Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Swatches & Review

 Maybelline sent over some of their new collections, including their new Dream Bouncy Blushes. My absolute fave of the twelve that I received is the Plum Wine Blush a gorgeous berry that adds a beautiful "just had the best night with Mr. Milly flush" to my tan cheeks (I took that line from one of my readers Mrs. Farrah lol). I've swatched all of the Dream Boucy blushes for you. Click below to see my swatches, and a review of the Maybelline Plum Wine Dream Bouncy Blush.   

Rose Petal, Fresh Pink, Pink Frosting, Candy Coral

From Left to right: Rose Petal, Fresh Pink, Pink Frosting, Candy Coral

Plum Wine (My Fave) Orchid Hush, Coffee Cake, Hot Tamale

Plum Wine (My Fave) Orchid Hush, Coffee Cake, Hot Tamale

Pink Plum,Peach Satin

So my fave color, would have to be Plum Wine, a perfect berry, that gives my tan cheeks a beautiful rosy but natural looking flush. A few things I loved about this blush: the way it felt on my skin, and how it seemed to melt right into my cheeks.  How it blended really well.  I also  loved how buildable this blush is. Plum Wine is indeed rich, and with one swipe of your fingers ( I always use my fingers to apply cream blushes.)you can get some serious color, but you can also  apply with a light touch, and still have a slight flush as well.  Yesterday I was in a bit of a rush, and didn't have time for eyeshadow, so I applied quick eyeliner (using Maybelline's newest eyeliner which is  the and the blush, and their newest  lip stain, and I had a pretty quick but good look (at least I thought it looked nice). lol

Here's what I didn't like. After maybe three hours, I looked in the mirror and said "Oh no, where's the blush?" The blush was fading, and fading fast, and by four hours it was gone from my cheeks. Gosh Darnit, but hey, it was great  while it lasted.

I believe these blushes will be available beginning January.

What are your thoughts on these blushes?

Do you like any of them?

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IslandLover said...

Gorgeous colors! That's disappointing that they didn't last very long though.

MrsFarrah said...

I like these blushes and they come in a nice range of colors, I can't wait to try the Plum Wine, so I will be on the lookout for it in January.
Thanks for the shout out Milly!!!(best night with the hubby look) LOL

beautylogicblog said...

@ilandlover yea I was dissapointed too because they are really beautiful.

beautylogicblog said...

@mrsfarrahlol, no problem, hope to see you in my cvs facebook chat today.

Lauren said...

Gorgeous colors ! Especially on you Milly !!! Too bad they didn't last that long. But theres plenty of makeup in the sea lol.

EsteeDarla said...

I just picked 2 up and now going back to get them all they are a blush I never seen anything like it and everyone will love these, I posted your link on my youtube and blog for viewers to come see your post cause you do some great post and swatches,HUGZ

beautylogicblog said...

@esteedarla thank you that means a lot.

kate said...

Thanks for the great review! What liner are you wearing? It looks FANTASTIC and I'm not sure which is Maybelline's newest.

Thank you!

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