Lancome Oscillation Mascara=Wow!


When I first heard about Lancome’s New Oscillating Mascara, you know I had to have it! Yesterday a few stores around the country were given the opportunity to sell it for one day only; the rest would have to wait until its official release in November.You know I was one of the first people lined up anxiously waiting to get my hands on this. And mamas, it was worth the wait! This is making me want to throw my staples Lancome L’extreme and Definils out of the window. The brush of this mascara looks incredibly average. It’s pretty skinny, not curved, or fat like many of my other mascaras, but when you press the button on the wand, the thing starts vibrating like there is no tomorrow. (Shoot, the way it was vibrating, I thought it was going to let me perform magic tricks.) I applied the mascara on one of my lashes without pressing the button, and they looked pretty good-a very similar result to my Defincils. HOWEVER, when I applied it to my other lash and pressed the button to make it vibrate, wooooh, the difference was pretty extraordinary. It tickled for some reason though when I was doing it (must have been the 7000 oscillations per minute). I did around 2 coats on my lashes but I didn't apply it the way I normally apply mascara. I just let it basically vibrate on them but without really moving my hand, (kind of hard to explain), and Holy Good Lord Mother of Jesus!!! My lashes looked out of this world long and ridiculously volumous, NO CLUMPING AT ALL. I went into the office, and got a slew of compliments on my lashes (two people even asked if i had falsies on). I loved it!!!!!!!

And guess what I want you to love it too. As you know by now Beautylogic loves giving away things, so I picked up two for two lucky readers. Send your name to with the heading “DE, I NEED THAT LANCOME OSCILLATING MASCARA NOW.” Winners gets picked by mommy and announced Monday August, 4, 2008.



Broken Hearted-Don't be!!

(Warning: this post has nothing to do with beauty. )Four of my friends have been going through breakups in the last month. They have been so depressed and it kills me to see them like that. I’m an incredibly sensitive person (could be because I’m a Cancer) so I’ve been trying to be there for my buddies the best I can by e-mailing them funny stories, jokes, taking them to their favorite restaurants- nothing seems to work. Anyway, while I was in Chicago, I remembered a book that I had read a while back called ‘It’s Called a Break-Up Because It’s Broken.”


I immediately bought each of them four copies and had them promptly fedexed. I re-read the book myself, and had to recommend it to you guys. This has to be one of the best books ever written for anyone going through a break-up. It’s written by the same guy who wrote the book “He’s Just Not that Into You” but this time his wife is a cowriter. The book is really empowering and you honestly feel like they are talking to you and helping you go through the break-up. It’s also one of the funniest books I’ve read. They include something called “Psyho Confessionals” where readers write about the crazy things that they did after their breakups. (I’ve got my own stories for days.) But it also makes you aware that although a break-up is difficult, it’s not the end of your world, or your life and it gives you this message in an incredibly humorous way. (Darnit, because it was so effective in making me feel like I didn’t need anyone, I was tempted to dump my boyfriend of four years after reading this, lol, j/k). If you know someone going through a break-up or you yourself are going though one, get this book, but if you don’t get it, remember this advice that mommy always told me: “No one should ever control your happiness, and if someone else doesn’t realize how wonderful you are then something is wrong with them not with you.”

Do you have any psycho confessionals?

What do you do to get over a break-up?



Freshen Up with Dentaburst


When I was in high school, I remember my French teacher constantly yelling at me about my lack of effort, and sloppy homework. Ten years later, I have absolutely no recollection of anything French and honestly I can’t even recall that dude’s name. However, the one thing I do remember is every time he would lean over my shoulder to check my work, I would absolutely dread it. Not because I knew he was going to scream at me, (that was no big deal for me. I was a trouble-maker in high school and got yelled at every day.) But more so, because his breath always smelled like a 30 day old rotting corpse, it was so gross! (The combination of cigarettes and coffee usually is.) I was always holding my nostrils in when he was near me and was usually blue in the face after he was gone.
Since I don’t want to ever be remembered solely for having disgusting breath, I make it a point to constantly brush my teeth after I eat. However, I recently received dentaburst and I am loving this cute little invention. This fantastic product is the cutest thing. It’s like a little sleeve that you slide your index finger in and then start rubbing it around your teeth. Not only does it remove plaque, but it’s also incredibly minty, so your breath smells like a dream. You can use this anywhere. You know those days when you fall asleep on the train, and you wake up and hope you don’t run into anyone because you don’t want to kill them with your sleep breath, well all you'll need to do is whip one of these babies out, rub the sleeve over your teeth for three seconds, and you’re good to go! Not only are your teeth super cleaned but your breath smells delicious too, and for $2.99 come on! Try it.




Sorry for the delay in not blogging, but I was at a huge convention this week and was very focused on that. If you haven't been to Chicago, get over there! I loved loved loved it!!!!!!!! It's like a prettier, less-smelly, cleaner New York. Anyway, I'll be back to posting tomorrow. Here was the view from my room at The W Lakeshore:


Hugs as always,


John Frieda's Weather Works really Works!


Me and the Mr. have been trying to learn how to golf lately, so we’ve been heading to his country club and we’re usually outside all day. I’m having so much fun! The problem though has been the ultra humid New York City weather. My hair is incredibly long, and can loose its bounce and luster once the humidity hits. I was given the opportunity to try John Frieda’s Weather Works Sealant. I had read good reviews about this before so of course I was anxious to get my hands on it. The product claims that it “outsmarts the weather” by using an exclusive “shielding technology” that resist humidity, and protects your hair. I’ve been using this and I really like it. Right after I wash my hair, I apply this serum all over my mane and then begin flat ironing. A lot of times when I flat iron, I get some cowlicks on the top of my head, but I haven’t been seeing as much once I’ve been using this. This also leaves my hair very shiny without any build up or greasiness. Anyway, we’ve been out golfing a lot lately and by the end of the day, my face is sweatier than a marathon runner, but my hair still maintains its bounce and volume. I’d say this product is pretty great, and for $5.99 come on, what do you have to loose?

Have you tried this?

What are your thoughts?

Beauty Secrets

As you guys know I don’t believe if you pay a gazillion dollars for a product it has to be better than something that’s $5.00. Some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen with the shiniest hair, clearest and smoothest skin, and long healthy nails have been in the poor towns of my homeland –Dominican Republic. I love celebrity make-up artist Shalini Vadhera’s book Passport To Beauty.


This book takes us around the world, and introduces us to different cultures and their very inexpensive beauty secrets. Let me share some with you:

1) For smooth skin Mexican woman take coarse sea salt, rubbing it into their bodies and letting it mix with the water.
2) Chilean women keep their skin fabulous using white grapes and 1 teaspoon of white flour. They mash it up and it makes an excellent mask.!
3) Dominican women pour seltzer water onto their hair after a shower for straighter shinier hair. (I never knew this) lol
4) For long shiny thick hair Indian women give themselves a lush hot coconut oil scalp massage once a week. Nothing keeps their hair better. (i've told you about my coconut oil addiction many times)
5) Women of Fiji take coconut oil and pure organic sugar and use it to exfoliate their skin. (again my coconut oil addiction)

What are some of your beauty secrets?

Please Share them with us!

Here are some of mine:

DE Beauty Secret 1
Beauty Secret 2



Naturally Silky Skin With Pacifica Body Butter


Last week, I was picking up lunch at Whole foods, when I began perusing the beauty aisles. I noticed a shelf filled with brightly covered containers of Body butters from this company called Pacifica. There were samples available so I opened the first one which was called “Hawaiian Ruby Guava”, and could not believe how glorious this product smelled. The fruity aroma of guava filled my nose, but there was also a light scent of coconut infused in this as well-the combination is magnificent.It reminded me of my trips to Dominican beaches. I was hooked. I took some of the butter and applied some on my hands. The cream was very rich and thick but not greasy at all, just incredibly moisturizing and my hands felt like silk. When I turned the packaging around, I noticed that this product was vegan and paraben free, and most of the ingredients were organic. It was a match made in heaven. I then started opening up the other containers that were available to be sampled, from Gardenia (I picked that one up for mommie. She was a huge Chanel Gardenia lover back in the day) to a delicious Brazilian Mango Grapefruit. Honestly, I would have probably bought all of them, if I wasn’t saving money for next week’s trip to Chicago. I’ve been using my Hawaiian Ruby Guava right after the shower and not only does this cream leave my skin incredibly smooth and hydrated, but the fantastic scent lingers on me throughout the day. It’s not overpowering just deliciously fruity and two of my colleagues asked what perfume I was wearing because they had to have it. They couldn’t believe when I told them it was body butter. This is a must have and I mean it.
Go to Whole Foods and try them, you’ll agree.





Today we're featuring Karla of Brown Girl Gumbo as my blogger Beauty of the Week. Karla is originally from Chi Town but she came to New York five years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a magazine editor. (love love love this).She began interning at the now defunct Honey Magazine and then went on to work at People Magazine in the photo Department. After that she landed a position in Parade Magazine as an Associate Photo Editor but with her blog, she's able to come back to her first love, which is writing! Ladies and Gets, my beauty of the Week, Karla of Brown Girl Gumbo.

What's your beauty regimen morning and night?

First I
> Wash my face with lukewarm water along with a bit of Cetaphil cleanser Photobucket.
I have to use soft wash cloths since I realized that hard, scratchy ones irritate my skin. I then liberally apply Oil of Olay daily moisturizer Photobucket. I then repeat it again at night and then the next day!!

What's the deal with your makeup?
> I use a bit of Dermablend concealer
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara,
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner
,Photobucket Tarte cheek stain in FlushPhotobucket or in "TIckled" Photobucket or
Jane Iredale's cream blush in "Clarity" Photobucket and too many lip gloss
variations to name! I'm not a foundation or eye-shadow girl, so I never wear those.
What beauty products can't you live without?

I definitely can't live without my Maybelline Great Lash mascara in
"Blackest Black!"
Photobucket I guess the next thing would be my lip-glosses!!

What beauty advice can you give us?
I would say, don't wear too much makeup everyday, it ages you and takes
a way from your natural beauty. I know that I love makeup, but I try to
not let it overpower my look. On special occasions it's fun to play it
up a bit, but I prefer a fresh look on a daily basis. Oh and

What is the best advice that someone has given you?
The best advice I've been given was to always be myself and that you
can't please everybody so don't try. This boy who I was in "love" with
in high school told me that and I've never forgotten it.

Thanks K,


Going Green

This summer has me looking at the most eye-popping shades ever. If you would have told me last year that I would be wearing green nail polish, I would have immediately laughed at you. A month ago, I never even looked at the green stuff, but lately, I can't get enough! The last few weeks have had me buying all different shades, from neon green, light muted green, forest green etc etc. Here are some green nailpolishes that I'm loving:

Dante Neon Green Gems-A hot Neon green-good for partying out with the girls!

Maybelline Express Finish Go Go Green- A medium shade of green-perfect for the toes. Dries really fast too!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear Lime Lights-An incredibly light green with glitter!

Wet & Wild Wild & Shine Caribbean Frost-A gorgeous dark green-probably my favorite shade!

NYC Nail Big Money Frost -Another light muted green, sans the glitter.


i was looking for this one today:
Opi Go On Green

Rihanna's gone green too!


Have you "gone green?"

Would you go green?



Happy 4th of July

The winner of the Flat iron is Latoicha G!

Thanks for all the entrants.

I'll be back next week!


Rub a Dub Dub with Giovanni's Hot Chocolate Scrub

A few weeks ago, I sent my honeybunn to Wholefoods to pick up one of my favorite blueberry scrubs. He returned a few hours later, explaining that he couldn’t find the product I was referring to , so he picked up something else that he knew I would like. After cursing him under my breath for not going to every Whole Foods in New York to search for my scrub (yes, it was that time of the month), I mumbled a sarcastic “thanks” and grabbed the bag. When I looked inside I saw he had purchased a scrub by Giovanni, and when I opened it and sniffed, all was forgiven.

Giovanni Organics Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub with Cocoa Beans


This scrub is nothing short of amazing. It’s a sugar scrub that is scented exactly like yummy hot cocoa. Not overpowering at all, just a serious delicious hot chocolate. After sniffing this, I couldn’t wait to try it. So, I ran to shower again. (I had just showered an hour before.) The aroma of this is just pure decadent chocolate and seriously I just couldn’t take my nose out of the jar. (I’ve said this already I know, but you have no idea how good…ok I’ll stop, I’m sorry.) When I began using this, I noticed that the product warms up as you scrub. It felt so soothing. The granules of this are not fine, but they aren’t abrasive at all. They’re just perfect and this product does a marvelous job of exfoliating. After using this, my skin was left incredibly moisturized (but not sticky at all ) and soooooooo soft. Mr DE kept commenting on how silky my skin felt, and he couldn’t stop caressing me. I’ve been using this right before I self tan, and you won’t believe how even and fabulous my tans have been looking. If you’re looking for a 5 star scrub and want thoroughly exfoliated, smooth skin, this is it.

Has anyone tried this?

What were your thoughts?



Blogger Beauty of the Week

We’re featuring Roselyn of makeupmakesmehappy as my Blogger Beauty of the Week.
This young woman has a full load on her plate. She’s a model, full time student, and a site editor. Her blog is always packed with the latest make-up trends and amazing tutorials on how to achieve fantastic looks. So without further adieu, let me introduce you to Roslyn, this week’s Beauty of the Week.

What's your beauty regimen?

I like to wash my face with Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser
followed by Chanel Presicion Soothing Toner

and Creme de la Mer as my
For eye makeup removal I like to use Johnson & Johnson's
Baby Shampoo.

2) What's the deal with your make-up?

On a regular day, I actually don't wear much makeup. I like to use
Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer for my dark circles,
and use MAC Studio Fix for my foundation
along with some blush or bronzer. I ALWAYS however have on at least one coat of mascara...I like Lancome
Photobucket. As for the lips I just use Sugar lip balm by Fresh Photobucketand a MAC
Lipglass of choice.


3) What beauty product can't you live without?

Mascara! I have itty bitty lashes!

4) What beauty advice can you give us?

Mix two or three foundations to imitate perfect skin. As close as one
shade may be to your skin tone, it will never be exact. But if you mix
foundations however, then you will drastically see the difference.

5) What is the best advice anyone has given you (this doesn't have to
be beauty-related)?

To remember that everything good in my life is a blessing; and one by
one they should be accounted for, recognized, and appreciated daily.

Thanks Roselyn,




No new product post today, but just curious as to What you readers think i can do to make this site better? Do you wish I featured more things? What do you think this site is missing?

Thanks for the Help,



Jergens Natural Glow Express=Golden Goddess

There are no words to describe the love I have for the Jergens Natural express Body moisturizer/tanner.
There are two shades available in medium and medium tan. I used the medium tan. After using this for three days, my body was a radiant natural bronze, and with no streaks at all . The price is incredibly affordable at only $7.99, but the quality is magnificent as well. I used this right after I shower. I chose to leave my skin a little damp, and began applying (remember good exfoliation is key to a perfect tan). This formula is very moisturizing and left my skin very smooth. Also, while using this, I was expecting to hold my nostrils in as I usually do with self-tanners (most of them smell like a 3-day old corpse), but not with this one. The scent of this is incredibly light-and after an hour I could no longer smell anything. Let’s put it like this, before my boyfriend goes to bed, he always asks me if I applied self-tanner, if I respond “yes,” he grabs his pillow and heads to the living room to sleep, mumbling angrily under his breath about my beauty habits being a pain in the neck. However, after I applied this tanner, he didn’t even notice the scent and slept right next to me. In the morning he even remarked that I smelled good (lol).

After using this, I woke up the first day looking incredibly sun-kissed. The next day, I was a beautiful glowing bronze, and the third day, well, I had turned into a Golden Goddess. The tan is so beautiful, scent-less and noooooooo streaks. I had on some short shorts yesterday and was constantly getting complimented on my bronze legs (by both men and women) and I kept getting asked if I had just come back from vacation. This is an affordable and very effective sunless tanner that is definitely worth taking a second look at.

What sunless tanners are you using?

Have you tried Jergens Natural Golden Express?

Soon, I'll let you know what I've been using on my face to give it a golden "airbrushed" look.



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