Velvet is a girl's best Friend

Face Time Velvet Veil Primer is my new addiction. My boyfriend and I love to go to The Hudson Hotel in New York for some drinks and dancing. Now when I say dance, I don’t mean some slight shaking of the hips. NO, NO, not at all, remember I’m Dominican. I’m talking some straight, out of control, booty shaking, hips gyrating; drop it like its hot, show stopping fun. Although I go through great pains to put my makeup on when I go out with my honey, by the end of the night, it’s been completely sweated off and I’m left with my plain old face;oh and my raccoon eyes of course.

When I first got this primer, I was really excited. The fact that this contains Jojoba oil was a huge plus to me (you know how much I love my oils). Because the structure of jojoba oil closely resembles that of your own skin sebum, it is an excellent moisturizer and is ideal for all skin types without promoting acne or any other skin problems. I applied this primer and then my foundation. HOly CRAPOLA, my skin looked FLAWLESS, I mean seriously, my face looked airbrushed. Even my boyfriend (who notices nothing) kept commenting on how great I looked. So we went to the Hudson Hotel, and danced our sexy butts off. When I went to the bathroom at the end of the night,I was expecting to look into the mirror and stare at a sweaty face devoid of makeup. However, what greeted me in the mirror was not at all what I expected. I was flabbergasted. My makeup looked new and fresh as if I had just applied it. As I wiped the sweat off of my face with a napkin, my makeup stayed intact. This product is a MUST HAVE!!!!!!! And I mean it.

Dominican Salon Featured in Vogue

First of all, I would like to again thank my fellow blogger friends for wondering where I was for the last few months. I've been so busy with school, work and trying to take over the world that I haven't really had time to blog. I do apologize, but I thank you so much for wanting to read more. Anyway, I'd like to write about something that I thought was pretty incredible. I must admit, although the magazine Vogue is supposed to be the pinnacle of fashion, I never really liked it. I hated having to carry the heavy magazine, which was mostly filled with advertisements of $50,000 gowns and articles that I could not relate to at all. I never thought the magazine spoke to me-a young urban Latina. So I was more than shocked when I opened it up this month and found that they were touting a Dominican salon as one of the best places to get a blowout. I was truly flabbergasted and had to write about it. The article states:

Maritza's House of Beauty
The Dominican blowout-distinctive due to a specific technique called "the doobie" which involves rooler -setting and blow-drying the hair, resulting in vampy, volumptuous waves-is arguably one of Manhattan's best kept secrets. Martiza Celemi's salon offers one of the best, and counts the perennially perfectly groomed Liya Kebede among her in-the-know clientele of models, editors and fashion-world regulars who travel up to Harlem for her staggering inexpensive ($15) famously long lasting service.

Wow how times have changed. I'll be going to Maritza's this week.

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