Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Flared Review & Pics

I remember when my love affair with the original Maybelline Falsies occurred. I was on the train rushing home. My babysitter had threatened  if I didn't come home by a certain time, she was quitting.  Anyway, on the train, I spotted a gorgeous girl, with fierce makeup and amazing lashes. Her lashes were clearly false but they looked so natural (or so I thought). When it comes to beauty, I'm never shy so I approached her and asked her what lashes she purchased. It was then she told me that they weren't false but Maybelline Falsies mascara. I was in shock. Her lashes were incredible. So I jumped off the train and instead of running home, I ran to the drugstore. (I'm a beauty girl what can I tell you.) Plus I still had 15 minutes to kill. I bought Maybelline Falsies and then ran home (with 2 minutes to spare) and made it on time so the babysitter didn't quit (although eventually I got rid of her anyway, she was always canceling on me last minute). For the last few months, Maybelline Falsies has been my #1 drugstore mascara so when I found out about their newest Maybelline  Falsies Flared, I almost did a back flip with joy (well not really but I was happy). But I started thinking, could Maybelline Falsies get any better? They sure can!!! First of all Maybelline Falsies Volum' Express Flared has a new flexible wand that seriously  lifts and separates lashes to give the look of much fuller lashes.

Seriously the amount of volume I got with this product is pretty ridiculous.
 Here's me without mascara

Left Eye with Maybelline Falsies Flared-right eye naked

Right Eye with Original falsies, Left eye falsies Flared

Clumping was almost non existent, and when I walked into my local Sephora, I got asked by one of the sales girls which mascara I was using. I told her to take a guess. She was naming some serious Sephora brands, and when I told her it was Maybelline Falsies, you should have seen her face! As I always tell you beauty doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Get this mascara Stat.

What's your favorite drugstore mascara?

Do you love drugstore products too?



Disclaimer: Maybelline was kind enough to send us falsies flared, but I purchased the original falsies with my own mooolah!

New FDA Sunscreen Regulations Questions Answered by Dr. Rendon

Recently the FDA announced new regulations for sunscreen. Among the changes, the terms "sunblock," "waterproof," and ""sweatproof" are no longer gong to be used. Also, there's a cap being placed on SPF levels at 50. So we reached out to dermatologist Dr. Marta Rendon to ask her what this all means.  Dr. Rendon had some answers for us:

1)What will the new fda regulations mean for consumers?
 These new regulations will help consumers have a better understanding of what to expect from the sunscreens allowing them to make better decisions about usage and effectiveness

2)Why is there a cap being placed on spf 50? 

There is not enough data to show that products with a SPF of 50 or higher provide greater sun protection. 

3) Why are the terms waterproof,sunblock and sweatproof not being used anymore?  

Products with these terms overstate their effectiveness therefore should not  be used.

4)What is the lowest spf we should be using?   

 If you have a light complexion then spf of 30; a darker complexion could get away with spf of 15-25.

5) How frequently should we apply? 

Every  two  hours as our body metabolizes the product.

6) Are there any ingredients in our moisturizers or lotions that can actually stop our sunscreens from working?  
Yes. there are ingredients that are not compatible but most reputable companies test their formulas before they are placed on the market.  

Dr. Marta I. Rendon, clinical director and founder of the Rendon Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine.

DrRendon serves as Procter & Gamble’s Head & Shoulders’ global celebrity dermatologist and has previously served as a speaker, advisor to and physician trainer for 3M Pharmaceutical, Allergan, Galderma, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Merck, Procter & Gamble, Novartis, Ortho Dermatological, Pfizer, Salu, Schering, Sirrus Pharmaceutical, Unilever and Vichy.

Thanks Dr. Rendon.

What is the highest spf you girls use?

I stick to spf 30. 



Tarte for True Blood Collection = Sexy!!

Am I the only person on earth who has never seen True Blood? Well I'll be honest, after seeing the new Tarte for True blood Collection, my curiosity has been piqued and I will be watching. I am totally loving the new Tarte for True Blood Collection. I got my hands on the LipSurgence and cheek stain and let me tell you, the reds of these products are totally making me blood thirsty!! (bad joke).

The LipSurgence is not a real deep red, more medium  with no shimmer   Tarte's lipsurgence's in general are some of my favorite lip products. When applying, they feel almost as if applying a lip balm, that's how hydrating they are to your lips! Even after hours of wear, the color stays put without drying out. The Tarte True Blood LipSurgence is a red that I think women of all complexions can own and believe me, when I was wearing this, I was OWNING IT!  There's something about a red lip that just makes me feel so much sexier than when wearing another shade.

Now the cheek stain is something sexy. In the bottle it looks like  a blood red with massive gold sparkles.  However, when applied to the cheeks, it tames down a lot and becomes a sheer reddish pink with a hint of golden specks. I love the way it smells too, kind of like a tangerine. lol,  I am so digging this. Here's me with it on.

 If you don't want too many gold specks, I highly suggest you just apply with your fingers as opposed to using the tube. When I first applied, I just used the tube, and yea it was a little crazy, but when I used my fingers it toned down a lot, and wowza, I'm talking sexy!

What are your thoughts on this Tarte True Blood Collection?

Do you love it?

FYI: I'm starting to wonder if Lil Man is a mini vampire. He bites my neck so hard, almost as if searching for blood.

Excuse that huge pimple on my cheek. But that pimple is a result of my out of town birthday weekend, and forgetting to bring my fish oils and zinc, and sleeping with makeup on. Don't judge me it was my pre-birthday weekend!



Product Provided by PR for Review

TopShop Beauty Goodies & Weekend Update

Hey loves,
how have you been? I've missed you. I've been MIA for a few days. Next week is a big birthday for me, I'm turning 21. (Stop looking at me that way, I've told you I'm 21 forever.) Anyway because hubby will be out of town on business, we celebrated this weekend, so I'll share that with you what we did at the end of this post, but for now, let's talk beauty. TopShop is one of my favorite stores in NYC. So many gorgeous clothes and accessories, and now MAKEUP at pretty affordable prices. TopShop recently sent over some goodies for BeautyLogic and here are some of my favorites.

First is this gorgeous Illuminator. It's called Cheeks but I used this anywhere that needs a  sun kissed glow, like the bridge of my nose, cheek bones, parts of my forehead, and even a little on my shoulders.

The Lip glaze in Bubble Gum-It's a  sheer pink, that  really brightens up any face. It's super long lasting and hydrating on the lips. I got a solid 3 1/2 hour wear and that says a lot (considering I lick my lips often and drink massive water -remember water hydrates the skin, hydrated skin is healthy, young skin).

Duo Eyeshadow in Solar cell .Wowza, this baked eyeshadow is gorgeous. I tend to stick away from turquoises, but it's summer time, I'm changing up my beauty routine, and this baked eyeshadow is so pigmented,  and really brightens up my eyes.  Also, both colors work stunning together and blend really well. With that hint of blue, I call this the perfect duo for a Summer Smokey Eye.

I'm loving the nail polish colors too. I'm currently testing them to see how long they last so will get back to you soon. 

 As I said it was my 21st birthday celebration so hubby and I headed to the Hamptons for a fun-filled weekend.
Our first night, we went to a white party. Super fun.

Second night, we went to a Jersey Shore themed party. I didn't know it was a Jersey Shore themed party until 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave, (Hubby did not tell me) so I had to figure out how to get my Snooki on in 15 minutes. So I rocked a poof, and a face that I've seen her make before on the red carpet.

The last night was a lot of fun. Our friends had a really cool Calypso themed party at their house and The Roots performing.

Great time, and a great way to celebrate my 21st birthday (you only turn 21 once right, well in my case over 5 times already and many more years to come!) lol,

This week we're continuing our giveaways, so stay tuned.
And of course more beauty, and Life advice.
I learned a lot this weekend. I met many people who had the courage to make their dreams come true, even when all the odds were against them. They didn't care, and they went for it. So of course I'll be sharing some life advice.   But for now, I leave you with this quote by Walt Disney.
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.



New Revlon Age Defying With DNA Advantage Cream Makeup

It always boggles my mind when people tell me I should wait to anti-age. Are they crazy!! There's a reason I look 21 (at least I think I do) and that's because I've been anti aging since I was a teenager. LOL So when  I went to my local drugstore and saw New Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Cream Makeup, you know I picked it up right away. This product promises that your skin will look younger in two weeks. My skin looks pretty young already so I didn't judge this based on that. I love that this product contains a pump. That's great for hygienic reasons, and because I find with a pump, I use a lot less product. 2) I love that this contains spf 20, my colorstay contains spf 15 so this is a little higher than that. I purchased this product in Early Tan, which by the way is the darkest color. They need to get way more color selection for darker women. One pump let out exactly the right amount of product needed to cover my entire face. The product is pretty thick, but wow, when applied, it really resembled second skin. My skin looked almost flawless with this on and I didn't use a concealer. I would say this is almost full coverage but not quite. I'm loving they've added anti-aging ingredients to this. Anything that keeps me younger looking is always a plus!  This also stayed pretty matte for a very long time (and I didn't use powder over this). Also I used this on a very hot humid NYC day so that says a lot. 

Anyway, I would highly recommend Revlon's Age Defying with DNA Makeup for every age group, unfortunately I can't recommend it for every complexion because their color selection is so limited.

Have you tried this product?

What's your favorite drugstore foundation?



Tomorrow I'm showing you some Top shop goodies that I'm obsessed with.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own moolah.


Hey loves,
How was your father's Day.
I hope amazing.
I saw my dad, my family, and we got lil man a cake for his bday.
I'm a little under the weather, with a severe stomach ache so I'll be back tomorrow.
In case you're wondering, Mr. Milly did not get his ipad 2 for Father's Day.
But he did get a gift certificate.

I hope you had an amazing weekend.
We're reviewing Revlon's newest foundation tomorrow,
and I'm showing you some Top Shop Makeup that they sent over.

See ya tomorrow!



Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color Timeless Rose & Clarisonic Winner

A funny thing happened a month ago.  I went to the drugstore with Lil Man in search of Revlon's newest foundation. Since the only shades the store had were way too light for me, I  decided to take a walk around the beauty aisles. Now that Lil man is 1 years old, I always have to make sure his hands are filled with something so he can entertain himself, or he will scream bloody murder in the store and make a scene. So I quickly grabbed a random Maybelline Lip gloss which turned out to be Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color and gave it to him so he could keep his hands busy as I walked around the beauty aisles. When I wanted to leave the store, I tried to grab the lipgloss and put it back on the shelf, but he started throwing a tantrum and screaming bloody murder so I quickly paid for it before he really embarrassed me and ran out. When we got home he lost interest in the gloss, and started playing with his toys. I grabbed the gloss, and took a look at it. It was Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color in Timeless Rose.

I had seen the commericals and had meaning to get this but kept forgetting. At least one good thing had come out of Lil Man's tantrum. When I tried the color I was very pleasantly surprised.  Timeless Rose, is an opaque brown pink shade, a lot darker than what I normally wear but I loved it.

So basically with this product, there are two sides. One with the lip color, and the next with the balm.

I put the lip color on, waited about three minutes then applied the balm. The color was gorgeous, really pigmented, and at first felt so soft on my lips. However, after about 5 hours, I took a look in the mirror and was shocked. Although the lip color was still going strong my lips looked as dry as the sahara desert and my lip lines looked really noticeable. Yuke!  I reapplied the balm, and my lips looked really good again, but again after a few hours, I had to reapply the balm again or my lips began looking really dry and my lip lines were so prominent, it was a little crazy. So here's the skinny. The shade I tried was gorgeous, opaque, extremely pigmented, and soo long-lasting and it doesn't come off. You can eat, drink and this color stays put.  However, if I didn't apply the balm, after a few hours my lips looked incredibly dry and had serious lines-lines I didn't even know my lips had. You decide if it's worth getting. I would probably use it again just because I honestly loved the way it looked for those first five hours.

Have you tried this product?

What were your thoughts?



I'd like to thank Clarisonic for sponsoring our kickoff 4 year anniversary giveaway. The Winner of 2 Clarisonics according to is LOGAN Comment #38
Logan, you have to get back to me by Sunday night or we'll have to give this to someone else.

Have a great weekend everyone. More giveaways in honor of our 4 year anniversary coming so stay tuned.

Jemma Kidd Creme Cheek Color- Guava

Lately I'm really liking creme blushes. Normally I stick to powders, but for some reason the last few months, I've been using creme blushes a lot. Maybe it's the fact that they look so natural giving my skin just the right amount of color and a gorgeous dewey finish. One of my favorite Creme blushes is Jemma Kidd's in Guava. (Totally random but I tried a guava mojito on Sunday, delish!) Anyway, back to beauty. This is such a beautiful combination of pink with a hint of coral. I love this blush. Although when I first put on my hand it scared the hell out of me. It looked so bright, but once blended on my cheeks, it really gave me a gorgeous flush of color. I paired this blush with a smokey eye on Saturday and nude lips, and got so many compliments and the blush is really long-lasting. The combination of pink and coral is truly the perfect color for the spring. I love that this contains antioxidants Vitamin A,C, and E. However, I really don't like  this price. For a Target brand, $23.00 bucks for a blush seems like a lot of money to me.

What are your favorite Creme blushes?

Do you like Jemma Kidd Products?

Have you entered my Clarisonic giveaway?



Product provided by pr for review, but that had nothing to do with my review.


I'd like to start this off by saying I love Mr.Milly. He's adorable, incredibly brilliant and shows me everyday by example that if you believe in yourself anything is possible. So when I asked him to make BeautyLogic a Father's day guide maybe I expected too much. When he gave me this list, I laughed out loud and asked him where the rest of it was. He looked at me in shock and responded, "What do you mean, this is it. It's a good list!" So without further ado, here's Mr.Milly's Father's Day gift guide. Please don't judge him, he's a busy man....... *side eye**

"Hey ladies,

It's Mr.Milly, I'll be honest and tell you that men are pretty simple. We don't need a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to our gifts. So here are some gifts that I hope Milly will get me for Father's Day.

Ipad 2-If your significant other/dad travels and works away from home a lot, this is a great gift to give him. Probably the best gift you can give. Milly did you hear that, BEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE!

Men's Clarisonic

After seeing what this product did for my wife's skin, I tend to use her clarisonic A LOT (with my own brush head). It would be nice not to use her hot pink clarisonic and get this color instead. If your Dad/father of child has problem skin, this is a great product.

Camera-Any good camera will do. But I like this one.

Gift card to Favorite Store-

You and your significant other may have the same taste in clothes and you may not. Safest bet, get him a gift card to his favorite store. He'll love it.

Alright, hope this helped."

ummm, thanks Mr.Milly for this short and well thought out list. **side eye**
You won't be getting dinner tonight.



BeautyLogic 4 Year Anniversary Clarisonic Mia Giveaway For You and a Friend

Hey loves,
Guess what? In less than a  month, this blog will be 4 years old. Can you believe that?
I remember when I started it. At the time my then boyfriend (now husband) had annoyed me, so I asked him to leave my apartment. After he left, I  went online and started reading about things that made me happy-beauty products. After a while, I started asking myself, why don’t I start a beauty blog, but not just about exterior beauty, about internal beauty as well, and add a  bit of randomness too. Although this blog doesn’t get a gazillion hits per month, I love the people who do read me. There have been many times when I thought about shutting this site down, but then I would get an email from one of you girls telling me you loved one of  my recommendations, or another email from someone else telling me my life advice had changed their life. Those emails mean so much to me, and I appreciate them. I thank you very much for being a part of my life. 

Anyway, about a month ago, Beautylogic was invited to attend a Clarisonic event. You girls know how much I love my Clarisonic. I’ve mentioned it here, here, here, and about 20 other times.  It is my must-have beauty product. During the event, we found out so many things about the Clarisonic. Like the fact that it oscillates over 300 times per second, that it is so effective yet so delicate on skin that even people with rosacea can use it, that it’s one of Oprah’s favorite things. I was also introduced to the deep pore cleansing brush which I am loving and will be doing a separate review on shortly. It’s so amazing if you have oily skin. (Now that the summer is here, my skin tends to get on the oilier side!) It fits into those hard to reach areas on your nose too. Anyway, you girls know what I’m doing. In honor of my 4 year anniversary and my love for the Clarisonic, I’m doing a giveaway for a Clarisonic for not only you, but for someone you love too.

Here’s what you have to do to enter. Leave a comment, 1) tell me something interesting about you 2) then tell me about someone you’d like to give this Clarisonic to. Here’s something interesting about me 1) I learned through this blog, that I’m not photogenic. I’ve been very lucky to meet a lot of my readers whether on the street, at an event, or on the subway,  and most of you have told me that I look better in person.  2) The person I would nominate (if I could) would be my friend Tina, she’s a wonderful human being, who has taught me that kindness is like a boomerang, it will come back to you.

3) If you want to add why you read beautylogic, that's a plus! You don't have to though. 

Winner gets announced Friday.



Life Advice: Don't Compare Your Journey or You're Asking For Failure

Hey loves, how was your weekend? I honestly did a lot of house cleaning, and that’s it. For some reason this year, 2011, I’ve become a neat freak. Lol Anyway,  I haven’t done a life advice post in awhile but this weekend, I was with a girlfriend, and I knew I had to do one. My girlfriend is this beautiful, intelligent college grad with an amazing career. However, she doesn’t feel like she is where she should be. She feels she should be a lot more accomplished, based on what other people she knows are doing. She constantly compares her journey and her life to others, and every time she does that, guess what, she ends up losing sight of all her accomplishments and feeling DEFEATED and depressed. I’m telling you now comparing your journey to others is a huge mistake and it's so  dangerous for you. As she was complaining, I was in shock. This girl is so amazing, so smart, so brilliant, so beautiful, so accomplished, but because of her comparing her journey to someone else’s she feels she has done absolutely nothing with her life. I couldn't believe when she told me she felt like a "loser." This girl is the farthest thing from a loser. But that's what happens when you compare yourself. You lose sight of how great you are because you're focusing on someone elses greatness.  Comparing your journey to someone elses is the absolute worst thing you can do, because everyone’s journey is different.  Everyone has a different life circumstance, and being upset because someone has more than you, or has gotten a little farther than you is the worst thing you can do because it will make you lose sight of all you’ve accomplished.

You have your own life, your own gifts, your own talents, your own network, your own journey, and just because someone might be doing a little more than you are NOW, doesn’t mean that things won’t change in the future for you.  However, the first thing you have to do is NOT COMPARE YOUR JOURNEY TO THEIRS. Focus on your life, focus on becoming the best you can be in your field, and honestly be happy for someone else when they reach success, but then go back to focusing  on making YOU better. All that energy you’re wasting focusing on someone else could be used to advance your career or whatever you want to do in your life. Remember you can do anything, as long as you believe you can. Here’s a great quote by Henry Ford:

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Remember that!



Ps: Later on today I'm kicking off my 4 year anniversary giveaways.
First giveaway is 2 clarisonics for you and a person you love. Details will be up soon

Schick Quattro & Katy Perry DARE TO BE SPONTANEOUS & Win Tickets To Katy Perry Concert on BeautyLogic

Update: this contest is over. the winner was chosen already.Betany. Thanks for entering.

Hey guys, thought I would end this week on a giveaway (you know I love those). I'm a huge fan of Katy Perry (her first album is always on my play when I workout) and I do love my Schick Quattro razer for woman. Anyway, Schick Quattro and Katy Perry are launching this great campaign Dare to Be Spontaneous. Details are below, but they are also giving a beautylogic reader a chance to win a set of tickets to Katy's concert in Columbia MD next wed on June 15. Those details are below as well.

Schick® Quattro for Women®, the official partner of the Katy Perry California Dreams tour, launches the Dare to be Spontaneous summer program encouraging women to embrace the freedom that comes from having legs so smooth you can skip a day or two.

“Schick® Quattro for Women® is excited to kick-off this program and to partner with Katy Perry, a woman who exudes confidence and spontaneity,” says Christine Galotti, Brand Manager for Schick® Quattro for Women®. “Spontaneity begins with smooth, and through the Dare To Be Spontaneous program we are inviting consumers to celebrate their smooth legs and be ready for any spur-of-the-moment activities that come their way this summer.”

To kick-off the Dare to be Spontaneous program, today through July 8th, Schick® Quattro for Women® fans eighteen years of age and older can enter the Dare to Be Spontaneous Katy Perry Getaway Sweepstakes. One lucky winner will receive a spontaneous getaway vacation with three friends to an undisclosed, secret location in the United States. The trip will include hotel, airfare, tickets to a Katy Perry concert, and  a chance to meet Katy in person!

Starting Memorial Day aka the “unofficial first day of summer” through Labor Day, fans can visit Schick® Quattro for Women® Facebook page and engage with our Dare to Be Spontaneous tab. There they can participate in weekly dares for chances to win special Katy Perry deluxe prize packs, concert memorabilia, Schick® Quattro for Women® products and more.

In addition to ‘Liking’ Schick® Quattro for Women® on Facebook, consumers can also log onto Twitter to follow Schick® Quattro for Women® at: @SchickQuattroforWomen and Katy Perry at: @katyperry. Fans are encouraged to check Facebook often throughout the summer to receive updates on “Dare To Be Spontaneous” promotion, Katy Perry, and chances to win lots of great prizes. Schick® Quattro for Women® razors ensures young women have smooth skin and are ready at a moment’s notice for a spontaneous summer.

To win a set of tickets to Katy Perry's Columbia MD show on June 15, leave a comment here or email me your info. Winner gets announced this Sunday and tickets will be mailed out promptly so make sure you check either your email or this site on Sunday.

Australian Organics Nourishing Restorative Conditioner

I have a confession.
Every day, I go to TJ Maxx to window shop.
I can't help it. I love that store and I love the beauty department.
I have found so many amazing beauty products there.
Seriously flat irons for almost nothing (like 20 bucks), and so many great items for under $10 bucks. (I love saving money.)
Two weeks ago, lil man was crying hysterically so we headed on to TJ Maxx to see his favorite girl in the jewelry department. (We go there so much we've made friends. lol)
Anyway, while we were there I picked up a deep conditioner called Australian Organics Nourishing Restorative Conditioner.
It contained pure essential oils like peppermint, wheat protein, pro vitamins and organic plant extracts. It sounded good, and was super cheap at $4.99.
I've used it a few times, and I'm in love.
It has a slight minty scent, and it's not very thick.
I've been applying it to my hair when it's dry. I hear that's how they deep condition their hair in Europe.
Wow, this conditioner leaves my hair super shiny, bouncy (not weighed down at all) not tangled and just gorgeous.
And for $4.99 (at tj maxx) I'm super in love.

Totally random, but if you're ever in NYC during the summer go to the Highline. Yesterday it re-opened,and I was attending a Smashbox event nearby, so I took a walk on it. I love the Highline. It's like a pretty walkway throughout New York. Special thanks to the 86 year old man from Canada who took my picture yesterday.

My hand looks broken in this pic.
Oh well.

Are you a TJ Maxx aholic too?
Have you tried Australian Organics conditioner?
What's your favorite deep conditioner?



Mario Badescu Summer Shine Body Lotion

I always feel a little bit sexier when I add a little body shimmer around my decolette area, and my legs.
But, during the daytime I don't want to use anything too noticeable.
Step in Mario Badescu's Summer Shine Lotion.
I love this stuff.
It gives my skin a subtle gorgeous  shimmer.
Nothing too cray cray for the daytime.
It's really moisturizing too because it  contains peanut oil, and it has a slight scent of coconut.
Perfect for the daytime if you want to give  your skin an extra vava voom factor.
I wouldn't use this during the night though, just because I like a lot of VAVAVoom in the evening.
But during the day, this is what I'm grabbing.
Trying to show you girls the shimmer but I think all you see is how dirty my windows are, lol

What's your favorite go to shimmer?



Somerville360 Tanning Towelettes by Kate Somerville: Perfect for Sunless Tanning

Hey loves, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty calm.  On Sunday my mother-in-law took little man for the day (God bless her, because I was exhausted lol) so I had the whole day to myself. Mr. Milly and I went out to lunch, but then after we ate, I told him I needed some ME time, and headed back home. Now that the spring/summer are here, this is my favorite time to start tanning-SUNLESS TANNING. I don’t do the real tanning because that will just give you wrinkles and age you (believe me it will). Although I was born with a tan complexion, I do love to intensify my color during this season. I was sent  the Somerville360 tanning towelettes by Kate Somerville and couldn't wait to try them. When I got home, first thing I did was exfoliate my face and body with my Clarisonic If you don't have a Clarisonic (FYI, I'm giving two Clarisonics away either the end of this week or next week), Fake Bake makes a great pre tanning exfoliater too. Since these towelettes are supposed to be hydrating to the skin, I decided not to use a moisturizer (that's a huge risk and can lead to streaky tanning, but I wanted to see if these towelettes lived up to their claims).  First thing I noticed when I opened the towelette packaging was that they were pretty thick. 

One towelette is definitely enough for your whole body. I applied the towelette in a circular motion on my my face and body. I noticed that there was not a very strong scent, and I really loved the fact that this had no parabens.As soon as I finished using the towelette, I washed my hands thoroughly (didn’t want my palms to turn brown). After I finished, I got into my bed, turned on my Golden Girls DVD, and fell asleep. Usually I wouldn’t go near my bed  after sunless tanning for fear of  my sheets turning brown, but I was so tired, and I had also heard that this product didn't stain. Anyway, when I woke up two hours later my sheets were NOT brown, and best thing was I looked like I had spent the day at the beach. Just a gorgeous EVEN sunless bronze glow and my skin felt really soft and smooth, like I had applied a moisturizer.

Here's my forehead before. (Don't judge my eyebrows, trying to grow them!)

 Here's my forehead after:

I love these and will be using them regularly. 

You can order them here.



Product provided by pr for review

Tarte emphasEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner

My love affair with Tarte started a year and a half ago. I had just found out that I was pregnant with a little boy, had just met Dr. Oz, and he  warned me to be very careful when it came to makeup and beauty products that contained phthalates. From then on, I did research on makeup, trying to find brands that removed a lot of harsh ingredients, and one of them was Tarte. Since them, I've discovered so many amazing products, from their highly pigmented eye shadows, to their Lights Camera Lashes mascara (which is unbelievable) to their amazonian clay blushes (Blushing Bride is still in heavy rotation) and now their emphasEyes Amazonian Clay Waterproof liner (which also doubles as an eye shadow).
Black, Brown Plum
Black,Brown, and Plum.

This eyeliner is one of the best I've ever tried. (And you know I'm a makeup lover so I've tried a lot.) The colors are so highly pigmented, glide on smoothly, and last all day.
From Left to right Bronze, Green

Bronze, Green

The brush that this product comes with is very high quality. One thing I adore about Tarte is that they never ever scrimp on their brushes. They always put a high-quality brush in their products. I happen to be someone who has problems applying eyeliner. I wish that I was an expert eyeliner applier but unfortunately I can never get that line as perfect as I want it (and I've been trying for 10 years).

Maybe it's the texture of this product, but with the brush, I was able to almost get a perfect line. I was so thrilled. My favorite color is the green, it's a stunning jade green, that brings out brown eyes beautifully. I love that although this is waterproof, it comes off fairly easily. This product is really great.

Here I am with the green eyeliner after a night of dancing with Mr. Milly. FYI: Never ask a man to take a makeup picture. I told Mr.Milly to focus on my eyes in this pic, and of course he told me he did, but HE DIDN'T.

Have you tried this product?

What were your thoughts?

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