GlossyBox Review & Weekend Updates

Hey loves, how was your weekend. Mine was pretty good. Today I'm scheduled to have my wisdom teeth pulled so I'm not that happy,  but for now let's get into beauty because I wanted to talk to you girls  about GlossyBox. If you're a beauty fanatic like I am, GlossyBox might be the best thing you've ever heard of. For $21.00 per month, the peeps over at GlossyBox will send you a guaranteed 5 or more beauty products. I believe most of them are full size and not the sample size items. For April, I received a really great box. First of all, can we talk about how gorgeous the packaging is! I love pretty packaging.

Click below to see the contents of the glossy box, read how you can become a member of Glossy Box and my weekend updates.

Dior Addicts Orange Pareo Gloss Summer 2012

I'm a huge fan of orange lippies. Lately, I've also been rocking the hue on my lids too (looks amazing on warm skin tones).  Not everyone feels comfortable wearing such a bold color.  So for the Summer, Dior has created something perfect for those who fear orange! It's the new Dior Addicts Orange Pareo Lip gloss. What I love about this lippy, is that in the tube the color looks insane-so ORANGE! When I opened the box, I was like "WTH?" But once applied, oh baby, it looks gorgeous. I love that  it' s wearable by just about anyone.


Therapy Thursday: Be a Risk Taker.

This is a quick post. I just wanted to show you girls the two covers of Cosmo for Latina's Magazine. As you can see, my Dominicana "friend in my head" Zoe Saldana is on the cover. If you've been reading me for a while, you know that my dream in life is to report or be a lifestyle host, but while I reach toward my dream, I will take any opportunity that I can learn from. So, when Cosmo for Latinas reached out to be to do the beauty for their debut issue, I said "Heck yeah!" And, although I was intimidated,  I still did it. I didn't fear taking a risk (actually, yes I did, I was scared out of my mind). But, the issue is finished, and I'm super proud. Moral of this,  don't ever let fear stop you from taking a risk-no matter what.  Many of the most successful peeps in the world say the reason they are, where they are, is because of taking risk.

 Last but def not least,  believe in yourself, because when you believe in yourself, you convince others  to believe in you too.



Therapy Thursday-Dear Milly, What's a Kegel?

Therapy Thursday. Dear Milly, What’s a kegel?

I recently got an email from a reader in India. Her letter said,  Dear Milly, I have three kids, and have never tried to kegel nor have I heard of it. You say it’s amazing, how can I do it? 
I got a lot of other emails asking about kegels as well, so instead of sending a gazillion emails, I will just write a post about it.  Since we're all girlfriends, here, I will keep it very real with you in this post.  The power of your pelvic muscle down there can do amazing things.  Your partner will go crazy when you know how to control it and can flex it on them. The problem like any other muscle in your body, if not exercised, this muscle can become 1) weak 2) loose 3) feel mushy.  When that starts to happen, you will start to notice things like  peeing on yourself when you sneeze, and your sex life may become dull for both you and him. How to fix it: Kegel! What’s kegel? You know when you really have to use the bathroom, but you hold it, that’s you using your pelvic muscles, and those are the same muscles you target when you kegel. Kegeling is just exercising your pelvic muscles. But, my gyn told me, kegeling by itself just isn’t that effective. And that makes sense. When you want to build your muscles, you don’t work them out by themselves, you use a weight.  Well the same thing holds true with pelvic muscles, you need some sort of weight, and believe me, there are many of them available. Once you start exercising that muscle, you will notice a huge difference. HUGE, and so will your partner. You may not be able to get him off of you J. I recommend doing 100 kegels a day 4 times a week with a device. 

Let me know how it works out for you. There are a lot of devices on the market and if you need a rec, just email me.



Glowing by Jennifer Lopez Review and Weekend Updates.

I love JLO. Yea, I said it. I've loved her since I was a teenager, and watched her in Money Train. I love her now on American Idol. I loved when my high school boyfriend would call me JLO (that just made me feel so pretty).  I love that every Latina I know has been told once in their life that they look like JLO (even if they look nothing like her). lol.  I love her sexiness, her sassiness, her, "Yea, I have a 25 year old boyfriend and what!" attitude. She is who she is, and she doesn't care what anyone thinks! But, I also love that she's a huge believer in positive thinking (like myself) and that she paved the way for many Latinas in Hollywood, and around the world. So,  I'm thrilled to tell you, that I love her new Eau de Parfum, Glowing. Woohoo!  I'm a huge lover of clean and woodsy smooth scents. Scents that don't stink up an entire room.  Glowing is soft, yet makes an impact. The scent contains top notes of bergamot, mandarin and cypress. The heart includes accords of orange flower, Muguet des Bois, and cassia flower.  The end notes are sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli, cashmere musk, vanilla and sultan amber. Man, after the dry down, the sandalwood and vanilla are definitely the more pronounced notes, and the combination of these too, is kind of sexy and delicious.  I've recently started wearing fragrances before bed. (I read somewhere Marilyn Monroe did that.) . \The fragrance goes strong for a good six hours as well. Although I just received the sample size, I hear the bottle lights up when you use it. How cool is that. All in all I'm loving this sexy scent.

Do you love JLO?

What's your favorite JLO movie? I think mine is Monster in Law.

Do you know that this is Jlo's 18th fragrance? Wow girl!!

This fragrance is available now at Kohls for $65.00

How was your weekend. Mine was great. Saturday, I hung out with my beautiful family, and Sunday, was a day of having brunch with my girls. There's nothing like hanging with the girls.  You've met both of these ladies before on the blog. A few years back I mentioned Raven here, as she was trying to be a reporter too. I'm so thrilled to tell you that she is   now a producer and reporter in Massachusetts, and my love Sophia (whose reviewed products before)  is a field producer for a production company.  We call ourselves the "Dream Team. " Because we plan to make all our dreams a reality. Anyway,   we went to Calle Ocho which is one of my fave spots in NYC on the weekends. Unlimited Sangria, and delish food.

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything fun?



Simply Vera, Vera Wang Volumizing Mascara Review & Pics

I guess you can say I'm a mascara fanatic. I only keep my mascaras for three months (after three months, the wand is loaded with bacteria, yuke), but I tend to have around five or six at a time. What can I say? I love lashes. The thicker, the longer,  the better! False lashes are always an option too, but I tend to only do false lashes if I"m going out somewhere major. I'm a mascara girl.  My latest obsession is Vera Wang's new Simply Vera, Vera Wang Volume Enhancing Volume. This is Vera Wang's newest makeup line which is exclusively sold at Kohls. This mascara is out of this world good.

 Click below to read my review and see before/after pics.

Dior Summer 2012 Nail Polish Collection

Hey loves, how are you? Sorry I've been MIA, but let's talk beauty, and we'll start with The new Dior Summer 2012 Nail Polish collection. Lately, I've really become obsessed with polishes, and find myself changing my nail color every other day. I don't know what it is, but I find painting my nails relaxes me. Does it relax you too?

Anyway, the new Dior Summer 2012 Nail Polish contains two perfect summer colors.

 Click Below to read more and see swatches

Therapy Thursday: No New One

No new Therapy Thursday today guys. I apologize, but this week has been insane. Here are some old ones that I hope will help you.
If you have any ideas for Therapy Thursday, let me know.

Don't Compare Your Journey or You're Asking For Failure

Don't Look Down On Anyone

Things that Make Milly Go Hmmm

This week has been pretty rough, but I'll be back soon. For now, sending hugs and love your way.


You Need: Too Faced Primed & Poreless Bronze Tint and Weekend Updates

Hey loves, how was your weekend? Mine was great, went to IMATS, saw two of my fave youtube gurus and did a few other things, but we'll get into that later on in the post, for now let's talk beauty. Today in NYC, it's expected to hit 90 degrees. That's crazy (and a little scary, Global Warming!). Now when it's this hot, I always  wear a primer. Primers ensure that your makeup stays on all day and doesn't seep into your pores, making you look a hot splotchy mess. I've been using this primer for a minute and I'm shocked I haven't reviewed it yet. It's Too Faced Primed & Poreless SPF 20 with Bronze Tint. This is one of my fave primers for a few reasons. 1) it contains SPF 20 (not many primers contain spf) 2) not only does it act as a primer, but it also leaves your skin with a very pretty medium bronze tint. Hello self tanner and primer in one!!!

Click below to read more and read weekend updates. 

Happy Hearts 1 Night 1 School Event

Hey guys,

If you're based in NYC or anywhere near, I'd love you to attend this 1 Night 1 School event from the Happy Hearts Fund on Tuesday April 17th  The Happy Hearts fund is a non-profit founded by supermodel Petra Nemcova after the 2004 Tsunami. The goal is to rebuild schools and restore hope and opportunity  in the lives of children after natural disaster.  The goal of 1 Night 1 School is to rebuild the TK Pertiwi 11 Kindergarten in Indonesia, that was destroyed by an earthquake on May 2006. Mr. Milly is on the board, and last time I went to a Happy Hearts event it was so much fun.  You can click on a recap of the last event here (you know I blogged about it).

Anyway, I hope you'll be able to attend.  I will be there.



Therapy Thurday: COUPLES THERAPY 2

Two weeks ago, I did the first Couples therapy. If you didn't read that post click here. Now, after watching Couples therapy a few more times, I'm just so saddened by DMX and his wife. It's a horrible situation, and I hope none of you beautiful mammas ever find yourself in that predicament. Remember, you deserve better than a man who cheats, has no respect for you, and does not care if he hurts you or not. Do not settle!! Especially, when it comes to a relationship. Anyway, here are some more Couples Therapy Tips for you.

1) Intimacy-you may be thinking Milly, you already told us about intimacy. You already told us we should kegel. Yes, but Mr. Milly read my last Couples Therapy post and he said that I should emphasize how important intimacy is! He says if the intimacy stops, that's probably the best indicator that something is not right. When I tried to explain to him that not all men are as frisky as him, he became very serious and said, "Yes they are." So, Mr. Milly says if the intimacy stops, find out what the problem is asap. Make sure you try new things, read the kama sutra if you have to, but most important, kegel with a device!

2) Date night: Many of us have children, but it's so important to have a date night with your lover. You two can unwind, be alone, and just make time for each other. DO IT!! If you can't go out, then put the kids to sleep, and do it after they go to bed, but do it.This is super important.

 Click below to read more:

Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long Wear Mascara Review

Lately, beauty companies are coming out with products that will last all day. I love that! As a woman who is constantly on the go, it's great to know that I don't have to worry about my makeup looking a hot mess after a few hours. Bobbi Brown has just released her Long Wear line. This includes shadows, lipsticks, and a mascara. I've reviewed a lot of mascaras lately, but I can't front, the Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara in Black is definitely one of my top picks.  Although, the brush applicator is pretty thin and small compared to other brushes that I've used, it packs a powerful punch.

Click Below to Read Review and see before and after pics:

Makeup Master Scott Barnes New Book Face To Face

Friend to the blog, and famed makeup artist Scott Barnes is coming out with his second book in September. The book will show new looks, inspiration, tips, techniques and tricks amassed over years as one of the top celebrity makeup artist. Scott is the man responsible for Jlo's glow.

I'm excited about the book. I love makeup books in general so I will def add to my collection.

I think it's interesting that he used Kim K on the cover. But, her makeup looks great.

Do you read makeup books too?

What are some of your favorites?

I love:

Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin
Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin
Fine Beauty by Sam Fine
Makeup The Ultimate Guide Rae Morris



Nuance Salma Hayek Macadamia Nut Exfoliating Body Cleansing Scrub Review

During the spring time, I love to whip out my self tanners and darken up. Although, I was already born brown, I love to turn as bronze as possible (without the sun's harmful rays). Now, one thing that prevents me from looking all streaky is a good exfoliator.  The one I've been using, even when I don't tan because it's just that great, is the new Nuance Salma Hayek Macadamia Nut Exfoliating Body Cleansing Scrub (wow, how long is that name!). This exfoliator/cleanser smells so delish, like a soft sugar fragrance (not sickening sweet either).  And, the scent lingers on your skin throughout the day. I find myself sniffing my arm often.  Also, this scrub is loaded with  moisturizing ingredients like macadamia oil, coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, so even after I use this, my skin is left so silky soft (perfect for my self tanner). If your skin isn't super dry, you could probably skip lotion afterwards.  I love that the exfoliating granules aren't that abrasive. They get the job done without ripping my skin off or leaving it red.

All in all, I love this.

You can find it here.

Price is $8.99

What's your fave scrub?

Do you self-tan too?

What's your favorite self tanner?



Old Drugstore fave: Wet N Wild Petal Pusher Review and Easter Face

How was your Easter loves? Mine was great. I spent time with my family, ate a lot, and enjoyed the beautiful NYC weather. I hope yours was fantastic and that you ate a lot too :-). Now let's talk beauty specifically drugstore beauty. I'm a huge fan of Wet n Wild, especially their color icon palettes, and one  that I find myself using often is Petal Pusher. It's priced at  $4.99. Some of the shadows in this palette are the  quality of shadows that I've paid more than $15.00 and up for.  The great pigment, the smooth texture, the way these blend so well together, this is not at all what I was expecting from this palette when I first got it last year. (I mean come on, this is $4.99) Although I have been a Wet N wild fan for years. Their 666 lip pencil (I hate that number!) and their bronzer have been a staple in my makeup bag for years, but man, these eye shadows are pretty great. Click below to see swatches, and check out the Easter makeup i did using the palette. 

You Need the New Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliners, I never have a steady hand. I've been doing my makeup for 15 years and I still can't get that perfect line (on my left eye). It just never seems to happen. There are rare occasions that I do get the line right on  both eyes, but usually my left eye liner always ends up a little crooked.   I then have to re-do it a few times. Step in Milani's new Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner in Blackest Black.  This is one of the best drugstore eyeliners I've ever used. First of all, the extremely fine felt tip point makes application a breeze.

 I do my usual technique and have found that my eyeliner always seems to come out perfectly on both eyes. The handle has a sort of curve to it that makes it easier for you to hold, and it works. Seriously, I haven't screwed up my left eye line since using this and that is unusual. Also, what I love about this, is after I apply, when I blink my eyes, I don't have bits of black liner on my lid. That always happens, even with waterproof liners, but not with this one.  Also, I love how rich the black is

and that this eyeliner stays put all day!!!

All in all, this eyeliner gets an A+!

You can find it here for $7.49.



New Beauty Smoothie Ingredient: Neocell Super Collagen

You girls know how I feel about my beauty smoothie. I drink it religiously every morning and have seen some great results on my hair, skin, and nails.  Here's my smoothie recipe here. Anyway, recently I started added collagen to my smoothie after reading all the great reviews of this particular product. People claiming that their hair and nails, grew a lot longer, and their skin  never looked better. The stuff is tasteless, and is fairly inexpensive. Since I'm pretty familiar with how fast my nails, and hair grow every month (I''m a little crazy, I measure) I'll let you know if I see a difference in about six weeks.

Have you been drinking a smoothie?

What do you add to yours?



OCC The Garden Nail Lacquer Swatches and Review

Some nail polishes can really knock my socks off, and that's how I felt when I tested OCC  The Garden Nail Lacquers. First of all, I love that these nail polishes are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  I'm really happy that nail polish companies are eliminating the unnecessary chemicals and still coming out with such high quality polishes. Now, let's talk about this collection. These polishes are so intensely pigmented and the colors I tested were out of this world gorgeous. Plus I love that they didn't apply streaky.  Click below to see swatches:

Congrats to Cassie

Hey guys,

Just want to wish my bestest Cassie a big congrats. Cassie has now joined the cast of VH1's hit show Single Ladies. Cassie is a great example that hard work, and passion for what you do pays off. Make sure you watch the show. It comes back in May!

Here's the article announcing her to the show. Click here

I'm so proud of her.

Remember, if you believe you can do it, YOU WILL!



Winner of Clarisonic Acne Set

according to is


Also, if you enter any of my  giveaways as Anonymous or unknown, please make sure you leave your name or email or I will have to remove your comment.

We have a lot more  giveaways coming up soon so stay tuned.

Larnies, I need to hear from you by Monday or I will have to give this to someone else.



Therapy Thursday: Don't Wait Till Someones Gone, To Give Them Roses.

Tomorrow is truly a bittersweet day for me. Two years tomorrow, I married my husband. You can read that post here. One year tomorrow, I lost the person that meant the absolute world to me, my beautiful abuela (grandmother). The month she passed, I had been so busy. I had booked a few segments and was really working my butt off. I was too busy to call her. Too busy to visit.  But, in my mind, I knew my grandmother would always be around. Sure, she was in her 80's, but she was a strong woman. Yes, she was battling asthma and now had to move around with oxygen tanks attached to her because it was that bad, but she'd always beaten the odds. That woman was as strong as an ox. (You have to be one strong woman to raise 17 kids.) So when I got the call a year ago tomorrow, at around 2:30am that she was back in the hospital, I knew she'd be fine. I knew that she'd come out of it, like she always did. Since I didn't have a sitter for the middle of the night, I figured I would stop by the hospital the next day and give her a big kiss and comb her hair. She always had a comb on hand  no matter where she was, even in the hospital, she  insisted on always looking her best.  I told myself again,  she'd be fine in no time and I promised that this time, I'd definitely start visiting her more, and doing her nails (she loved when I painted her nails purple). At around 6am in the morning, my mother called me, "It's bad, come say goodbye. " Can you believe I still wasn't that scared? That's how strong my grandmother was. She'd always pull through.  But, unfortunately it didn't work out that way.  I took a cab to the hospital. When I walked into the waiting room, I saw my cousins, aunts, siblings, many of them on the floor screaming and sobbing. It was then that I knew. My  heart hit the floor.

All I remember was falling, and thinking to myself, Why the heck didn't I come see her more? Why the heck didn't I call her ? Why the heck didn't I tell her how much I loved her? Why didn't I ever tell her how much she meant to me??????

I still live with that regret much every day. I wish I could have told her how much she meant to me while she was still here.  I would have told her, "thank you abuela for teaching me to be a kind person. For teaching me that being beautiful on the outside is important, but being beautiful on the inside is so much more important. Thank you for teaching me the importance of giving to others.  But most of all grandma, thank you for showing me what unconditional love is."

If you are fortunate enough to have any of your grandparents or parents alive, make sure you constantly tell them how much they mean to you, how much you love them, and make time for them no matter what is going on in your life.

Believe me, living with this kind of regret isn't easy.



Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara in Bleu Review

As I told you girls before, lately, I'm taking some serious risk when it comes to my eye makeup. I'm no longer sticking to neutrals like browns, coppers deep purples. No! For the summer, Milly is a new woman! I'm going bold when it comes to my eye makeup, and I'm not just leaving it to shadows. I'm also going bold with my mascara too. So let's talk about the new  Laura Mercier's Long Lash Mascara in Bleu (Blue).  First let's get into the brush shape, which is oval and contains massive tiny fibers that grab even my inner corner tiny lashes.

 Click below to read my review and see my before and after pics. 

Too Faced Summer Eye Palette Review and Swatches

Almost every year I go to the Dominican Republic to visit my family. My cousins always have the brightest and coolest makeup from blues, bright greens and oranges on their lids, combined with a vibrant red lip. They don't care. They love taking risks with their makeup. Normally, my makeup is pretty mellow. I usually stick to neutrals, golds, purples, copper or brown on the lids but for the last two months, I've really been switching it up. For some reason this year, I seem to be changing my look. On Friday, i'm going to add some highlights to my  dark hair (why the heck not???). And lately, I've really been experimenting with bright eyeshadows too. One palette that I am def taking with me when I head to DR is the new  Too faced  Summer Eye Palette. The packaging itself is beautiful, and check out the gorgeous shadows: 

Click below to see swatches, read my review, and see a look I created.

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator Review

How was your weekend loves? Mine was great. On Sunday my bestest Cassie came over and we spent the day at my house celebrating some great news (I'll announce soon), eating some takeout  from my fave Caribbean restaurant  on the Upper West Side Fredas   and watching  the movie, A Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. We stopped after a while though because that movie is a  little too weird. Have you seen it?  It's a little crazy. Anyway, let's talk beauty.

Two weeks ago NYC was hit with 70 degree weather. It was glorious. Last week wasn't as beautiful. But anyway, when the sun hits, and the weather gets super warm, I always make sure to carry  oil blotting sheets  because my skin (especially my nose) becomes  a greasy mess. The last few weeks, I've been testing Clinique's Pore Refining Solutions Stay Matte Hydrator, This product promises to hydrate your skin, and keep it matte for eight hours.  8 hours is a LONG time for my skin to stay matte-especially when the sun is out. The product is also oil free and non-acnegenic which is a huge plus because my skin is  super sensitive.   I realized how effective this was while using it during our little heat wave.  After washing my face, I didn't use a  moisturizer. I just applied this product.  As I was applying, I noticed that the product itself just felt like a moisturizer. It didn't feel silicony or anything. How the heck is my face not going to get oily with this?    I then applied my foundation and makeup. After a day of running errands, I finally had a chance to look in the mirror. Woooh!  My skin was not oily at all, not even a little bit, even my nose which always gets shiny no matter what I use, was still matte.   I didn't even have to use my oil blotting sheets. That is insane! I always have to use those.  I also liked that this product didn't make my skin too dry. (A lot of these products that claim to stop the oil, suck the moisture out of your skin and can leave  it flaky and gross.)  My makeup applied so smoothly with this on as well. This product may replace my trusted primer. All in all this gets an A+ FYI: the product says you're supposed to use with the other pore refining products, but I didn't. I just used this alone, and loved it.

How was your weekend?

Have you tried any of the Clinique Pore Refining line?



Win it : Clarisonic Acne Clarifying Collection

You girls know how I feel about my Clarisonic. It's probably the beauty product that I mention the most on this site. It's done some amazing things to my skin. I love how it removes all of the traces of my makeup, and allows my anti-aging products to penetrate so much better (keeping Milly looking young!). Anyway, Clarisonic has just released their Acne Clarifying Collection. As a woman who is not in her teens and still suffers from the occasional acne break out, this product speaks to me. The Acne Clarifying collection contains the new Mia 2  (which has two speeds) the new acne cleansing brush head (which is the brush head of choice for me now because it's so super gente) and their acne daily clarifying cleanser which contains 2% salicylic acid. It's a pretty great collection that retails for $169, and one of you girls will have a chance to win it. Here's how:

1) like Beautylogic on Facebook
2) For an extra entry  leave a comment here about anything!
3) for an extra entry, tweet "I am entering @beautylogicblog @clarisonicacnecollection giveaway.
4) Then leave an extra comment telling me you tweeted.

Winner gets picked through and announced this Friday.



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