Coconut Oil for Hair-The Proof


Running this site, I get a lot of e-mails. Some are nice, others are weird and some can be really negative. I got a mean e-mail around a week ago with someone spewing anger my direction. I don't like negativity so I'll just quote you some of the e-mail:

"Dear Mrs. DE,

I really don't like the fact that you always tout Coconut Oil for being a magical ingredient for hair. You give false hope to people who follow you in the hopes that their hair will transform itself."

The e-mail went on being insulting afterwards but we don't need all that on my blog. I try to be as positive and as encouraging as possible to my readers. But, I wanted to address something. I grew up in a Dominican family obsessed with hair. If you are familiar with Dominican people, we come in a variety of beautiful shades and hair textures. I have family members that have type 1 hair and others who have Type 4b hair. We are such a beautiful mix of people. I will say this though, we all used coconut oil, and our hair saw the benefits of it. If you don't believe me, then here is a scientific study that tested coconut oil with other oils and showed that coconut oil was really the only one that actually did benefit the hair:

I hope this helps and for that reader, it's not good to be so negative. Lighten up and smile, life is not that serious.

Hugs (even to the mean reader),


Carmindy for Sally Hansen is a Winner

Photobucket Photobucket

I can't tell you how much I love the Sally Hansen inspired by Carmindy Line. First of all the prices are incredibly affordable and the products are such high quality.I love the fact that the products are formulated with skin-benefiting ingredients like soy, bamboo, papaya and mango. My favorite product would have to be the Natural Shine Lip gloss in Sparkling Champagne.The color is just so beautiful. It's a perfect sheer pinkish-nude color that goes on flawlessly without a sticky or tacky feel.(I hate when I’m walking down the street and my hair starts blowing in my face and stays stuck to my lips.) The great thing is it's a flattering shade of nude for different skin tones (Two of DE'S best friends use it and it looks great on them too). I really can’t believe how moisturized my lips feel after using this, and my mom (who never wears make-up) even bought the Sparkling Champagne color because she loved how it looked on me. This is a great affordable line that you should definitely check out.



Harry Slotkin's ScentPortables


Yesterday I had a few friends over, and they were commenting on how every time they entered a room in my apartment it had a delicious but different scent. It’s funny because when I was growing up, my mom would literally spray Glade around the house every 5 minutes. She always wanted to make sure our house smelled of potpourri or of fresh roses (i have a huge aversion to roses now). Well I'll tell you one thing, there is no way in heck that I’ve got time to spray my house every 5 minutes. Before I used to have scented candles in every room, but lately I’ve been using Harry Slotkin’s Scentportables. They come in 5 different scents, and unlike candles and electric diffusers, scentportable brings delicious aromas everywhere without a plug, battery or flame. It’s so cutely made. It’s a chic circular disc with a clip feature. You can put it anywhere. (I even have one in my boyfriend’s hamper because after a workout, his socks reek.) The scents are: pineapple mango cinnamon & clove buds, fresh linen & vanilla coconut and the great thing is they work for up to 4-6 weeks. My rooms all smell fantastic and so different! Yumm
You can purchase this at Bath & Body Works.



DE"s other Obsession Michelle Obama


Did you guys watch that fantastic speech given by Michelle Obama? I was watching it last night and was left in tears. Not only is this women absolutely stunning, but she is so incredibly brilliant, poised and elegant. I can't take it! If i can captivate a crowd half as well as she did, then I think I'll be the best talk show host ever. She's DE's new idol. I also love how cute her and Barack are as a couple.

Go Michelle!



And the Winner is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we got over 300 entries for the fabulous Marini Lash, and my cousin wanted to read them all. The winner is:


Liandra, your story and pics of your chemotherapy really had us in tears .We hope the Marini Lash will help you on your way to growing lashes.

For all the other entrants, thanks for entering, but you know DE has more contest in store for all of you.



DE's New Obsession-Arlenis Sosa

I am really obsessed with this Dominican model Arlenis Sosa. She’s only 19, and was discovered less than four months ago in Santo Domingo while walking to school. In the short time she's been modeling, she's has already become the first Dominican model to appear in seven spreads of Vogue (including the all-black issue). She’s also walked for many amazing designers like Carolina Herrera and Oscar De La Renta. I love this fierce Mamma. In an article from a Dominican news paper she states, “I have lots of dreams, but most importantly bigger dreams for my country I have opened a foundation to help with the good health and education of the children of my country”. The newspaper also writes that, “The “Arlenis Foundation” will help children with diabetes and HIV/AIDs together with the Nazareno church which she belongs to. They will also be donating school supplies to children. With this gesture she has become the first model to open a foundation at the beginning of her career, donating some of her earnings to the least favorable.” (Translation from The Fashion Spot)


pic courtesy of

What a sweet and beautiful girl. Maybe BeautyLogic will have the pleasure of interviewing her during Fashion Week.



Just Believe and You'll Succeed

I have a friend who I grew up with back in South Jamaica who is blind. But nothing ever seemed to stop her. She was always in the top of her classes, and now at almost 30, she’s already completed her PHD and is working at an incredible company. I always admired her tenacity and wondered how this girl did so well in school, when it was so incredibly difficult for her. Anyway, I’ll go back to Chioma (that was her name) in a few minutes, but I wanted to let you girlies know about a book that changed my life. I remember around three years ago when the book The Secret became a huge best seller, and when Oprah recommended it, that solidified all the accolades to me and I ran out to buy it. (I’m an Oprah stan big time. ) But after reading it, I was so disappointed. Everything that she’d written, I had read a long time ago by an author named Napoleon Hill in his book titled Think and Grow Rich.


This has to be one of my favorite books. The book was written back in 1937 and is the bestselling success book of all time. Mr. Hill worked with some of the most successful men of our time to find out what their secrets were (Andrew Carnegie, JP Morgan, Edison, etc etc) and they were all in agreement-the only way to succeed is to truly believe you will. There was never any room in their mind for doubt. And when they failed, they tried again, much harder. Mr. Hill writes a very sad story about how his son was born without ears and the Doctor’s told him that his son would never be able to do anything because of his deformity. Well Mr. Hill chose not to believe them and he spoke to his son every day, figuring out ways that his son could hear him and festered in him the drive to succeed. His son ended up becoming a huge success. He writes, “Bethoven was deaf, Milton was blind but their names will last as long as time endures, because they dreamed and translated their dreams into organized thoughts.” And another amazing quote is “Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.”

I asked Chioma recently about her upbringing and she told me that her mother always told her that just because she was blind, didn’t mean she had any excuse not to succeed. Her mom told her everyday that there was no room for failure and Chioma believed that. I take the lessons from Think and Grow Rich everywhere I go. “Our only limitations are those we set up in our mind.”

Have you read this book?

Do you have a great guide book for us?


Remarkable Lash Enhancement with Jan Marini

I’m a huge fan of long eyelashes. The fact is I wasn’t blessed with really long lashes like my brother so I’m a sucker for any product that claims to elongate and strengthen them. Many times, I’ll spend hundreds on items that do nothing and last year someone applied fake eyelashes on me and my eye were so irritated, I couldn’t open them for a week.But I recently got my hands on Marini lash and I am absolutely obsessed with this product.


First of all I love this company. The founder Jan Marini is known as the “Derma Diva.” She’s known for pioneering medically-validated skin care preparations and has formed associations with some of the world's leading physicians and research scientists. Before Glycolic Acid was accepted by the mass market, she had been using it for years. She’s also the first person who marketed a stable vitamin C technology for healthier skin (what a Diva!).Anyway, her Marini Lash shocked me. I’ve been using it for about a month. In the evening, I apply this as if I’m applying eyeliner on my upper eyelash only. It contains a proprietary peptide blend that really works to elongate my lashes. The progress is remarkable. If Mr. DE notices how effective a product is, I know it’s a keeper. (The only thing he notices is the stock market.) On Saturday when I woke up, he was caressing my cheek and staring at me. He remarked, “I never noticed how long your lashes are.” Keep in mind this product does not work over night. Au contrare, it takes about a month, but the results are so well worth it. My eyelashes are impressively longer and fuller now. I am so happy! (After using this, I’ve even dared to venture outside my house without mascara.)

I love it!

And guess what, I want you to love it too.

DE is giving away a brand new Marini Lash. Send an e-mail to with the subject "DE,Marini Eyelash Extension Needs to be Mine" and then tell me why you need Marini. My cousin will pick out the winner on Sunday August 24 and the winner gets announced August 25.

Visit Jan Marini for more details



Hey I'm on Twitter! (i have no idea how to work this so be patient with me) but if you're on, let's all follow each other. I'm beautylogicblog.




Maybellines 4th Annual Beauty of Education Awards, $10,000 Grants

Do you know someone who has changed lives through the power of education? Why not change her life and nominate her for a Maybelline New York Beauty of Education Award and a $10,000 grant for her education-related cause. You can even nominate yourself!

Maybelline New York believes education opens eyes… and doors. For the fourth consecutive year, the company is honoring outstanding women who have made a real difference in their communities by working to support educational causes. Each of the ten 2008 winners will be awarded a $10,000 grant earmarked for her educational cause, enjoy a trip for two to New York City for a gala awards event and have a chance to have her cause showcased in a national ad in People magazine.

"This year's award winners will be in good company," notes Serena Giovi, Vice President, Marketing, Maybelline New York. "Our past awardees are a phenomenal group of women who inspire, motivate, mentor and teach in their communities every day through education. Maybelline New York couldn't be more proud to support them. We're looking forward to seeing this year's entries."

Women like:

* Oral Lee Brown of Oakland, California, a 2006 award recipient and Founder of the Oral Lee Brown Foundation. Oral Lee adopts first grade classes with the promise of a college education.

* Abigail Rosin, of New York City, New York, a 2007 winner and Founder of Groove with Me, a free dance studio and after school program offering girls enrichment and a safe haven.

* Dr, Marie Vazquez Morgan of Shreveport, Louisiana, a 2006 awardee who runs free seminars in her community to educate people about healthy lifestyle choices.

To learn more about the Maybelline New York Beauty of Education Awards and to nominate someone you know or yourself, visit Nominations are being accepted through October 10, 2008.

Carmindy Coming to a Store Near YOU!

Hey guys,


Carmindy, the amazing make-up artist from the TLC hit show "What Not To Wear" will be making appearances at local drug stores in NYC. She will demonstrate her natural beauty-enhancing secrets with the new Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy makeup collection. Carmindy will consult with consumers and advise them on how to choose makeup that will showcase their best features and emphasize their own natural beauty.

Shoppers can consult with Carmindy and receive her makeup recommendations, a coupon and a sample-on first come first serve basis.


Wednesday, 8/20/2008 , 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm , CVS - 750 Avenue of the Americas

Wednesday 8/20/20083:30-5:30 Duane Reade 358 5th Avenue @ 34th Street

Thursday, 8/21/2008 , 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm , CVS - 215 Park Avenue South

Go See Carmindy!!


PhotobucketI remember the first time I ever heard Alicia Keyes sing live. It was about seven years ago. I was a seatfiller at the MTV music awards. She had just come out with her song Fallin. When she began playing that piano and started singing, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The woman's voice was mesmerizing and it captivated me so much that by the end of the performance I was in tears. Since then, I've gone to many concerts, and never have I been so moved by a performance, until I heard Maiysha. Do you guys know her? She’s amazing. Originally from the Midwest, she came to New York, attended Sarah Lawrence College, taught private school, all the while modeling for Ford, trying to pursue her dream of singing. Well I'm happy to say her dream has come true, and her album This Much is True will be released on August 26. Her voice is so beautiful and filled with emotion; and after hearing her, I found myself in tears again.
Anyway, not only was Maiysha's voice beautiful, but she's one of the most stunning women I've ever seen, so you know DE had to ask her a few questions about her beauty regime.

DE: Tell me a little about your morning beauty regimen?
M: I love Mario Badescu Glycolic Facial Cleanser and Dove Moisturize. I'm a huge fan of exfoliation.

DE: What do you use on your fabulous hair?
M: Well it's not all mine (lol) but I use Pantene. I'm a total drugstore girl.

De: What do you use for make-up?
M: I’m big on Kevyn Aucoin's skin enhancer concealer and I use two colors #11 and #13. I also use Nars Bronzer Sin & Casino. I love Nars Lipglosses but my staple is
Rosebud Salve.

DE: What's your must have beauty item?
M : Mascara

De: Which ones?
M: I recently discovered this Sephora brand mascara called Atomic Volumizer. It is great and my Clinique high definition.

Thanks Maiysha

DE and Maiysha

You guys must check this girl out Her album is set to release August 26, but she'll be performing on September 11 at Joe's Pub. (I remember when Alicia was performing at Joe's Pub over 7 years ago and look at her now).


17 Hairstyles That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

Up 'dos mere mortals like us can actually replicate at home

With a few (and only a few) key products and styling tools, you can quickly give yourself a salon-worthy 'do. And hey, if you hate it, try a different one -- at least you haven't blown 60 bucks and a hour of precious time on it. ...More


Dominican Salon Reviews Starting Again

Alright, I know I've been slacking off with the salon reviews, but DE is busy. I'm trying to be the next Oprah, and you know that takes a lot of work. But, we'll start again with new reviews within the next two weeks. Just to refreshen your memory, here are the three I've done so far. If you live in the tristate area and you think i should review the salon you frequent, send an e-mail to with the name and address. I'll try to head over there.

Dominican Salon Review #1

Dominican Salon Review #2

Dominican Salon Review #3

Hugs as always,


Frizz Fighters

Hair Product Challenge: Frizz Fighters

These product reviews reveal which formulas tame fine, thick, wavy and curly hair ... and which are a waste of money

We painstakingly perused your ratings and reviews of anti-frizz products to find out which ones made your repeat purchase list and which fell short of your expectations. Soak up the feedback and use it to your advantage next time you're shopping for the perfect frizz-fighting formula for your hair type and beauty budget. ...More


Beautorium for Natural Products


I wanted to let you guys know about an amazing site called Beautorium. You guys know that I love natural products. But many times, a lot of products that claim that they are in fact ‘natural’ are loaded with chemicals and contain like two organic ingredients in them. However, Beautorium takes the guessing game away from you. Having done the homework, Beautorium has hand-picked and carefully screened each and every brand it offers to ensure consumers get the most out of a positively organic experience. Ann Francke and Barry King, the forces behind Beautorium, have forty combined years of industry experience; they know that taking good care of skin means knowing what you put on it. Experts tell us over 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body – that women’s bodies can absorb five pounds of chemicals per year from using conventional beauty care products. Beautorium reacted to these facts by sourcing eco-friendly, human-friendly products from Europe (where the standards of natural and organic beauty are more developed) and beyond.

What is more, every order comes with a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What makes a product Beautorium worthy?

Beautorium brands are selected according to the following five demanding criteria:

·Natural or organic. Most are certified natural, organic and/or vegetarian by the world’s most reliable independent third party organizations
·Not tested on animals, cruelty-free
·Effective ingredients and with proven benefits
·Professionally and beautifully presented
·Compelling brand and company personality

Check them out.



Random Giveaway

I know this post is late, but DE was in a huge Back in the Days mode yesterday, doing the running man, and just dancing up a storm in her house to old jams. So in honor of my mood, guess what song these lyrics comes from:

"Silky, milky her smile is like sunshine
Thats why I had to dedicate at least one rhyme
To all the cuties in the neighborhood
Cause if I didnt tell you then another brother would
Your sweet like sugar with your gangster talk
Want to eat you like a cookie when I see you walk "

First 3 people that leave a comment on who rapped this song get a free NYC sun2 sun Bronzer (best inexpensive bronzer out there). I'll give you a hint,he's from my old neighborhood.

Yeah to the winners. You know it was LLCoolJ. If you were the first three who commented, please send your address to




I remember when I was a kid; I had a huge obsession with glitter. My mother would go crazy screaming at me all the time because there would be glitter all over the house, and all over my hair. It was an addiction. I glitterized everything. But as I got older, I became less artsy and put the glitter away. However, I was a kid of the nineties so by the time I turned fourteen, the obsession with glitter began again. I had those long airbrushed acrylic nails (I thought I was so cool), and I would put glitter all over my crazy designs. But when I reached my late teens, the fascination was over again, and the glitter got thrown away.

However, yesterday I was in Duane Reade when guess what caught my eye again after so many years= a gorgeous pink glitter polish from Wet n Wild called Sparkled. It captivated me. I picked it up and eyed it cautiously. I asked myself, As a woman in my twenties, could I really get away with glitter polish? My heart said take it, but my mind said, Are you crazy, you’re a professional woman…..glitter polish you must be mad. I’ve always been a woman who listened to her heart instead of her mind so I ran out ignoring the voices in my head (no I’m not schizo). I paired it up with my PeaceKeeper polish and I thought my nails looked so purdy!
Take a look:


What do you think? Be honest now, should DE act her age and put the glitter away or should I continue to Glitterize?

Do you glitterize? Will you glitterize?

By the way today I'm having a random giveaway. for three winners but you'll have to be one of the first to comment to win so stay tuned.



Keep the Peace and look beautiful too

Have you guys heard of PeaceKeeper? It’s a line of natural make-up, and of all their profits after taxes go to benefit women’s health advocacy &human rights issues. I love that, but I also love the fact that they don’t manufacture anything with Parabens, FD&C coloring, Artifical coloring or fragrance, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Acetone, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, and a host of other chemicals. Anyway, I picked up their nailpolish Paint Me Stunning around 3 days ago at Whole Foods. I adore the color and it contains nourishing Argan Oil which is fab for the nails. It’s a beautiful pink that dried quickly, and two coats was all I needed for a gorgeous color. I still haven’t seen chipping yet. Here’s a pic:


PeaceKeeper doesn't just offer nailpolish, but a whole array of other make-up as well. You guys should check them out.




Roomie Rec=L’oreal Vive Pro Conditioning Gloss Treatment


My roommate wanted me to let you mammas know about this “fantastic product” that she’s been using. I received this a while ago, but because I only use natural shampoo/conditioners, I allowed her to give it a whirl. She loved loved loved this! My roomie has dyed blonde type 4a hair that suffers from a lot of breakage and damage. She described saturating her hair with this, and leaving it in for about 20 minutes. When she washed it out, her hair was left soft, smooth and so easy to comb. She couldn’t believe it. When she did her roller set, it was much easier to do, and after she took her hair out of the rollers, she claims the shine was unlike anything she’d seen before with absolutely no frizz. She was happy with this hair product (which is rare for her). If you don’t do the natural shampoo/conditioners like I do, this may be something to look at.

What conditioning treatment do you use to keep your hair glistening?



Being a B.i.t.c.h isn't a Bad Thing

So as I wrote before, four of my good girlfriends are going through a break-up. Yesterday I took one of them out to lunch and we evaluated her situation. “Liza” (I’ve changed her name) is a stunning, girl, 27, a professional at a major magazine, incredibly sweet & loyal, but she’s also been broken up with by every guy she’s been with. I forgot to mention Liza’s girlfriend Tanzy was with us. Every guy Tanzy has been with has asked her to marry them. She’s in a great relationship right now but all of her exes are begging her to take them back. So Tanzy and I were asking Liza, what is it that she thinks goes wrong in her relationships. Liza’s first response was, “I don’t know. I cook, clean, do their laundry; call them all the time to make sure they’re good." Tanzy and I gave Liza a look of sheer horror. I love my boyfriend to death, but Good God Almighty! I can’t even picture myself calling the man more than twice a day, (and even that’s too much!). I have way too much stuff to do during the day to have that many conversations with him. Doing his laundry and cooking, well that started after I knew he was “THE ONE.” And shoot, I only do that sometimes. (But that’s what works for me!) I realized that Liza might be making some mistakes, and I recommended a book that I'd read a while back.
Now I think this is a must-read for all ladies. I actually found this book on the subway around three years ago, and have since then loaned it to many friends. The book is written by Sherry Argov, who happens to be a comedienne. It is an incredibly humorous read that delivers a real message: Giving up your individuality for any man is not only unhealthy for you but it’s also a huge turn off for the man you’re with. Also overcompensating by doing way too much too soon or being too needy is a no-no!

I asked Tanzy about her relationship. Tanzy told me that when she first met her boyfriend, she treated him like she treated every other friend. She never waited for his call and when he did call, if she was free, she would pick up. If she wasn’t free, he would have to wait until she was available to hear from her. Sometimes it was a few minutes other times it was a few days. She hung out with her friends and would never break a date with them for a man (I really dislike when my friends forget they have friends once they have a boyfriend). Now three years later, her relationship is a lot closer but the bottom line is, both Tanzy and her boyfriend have lives together but separate lives as well and they are both crazy in love. She did not stop her life for her boyfriend, and that’s the basic message of this book. Also, Tanzy is incredibly secure about herself, and Liza is not. Liza constantly talks about the lipo she wants to get, yet Tanzy is way heavier than Liza, and thinks she’s God’s gift to the world. The book makes a valid point about that. “It is the attitude about yourself that a man will adopt.” And “Act like a prize and you’ll turn him into a believer.” If you know a woman who constantly gets broken up with, or who would cook a 6 course meal for a guy she shared glances with on the subway, then pass along this book. It may change her life and turn her into a Bitch= Being In Total Control of Herself.

Are you in a relationship? How do you keep it kicking?
Any words of advice for our readers?

Hugs as Always,


Congrats to the Winners

Dancarlys V
& Sonia H

Sorry it took so long to post, but my cousin was the one who chose the winners of this one and I had to wait for her picks.

The winners have 24 hours to respond to my e-mail or a second winner will be chosen.

For those who didn't win, Don't worry. DE has a few more giveaways coming up next week.

Have a great weekend!



Essie Fall Line=Truly Divine

You ladies know how much I loves polishes, but I sure do love me some Essie polish!!!!
The colors stay forever, and they're always so darn beautiful and unique. The names always crack me up too. Here is Essie’s new collection for the fall which is just a gorgeous array of rich elegant reds to deep luscious purples!

Forever Young- I love Essie’s red polishes. They are so damn sexy. This is a Fiery Tango Red.

Lacy Not Racy-A gorgeous Velvet Burgundy. Looks fab on my toes!

Big Spender-Wooh Big Spender! A gorgeous reddish violet.

No Boundaries-A Juicy and Passionate Plum.

Swept off my Feet-One of my favorite colors. A gorgeous seductive muave color.

Tomboy No More – A dark Red currant Truffle.


Well here we go again. BeautyLogic & Essie are partnering to give two of my readers the entire fall collection. Just send an e-mail to with the subject line being "DE, Stop being Greedy, Make me an Essie Goddess." Contest runs till Thursday 8/7/2008 and winner gets announced on Friday.

What's your favorite polish in the fall collection?

What's your favorite Essie polish ever?



Essie makes you Good to Go!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re running late to an event, but you must must must get a manicure beforehand! You run to the salon, wait your turn, get your manicure (all while looking at the clock). The manicurist tells you to allow your nails to dry but you just don’t have the time. You got to go! You rush out, trying to do everything without messing up your nails but by the time you arrive at the event, your fresh manicure is smudged, and just ugly. You try to hide those fingers, but you know everyone is staring at them. As soon as the event is over, you rush home, whip out the nail polish remover and get to work taking off the remnants of the polish.
That always used to happen to me. I always seem to be in a rush and always wait for the last minute to get my nails done. Seriously, by the time I had left the manicurist chair and gone to my destination, my nails were always a hot mess! But, Essie as usual, thought of a solution for messy mommas like me.

Introducing the Essie’s Good to Go Patented top coat


This is the best thing for getting a smudge-free and long lasting manicure. After putting this on, my nails are completely dry almost instantly and are left with a great glossy finish. No smudges or messed up nails at all. This is the perfect solution for chicks who are always on the run like me, and who just hate waiting in the salon for their nails to dry or just don’t have the time for all that!

Have you tried this top coat?




Congrats to the Winners of the Lancome Mascara

We had a lot of people enter this contest and only 2 mascaras to give. The winner’s are

Valerie V

Tischina J

Please make sure to e-mail me in 24 hours or the mascaras go to 2 other people. For those who didn’t win, no worries. We’re having a few more giveaways this week which will include the Essie Fall Collection.



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