New Estee Lauder Pure Vivid Color Shine Lipstick Review + Estee Lauder Black Cassis Review & Swatches

How was your weekend, loves? Mine was fun, nothing crazy, just hanging with family and relaxing. I was supposed to do a segment last week, but it got rescheduled for tomorrow, so I prepped for that too. I hope your weekend was great and you spent time with those you love But, for now, let's get into beauty, and for now I'm talking Estee Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick for Fall 2012 and Estee Lauder Black Cassis Lipstick. Estee Lauder makes a very interesting claim with these new VIVID Shine lipsticks. For amplified color with unprecedented sparkling shine. Clusters of up to eight different shaped pearls cast diamond-like reflections. Silver and gold sparkle pearls neutralize lip tone. All looks great on every skin tone. "
That's a pretty bold statement to say that 16 shades look great on all skin tones. Now Estee Lauder sent me four of the Vivid Shine, so click below to see swatches and read my review.

From Left to Right; Black Cassis, Fireball, Gunmetal Luminizer, Forbidden Apple, Pink Riot

July Glossybox USA & Winner of the 3 Month Glossybox Subscription

Hey Loves,

I just received the July Glossybox and couldn't wait to show it to you. I kind of feel like this glossybox was catered for me because I can pretty much use everything in it. The theme is,  "Summer Nights." The box offers you the essentials you'll need to show off your sun-kissed skin, and gorgeous hair.  Click below to see what's in the box, and find out if you won the 3 month subscription:

New Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips

A few months ago on the blog,  I recommended my secret tooth whitener. The one that had turned my after braces yellow teeth to pearly whites. It was my hidden secret for years, but you should know this about me, when it comes to beauty, I can't keep secrets. I love to spread  the word when it comes to beauty products that work.  Here's the problem though, after recommending my secret tooth whitener, they are now sold out. I'm so devastated. The guy told me he has no idea when he'll have more in stock.  Oh NO!!!

A big problem is, before 10am,  I drink my  cup of Cafe bustelo, my Shoumei White Tea (powerful antioxidant) and my beloved smoothie. These all contribute to yellow teeth. And sometimes, a girl just doesn't have time to brush after every single drink. So here's a product that I've been trying and so far so good. It's Rembrandt's newest Intense Stain Stain Dissolving Strips. After drinking all my drinks, I take two strips, one for my top teeth and one for my bottom teeth. You apply this like you would regular whitening strips, but here's the kicker, you leave these on, and they dissolve in your mouth, stopping any stains from setting. I often do this on an empty  elevator, or in a cab rushing to work, quick easy 123. So far, my teeth are still white, and I love the convenience of these. I also feel like they freshen your breath too, which is great, because after a smoothie, coffee and tea, I'm sure my breath isn't smelling so fresh. HA! FYI: do you know many peeps say  yellow teeth ages you more than wrinkles! So whiten up those teeth. 

All in all this gets an A.

What are you using to keep your teeth pearly white?

Have you tried these?

 How was your weekend?

Mine was great, will get into it more tomorrow.



Win a 3 month Subscription to GlossyBox Giveaway & Apologies

Today's giveaway is super awesome. It's from glossybox. You guys know how much I love glossybox. I truly think they are the best box service around. You get at least 5 products in their boxes unlike others and usually you end up with six. They also feature brands not available in the states.   I still use the Burberry lippy that came two boxes ago! Honestly, you can't find a better box service than them. Anyway, here's the giveaway: They are giving one beautylogic reader a three month subscription to their service.  Aren't they awesome. As of now, all my giveaways are facebook only. So like this post and leave a comment on my fb page. Winner gets announced next Friday July 27.

Also, I'm sorry I haven't been blogging as much. I appreciate you guys emailing me asking me if I'll be back soon, but here's my issue: at this point, I'm really going hard to make my dream come true of being on TV. I'm so blessed to be a beauty editor for a Latin magazine, and it' something that has been on my vision board for years. I love doing it and the people I work with are truly the most wonderful people I have ever met.  It is truly a blessing and I'm so thankful for the opportunity.  But another goal  is to be a lifestyle reporter, and I'm going to make it happen. I'm trying to book myself on tv as much as possible,  writing new segments every day to pitch, and so far so good. In the next month, I have three coming up, including my first national one (The Today Show woohoo!). I'm so excited about it. But, I got a lot of   emails recently asking if I'll ever be doing a new therapy therapy post and beauty posts. Yes, I will. I've got a few beauty  coming up, including Estee Lauder's new fall Collection. How gorgeous!

 And as for Therapy Thursday, here are some new ones coming, "Stop seeking validation from others" "How to control yourself when you may want to lose it with your kids" and the one I get the most, "How does Milly deal with sadness" because yes, I do get sad from time to time too, but remember, your life is a reflection of your thoughts so if you have SAD thoughts, you'll have a Sad life, so let's be happy. woohoo!  Remember you only have one life to live. YOLO! (do you know I just learned what "yolo" meant about two months ago and I had to google it.ha )

Have a great weekend.

Remember to enter the giveaway.



Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil

I love to self tan. (Shout out to St. Tropez!). I was born brown, but during the summer, I want to be as bronze as possible. But when I self tan, I can't use my beloved Clarisonic so much, because it exfoliates so well, it removes my tan within a day or two. So during the summer, I use my Clarisonic about once or twice a week. In the past, I used these so called,  "Gentle Cleaners, but I found that I had to wash my face like 10 times before all of my makeup was removed. Step in my beloved Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil. It's from Bobbi's latest collection, and I'm really loving it. The oil contains Jasmine Flower extract, Kukui oil, and  Jojoba oil. With all these oils, you'd think your face would break out. Not at all. What it does do is remove every single trace of my makeup. And believe you me, Milly wears a lot of makeup. I can only use this at night because the scent is very calming and soothing. It smells like there's a hint of lavender in it. If I used this in the morning, I'd probably fall right back to sleep.  I actually take a bit of the oil, press my hands together to warm the oil and then mix it with some water,  massage my face with it. As I do that, not only am I giving my face a good facial massage and warding off wrinkles, but I'm taking all of my makeup off as well (including my waterproof mascara). Make sure you do a facial massage three times a week, you'll see a difference in your face.  What I love about this also, is that it takes very little to remove my makeup.  I then wash the oil off of my face with warm water.  I'm left with super soft, hydrated, smooth, and makeup free skin, and with the slight scent that lingers, I find myself sleeping like a baby.

All in all an A+ product.

Do you like oil cleansers?

What are your faves?

This product retails for $42.00 which may be a lot, but this oil is so big, it will last forever. 

By the way: did you guys catch my bestest on Single Ladies yesterday? Wasn't she amazing. So proud of her,


It Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Flush Powder Blush Review =Must have!

When it comes to blushes, Tarte Amazonian Clay blush has my heart. With their longevity, ant-aging ingredients, rich pigment, and massive amount of shades, I'm in love. I'm so in love, I own every single one of them.  No blush has ever come close- until now. See, I recently got introduced to It Cosmetics Vitality Blush Cheek Stain, and can I just say, it was love at first application.  This product is so brilliant because it applies as a regular blush, but once it's on your face, the finish is more of a natural looking  stain. I received three shades for consideration: Pretty in Peony (my favorite), Radiant in Rose, and Magical Muave. Click below to read my review and see pretty in peony on my cheeks.

New Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream Review & Birthday Weekend Updates

Hey loves,

How was your weekend? My birthday weekend was pretty amazing, but for now let's talk beauty because I am so excited about the new fall Too Faced La Creme Color Color Drenched Lip Creams. Lipsticks are quickly becoming my thing this summer. I used to never wear lipsticks. I was all about glosses. But no more! The new  Too Faced Lip Creams are just that:  insanely creamy lipsticks that are super rich, so hydrating (these feel almost like lip balms), pretty pigmented, and contain anti-aging ingredients. Too Faced sent over two shades for me to test, Coral Crush (OMG, you girls know I love a good coral) and Nude Beach ( a color suited for every girl). Click below to see swatches, and read about my  birthday weekend.

Neutrogena Shine Control Primer Review

Neutrogena has released their new Shine Control line and they sent over a few things. One of them being their Shine Control Primer. They guarantee with this primer,  that you won't be shiny for 8 hours. If you live in NYC, you know the weather has been so nasty, hot, and disgusting. It's enough to make you crazy.  During the summer, my skin becomes one greasy mess, so when a product promises no shine for eight hours, I'm listening.  This product is a lot thicker than other primers. It's white, not clear, and contains Rice Protein complex which Neutrogena says, " acts like a sponge to absorb excess oil." This product doesn't feel like silicone like many other primers. It's actually pretty thick. It also contains tiny granules. You really have to rub the product on your face to make it clear and to smooth out those very tiny grains.  At first I was like "What the heck?." but the end result is so worth it.  First of all, after really rubbing it in, my makeup applied very evenly and looked pretty flawless and matte. Now, does this live up to it's 8 hour promise. Almost.  In the nasty NYC squelching heat, my skin looked great for a good 7 hours.  You don't understand, that's pretty awesome. It has been HOT!!! We're talking close to a 100 degrees.  But, after about seven hours, I did notice the oil slightly coming back on my nose area.  Would I purchase? Sure, it's $12.99 and I know some primers that cost more than $20.00 that don't get these results.

What's your go to primer?

How are you keeping cool in this heat?



Black 15 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner & Winner of Glossybox

When it comes to hair, you girls know, Milly does not PLAY! Remember when I named mine. Hair products have to be exceptionally great for me to talk about them. Linette (that's my hair) is  highlighted now, so I can really tell if a product is crap or if it actually works. I've been testing out black 15 in 1 hair shampoo/conditioner for about a month and a half now, and these products (although expensive) actually do a pretty great job. I love the whole concept of black 15 in 1. They say you're only supposed to wash your hair twice a week, and that's exactly what I do.  I never wash my hair more-never! (Well except if I'm at the pool or beach.) The fact is over-washing your hair will lead to dry, un shiny, brittle, over-stripped, hair. Two times a week is enough, mamas, and any hairstylist will tell you that.  A few things Milly loves about this product: 1) Doesn't contain sulfates or parabens 2) contains panthenol b5 which adds shine (and boy does it! my highlighted hair looks insanely shiny after I use this.) 3) Contains Argan oil, and sunflower seed extract.  The key to this product is that it's supposed to maintain your hair for a while, so you only have to wash it twice a week. The shampoo is excellent, leaves my hair very soft and although the conditioner is kind of thick, it does a great job of detangling, smoothing it down, but not weighing it down.  Just an fyi, if you don't want your hair to be heavy or weighed down, never ever use conditioner near your scalp.  I only use conditioner mid hair and down. The scent of these products are not overwhelming at all. After rinsing the product you no longer smell them. After blowdrying or rollersetting your hair, you'll have serious body,  bounce and shine. Both the conditioner and shampoo get an A. These would probably get an A+ if I loved the price, but for me $20.00 for a shampoo and $20.00 for a conditioner is a lot.

Find out more about Black 15 in 1 here. 

PS: I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I'm now working on the October issue of Cosmo for Latinas which is going to be AMAZING and prepping for a new segment so I've been a little crazed.

What's your favorite hair products for the summer?

The tarte giveaway winner has not come forward yet. if they haven't come forward by Monday will have to pick someone else. However, winner of glossybox according to is Airess Coleman. I'm having a great giveaway next week in honor of my bday so stay tuned! woohoo. 



Essie Mirror Metallics Collection 2012 Summer

Hey loves, how was your weekend. I hope better than mine. We'll talk more about it later,  but for now,let's talk beauty.  On Friday I headed to the drugstore to get lil man some baby Tylenol,  and noticed that Essie had a new collection out. What? I thought, Another summer collection. Turns out, the new Essie collection  is their Mirror Metallics Collection. The collection contains 5 metallics. I picked up four, and am in love with each and every one of them. Click below to see swatches and read my review:

New June Glossybox USA & Giveaway & Winner of Tarte

I just received my June Glossybox this weekend, and am in love. In my opinion, if you want to do those box services, you have to do glossy box. I feel like they give the best stuff for $21.00 and you're guaranteed at least five items. The theme for this glossybox was Summer Simplicity. Glossybox wants you to "treat yourself to lush products that will revitalize your face, pamper the body, enrich your locks and add a luxurious aroma of summer notes."Click below to see what my box contains and find out how you can win one from me.

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