My Sex & The City 2 Night Out

Yesterday was the first day opening of Sex &The City. I was super excited. Because I’m in the media, in my personal life (the blog) and my real life (news) I had been invited to the media screening on Tuesday, but I could not even think about going to see that movie with anyone but my girlfriend. So I decided to wait for the official release date, and go with my partner in crime.

Here I am, Looking very  "Carriesque" with my Aviator Shades.


And here’s the bestest Cassie, looking Fabu, as we get ready to head out. Cassie recently transitioned her hair to natural, and she may start contributing to beautylogic soon, as well as starting her own blog so stay tuned.


First thing we did, was head to an amazing party given by my girlfriend Jodie at her wonderous Spa salon in New York Called Georgia. Jodie is my career shero. Her list of accomplishments are amazing and she's the mother of FOUR KIDS! She has a blog as well. Please check it out here.


Georgia is unlike any salon I’ve ever seen or been to. The salon is loaded with products that I’ve never even heard of which says alot (I like to think I’m very well-versed on all products), and a gorgeous set up. 

Her walls are filled with beautiful photos and in the front she has a whole wall dedicated to her family.  Jodie was having a party for her new product line Valencia. I tried the lotion, and let me tell you, not only did my skin smell like a delish blend of citrus but my legs were moisturized beyond!   

The party was so fabu. We spotted stylist June Ambrose there, who we’ve interviewed on beautylogic before, and the legendary Bethann Hardison, new editor at large for Vogue Italia. Bethann was one of the most approachable people ever. I was in such awe of her, and Cassie and I ended up spending most of the night talking to her.
                                   Me and Bethann Hardison
                                   Me and Cassie. 

After such a great event, we finally headed out see Sex & The City. The line was so long, it was crazy. I go to movies at least twice a month, and have never seen lines like this. As Cassie and I sat down, I realized I was sitting next to the two makeup artist who had worked on me at the Purple Lab Shoot I took part of about a month or so ago. What a coincidence.
Anyway, I loved the movie. I could care less that people hated it. The film was so much better than I expected, and so hilarious. One of the reasons I love Sex & The City was not because of the fashion (believe me, I’m no fasionista at all). I loved Sex & The City because they show the strong bond that four women can share, and that nothing could ever come between them. Many times women are scared to be friends with other women because they fear women's jealousy, but this movie shows that friendships between women are possible, and they can be stronger than the bonds you have even within your own family. 

All in all I would highly recommend Sex & The City. 

Are you having a girls night Sex & The City Event? 

What did you love the most about Sex & The City? 

If you're in town, please check out Georgia NY. It is beyond beautiful.



Book Rec-Brazilian Sexy

Yesterday was way too hot for me. I walked out of my apartment to do some shopping at the grocery store which is literally two blocks away from my home. After walking only a block, I began sweating so profusely that I had to head home, back into the cool comfort of my air conditioner. Since I had the whole day, I decided to begin reading a book that I had gotten to review called Brazilian Sexy, written by Janea Padilha founder of J Sisters Salon in New York.

If you get Brazilian waxes like I do, you know the Padilha sisters are considered the founders of the Brazilian Wax and their J Sisters Salon is insanely popular. Anyway, the book was just what I needed. It's one of those books that you can't put down. It's written in an easy breezy way that you feel like the author is your girlfriend and she's just giving you great advice about your life. Janea explains to you why and how Brazilian women are so comfortable in their own skin.  Why and how she created the Brazilian Wax.  She also dishes on some really amazing secrets about spicing up your intimate life (I thought I knew them all) but apparently I don't. She talks about the fact that women depend way too much on other people to bring them happiness, especially on men, when in fact the only one who should make them happy is themselves. **So True!!** She also talks about taking care of yourself, and how important that is in life. And her tips on having a succesfull realtionship are so on point. 1 tip that I loved is never ever ask your significant other if he loves you or if he thinks you're pretty. Just feel confident, and never look down on yourself, and no one else will either.    There's a lot of great advice in this book and all in all, I would highly recommend it to all women.

You can order it here. 

Can you recomend any great books to read during my maternity leave?

Have you ever been to J Sisters?



New Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear

New Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear 

Hey love bugs. How are you? Today in NY it will be 94 degrees. Holy Crap! It’s going to be hot as heck. The worst thing about 94 degrees is ….being pregnant when it’s 94 degrees. I am so happy that my lil man is coming at the end of June. At least I’ll be able to enjoy my summer without this huge tummy But anyway, let’s talk beauty. A big no no during the hot summer months is to use heavy foundations. Yesterday on the subway, I couldn’t stop staring at this woman. (Mr. DE tells me I have bad staring issues.) It looked as if she was sweating foundation. She was wiping her greasy face and all I saw was the brown foundation all over her napkin.  It wasn’t a good look. I was dying to recommend my new find-Lancome Teint Idole FreshWear to her. 


During  the weekend of The Makeup show, many companies were presenting their new products, and I’ve tried a few of them, but you girls know how I do. I only write about the ones that will knock your socks off. I’ve been using this since last Monday and am so impressed by this product. My shade is Suede On. Lancome claims this last for 18 hours-even in humid conditions. The most I’ve worn it for is 11 hours, and yup it lasted the whole time and my nose was not greasy at all.  This is a lightweight foundation, but even when I applied without concealer, it still managed to hide my hyperigmentation and my face looked so flawless.  Suede On is pretty much the exact color of my skin, usually I have to mix my foundations, but not with this one. Lancome says that the secret to it being long-lasting is their “ultra-resistant coated pigments with a protective film that stand up to the elements along with shine technology that keeps skin matte.” Whatever it is, it works. I’m loving that this is OIL FREE-FRAGRANCE FREE, NON ACNEGENIC AND NON COMODEGINIC, AND IT HAS SPF 15. In short, this is one of my newest obsessions.

me with it on- please excuse my pregnancy nose

Random thought Have you guys seen the new adds for the new reality show mall cop. Uhm, I don’t know about you, but a show about mall cops doesn’t seem too interesting, but hey you never know.



Lancome Definicils Precious Cells Mascara

Lancome Definicils Precious Cells Mascara.

There are two movies that I’m super excited to see this year. Sex &The City 2 and Eat Pray Love. Sex & The City 2 comes out this Thursday and my girlfriends and I are planning a whole big day of it. We’re going to restaurants featured in the series, wearing our sequins and Louboutins (well not me, I’m wearing flats) going to an amazing party and finally ending the day off by seeing the film. Eat Pray Love comes out this summer as well, and by then I”ll have my little boy, so he’ll be my date for that movie. Julia Roberts is the star of the film, and I don’t believe that anyone could have played the role better.  I’ve been a fan of Julia since Pretty Women and after seeing the author of Eat Pray Love on Oprah, I picked the book up, and took it with me when I went to the Dominican Republic, and I don’t think I ever put it down. Mr. DE was so annoyed with me, because all I wanted to do was hang out by the beach, and read. I love books about women discovering their purpose! The fact that Julia is in this movie makes me want to go see it so much more. She's such an amazing actress. Not sure if you girls know but Julia is also the newest face of Lancome’s newest mascara-Definicils Precious Cells, which I also happen to love.

I always say the one makeup item that I need is my mascara and Lancome’s newest mascara is rocking my world (their newest foundation is too but I’ll review that later on in the week).  You girls know how much I love a good mascara. There’s nothing sexier than a woman with gorgeous long lashes. It really just adds so much definition and sexy to the face. 

The Key ingredient in this mascara is Apple Lycic. Apple Lycic is apple extract from a  rare swiss apple tree. By using Apple extract in the  mascara, Lancome found that they  were able to regenerate lashes. This mascara also contains the same ingredients in Lancome’s power booster-the oscillating primer. The combination of powerbooster and apple lycic makes for a powerful mascara.

This formula is definitely creamier than the original Defincils. It has a helix shaped blush-flat on one side and pointy on another. The pointier side is fabu in getting those hard to reach lashes.

                                                        Before Mascara
You girls know my mantra. The proof is always in the pudding. When I applied this, I was loving the amount of volume I got. It was serious! But then when I applied the second coat, that’s when I knew this was a match made in heaven. My lashes were looking so long, strong, and volumous, and I didn’t experience any clumping,  Also, this mascara lasted all day. My only complaint was there was a little smudging when I first applied, other than that, this mascara will be my new HG. 

                                                         1 coat

                                                    2 coats

This mascara is currently only available at Nordstrom, but in July will be available everywhere.

Who knows maybe we will give some out in a givewaway.
You never know with beautylogic.

Are you excited about this mascara?
Are you excited about Eat Pray Love?
Are you excited about Sex & The City 2?

PS: This mascara was provided by Lancome for editorial  review.


Hello Mark New Summer Collection!

A few weeks back, I attended this really fun Mark Beauty Event. Designer Carlos Falchi is now working with Mark, and Mark’s new line has a very Brazilian feel to it. (I’m going to Brazil in September, so excited yay!) Anyway, we were introduced to Mark’s new summer line, and I’ll be honest, prior to that event, I had never ever tried a Mark product. Well, I’ve been missing out big time. 

A few standouts in the line are their Keep It Going Eyeliner/Eyeshadow. I always have to reapply eyeliner throughout the day. I’ve been using Mark’s  “Iconic” for a few days which is  a gorgeous jade green/and golden peach. This glides on so smooth and creamy but once  applied, seriously, it dries to a matte finish, and says on ALL DAY! Yes, I’m not playing, it stays on ALL DAY! This is huge for me! You guys don’t understand. My eyelids are greasier than the recent BP oil spill.  But not only does it last, but the shades of this are really pigmented, and they don’t lose their spark throughout the day.

Another stand out was the lip stains. Wow, these were shockingly good. I got my hands on Bella. Usually when I use a lipstain, I have to put a lip balm or chapstick over it because they can be incredibly drying to the lips. NOT THIS ONE! These lipstains apply like a dream, it’s almost as if they have a balm built into them. I wouldn’t just call them a lipstain though, they are like a lipstain/gloss built into one. At first they apply as a gloss, but as the day goes by, they wear to a stain.  It’s such a smooth application, no stickiness at all. My lips feel so hydrated with this. Bella is a beautiful pinkish plum/almost fuschia. Just gorgeous on tan skin lovelies.

Love it.

Overall, Mark was never on my beauty radar before this, but now, it definitely will be.

Random thought: As i write this, I'm watching Judge Judy. Man she's mean. But I can't stop watching. Are you a Judge Judy fan too? lol

update: i didn't do a spell check when publishing this the first time. I've now corrected all my mistakes (hopefully).



NYC PEOPLE, CHECK THIS OUT. and are bringing a whole new meaning to “Summer Stock” – no more drama – “stock-up” on the perfect products for summer at the summer’s largest beauty giveaway featuring over 75,000 free samples and the chance to meet your favorite beauty gurus. 

Tomorrow May 21 (In front of the apple store) on 59th and  Fifth Avenue from 8:00 am -7:00pm-you can get samples of Peter Thomas Roth; Stila; Borghese; Zeno; BareMinerals; Caudalie; tarte; Origins; Anthony Logistics; Somme Institute; Too Faced; Korres

On Saturday, May 22nd:  10:00am – 6:00pm at 13th Street and Ninth Avenue (IN FRONT OF SOHO HOUSE)   you can get samples of Jane Iredale; Somme Institute; Mission; BareMinerals; Darphin; Origins; Korres; Urban Decay; Pop Beauty     

During those hours you will also have access to beauty gurus like Peter Thomas Roth and Tony Sosnick who will be doing one-on-one consultations.

Everyone who walks by the and Summer Stock-Up will get a “scoop” from the oversized beauty and grooming “pools” (one for women and one for men) filled with thousands of must-have beauty products, all for FREE.




Taking little break

Hey Guys,

I am incredibly sick, and need to relax for a few days.
I've got so much beauty to share, but am just way too weak and sick to talk about it. 
Lancome also showed BeautyLogic their newest products, including thier newest mascara-which i'm super excited about!
But for now, lil man and I must take it easy. Being 8 months pregnant and having a 102 degree fever is no good, and kind of scary. Although Doc says I can take some medicine, I've decided to just try to let my body heal itself, which isn't too pleasant.
I'll try to be back by the end of this week.

Hope you guys are doing great.


Christopher Drummond Apricot Blush-Faking a Pregnant Glow

Hubby said something hilarious to me yesterday. He said, "When you get pregnant again..." I almost started dying laughing. Does he know how hard it is to be pregnant?  Of course he doesn't. He's watching me, but doesn't know how it feels to walk two blocks and feel as if you've ran three miles. To take a microscopic sip of a drink, and all of a sudden feel as if your bladder is about to explode , oh, and let's not forget the fact that if you're as lucky as I am, you'll develop the worst skin in history during your pregnancy.   In a few weeks my pregnancy will come to an end, Lil Man will be here (can't wait), and hopefully,  my skin will finally be 100% again. Although I seem to finally have it in control, for a while, I was shocked at how bad it was looking. Unlike many other women who claim that pregnancy gave them a “beautiful glow” I think pregnancy gave me the opposite of a glow. My skin looked dull, sallow and so tired. But, this is where my trusted makeup comes in! Although I’m hitting 9 months, and I’m not as psycho careful about my ingredients as I was in the first seven months of my pregnancy, I’m still concerned, and don’t want to put too many crazy things on my face. Here comes Chrstopher Drummond Beauty products. His products do not contain titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, or zinc oxide that are known skin irritants. His products are 100% natural and organic-based, and made with the best cosmetic-grade ingredients available. One of the products in his line that truly delivers a glow is his Alluring Apricot blush. This blush  rocks my world. First off, it’s super finely milled so when applied, it feels as if I'm applying silk to my cheeks.

With one swoop of my brush, this product left serious pigment on my cheek. It’s a beautiful shade;  a gorgeous blend of  apricot with tiny golden flecks that truly delivers a stunning sun-kissed pregnancy glow. Lil man and I also love the fact that this product contains vegan ingredients and won't irritate my highly sensitive pregnant skin.

Have you tried Christopher Drummond products?

Are you careful about what you put on your skin?



Clarisonic Partnering with Arcona

The Clarisonic is constantly on everyone's list of "Must Have Beauty Items." The Mia is amazing. Don't let the small size fool you. It packs a powerful punch, and I know many people whose skin has  totally improved because of this brush. Clarisonic has partnered with Arcona  (one of the top holistic skin brands) on For $149 ($207 Value)  on you will get

1) The Clarisonic Mia
2) Arcona Booster Defense
3) Magic White Ice

Booster Defense Serum

·        Helps protect the skin from the environment and free radicals

·        Resveratrol helps to reverse the visible signs of aging

·        Vitamin C helps to defend skin against free radicals

·        Helps to brighten and firm skin

Magic White Ice

·        Cranberry extracts, hyaluronic acid and white tea provide hydration and advanced antioxidant protection.

·        Daily hydrating gel moisturizes and protects against environmental damage. Moisturize skin with white cranberry complex, hyaluronic acid and mucopolysaccharides.  Neutralize free radicals
        with beta-carotene, vitamins B-5, C and E.  Clarify skin with anti-microbial totara extract.

You would cleanse with the mia, treat with Arcona Booster Defense Serum and then hydrate with Magic white ice. This set can currently be found on

Preventing Stretchmarks

                                              So far so good!

A few years ago, I took a trip to Jamaica. While lounging on the georgeous beach, I remember spotting this woman. She walked around in her bikini as if she owned the beach. (I love confident women!) She was probably one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. Beautiful curly hair, blue eyes, just breath taking. Then I noticed her stomach. It was covered in stretchmarks. Loads and loads of pink stripes on her bronze skin. I remember being in awe of her because you could tell she didn't care. She walked the beach as if it was her territory, not insecure at all, that her stomach was loaded with those dark marks and not caring that people were staring. I love that confidence and that feeling of not caring what anyone thinks but I'd be lying to you if I said that I didn't care about stretchmarks, because I do, big time. Now that I am pregnant, I am doing everything in my power to prevent them.  Because I’m way darker than this woman, I know that  they would be a lot more pronounced on my skin. and because my skin has now stretched enormously, I am constantly oiling it up at night with different  oils in an attempt to prevent those dreaded marks.  (Hey you never know which one truly works.) Here are some oils that are available:

Carol's Daughter Sexy Belly

This product is loaded with Cocoa Buter, and shea butter, and jojoba oil. It's pretty light and absorbs immediately. The only thing I'm not too fond is the scent. I love a pretty scent. The scent kind of reminds me of playdoh. However, after a while it wanes down.

Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil
This is a blend of Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Arnica Extract. It claims to keep the skin elastic and firm. I like that this product isn't overly greasy. and also absorbs quickly. The scent is a little strong, it kind of smells like a hint of Lavender essential oils-although I don't mind it, it may be strong for some.

Burt Bees Mama Bee Belly Balm
This is the richest one of the bunch. It's loaded with Olive oil, pumpkin oil, wheat germ oil, and soybean oil. You need to wait a few minutes before putting your clothes on before applying this because it will stain your clothes. The scent is light, pretty non existent.

Do you do anything to prevent stretchmarks?

If so, please share.



Chit Chat with Vera Steimberg (Personal Makeup Artist to Zoe Saldana)

You guys know how much I adore Zoe Saldana. I've mentioned her many times on beautylogic. Her personal makeup artist Vera Steimberg is a friend to the blog, and we got a chance to talk to Vera a little about herself, and how she started in the business, and how she got to not only be Zoe Saldana's makeup artist, but Eddie Muryphy's personal makeup artist as well. So without further ado, let's meet the lovely Vera Steimberg. 
Vera tell Beautylogic a little about you and how you got be the personal makeup artist of Eddie Murphy and Zoe Saldana:
i was born and raced in Argentina and went to make up school in Buenos Aires. I moved to LA in 1995. always loved doing make up and making up my friends before we went out.
After a few years of working for different people, I finally entered  union local 706 and started working on movies. I worked on many movies, and became Eddie Murphy's personal make up artist.
I was the make up department head on a movie called Death At A Funeral which came out in April 2010, that's  where i met Zoe Saldana. Since then I've been working with her.

What's your beauty regimen in the morning?
My regimen in the morning and nite time is always to use a cleanser and moisturizer!!!! Hydrating the skin and keeping it clean its a MUST!!!!

What's your daily beauty regime?
On a daily basis, I use very little, natural make up. But i do love make up when i go out on my eyes. I love doing eyes the most.   Eye Liner, Smoky Eyes.....always works!

What beauty products must all women have?
I cant live without moisturizers and lip balm! I dont like feeling dry on my face or lips. It  feels as if you wrinkle faster.
What's your beauty advice to us? 
My advice is always to keep the skin clean, and hydrated!!! Lots of water and rest makes miracles on the skin!

What's the best advice you've ever received?
The best advice I've ever received was to always think positive with love and focus and visualize what you really want in life. Everything is in divine order!

Thanks for chit chatting with us Vera.
Check Vera's blog out on

Vera asked us not to use a photograph

Lancome Natural Juicy Tubes

                                     Blushing Beauty & Rose Pretty

You girls know for the last few months, I’ve been a little obsessed over my ingredients Now that I’m heading into my 9 month of pregnancy, I'm not as crazy as I used to be, but I still love products that are keeping the ingredients as natural as possible. Well here comes Lancomes new 100% Natural Origin Juicy Tubes. These glosses are always pigmented, never sticky, and keep the lips looking beautiful and so moist throughout the day  To celebrate the 10th birthday of the juicy original, LancĂ´me is giving us an 100% natural Juicy Tubes formula. These tubes are 100% Natural Ingredients, 100% Natural Flavors and Fragrances, 100% Natural Coloring Agents, FSC Certified 100% Recyclable Material Carton. I’m loving that, but what I’m also loving is the quality remains as wonderful as the regular juicy tubes. The two shades I got my hands on are Rose Pretty, and Blushing Beauty. Although Rose Pretty looks like a dark pink in the tube, once applied your lips are left with a slight hint of rose, and a beautiful glossy sheer finish. Blushing Beauty is a very light pink in the tube, but once applied, is a very sheer nude shade.

                                            Rose Pretty &Blushing Beauty
All in all, I’m loving Lancome giving us natural choices for some of their most popular products.

What is your favorite Juicy tube?




The Zoya Flash Collection is the second summer collection that Zoya has released for 2010. These shades are incredibly opaque, bright, and perfect for the warm summer months. (Although the latest weather in nyc has me forgetting what season we’re in. It was freezing last night.) Heres a rundown of some of the shades:

Zoya Robyn
Robyn looks as if  Zoya took a bright sunny blue sky and bottled it This color is such a perfect sky blue.

Zoya Perrie

This is a beautiful muted lavender. I’m in love with this shade. I was surprised at how gorgeous it looked on tan skin. My next manicure is on Thursday and I’ve decided to wear this.

Zoya Dana
Although I liked all the shades, this was probably one of my least favorites, because it looks like a few other colors I own. I would describe Zoya’s Dana as a dark pink. 

Zoya Jolene
My absolute fave color in this location. For some reason this reminds me of cotton candy, at the circus. This is such a bright and perfect for summer. This is my Thursday pedicure color.

Zoya Maura
Vava voom, Reds are amongst my favorite nail polish colors, and this is a fiery foxy bright red. Love it (But then again, I’ve never met a red I didn’t like.)

Zoya Jancyn
Jancyn is a beautiful orange with just a hint of yellow-maybe tangerine. It’s unlike any other color I’ve seen in a nail polish, and I am loving it.

What's your favorite color in this collection?



Winner of Jouer Cosmetics

Arie Rich

Arie Please send me your email within the next two days or we'll have to give this to someone else.

For everyone who didn't win, don't worry, you know we're full of giveaways here.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Shimmering Maxi Bronzer

 Ever heard of the term “Indian giver”?  It’s when you give someone something, and then you want it back. Well I’ll be honest, recently I gave my cousin Rimmel's Newest Shimmering Maxi Bronzer, and after I saw what a hot little sun kissed  glow it gave her, I immediately became an "indian giver" and wanted to snatch it back and add it to my collection of bronzers.

When I saw the bronzer in the packaging,I didn’t like the way it looked. Kind of reminded me of a something a solid gold Vegas dancer would use, with all these huge lines of gold flecks on it.  So when my cousin begged me for it, I gave in thinking it wasn't a big deal. However, when she tried it on, and  I saw how it made her face look so  sun kissed, dewy,with only a hint of shimmer,  I immediately regretted giving it to her. After application, those scary gold flecks on the product become small gorgeous golden sparkles on the skin-not overly done at all.   Darnit, why didn’t I listen to mommy when she said, “never judge a book by it’s cover” or in the case of makeup, "never judge until you apply on your skin!"

I asked her if I could take a pic of the bronzer, and she agreed, but immediately grabbed it back. (I guess she knew what I was plotting to do.)

This bronzer gave her a beautiful golden glow with only a tad amount of shimmer and since we spent the day together baby shopping, I was able to observe how long it lasted, and it did last the whole day. 

For the price, it's a steal especially since there is so much product. 

In BeautyLogic's Book of Beauty I'd give this a B+ 

Something to consider.



*product was provided by pr for review**

Winner of Moroccan Oil

The Domestic Princess

Twitter id:sbailey7

Please send emails with your address within the next 2 days or i'll give this to someone else.
If you didn't win, you still have a chance to win the Joeur Spring line which ends Monday.



Zoya Sparkle Collection

Zoya Sparkle Nail polish Collection

Well summer is almost here! Yay! I’m so excited Not only because my little man is coming in late June, but because of all the glorious summer collections that are being released  by my favorite beauty companies. Zoya has released two summer nail polish  lines, and today we’re talking their Sparkle collection . Georgeous pigmented, glitterized shades, that have my name all over them.  Usually when it comes to  collections, there’s a shade or two that I would never wear, but these all seem to fit me perfectly!

Zoya Ivanka
  A good green nail polish is always hard to find, but Zoya has ended by search with this one. A stunning deep green with glitter all over it This is what you get with two coats

Zoya Alegra
Do you know in spanish Alegra means "happy." That's exactly how I feel when I applied this beautiful  color. I wouldn't describe it as a just red though, more like a mix of pink/red. Is that fuschia? Magenta? Well whatever it is, the shade is beautiful, sparkly, and oh so pretty.

Zoya Mimi

Have you ever laid eyes on such a rich deep purple? The glitter just adds so much dimension to it. This is my second fave shade? With two coats, this is what you get.

Zoya Nidhi
Red with golden specks=Must have for summer. I drool over this one and it's currently on my toes.

Zoya Charla 
My absolute favorite color. Can you just picture Ariel from the little mermaid when looking at this shade? A gorgeous Turquoise with tons of sparkle. Mr. DE doesn't really like my bright colors (he always wants me to wear some boring conservative light pink **yuke**) but even he couldn't lie about the brilliance of this shade.

Zoya Gilda
A dark pink with speckles of gold. This was on my toes last week. (I change toe polish like every week) love it

The Zoya Sparkle collection is seriously a must get for the summer.

What's your favorite color in this collection?

Any one you are dying over?



Make sure you enter my Jouer Cosmetics & Moroccan Oil Giveaway.

Treat Yourself With Jouer Cosmetics & BeautyLogic's Jouer Cosmetics Giveaway

When I think of my mom, tears come to my eyes. You don't understand how wonderful this woman is. The sacrifices she made for my brother, sister and I are endless. The sacrifices that she continues to make now that my sister is sick amaze me. The bravery she showed when she refused to allow cancer to defeat her, was unbelievable. My mom is the love of my life. She is my heart and soul, my best friend, without her, there would be no DE. Mothers day is so important to me because in my eyes, there is no person more special  to me than mommy and I love celebrating her and how wonderful she is.  I wanted to let you guys know about this event that Jouer Cosmetics is having this weekend from Friday May 7-May 9 at the NYC Henri Bendel where you and your mom can get some great girl time together with complimentary make up application and a free gloss. Here are the deets below, Click on the Flyer to expand: 

In honor of Jouer Cosmetics and mommy I'm giving away their 2010 spring collection on beautylogic which includes:

NEW Jouer Tint in Whisper
Sheer, shimmering and fabulously versatile, Whisper Tint is designed to complement all skin tones. This universally flattering and beautifully blendable shimmering golden pink shade can be used on cheeks or lips to give a sheer wash of natural color. The lightweight formula is suitable for all skin types and can be applied using the fingertips for a natural looking flush wherever you need it. The clever compact connects to other Jouer products for a customized palette that contains all your beauty essentials.
Price: $20, Available in spring 2010 exclusively at Henri Bendel and

NEW Jouer Protect and Replenish Hydrating Powder SPF39
This innovative new TRIPLE ACTION all-in-one powder foundation is truly the first of its kind.  The highly replenishing formula offers serious sun protection with SPF 39 combined with an active multiple hydration complex infused with natural botanicals including Shea Butter, Meadowfoam seed oil and Vitamin E to protect and restore moisture on all 3 levels of the epidermis for complete moisture retention. Formulated for sensitive skin and dermatologist tested, the micronized pigments offer a lightweight and polished soft-touch finish, keeping application natural and seamless.
Price: $32, in spring 2010 exclusively at Henri Bendel and

NEW Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Glisten
This irresistibly sheer sparkling pink shade is loaded with Vitamins A, C & E, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Pomegranate Seed Oil to nourish, rejuvenate and protect, keeping lips soft, smooth and moisturized. The long wear, high shine formula protects against free radicals and can be worn alone or layered with Jouer Lip Definer and/or Jouer Lipstick for a more dramatic impact.
Price: $20, Available in spring 2010 exclusively at Henri Bendel and'

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for extra entries, you can 

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2) Then tweet "I'm entering BeautyLogic's Jouer Mother's day Contest"
3) Winner gets announced Monday May 10. 
4) If you do the extra entries make sure you comment and let me know. 



PS: Love your mommy

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