Ted Gibson Salon Head to Toe Makeovers

Hey guys, I think this is pretty sweet. 

During the month of December, every Tuesday and Wednesday between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm the Ted Gibson salon will give you a head-to-toe holiday look for $150.  The package includes a haircut, gloss, and in salon makeup application.  Be sure to mention the holiday promotion when booking the appointment. 

Contact Information:
Ted Gibson Salon NYC  
184 5th Avenue, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10010
Ted Gibson Salon DC
5481 Wisconsin Avenue, Level 2 Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815



Winner of Clarisonic & Surprise Extra Winner

Hey girls,

It took a while to go through the winners because a few of you left more comments than you should have. One thing I am is fair. And if you didn't tweet, then I had to delete your extra comment and only mark you down as one entry so random.org could pick the winner fairly.

So the winner of the Limited edition Hope mia chosen by random.org is LOVELYS INSTINCT
LOVELYS INSTINCT you have 2 days to get back to me or I'll have to give this to someone else.

However, I've got a little surprise. Don't you love surprises?
I actually hate getting surprised but I love doing the surprising.
In addition to the Hope Mia, we're giving away another Clarisoic Mia. Not the Hope one, but another regular mia. haha, So there are two winners.

The Winner of the regular  Clarisonic Mia is  KPG
KPG you have 2 days to get back to me or again we'll have to give this to someone else.

On Friday Lancome is giving you the chance to feel like a celeb as they are giving beautylogicblog  a VIP Box to give away to a BeautyLogic Reader. A VIP Box is what Lancome sends out ONLY to celebrities. It's filled with Lancome's greatest and best products. Are you excited? I sure am. 

If you didn't win here, there are three other blogs running Clarisonic giveaways.

Tomorrow a new Cassie's corner.
A new shampoo/conditioner with after pic that rocked my life
and some more.



Clarins Barocco 2010 Collection and Feeling Good

Lil Man finally stopped crying. Yay! One night he evcn slept 11 hours straight. I woke up in the middle of the night and ran to his crib thinking something was wrong. But alas, he was safe  snoring. When Lil man allows me sleep, I become this happy person again. And you know what happens when I get happy. I play with makeup!! Don't you do that too?

I am truly truly obsessed with Clarins New Barocco Holiday collection especially the beautiful Barocco Eye Color Trio. First let's look at the packaging. Can we say Sexy, and fierce.

Clarins says the collection is inspired by the dramatic, daring and sensual style of the baroque period. From luxurious draperies to emblematic scrolls, rich golds and striking musical harmonies – this time in history was one of excess, glamour and mystery.

This palette is a must have for creating a day time smokey eye and if you're going out later, you can definitely intensify it. The eyeshadows are  loaded with pigment, ultra fine, and easily buildable, everything I need in an eyeshadow. I used the golden peachy  color all over my lid, the second, bronze blackish just in the middle of my crease and outer corner, and the black only in the outer corner. I also used the first color as a highlight. Later on when I went out,  I intensified the black a little. It looked beautiful!


Other Holiday Pieces from the Barrocco collection include: 

* Barocco Face Palette: A soft, light compact powder with a scroll motif in peachy-pink and sandy-beige. The combination of the two shades is perfect for illuminating the face or adding matte touches to the complexion.

* Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder for Face and Décolleté: An elegant black and gold powder box holds little nuggets dusted with golden pearl. With a sweep of the puff, they release a fine powder to beautifully enhance the skin with sparkling reflections.

* Barocco Rouge Prodige: The purple velvet drapes of the Baroque period are the inspiration for the colour of this lipstick. The rich formula combines long-hold colour, extreme shine and total comfort  

Find out more about Clarins Barocco collection here

Do you love this collection?



Clarins provided product for review. 

Today is the last day to enter the Clarisonic Limited Edition Hope Mia Giveaway. Scroll down to enter. 

Clarisonic Look Good Feel Better & New Hope Mia Giveaway

You girls know how much I love my Clarisonic Mia. I truly credit it for saving my skin during pregnancy. When I found out that Clarisonic was involved in the Look Good Feel Better organization, I  had to let you girls know about it. The Look Good Feel Better Organization was created to help individuals with Cancer look good, improve their self-esteem, so that they can manage their treatment and recovery with greater confidence. They host two hour workshops through a network of 14,000 beauty professional volunteers  to empower women by teaching them how to overcome side effects of cancer treatments such as skin dryness and hair loss. The program also teaches techniques for makeup application and nail care and offers tips for selecting wigs. Wow, isn't that beautiful! I always tell you girls, if you look good, you feel good. You can read a post where I mention that here. 

Unfortunately, I know way too many people including relatives that have been affected by cancer. I told you girls recently about the loss of a friend  to Breast Cancer and  Cassie just filmed The Wish Wizard, a movie created by the Make a Wish Foundation so that kids affected by Cancer would get their dream of being in a Hollywood movie.

Clarisonic has partnered with Look Good Feel Better to create the Limited Edition Hope Mia. 
The Limited edition Clarisonic Hope Mia features a design made of inspirational phrases on the outside of the unit that is unique to this model and is in recognition of Look Good Feel Better's "Hope is Beautiful" public service ad campaign. 

Beginning in October, $15 from each purchase of the Clarisonic Hope Mia will be donated to the Look Good Feel Better organization. The limited edition Hope Mia retails for $149.00 and will be available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Clarisonic.com an other online retailers

I love how involved Clarisonic is. Did you know that since 2007 they have donated over 1 million dollars to womens health organizations through their Pink Line. 

To find out more about Look Good Feel Better, please click here 
To find out more about Clarisonic click here

Here's Friday's givewaway. Clarisonic has agreed to give a BeautyLogicReader one of their limited edition Hope Mias. Here's what you have to do to enter to win. 

1) Comment here about anything. Maybe tell me a little something about yourself, or tell me why you read beautylogic, or tell me what your thoughts are on Look  Good Feel Better or maybe tell me if you've used Clarisonic and what you thought. Just leave a comment on  Anything you Want!

2) For extra entries follow me @beautylogicblog   on twitter and then write this exactly so I can see it "I'm entering @beautylogicblog Clarisonic Hope Mia Giveaway http://goo.gl/cpVRN!

3) Once you do that, leave an extra comment.  

FYI, this giveaway will end 12:00am Tuesday November 30, 2010. I'm giving you an extra day.




Happy Thanksgiving Girls

Hey dolls,

I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
Remember that you are amazing, you're loved, and you're gorgeous!
We are so thankful for all of you girls.

Hugs & Love,

Cassie's Corner: Double Happiness Jewels

I had so much fun filming The Wish Wizard, and really met some amazing people along the way. Wish Wizard is a film for the Make A Wish foundation. This picture was made so some children afflicted with Cancer could get their wish fulfilled to be in a Hollywood movie! It was directed by Andre Gordon. I had so much fun on this film for so many reasons, but especially because it made me reconnect to the reasons why I became an actress. And to see the look in these kids faces who came from all over America just to be close to a film set filled me with humility and rejuvenated my love for making movies.

Our costume designer is two time Emmy winner Wendy Benbrook. She was awesome to work with and made me look amazing! And her friend who runs a cool jewelry company called Double Happiness gave me the greatest necklace. Double Happiness literally means marriage in chinese culture but for them it stands for a type of karmic chain reaction, and obviously its been good karma because they have been around since 2001. My necklace is a double stranded long necklace one strand is gold and the other is white gold. It is a perfect necklace that makes any outfit pop! And a great gift to remember the beautiful experience I had filming  this movie. Double Happiness is a New York store, so when I get back to NY, I will be happy to report more about their products and aesthetics. 

Hugs & Love

Tarte's Good As Gold LipGloss Collection

I've already purchased a few of these for my lip gloss loving girlfriends for Christmas. 15 Lip glosses from Tarte for $29.00, what a steal.  I'm a huge fan of Tarte, and I love the different array of glosses this collection provides for such an affordable price.  What I don't like is there are no colors listed on the glosses.

But this is the first row in the collection. Please click on pic to enlarge

2nd Row

3rd Row

I love that many of these colors are pretty universal and more on the nude pink peachy shades with the exception of the last row and a few others. These are pretty sheer. However,  the last row  does contain a lot more pigment and are much more opaque than the others. I love that these aren't sticky, last pretty long for a gloss-a good two hours if I haven't had anything to drink and although there are no artificial fragrances in Tarte's glosses, these smell kind of watermelonny. Love them. Loving that Tarte's makeup does Not contain:

- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates 




Blogger Down due to Colicky Baby!!

That pic is how my hubby found me last night when he came home. I actually had the letters JKL on my cheek from my computer keyboard. lol, Thank God that went away! For the last two days, Lil man has done nothing but cry and scream at me all day. For a second I thought I was living with my old crazy roomate again. I've done everything to make him stop, but he just  keeps going. Took him to Doc this morning, and Doc said he's fine.

Now,  before Lil man came, I would always have blog posts written 7 days in advance. Unfortunately no more. Anyway for 5 months, this lil guy was not colicky or anything, just a dream!  But the last two days, he has been crying non stop, so I'm exhausted, and behind on writing and editing post. But Cassie and I have got a lot of beauty to share, and here's really great news, Clarisonic is this Friday's giveaway sponsor. So please be patient with me. Right now he's finally asleep, so I'm in the bathroom hiding, and typing very quietly.

Darnit, he's screaming again. Gotta go!


Tarte The Royal Collection Suitable for a Queen & New Giveaway!

Yesterday I wasn't feeling my usual self. Although I wanted to just stay home, watch reruns of Desperate Housewives, and eat Edy's pumpkin ice cream (best ice cream ever!), I decided I needed to get my act together not only for myself, but for my lil guy. As I always tell you girls, when you feel your worst, always make sure you look your best, chances are you'll end up feeling better. I talk about that here .So, I put Lil man down for his nap, and broke out the make-up including Tarte's new Limited Edition The Royal Collection Palette. As soon as I laid eyes on it, my mood began to improve. Look at this gorgeous velvet packaging, so luxurious.

I loved it, and then when I opened it, and saw 16 beautiful Tarte colors, I got a little excited.  Not only does it have 16 Tarte Eyeshadow Colors but it also contains deluxe clean slate natural face primer, deluxe lights camera lashes, deluxe multi-eye primer and a gorgeous gloss.   I became a huge fan of Tarte when I was pregnant. Not only are their eye shadows extremely pigmented, and long-lasting, but their make up is made without many harmful ingredients including phtalates (which i was scared to death of when i was pregnant).I used the light pink color on the lid. The matte brown on the brow bone down to the top of the crease and the golden brown on the outer corner and crease. I then used the same color  I used on the lid, as the highlight.

After applying my makeup, and my false lashes, and looking at myself in the mirror and liking what I was seeing, I smiled. It's amazing-the power of makeup. I felt really good, and slowly but surely the old me returned. And I started counting my blessings. As my Abuela always told me "if you look good, you feel good." She's always right.

I want you girls to feel good too. I'm giving away the Tarte Limited Edition Royal Collection Palette. I know I told you girls that this giveaway would be you telling me your most embarrassing moment, but that's changed. I actually would just like you to tell me what are some things you're thankful for. Here are some of mine:
1) My family and  friends (including you girls)
2) My health
3) Linette
4) Edys pumpkin icecream
5) Tarte's new Eyeshadows

Tell me somethings that you are thankful for, for a chance to win a Tarte Limited Edition Royal Collection Palette.
Winner will get announced Monday.

product provided for review

A serious note-Grandma

Hey loves,

 I usually try to keep this site upbeat.
But I feel like we're all friends.  
So I have to tell you that
I'm really worried right now .
For those who've been reading me for a few years, you know the love and admiration I feel for my Abuela (grandmother).
If you don't, click here.
Many of you even consoled me two years ago when she was incredibly sick. Thanks for that.
Doctors said she wouldn't make it then, but I believe due to your well-wishes and prayers, my family has had Grandma for the last two years.
Anyway, my Grandmother is very sick again-possibly worst than before. I am asking again please for your well-wishes, and if you believe in anything, to please say a prayer for her.

Thanks so much!

Tomorrow we'll resume blogging and a new giveaway.

Again I apologize if this is depressing.



Cassie's Corner-Krma Clothing

While in LA I got the chance to go to some of my favorite spots, and definitely some of my fave stores, and one of my favorite most adored fashion secrets is KRMA. Its cool high end sexy fashion that has a bit of rock and roll to wear on the streets of NY, London or your home town!!

KRMA is designed by Austrailian Nick Bowes. Bowes, coming from the modeling world knows fashion. He is super cute and super sweet with a passion for fashion. We met the first time a few years ago at a movie premier and we've  been friends ever since. He has an eye for fashion that I believe is truly unique. What I love about his clothes is that he manages to make street wear look like runway quality with out it being stiff! He has dressed celebs like Fergi, Alicia Keys, Pink,  Adrian Grenier,

many others and yes me!! KRMA is like no other when it comes to their style in leather, I have a few of their leather jackets, and people are obsessed with them.  KRMA leather jackets make you wish it was cold out every day, and his flannel tops are super sweet! 

His jackets mixed with his cool graphic tees, (and PS his tees are designed with a woman in mind, the deep scoop neck line reveals all of your good traits while showing off a hip design),  styled along with your favorite boots, make every look you have look polish and chic! You can find his fashions at Barneys, Bloomingdales, and Fred Segal and you can always find him and his designs at his web site!!

To learn more about Nick Bowes and KRMA go to www.krmaclothing.com

Hugs and Love, 


Cassie's Corner-Cassie is giving us the Lowdown on her Movie Makeup!

Two weeks ago, I went to LA to shoot a film called The Wish Wizard. Now you know I had to do a review of the make up on set.  I loved my makeup artist on this project.  Her name is Rachel Galey! She has been a makeup artist for about 7 years. She is from Michigan and now lives here in LA. She has done everything from movies, commercials and photo shoots! This is also her second time working with this director.
Rachel did a great job in making me look natural but still made me look vibrant and dare I say a little sexy, though I played a mommy (the first time ever I may add).  She used some awesome products on my face.  My foundation was from Eve Pearl. I'd heard of Eve Pearl before but had never tried their foundation. Ok ladies, Im in love.  The color matched my complexion flawlessly. It's creamy and light and stays on for hours. Never did she had to reapply she just added powder.  Usually on film sets, due to lighting, your makeup is constantly being re-applied. Yayyy Eve Pearl! I'm so hooked that when I went back to use my usual foundation I was under whelmed!! The liner she used on me is from Graftobian, I was very impressed with this product and its smoothness in application. And my lips were Smashbox! She used Smashbox Lipstick Lip service Pallette as well. You girls know how beautylogic loves us some Smashbox! I've worked on other films before and never have I been so impressed with a make up artist.  Usually I take over when I’m in the chair correcting whomever is doing my face but with Rachel I found myelf taking notes. I would highly recommend Eve Pearl's Foundation, Graftobian Liner and Smashbox Lip Service! All amazing products.

Giovanni Colorflage Daily Color Defense Shampoo Gives Linette Her Groove Back!

Sometimes when Lil Man acts like this

the only thing that makes him feel better  is a walk to TJ Maxx.

Alright that's what makes me feel better. 
He just falls asleep along the way. 
Don't judge me
Anyway, about two weeks ago,
after one of his crying episodes,
We were cruising through my TJ Maxx
and we noticed this Giovanni Colorflage Shampoo
on sale for $3.99 that we'd never seen before.

Linette was intrigued. (If you don't know who Linette is, click here )
If you don't want to click,
Linette is the name I gave my hair.
Don't judge me
Anyway, We thought we'd used all of Giovanni shampoos.

It was for black hair too, so we were excited!
Not only was Lil man asleep,
but we got a new Giovanni shampoo for $3.99.
Anyway last week we decided to give her a whirl.
The product says "Embolden black hair with a licorice and blackberry blend for lasting mutli-dimensional radiance"
Wow, that sounded sexy.
When I washed Linette with this shampoo,
we noticed a few things.
Man it was black

Man it smelled like a blueberry smoothie.
But, while we were washing.
We were a little unsure.
The shampoo didn't really wow Linette.
Until we got her all ready

by blow drying and curling her
Gorgeous shine and superior bounce!

Linette got her groove back!!
We were so intrigued that we went online and found out that Giovanni has more of these colorflage shampoo/condtioners for every hair color.
For some reason these are seriously hard to get.
I've only found them in TJ Maxx.
and vitacost.
But Linette and I both highly recommend.



Blogger Issues & Winner of Giveaway

Hey Loves,

I've been trying to post a blog post for the last 3 hours, but for some reason my pics aren't being accepted by blogger So I'm giving up for now. Tomorrow expect to have like 6 new post from us(if it starts working again). Anyway, I wanted to announce the winner of the Conair Curling Iron. First of all, this giveaway was incredibly fun. I loved reading about you girls. But the winner of this one  ( this was actually the first contest I judged). Usually I let random.org pick a person or have a family member go through the entries, but after reading this, I knew she was the winner.

Blogger Janie said...
Interesting fact about me would be the fact that, when I was young, I used to think prostitutes were girls were couldn't get a ride home after a fun party. In early morning of a family road trip, I made numerous of comments to my parents that if we had a bigger car, we would've given them a ride home. No wonder they didn't respond...
Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

Janie, WTH???
I laughed like crazy after reading that

If you didn't win, don't worry, every week till Christmas we're having another giveaway. Get your responses ready for this  Friday's giveaway. The new questions is: What's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?  I'll post the giveaway up Friday and it's a good one.

Janie you have 48 hours to get back to me, or we'll give this to someone else.

Hugs and see you tomorrow!

Conair's Nano Tourmaline Curling Iron! Whipping My Hair & New Giveaway


Wondering what the heck that pic up there is? That's me whipping my hair to Willow Smith. My girlfriend took this pic of me yesterday. She thinks I’m dying to be a teenager again. (Shhh she’s secretly right.) My ipod is filled with Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, oh and my new favorite Willow Smith. Don't judge me lol. I just can’t get that catchy “I whip my hair “out of my mind. I adore that cute pretty girl. I’ve actually met both Will and Jada Smith. I talk about that experience here and those two are the most in love couple I’ve probably ever seen, so it’s no surprise to me that their daughter seems  comfortable in her own skin. Every time I do my hair, I notice that I play that song  really loud on my computer, and on Monday when I was rushing to head to the Glamour Women of the Year awards, guess what song was blasting! I swear a song with a great beat can really do wonders for you. 

As I told you girls before, on Monday I only had thirty minutes to do my hair  and makeup. When I whipped out Conairs new Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Iron, I was a little skeptical. I mean not to diss Conair but I just didn’t think it would perform as well as my other expensive brand iron (which I had loaned to a family member). What attracted me to this was the “instant heat” feature. My other iron took forever to get hot and on Monday I was in a serious rush. Anyway, as soon as I turned this on, I pressed the 395 degree button, and it was incredibly hot within a minute. I then began curling my hair with it. (I was building body.) And it was fantastic. It was grabbing all of my hairs and literally within  six minutes, I had all my hair clipped and curled (that’s not easy when you have thick long hair like mine.) I love the fact that this also has a protective cover. 

You have no idea how many times I’ve ran around my house screaming bloody murder because I picked up my curling iron on the hot sizzling side. Anyway, I had to take the pin curls out in 10 minutes, and the iron left me with super duper body. Usually it takes a little longer than that for me. 

I love that this is ionic too, which actually works to eliminate frizz. and it comes in really cute colors. Mine is pink, but there are other colors. My only qualm with this was when I used it yesterday, I accidentally turned it off. I wish the on/off button was located a little further down.   All in all, for the price,  I’m loving this. If you girls missed my hair on Monday using the iron, click here. If you girls have been reading me for a while, you know that during Holiday season, here on beautylogic, we do a lot of giveaways, so here’s my new giveaway. 

I’m giving away one Conair Infiniti Nano Iron 1 1/4" to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment here to win. I’d actually love to know an interesting fact about you .

Here’s an interesting fact about me. My handwriting is really horrible. My mom always says I should have been a Doctor, it’s that bad. It looks like a third grade boy writes when I write. I used to be ashamed of it, but now I embrace it. At least I know if I ever have to do lil man's homework for him, the teacher won't know the difference. LOL j/k

Leave a comment here telling me an interesting fact about you.If you don't want to share, just leave any comment.

Winner gets announced Monday.

Next week on beautylogic
Lil Man hits 5 months, what's going on with him?
Also, how I keep him entertained while I get work done.
Cassie is back from filming her now movie The Wish Wizard and she's giving us the scoop on LA from the movie makeup artist she worked with, to a jewelry designer she loves and to a hot spot in LA. 
New Products to Watch out For 
A new natural Shampoo/Conditioner that I'm kind of obsessing over.
A deep conditioner that blew my mind!
 A restaurant in NY that you should check out. 
An Eye shadow Palette that needs to be on your radar 
Ask Beautylogic. This is a new feature where Cassie and I give you relationship advice. I get a lot of relationship questions from you girls, I'm going to begin publishing them now (with names changed of course).  You get two different perspectives, one from a married woman, and the other from a single one. If you have any questions, send them over to beautylogicblog@yahoo.com
And of course a new giveaway!



Have a Great Weekend

Product provided by pr for review.

Winner of Glamour Gift Bag Giveaway!

Kat, you are the winner.
Send me an email within 2 days or this will go to someone else.
For all you who didn't win, no worries.
Its holiday time at beautylogic, and tis the season for giveaways.


Milly and Cassie

Zoya Winter 2010 Flame Collection Is On FIRE!!!!

 I don't know how Zoya manages to do it. Not only are they one of the more natural brands in polishes, but it seems like every single collection manages to outdo its predecessor. The new Zoya Flame Winter Collection is no exception.  Zoya is giving us  vibrant, opaque, sparkly, beautiful colors, perfect for the dreary and cold winter, and I can't wait to show you them. Please click on pics to enlarge.

Zoya Tiffany. A gorgeous pinky peach color, flecks of gold foil are all over it. Love it.
First Pic is one Coat, Second is two coats

Zoya Gloria is Next. A rose muave with red and copper metallic accents.
First pic is one coat. Second is two.

Zoya Crystal- This is one of my favorite colors. One coat does it no justice. This kind of reminds me of Zoya's Charla, but more of a blueish tone to it. This is a shiny blue metallic with yellow gold sparkles.  First pic is one coat. Second is two.

Zoya Lisa. You girls know how I feel about my reds. This is a bombshell apple red if I've ever seen one with a bright sparkly finish. Love it! First pic is one coat. Second is two.

 Zoya Sarah. I swatched Sarah Last week. Loved that color.  A stunning red dark fuchsia with a sparkly finish. You could really get away with wearing one coat, its that pigmented. But two is my standard.

 Zoya Valerie. Def one of my faves in this collection.  Zoya describes it so perfectly. Royal purple, dark violet,  red, deep pink and gold iridescence amplified by a glittering sparkle finish.
First pic one coat. Second pic two.

How are you feeling about Zoya's Winter Collection?

Do you love it?

What's your favorites?



Make sure you enter my Glamour Gift bag giveaway. It ends tomorrow.

Product provided for review. 

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