Recession Replacement Thursdays

Here's one of our readers letting us know about her shampoo replacements during these hard times.

Dear DE I am an avid fan of Mizani conditioners, I was never that impressed with the Mizani shampoo line. Instead of shelling out $11 for an 8 oz. bottle of Mizani Botanifying shampoo,


I decided to pay $4 for a 16 oz. bottle of Creme of Nature Detangling Ultra Moisturizing shampoo


at the local beauty supply store. This shampoo is great for detangling my long and thick relaxed hair and leaves it very soft. For $4, you can't go wrong! I am no longer a "salon product snob".




How to Avoid having 3 huge zits like DE!

Last week, I got my headshots done. A friend of mine had recommended a makeup artist so I called her and she came over and did my makeup. I wasn’t happy at all with the make-up or the headshots but thats a whole different story. Anyway, what I did notice was the next day after my headshots, I had three huge zits on my face. ( I hate having those because then i get left with those dark marks grrrr.) I asked myself what had I done differently. Because my face breaks out for anything, I make sure I take very good care of my skin before going to bed. However, I honestly believe I got the zits because my makeup artist did not clean her brushes prior to using them on me. I can’t stress to you how important it is to make sure that your makeup brushes are clean. Now I don’t know for sure, but I’m assuming that she didn’t clean her makeup brushes because she didn’t seem too sanitary. I had to ask her to wash her hands prior to touching my face. A few of her bottles did not have covers on them, and when a que-tip fell on the floor, homegirl was about to reuse it on my face. (I almost went crazy on her!) She was just a mess. Anyway, now I’m stuck with three pimples the size of grapefruits, but you can avoid this by making sure that you sanitize your brushes at least once a week. Because my skin is so sensitive, I do it every other day, and here’s what I use.

Sephora's Daily Brush Cleanser

I spray it on every other day, leave my brushes on my living room table to make sure they dry. I haven't really had breakouts since doing this constantly (except when I allowed that girl to do my make-up). Make sure you clean your brushes! It's very important.

What makes you breakout? Do you have a special brush cleanser?

I'm 3 post away from my 300th post and huge givewaway. However, instead of having one big giveaway, i'm having a whole bunch so a lot of my readers can enjoy. I'm excited. I hope you are.

Big Hugs,


What are you doing to make yourself better?


I was hanging out with my friend yesterday. She’s an Ivy League Grad, brilliant, and can’t find a job. She’s depressed miserable, and is feeling sorry for herself. It’s annoying. Yes I said it! It’s annoying. Listen, I’m not an ivy league grad, and yes it’s hard for me to find a job as well but do you think I’m going to cry and wallow in self-pity all day every day like she does. Absolutely not! I’m going to try to make myself better. My friend also refuses to take a job making less than a certain amount. She’s crying, asking herself why didn’t she graduate from something else. All she seems to do is complain, and not make herself better. At first I was coddling her, trying to make her feel better, but it’s been over three months, after a while DE has to say “GET IT TOGETHER!” Yes it’s hard for me to find a job as well (although I just landed one, for a lot less than what I wanted but hey, I’m still waiting to be a reporter so I’ll deal with this until that dream comes true.) But, I refuse to feel sorry for myself. In my time of not working, I went to the library almost every day, took out books on computer programs, and taught myself things. Yes, I taught myself Photoshop, I taught myself advanced editing with final Cut Pro (I’m going to take the test soon to see if I can become certified) and I also taught myself how to write better as a news writer. Make Yourself Better. Stop feeling sorry for yourself! If you’re out of a job like millions of other people, don’t stay home and cry about it and waste valuable time. Do something about it. On my resume, I can now add that I have Advanced editing skills, Advanced photoshop skills, and guess what, I’m still learning. Now I’m learning how to design my own website. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!


Don’t feel Sorry for Yourself! Go to the library and teach yourself things. A friend of mine just got a grant from the US government that allows her to change careers, and pays $2500 for the course. If you want more info, please e-mail me, but DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF. MAKE YOURSELF BETTER! Remember that you control your destiny. DON’T WAIT FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN, MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

Sorry I’m venting.

Winner of the Carol's Daughter Pearls is Beth Shields. Beth, you have two days to send me your address or we'll have to give someone else this gift.



Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray & The Golden Girls

Hey Loves, I hope you had an amazing weekend. I had a great one. The weather in NY was PERFECT! Anyway, let’s talk beauty. I haven’t cut my hair since February, and now it is way past my bra strap (I told you guys, my hair grows ridiculously fast). Now when I do my hair, I like to have a little body, so after I blow dry, I pin my hair up in pin curls. When I take the pincurls out, my hair is full of body with a little amount of curl. I love it. However, since my hair is so long, after a few moments, the pin curls can be weighed down and my hair can get flat again. Lately though, I’ve been using
Sebastian’s Professional Re-shaper Hair Spray. It’s described as being humidity resistant, and having a strong hold. I wouldn’t say it’s humidity resistant, but it definitely has helped my hair maintain it’s body, and my hair stays full of bounce a lot longer. However, I can still run a brush through my hair without it being all sticky. I love this hairspray!


I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I have an obsession with the Golden Girls show. When Lifetime TV used to give old reruns at 1:am , I could not go to sleep without watching that show. My best friend and I would always mimic the characters. I, of course was obsessed with Dorothy and Sophia. Those were my two favorites. And this week when I found out my girl Beat Arthur died, I was really sad. You don’t understand how far my obsession is with that show. One year for Halloween, my friends and I decided we would be the Golden Girls. We thought no one would recognize us, but everyone did, and I mean everyone. We had dudes in du-rags and thug wear approaching us and saying “yo the Golden Girls! What’s up!” It was hysterical. I loved this show for addressing so many taboo issues. It’s so sad to me now that only two of the Golden Girls are still alive. So RIP Bea Arthur. Thanks for making me laugh when I was a kid, and even when I was an adult. I know you’re in a better place now. Do you love the Golden Girls? What's your favorite Episode?

Here are a few of mine:

What are your favorite golden girls episodes? Who was your favorite character?




Save your Money on Max Factor Extreme 2000 Lash Plumper

I never post about products that I don't like. I try to post only about products that I think work. However, I am required to say if I like this product or now, so I will say that I did not like this mascara. Maybe I would have liked this prior to trying Maybelline's Lash Stiletto. However, since trying Maybelline's Lash Stiletto, I now hold drug store mascaras to a whole new level. (Yes, Lash Stiletto is that amazing). This mascara doesn't even come close.

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper


The brush is very similar to covergirl's Lash Blash. Very thick with medium sized bristles.


However, that's where the comparison ends. This mascara really didn't elongate or give my eyelashes that much volume. Max Factor claims that this mascara is different from others because "it's a patented fat-inject formula and extreme Double-D brush plump every single lash so perfectly, so voluptuously, they may ask, "are they real?" I know that I didn't get any comments about "are they real?" This mascara is just ok. Is it worth the buck? Not really. You can buy a more effective mascara for the same price. So with that being said, DE says, Save your money! or just walk down the aisle and pick up Maybelline's Lash Stiletto.



Mother's Day Giveaway & tell DE about your Mom!

Sorry I’ve neglected you this week. I was doing a lot of things to make my reporting dream come true, and it took up a lot of my time, but I’m back. I’ve missed you guys. ☺

One of my favorite Holidays is coming-Mother’s Day. I’ve mentioned to you guys before how much I love my mommie.

She is just such an amazing woman. She beat cancer three times-the last time she cured herself. She is just always so wonderful, and kind. When I was a lil teenage devil, cursing and screaming, and thinking I was Ms. Thing, she would just laugh at me and tell me that I was funny. Although she was deeply religious, she encouraged my crazy side, and although she was strict (not allowing me to date till I was like 18) she still had a great sense of humor and always made me laugh, and smile. I believe it’s because of mommie, that I’m a strong Latin woman, that I love myself, and that it is very easy for me to be compassionate towards others. She taught DE how to be. I love my mommie.

I’m having a special Mother’s Day Giveaway in honor of my mom.You can win a gorgeous limited edition Mother’s Day Carol’s Daughter Pearls Perfume set.


This set includes an
Eau de Toilette 2.5 fl. oz. (75 ml)
Body Creme Deluxe Sample 1 oz. (28 g)
Lovely Keepsake Jewelry Box

This is a limited set that will only be available on Mother’s Day. You can win it by emailing me a little something about your mom, tell me why she’s so wonderful, why do you love your mommie?
Send your response to . The winner gets the set. Winners will be announced next Tuesday.

PS: For you guys waiting on my youtube hair tonic, I'm sorry I haven't shot it yet. I've been very busy. I'll try to do it this weekend.

Big Hugs,


Hey Guys

I'll be back next week. This week is incredibly hectic. Just want to let you know we're 10 post away from my huge giveaway! But we'll have a mothers day giveaway before then.

Big Hugs,


Recession Replacement Thursday: Moisturizer

Here's a reader whose replaced her expensive moisturizer for a cheaper alternative:

Dear De,

I really love your blog. I find myself reading it a lot when I ‘m not feeling so great emotionally. Unfortunately, I was one of the people who lost their job at Bear Sterns. As an admin assistant, I had a pretty good life when things were going well. But, like thousands of others, I was let go. My unemployment is about to run out, and I’m wondering what my next step will be. I have 2 children, and this is a very scary thought. Enough with my sob story. Like you, I used to buy very expensive beauty crèmes, and other luxuries, but there is no way that can happen anymore. My old favorite moisturizer cost over $100.00. Not anymore. Three months ago, I went to Trader Joes, and the salesgirl recommended Jojoba Oil for moisture.


It was very inexpensive, but it was an oil so I was skeptical. The girl told me if I didn’t like it, I could return it. DE, I will never be without this. My skin has never looked better. Like you, I have very sensitive skin and I will break out if I use something that doesn’t react well. This oil is perfection. I have acne-prone skin, and when I first began using this, a little purging happened so I was nervous. But, after that my skin has never looked better. I’m close to 40, and the wrinkles aren’t showing nearly as much. My skin is clearer than it’s ever been, and it provides so much moisture without ever being greasy. I also use this to remove my makeup. It’s only $8.99 but a bottle can easily last you six months. I’m really happy with this. Thank you


Jessica, thank you for sharing this. Please don’t feel despondent. The job market will improve soon, and I’m sure you will get something. I’m sending great wishes your way, and I’m sure my readers will too.

Big Hugs,


Kiss My Face Cleanser is the business! & Please Dream the Dream.

My skin is so sensitive it can be very annoying. I can put a a product on my face, and all of a sudden, I will break out like crazy. . Because I have tan skin, when I break out, I get left with annoying dark marks. GRRRRRRRR. Also, if I sleep with just the slightest bit of makeup on, I will have huge zits the next day. A few weeks ago, my friend’s 2-year old daughter decided that my Clarisonic looked better in the toilet.Ever since she threw it in there, I can’t even think about using it. So, I’ve been washing my face the old fashioned way with my hands, cleansers and water. Many of the facial washes that I tried, did not adequately remove my makeup, so, I have had a few breakouts. Lately though, I’ve been using Kiss My Face Cream for a Day Cleanser


This stuff gets all of the makeup off, while leaving my face feeling feeling so soft. It even removes my waterproof mascara, which I usually have to scrub like crazy to take it off. It's preservative, and soap free. It also contains a little bit of natural exfoliant, sugar, and corn and it's organic. It’s a gentle cleanser, and after I’m done washing my face, all traces of my make-up are gone, and I don’t have nasty breakouts the next day.

Have you tried Kiss My Face?

I'm going to be giving away the entire Kiss my Face Clean for a Day Line soon so stay tuned!

FYI: I loved this new quote, and wanted to share it:

Don't think that you are alone. There are two shadows who are following you: FAILURE and SUCCESS. Now it's up to you to decide which one is going to be your friend!"
--- Written in 2009 by Rishi Raj Gotwell --- India

FYI: Did you guys see that amazing performance on Britain's Got Talent by that woman. No one expected her to be amazing. They even laughed at her. But she believed in herself and surprised everyone. I hope you do the same. I thought it was so interesting that the song she sang was "I Dream The Dream." Here's the link: Susan Boyle

Recap Beauty of the Week

Alright guy, I didn't have time to write about my favorite new cleanser by Kiss My Face today (DE is trying to take over the world!!) But, I wanted to do another recap beauty of the week on celebrity stylist June Ambrose. I interviewed June last year. I absolutely love her. If you're not subscribed to her twitter, then please do so. Her updates have me laughing all the time. Also she just posted her youtube Stiletto workout, and it is hysterical as well, here it is. Click Here

Beauty of the Week June Ambrose

Last year, I gave up a pretty lucrative stint in finance to pursue my real passion which is reporting. I was called crazy, stupid, and a dreamer. Many times, I regretted it, but then I hear about women like June Ambrose and realize that I made the right decision. Remember, everything in life is possible if you truly work hard for it! What an amazing woman Ms. June Ambrose is! She started her career in investment banking, realized she hated it and decided to pursue her passion-STYLE. Since then, this true phenomenal woman has worked with the biggest names in the world including Kelly Ripa, Janet Jackson, P-diddy and Kim Cantrall (my fave on Sex& the City!!!). She’s also appeared on Oprah discussing her work and has written the fabulous book, Effortless Style. This woman is a true example to us that you should never be scared to get out of your comfort zone, and explore the opportunities that make you happy, because who knows where you’ll end up. Ms. Ambrose, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. You’re amazing.

Ladies and Jets, My Beauty of The Week: June Ambrose


What is your beauty regimen?
My beauty regimen for morning and night is a little time consuming but necessary. I get very little sleep and I live in a city filled with lots of pollution. In the morning I pour rose water or green tea in a bowl of ice cubes. This helps with the swelling and brightens my eyes. I cleanse with Natura Bisse cleansing wash and toner. I then use the Natura Bisse diamond eye cream, sun block, and finally the Natura Bisse diamond cream for a moist healthy face.

At night I use bliss eye make-up remover and Shu Uemora make-up remover. It’s genius! I then use my Natura Bisse cleansing wash, and toner, followed by my B intensive lightening complex serum, eye cream, and then diamond cream.

What’s the deal with your make-up?
My make up is Giorgio Armani liquid foundation (silicone based), Bobby brown eye brow pencil, Blush from MAC, Revlon mascara, Keilhs’ lip balm with a tint, and my YSL eye liner.

What are some beauty products you can’t live without?
The beauty products I can not live without are Natura Bisse C+C vitamin body cream, Fresh sugar scrub and, Keilhs’sun block.

What’s the best beauty advice someone has given you?
The best advice I was ever given was drink a lot of water, get as much sleep as possible and stay out of the sun.

What’s the best advice you can give us (doesn’t have to be beauty-related)?
Never take a day off from being stylish. Style is second skin.



BeautyLogic Approved Leave In Conditioner!

I’m a huge fan of hair. (If you’ve been reading me for a while you know that.) I’m also a huge fan of getting my hair done at Dominican salons but lately De’s been a little cash-strapped. (Recession is hitting everybody!) So I’ve been doing my hair myself a lot more than normal. I wanted to let you guys know of a great leave in conditioner that I’ve been using for a while now.

Giovanni’s Direct Leave In


First off this has some great herbs for the hair, from rosemary, and nettle (fantastic for shine), and other natural and organic ingredients. I use this right after I wash my hair. I take a small amount, no more than dime size, and smooth it into my hair. It’s a very thin consistency but powerful stuff. What I get left with is incredible shine, defined curls, and very soft tresses.(I really don’t like products that make my hair feel stiff.) One of my friends who is transitioning to her natural hair from relaxed, uses this as well, and absolutely loves it. But, remember don’t use too much. My friend actually dilutes hers with water. Either way, it’s fantastic stuff, and it’s BeautyLogic recommended.

Have you used Giovanni Direct Leave in?

How was your Easter?

I’m going to try something called Recession Replacement Thursdays. In this I want you, to tell me if you've replaced an expensive beauty product for a less expensive one, and why? Do they work the same , although one cost way more than the other? Please send your responses to so we can post.



You can get the Giovanni Direct Leave at for super cheap!

Have a Great Easter Lovelies

Have a wonderful Easter guys. Enjoy the day.
It's beautiful out here in NYC.

Big Hugs,

Winner of Kimberly Snyder's The Solution

is Melanie Coulson.

Melanie, please send me your addresss within 2 days or we'll have to give this to someone else.

Tami, winner of Genifique, please send me your address again. i can't find it, and want to send this to you.

Also, guys, I'm approaching my 300th post where I'm having my biggest giveaway yet. So far, my givest giveaway was courtesy of Lancome and Kerry Diamond and that was over $500.00. This one will be bigger. Just giving you a heads up.

Also, I'm going to resume my Domincan salon reviews next week, and I'm going to post a youtube on my hair tonic since I'm getting so many e-mails about it.




I remember a few years back when I worked in finance, I practically lived in spas. I would constantly get facials, manis, and pedis at the drop of a hat. Now with the recession here, and with me trying to pursue my dreams of being a reporter, I can’t even imagine going to a spa as much as I used to. However, I recently visited the the new Dermalogica spa in Soho, and I wanted to let you know of a fantastic, treatment they offer for a very affordable price.


The treatment I got was called the Microzone treatment. It’s a 20 minute targeted treatment that you choose. They offer flash exfoliation, eye rescue, lip renewal, blackhead relief, rapid spot clearing and a few other things. I choose the blackhead treatment because I sometimes get blackheads on my nose. First of all you sit down on an incredibly comfortable chair where the Dermalogica representative does something called a “Face Map.” That means she puts your face under a medical light and examines your skin. She told me so many things about my skin that I didn’t know. Then she used a pre cleanse treatment on me which is this treatment that contains nourishing oils and water that adheres to makeup and removes it. Then she exfoliated my skin and then used this substance called Desin crustacean to soften my skin. Then she used something called a B& T microblade that softened my skin some more, and then she used high frequency to add oxygen to my skin. Then she extracted the blackheads. I don’t know if you guys have ever had an extraction before, but most of the time they are incredibly painful. Not this one. I barely felt anything. At the end I thought she really hadn’t done anything until I looked at my nose and my blackheads were COMPLETELY GONE. Then she used the Microblade again with something called a mediblex complex that added an antibacterial aspect to the skin. Honestly, this was one of the best treatments I’d ever gotten. The whole time she was doing the treatment, she was educating me on my skin My blackheads were completely removed, my skin was much softer, and I had this fantastic glow. BUT THE BEST THING WAS THE PRICE. IT WAS ONLY $35.00 and completely worth it! I loved it. Ask for Gretchen when you go. She’s been at Dermalogica for years, and was fantastic.

110 Grand St
(between Mercer St & Broadway)
New York, NY 10013
(212) 219-9800

Beautiful Hair, Skin, & Nails with Foods & Kimberly Snyder & Giveaway

Have you ever met someone, and immediately there was a strong connection? Almost as if you had known them in a previous life. When I first met Kimberly Snyder, raw food chef, certified nutritionist, creator of Envision Beauty and of mommie’s favorite skin product The Solution that’s exactly how I felt. (We reviewed The Solution in the past, just click here.) She is such a warm and beautiful person and we spoke for hours even after the interview. She's also such an accomplished woman, and she definitely shows us that all of our dreams can come true. Kimberly is so full of amazing information and I feel as I learned so much in the short amount of time we spent together. When I went to Kimberly’s house on Saturday (FYI, she had never allowed anyone in her house to interview her, only us) while I was interviewing her, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t turned the audio on in my camera. Lol! So we had to conduct the whole interview all over again, and she was just so wonderfuly sweet about it. Because I learned so much, I’m going to have to make a few videos out of that one interview. A very interesting thing she taught me is that drinking water during certain times can actually make you gain weight! (Who Knew?) We’re going to post the continuation of this interview sometime this week. However, check out Kimberly teaching us about foods that can make us beautiful and about her Green Smoothie. Also, please check out her website and her product line

In honor of Kimberly, we're giving away a brand new bottle of her fantastic skin care product The Solution. Just send an e-mail to with the subject being "DE, send me Kimberly's The Solution, my skin needs love." Winner gets announced Thursday.

Big Hugs to you Kimberly.


DE Loves Juara's New Mattifying Moisturizer & Winner of Giveaway & Motivate Yourself!

I don’t know about you, but when the weather gets warmer, my skin tends to get a lot oilier. To the point where I have to keep dabbing it with one of my blotting cloths every hour. If I’m out in public with Mr. DE and my face gets too oily, we have a code word. He’ll say "Shining" in my ear, and I know that means whip out those blotting cloths. I have to apply moisturizer before makeup although usually it can exacerbate the oiliness. However, for the last two weeks, I’ve been trying Juara’s new Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Mattefying moisturizer, and I love love love it.


I apply this right after my serum, and right before my primer. It’s loaded with exotic and beneficial ingredients like Ginger which works almost as a natural astingent. Cinnamon, which is great for it’s antibacterial properties and it includes hyaluronic acid which of course plumps up the skin. As I always says, the proof is in the pudding. First of all this is not very thick at all, it’s a pretty thin consistency. However, when I apply to my face, my skin feels very soft and smooth, not dry at all. After four hours my skin isn’t oily, and only after eight hours do I have slight oil, and it’s not bad at all, not like my usual grease filled face. It really works and it’s Paraben-free. Alcohol-free. Unfragranced and Oil-free. We love it!

Winner of Jan Marini Mask is Linda Amdams. Linda you have two days to get back to me or i will be forced to give this to someone else.

Tami, the Genifique winner, please re-send me your information. I can't find it.

What are your plans this weekend? I'm interviewing this amazing woman for the site, and can't wait to upload it for you guys to see. I've decided that even if I don't get a job reporting just yet, I'll do things for myself, and PLEASE make sure that you're making moves too. Ryan Seacrest (yes this is funny) twittered a really great quote that I wanted to share with you girls "Find your light - they can't love you if they can't see you." - Bette Midler. Don't wait for things to happen, Make them Happen!



Michelle Rodriguez Recap Beauty of the Week

When I first started getting serious about writing my blog, I decided that I would contact a few celebrities, and ask them if they could be my beauty of the week. (A friend of mine is in entertainment PR and knows everyone.) Some were incredibly nice saying they couldn't do it for whatever reasons, others were just mean, telling me that if I ever contacted them again, they would have their lawyers contact me (alrighty then, that celebrity isn't even big like that.) But one was incredibly receptive, and answered my questions right away and wished me a lot of success in my endeavors. Anyway, today The Fast and Furious 4 comes out and I wanted to recap Michelle Rodriguez as my Beauty of the Week because in my opinion what really makes someone a star is the way they respond to their fans. Thanks Michelle, you're amazing.

From May 2008
This week’s Beauty of the Week is another incredible woman. She began her career in 2000 with the critically acclaimed independent film Girlfight. Since then she has starred in the popular television series, Lost, and has been featured in a string of movies including S.W.A.T, The Fast and the Furious, and Resident Evil. Her new film Battle in Seattle is set to be released in September of this year, and she just finished filming the James Cameron sci-fi movie Avator. One thing I love about Michelle is that she has not allowed Hollywood to change her. She stays true to herself. I’d like to thank Michelle for being so gracious when I contacted her and responding right away. So let’s begin.


Beauty of the Week Michelle Rodriguez

What’s your beauty regimen?
My beauty regimen for day and night is pretty much wash my face from germs, and throw on some VALMONT Regenera 1 cream.

What’s the deal with your make-up?
I cover my blemishes when I go out on the town with some tea tree oil to disinfect them, and then I’ll put on an oil free cover up under my eyes if I didn’t sleep. After that I will apply a little lip stain on the cheeks (if I’ve neglected my weekly vitamin intake) for a fresh complexion. I’ll put a little mascara, but that sums it up.

What is your must have beauty product?
My must-have beauty product is my moisturizer. I care more about my skin and its maintenance than I do covering it up.

What beauty advice can you give us?
I’m not much of a beauty queen but I do believe the advice worth giving is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, because skin and body issue are usually a representation of bodily imbalances.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received (does not have to be beauty-related)?
The best advice I’ve ever received was from my brother: ‘Never give a stranger an excuse to tell you what to do. ”

Thanks Michelle,


SuperStar Lashes for an Affordable Price!

Times are hard for all of us. Shoot, I get it, believe me but the great thing is that beauty can be very affordable. Lately I find myself in Duane Reade browsing the beauty aisles a lot more and the great thing is they're so many new and wonderful products available. lol. I've been using this mascara for a while, and wanted to do a youtube on it. (I still might, just need my video camera.) but I wanted to let you guys know about it. Maybelline's Lash Stiletto has definitely replaced my Covergirl Lash Blast as my favorite drug store mascara.


I love the packaging of this, so sleek and sexy. The name is hot too "Lash Stiletto." The brush is very thin with long bristles, and I am talking about I get some amazing length and volume with this and it reaches my little itty bitty lashes on the side of my eye (the ones that I can never reach.)It is probably one of the best drugstore mascaras I've ever used and maybe it's just me, but this smells really good too.

Beauty doesn't have to cost and arm and a leg, and in these hard economic times, Thank Goodness for that!

What's your favorite drugstore beauty product?



Hair Product that has Benefited you Most!

Hey guys,

As you guys know, my hair routine is incredibly important to me. I'm a huge hair fanatic. I love love love hair. (I'll be posting my secret hair drink on youtube later on his week). I think I love my hair so much because growing up my hair would never grow past my chin, but now it grows so much that I have to cut it every 4 weeks so I can maintain a decent "reporter" length. Anyway, I wanted to ask you, what is the product you think has benefited your hair the most. Besides my internal "hair tonic" that I drink every morning, I believe it's been my coconut oil,


and the hair massage that I do. Stimulate the scalp mamas! What about you?
What hair product do you think has benefited you the most.



Tami (winner of Genifique) I can't find your address, or your e-mail. Please send it to me again.

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