangerine. You girls know how I feel about my Clarisonic. If it was a choice between Mr. Milly and a Clarisonic Mia on a deserted island, I might have to think about that one for a few moments. lol, J/k. But I do love my Clarisonic Mia and I'm loving the new spring tangerine color exclusively at Nordstroms.

What are your thoughts on these spring trends?
Will you be bold, and do a bright lip?
Do you love that new Clarisonic Mia?



Tarte Lip Surgence Natural Lip Luster & Next Week Updates.

People I am so excited. Today is going to be 70 degrees in NYC. Woohoo! I'm thinking I might start doing fashion posts a few times a week. I'm no fashionista but during the spring months, I do tend to do more with outfits just because I no longer have to wear a coat. Just a thought.  Alright sorry, let's talk beauty.

Tarte's new Lipsurgence Lip Lusters are here for the spring. These lip tints apply really smoothly, taste delicious (like peppermint) and seriously hydrate the lips. The stains leave a slight sheer tint to the lip with hint of glitter. I use the color Buff a lot which is more on the neutral side, and many times I pair it with my Dior High shine lipstick. It is such a beautiful combination.

 From Left to right, Buff, Frisky, Glisten, and Fever.

Tarte has  their Lip Surgence technology in these, which they say is clinically proven to increase moisture content by 6000%. Wowza! Like I said, I did notice my lips felt really hydrated when using this.

Here are swatches:

From Left to right:
Buff is a shimmery sheer glittery Nude brownish Peach.
Frisky is a shimmery sheer glittery sexy hot pink.
Glisten is a shimmery sheer glittery peachy side,
Fever is a shimmery glittery fiery red. I felt like this one was a little more opaque than the others.

My only qualm with this is it didn't last as long as I liked. I'd say a solid 2 hours before I needed to re apply.

What are your thoughts on Tarte's Lip Surgence Lip Lusters?
Do you like them?

Product provided by pr for review.

Next week we've got:
Lil Man is 9 months, what is he up to?
My review on that new Argan hair mask.
A drugstore Mascara
A Dominican Salon located in Midtown Manhattan Review
 I'm dishing on a facial I got from Spa Merge that will be 50 bucks during spa week.
And lots more.

Have an amazing Weekend!




As I told you girls before when Lil man was a few months old and up every hour at night to breast feed, the only thing that kept me sane was watching infomercials and QVC.  I love that channel! QVC had a recent beauty  breakfast to showcase their newest items and Beautylogic was invited. Please note: My hair is a hot mess because honestly I didn't comb it in the morning. Lil man was being extremely fussy and I didn't have the time. I did my makeup on the subway, and totally forgot to bring a comb with me. Don't judge me, that's the life of a busy mom. lol. Anyway,  back to the beauty expo, one of the Queens of QVC, Mally Roncal was there.She was showing her Mally Share the Love 8 Piece Collection set and her Ginormous Mascara. She also did my makeup.

Temtpu was releasing their newest addition to their airbrush line which was their bronzer.

So pretty on my skin.

Then Philosophy was showing  their Miracle Worker Kit and their newest blush. That woman pictured next to me had the most flawless skin ever! And when she revealed her age to me, I was in shock! She looked at least 10 years younger. She told me it was all Philosophy stuff.

Because my babysitter threatened if I didn't come in two hours, she would never babysit again, I had to leave super quickly. But other brands that were there were:
CellCeuticals, I reviewed one of his products a while back here.
Laura Geller, (Her new bronzer looks out of this world, test driving it this weekend.)
Josie Maran. I've reviewed one of her eyeshadow palettes before here.

Gosmile (Yay, the guy said I had really white teeth)

 Nicholas Perricone. I love his book The Wrinkle Cure. He's another dermatologist that believes that topical solutions will work, but anti-aging begins from within.

All in all QVC really knows how to throw a party. Please note that all pics were provided by Kristen Somody Whalen.


Choose to be Happy!

Beauty Post coming later today or early tomorrow on Tarte's new Lipsurgence Lip Luster Oh MY God! Love! But this post is inspired by a brave young lady who wrote me yesterday. I think you are so absolutely wonderful,and so amazing.   Please know you're not alone, and this too shall pass.

It's a fact of life that one time or another, you'll be depressed or sad. It happens to all of us. It happens to me too. I'm not always a bundle of laughs although I try to be! So don't ever think you're alone. After giving birth to Lil man, for around 2 months,  I was hit with a depression that knocked me off of my feet. It felt lonely. I was miserable.  I felt so sad often. I now realize that it was probably post partum depression, but man, did it really hurt.

I'd like to share with you some ways that you can beat sadness.When I'm going through a real rough patch, I tend to do these things:

1) Go for a run. It's a proven fact that running will help improve your mood. Even if you don't like to run, take a walk outside, you will feel better after.

2) I write down what's going on with my life.What's the problem?Why are things the way they are? I always keep those letters. Many times later on,  I've looked  at them and actually laughed, because I couldn't believe I was so upset about what now seems like a small problem.

3) I do something nice for others. I love helping other people. Studies also show that people are a lot happier when they do something nice for others. Volunteer, maybe at a soup kitchen.I remember once I was feeling really down about getting rejected for something, and went to volunteer at a soup kitchen. It was the best decision I could have made. Not only was I able to help people, but I also, met some people who had some real difficult life circumstances, like one guy who had recently lost his wife and his home, but he was all smiles. He told me that he was focusing on what was good in his life, and that he was CHOOSING to be happy, rather than feel bad for himself. How could I even think about being depressed over my small issues,when this guy had some serious issues, and was smiling.

4) I treat myself. Man, sometimes getting yourself a manicure and pedicure is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And a massage. I recently got one of the best massages ever at some random place. It was like 10 minutes for 10 dollars. HOLY Crap,this woman did something major to my back. If you live in NYC,and want to know the place, email me. I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

5) I talk to someone. If you have one person that you share all your secrets with, then make sure you reach out to them. Sometimes a good friend will make you realize that your problems and life are not that serious. And honestly if you're feeling down and you feel like you have no friends, then write me a letter. I do get a lot of email. I just discovered a lot of emails in my spam folder that I'd never seen, but I will get back to you eventually. And if you really need someone right away then tweet me. I tend to respond to tweets a lot faster.

6) I sometimes read this book when I feel down.  It's called The Four Agreements.
It's helped me through a lot. 

7) Realize that you are a gift, life is precious, and in a few months, this nightmare whatever you are going through will be over, and life will go on and you will be happy again so SMILE. Yes,  I know the last thing you feel like doing is smiling, but smiling is so good for you, and studies have shown that smiling actually helps improve your mood!

 8) Write down the great things about yourself.What are your talents? Are you a great artist?Are you a great talker? Do you have an amazing way with people! Write it down. Learn to value yourself. It's so sad that many people seek validation from others. The only person that should be validating you is YOU!

9) Go see a comedy. The weekend the movie The Hangover came out, I was so depressed about God Knows what. (See, I can't even remember what it was I was so upset over!). My girlfriend took me to see The Hangover, and I left that theater feeling so happy. It really helped me.

10)If you're sad because you're thinking maybe your dreams haven't come true, I"m here to tell you, it's never too late to be who you could have been! If you want something bad enough, it will happen. Believe me!

Remember that what doesn't kill you,makes you stronger. You are amazing. Your life is precious,and there is a point and purpose to your life!! Believe me!

What are some ways you combat sadness?

What helped you?

Would you like to share your story?



Jemma Kidd Show Stopper Water Resistant Bronzer

I love a good bronzer. A good bronzer can do everything! Add warmth to my face, give me that JLO glow (have you seen her on American Idol lately, HOT!!), contour my nose and cheeks. I just love bronzers!  I was recently introduced to Jemma Kidd's Showstopper Water Resistant bronzer and let's just say it was love at first application.  First of all, this thing is huge. It looks about the size of a coffee plate. You know those small plates where you serve guests their cup of coffee. Alright,maybe not that big, but close enough. Bottom line: this bronzer will last you forever.

This gave my tan skin such a beautiful peachy golden bronze glow with just the right amount of shimmer. Apply this with a light hand though, as it is very pigmented. I used it this weekend when I went to dinner, and I got so many compliments on my "glow."  The great thing about this is it last all day. It contains an ingredient that makes it water resistant.   One of my friends even asked me if  my great glow was due to being pregnant again. I almost threw her out of my apartment.Anyway, I also used it last night. I was invited to masquerade ball benefiting the Save Venice Charity at The Plaza Hotel!
                                                             Me at the Masquerade Ball

Have you guys ever been to a Masquerade ball? So much fun! I had on a mask most of the night,so my face got so sweaty. This is definitely water resistant, because at the end of the night, my other makeup was almost completely gone or running,but this bronzer was going strong.

Here's a swatch. Click to enlarge:

You can check out Jemma Kidd's bronzer at Target.



Wen Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner

      Wen Pomegranate Cleansing Gel

When lil man was first born, I swear at night, he would wake up every single hour. If it wasn't for the constant infomercials  that were on, and QVC, I think I would have gone postal. The problem is when you're up  every hour at night, your mind starts to play tricks on you. For some reason my mind started to think that it needed all of these products. I ordered the bonzai chopper, pajama jeans (don't judge me), the magic bullet, the shake weight, and a whole bunch of other things from both the infomercials and  QVC. I was even going to order the Booty Pop. Those are padds designed to make your butt look bigger. Basically padded underwear. But I figured hubby would realize right away that I was wearing a fake butt and he would never let me live it down, so I decided against it.  Anyway, one thing I"m shocked that I never ordered was Wen. The infomercial for his hair product was always on when I was up. That's that hair product started by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. He's got some great hair too. I think Linette (the name I gave my hair) is in competition with his hair. His infomercial was always on when I was up.

                            Linette after using Wen
Anyway, recently I was given the newest Wen product, the  Pomegranate Cleansing conditioner, and I couldn't wait to try it. Literally as soon as I came home, jumped in the tub and began washing my hair with it. (I get so excited about hair products!) I didn't even read the ingredients first (which is rare) because I had heard that his product didn't contain sulfates etc. Now I've used this a few times. The smell of this is kind of like Vicks Vapor Rub, at least it reminded me of Vicks. Since I never use products that lather, the fact that this didn't was not a big deal to me at all.  The product did leave my hair detangled, and conditioned no doubt. But once I really looked at the ingredients I wasn't that impressed. This product contains behentrimonium methosulfate-an ingredient commonly found in conditioners that is a hair softener and detangler. I actually had stopped using one of my other conditioners because of that ingredient, and when I compared the two side by side, there were a lot of similar ingredients except the other conditioner  cost a lot less. I also noticed Linette seemed a little weighed down after using this.  All in all, this product will work, but in my opinion, I've used products equally as effective for way less.



Product provided as a sample.

Sephora Hot Now!

Sephora recently invited Beautylogic to preview thier latest program the Sephora Hot Now!

What it entails is starting this month  Sephora's will spotlight their current most buzzed about, innovative and hot products:
Some of the ones I liked from this month were:

Sephora Opi Glee

This exlusive limited addition color inspired by Glee is so perfect for spring.

Jennifer Anniston new perfume called Jennifer Anniston: 
This is such a pretty floral scent. Not too strong at all. I hate when I can smell someone's perfume from a block away. Perfect for the spring.

Josie Maran Argan Oil Foundation:

This only comes in two shades, and it's supposed to immediately adjust to your skin plus it's made with Argan oil. During the spring/summer, my foundation routine becomes a lot less than during winter, and this was pretty lightweight, and the medium-deep was a pretty good match to my skin.

Here's the link to Sephora's current Hot now here



Kinywarwanda Screening Tonight at NYU

Hey guys,

First off want to wish our co-editor Cassie Freeman a huge congrats as her movie Kinywarwanda won the World Cinema Audience Award at Sundance.
Tonight, NYU is showing the movie in celebration of Sundance. It is free, and should be an amazing time. Would love it if you guys could attend! Let's show our support!

You can RSVP Here

If you come, please make sure to say hello. 


Are you following your Dreams? Part 2

I might do a beauty post later on today but right now I'm so inspired and I had to share. Yesterday my mentor in my head Loren Ridinger posted her dream board. If you don't know who Loren is read the entrepemom column I did with her here. If you don't feel like reading, Loren and her husband founded a multi gazillion dollar company called Market America. Anyway,  you can click to see it her dream or vision board here.  Her post inspired me because she talks about how the stuff on her dream board have pretty much all come true.

Her post got me thinking to my own vision board. I'll be honest life has been so crazy that I really haven't looked at it in a while. So I took it out yesterday and realized that I could remove three things from it because they'd come true already. Here's an example of one: Last year  a new building opened in my neighborhood. I would walk by this building everyday and just stare at it. I was so dying to live there, but I was still locked into my lease  for  another year and a half. I put the pic of the new building on my vision board, sent my request up to the heavens,  and went on my way thinking hard everyday about that building. Almost immediately, I began having problems in my old apartment. My ceilings started to leak repeatedly. I got locked into my bathroom a whole day because of a faulty lock,  and then one day, I was about to take a shower, when I turned on the tub, and black water began oozing out of the faucet. It was sewage. (I have the pics if anyone wants to see.)  The owner immediately released us from our lease, gave us two months rent back because he was so scared we'd sue the pants off of him, and I was able to move into the new building.  I'm not sure if this is due to the power of the vision board, but I find it so strange that after living in that building for three years, never having a problem in the building, right when I  wanted to leave, things began immediately happening to make me go.

 The board reminds you that you can accomplish anything, and if you want it to happen bad enough, the universe or God (whatever you believe) will help you achieve it. I also believe that being kind and good to others has a lot to do with your overall success. Stepping on people's toes to reach to the top will only bring bad karma your way so learn to love others and feel happy for their success and accomplishments. There is plenty of room in this world for everyone to succeed.

Bottom line, remember you can do whatever you put your mind to! If you really want something, you can make it happen through hard work, dreams and belief. If someone tells you otherwise, don't listen. They probably didn't make their dreams come true, and want you to think you can't make yours come true either.  Realize that your potential is limitless. You are destined for greatness...but only if you believe you are.

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Tarte neutralEyes Natural Eye Palette Review and Swatches!

Ah Tarte, your palettes seem to win me almost every time and your new neutralEyes Natural Eye palette is no exception. This palette contains eight matte  and two shimmering shades. I find all of these to be wearable shades for both work and night, most of them are extremely pigmented and really long lasting. This palette was also created with Vitamin E, and Amazonian Clay. Pretty great ingredients for the skin. However, I do have an issue with this palette.  But that's ok. I have a few issues with my hubby and a lot of people I know. It doesn't mean I love them any less and I still adore you Tarte neutralEyes Palette.

My issue is, Matte Taupe and Shimmering Soft Peach weren't really showing up on my lid until I really packed them on. But other than that, this palette will be in heavy rotation. I love that it includes tutorials on how to wear these shades from a day to night look.It also includes an eye primer, Tarte's brown emphasEyes liner which lasted pretty much the whole day and one of Tarte's very high quality brushes. I hate when companies put a  crappy brushes with their palettes. Tarte always includes a quality brush in their palettes that can be used over and over again. Here are swatches of the palette. Click to enlarge:
From Left to right: Matte bone, matte taupe, matte olive green, shimmering bronze, matte deep teal

From left to right: Matte soft pink, shimmering soft peach, matte brown, matte plum, matte navy

I am so in love with that shimmering bronze shade. Paired with the matte purple, and you got a brown eyed girls dream eyeshadow combo.

Using Tarte's instructions, on my left eye, I have their day time look and on the right side I am wearing their night time look.

All in all, if you're looking for work friendly shades, or you just want to add some mattes to your collection,I def think this palette is for you.

What are your thoughts on this palette?

Oh I forgot to show you guys the cool packaging.

Would you add this to your collection?

If so you can order it here


Product provided by pr for review; This had nothing to do with how I felt about the palette.

CREST 3D 2 Hour Express Whitestrips-A Review

 In the past I've  blogged about Crest 3D White strips, and how much I liked them  especially since I do love me some coffee and an occasional glass of wine.  Anyway, when I first saw the commercial for Crest 3D 2 Hour Express White Strips, I was intrigued. Something that whitens your teeth in 2 hours. Well that's pretty convenient!  Crest invited Beautylogic to the launch of the Crest 3D 2 hour Express Whitestrips with actress Amanda Peet. She stars in one of my all time favorite movies, Identity. Anyway, this weekend, I tried the strips First thing I notice was that the strips seemed a little bigger than the regular Crest 3D Whitestrips. The pack comes in four, which is supposed to last you a year. Anyway, I applied at 11am and then took lil man out for a walk. I totally forgot I had these on because they didn't bother my teeth at all and my teeth are pretty sensitive, but the bad news is I kept smiling at people, so now everyone in my neighborhood knows I whiten my teeth. Anyway, back to the product. Two hours after use, I removed the strips, and I did notice a difference. I would say a solid shade whiter and brighter. The results weren't that dramatic, but there was  a difference. Here's the before/after pic.


All in all, if your teeth aren't that yellow, and could use maybe a tad bit of whitening,I would recommend this. If your teeth are a bit more on the yellow side, I would recommend the regular Crest 3D Whitestrips.

A cool tip from Amanda Peet is if you want your teeth to look whiter, choose a red lipstick with a blue undertones. That really brightens up your smile.


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