And I will Always Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whitney's Back & New Giveaway!


Are you guys as happy as I am about Whitney Houston's return? I can't wait. I am a true Whitney fan. Today she drops her new album, and I am way too excited. I've heard some mixed reviews about it, but I don't care. When it comes to Whitney, she can not do wrong. I love love her, and am so happy that she realized that she was going down a downward spiral, and decided to change her life. Don't' ever think that you can't get up after you fall.Just look at Whitney, I'm so proud of her.

Are you as excited about the new album as I am.

What's your favorite Whitney Album or song?

Guess which one mine is. If you guess right, I'll send you Zoya's new Limted Matte Collection which I reviewed here.

Just send an e-mail to guessing my favorite song. Winner gets announced tomorrow. I'll give you a hint, it was off her second studio album.



Chit Chat with Jlo's Makeup artist Scott Barnes


When I think about J-lo, I never ever think about her movies. Although I do love her as an actress, I tend to think of her more as a make-up icon. I don’t think anyone was rocking nude shining lips before J-lo did it, and who could forget her fabulous glow. I remember when I first saw J-lo in person. It was about seven years ago. I was a seatfiller at the mtv music awards. She walked by me, and I remember looking at her and thinking, wow, this woman is flawless. Everything about her was perfect. I’m sure a lot of her looks is genetic, but the man responsible for the makeup is her long time makeup artist Scott Barnes. Scott was kind enough to chit chat with beautylogic, and he’s coming out with a new book in January. I’m so excited about it! Thanks Scott for answering some questions

1) You are known for being the man who gave jlo her amazing glow, what can we do to achieve the same glow?
Make sure to Use Body Bling. I made it easy to achieve that glow. ☺

2) How did you begin working with JLO?
We met at an Instyle shoot ten years ago.

3) What are your must have beauty products in your make-up bag?
Must haves are my Shu Uemera eyelash curler, mascara and a Maybelline black eye pencil.

4) What products do you think are universally flattering on all women?
All women can wear some Pinky peachy blushes and lip gloss with a slight lip tone

5) What beauty product do you think all women must have?
Moisturizer is very important. A great one is definitely La mer.

6) What is the best piece of beauty advice you can give us?
Why stop at the face when you can do the whole body.



I remember a few years back watching the movie, “Fat Albert.” I remember this gorgeous caramel woman appeared on screen and I asked myself, “Wow, who is she?" After googling her, I found out her name was Dania Ramirez and since her role in that film, she’s been in countless others as well as starring in hit tv shows such as, "Heroes." and "The Sopranos." Recently (as I blogged about) she became the new face of Covergirl. I’m very proud of the fact that my fellow Latinas are making an impact in the beauty business. Dania was nice enough to take the time out of her busy schedule to answer some of my questions. Dania, you’re a beautiful person both inside and out, and I thank you.
So without further adieu, let’s talk a little with Dania Ramirez.

What is your beauty regimen morning and night?
I apply a cleanser in the mornings and at night. I then moisturize under the eyes, face and neck – usually with a SPF moisturizer during the day. I drink lots of water and getting a good night sleep helps. Also, I try to keep a smile on my face. I read somewhere that it takes a lot more muscles in your face to frown than to smile, that can cause a girl to get wrinkles sooner, lol…

What is your make-up routine?

Concealer, a light non-fragrance foundation, Covergirl’s Simply Ageless Cream Blush (super easy and light), a light coat of Lash Blast Mascara (I can apply another coat later for a more dramatic evening look), and finally a pretty lip-gloss…

What beauty product is always in your makeup bag?

Covergirl’s Outlast Lipstain, It is always a quick fix for a hint of color on your lips without making them all sticky.

What beauty advice can you give us?

Get plenty of rest. Sleep is so important in the way your skin looks and how hydrated it is. I recommend always blending your foundation from your face all the way to your neck, so you don’t look like you are wearing a mask. A real easy tip is to use a nice color lipstick as blush for a quick fix


What advice can you give to other women trying to break into the business?

Do your homework, this is a business like any other and you have to be really prepared. Looks can only get you so far, after the doors are opened you have to deliver with talent in order to have longevity in this business. You must have a lot of drive and perseverance. If someone close the door on your face or you are faced with obstacles, do not take it personal, keep knocking doors and someone will open, or at least unlock it.

What general life advice can you give us?

Love yourself enough to live life as full as you possibly can everyday and to know that you deserve it all. Love yourself enough to love, experience and accept where you are at so that even if it is hard and full of challenges and sadness, you can learn from the experiences and get to where you’re going.

Thanks Dania,

Big Hugs,




Lately, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amazing amount of quality products that are coming from my drugstore. I’m finding so many gems for such affordable priEces, it’s exciting! Yippee, My latest treasure is my L’oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara. I’m sure you’ve seen the advertisements with Eva Longoria looking so gorgeus. Anyway, I recently got the chance to try this product and I was so pleasantly surprised. The results of this are fantastic, not only does this give my lashes amazing length, but a massive amount of volume as well. I can even reach those hard to reach inner corner lashes with this. After using, my lashes are thick, fabulous, and so lengthened, this will definitely be a staple in my collection.

Have you tried this product?

Do you love it?





As you guys know I’m a big believer in beauty beginning from within. I’ve been incorporating Kimberly Snyder’s green smoothie in to my regimen ever since we met. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please click here. Anyway, I want to start something on Tuesdays called food for beauty. This is where I tell you about a specific food that you can use for beauty benefits. Let’s start with salmon.
I love Salmon, especially honey glazed. Yumm. I make a great one. But salmon has amazing hair benefits as well. It’s loaded with Omega 3 oils, that are so incredibly beneficial to your hair and skin, and it has protein which your hair needs to grow. Dr. Nicholas Perricone also says that Alaskan Salmon will keep you looking young (he eats it for breakfast every morning). I think it’s working though. I got carded again yesterday after trying to buy a lotto ticket.)

Do you love salmon?

Want to share a good salmon recipe?

Do you eat salmon for beauty?

Biore Dual Fusion-Moisturizer


A struggling reporter, doesn’t make a lot of money. So I have to be very selective where my money goes. However, when it comes to beauty, if I find something that I believe works wonders, I’ll work over time to get it. A good example is my Jan Marini Vitamin C Serum. That product has changed my skin, and I will never ever be without it. Anyway, sometimes I get lucky, and find fantastic products that are very affordable. My new find is Biore’s Dual Fusion moisturizer & spf 30. This product has two pumps, one for the moisturizer, and one for the spf. You pump them out at the same time, and then apply to the skin. The consistency is very lightweight, not thick at all. My skin is never ever greasy with this, but it’s also very hydrating, plus with the spf 30, this is great. And the price of this is a steal, only $14.99. This is definitely a beauty logic approved item.

Have you tried this moisturizer?

Want to share some of your inexpensive fabulous products?



Love Yourself First-then you can learn to love others!

As I think of this story this morning, I can’t help but laugh. However, yesterday, this was no laughing matter. Last night, as I was walking with my friend to her house, we spotted one of her neighbors in front of the grocery store. We stopped to chit chat with him for a few moments. All of a sudden, I hear a loud thud. I turn to my friend, and realize she is being attacked. A crazy woman is on top of her beating her with her fist. I grab a hold of this crazy woman and try to stop her from hitting my friend but by this point, she’s begun to attack me. My friends neighbor grabs a hold of the woman’s wrist and attempts so stop her. . I could not believe this was happening. I grab a hold of my friend who is still on the floor.

The neighbor began explaining to us that she was his ex wife, and she’s been stalking him for two years. I watched as he shouted at this woman, calling her a stalker, and a loser, and telling her that he would never ever get back together with her, no matter how much she begged. I watched as she cried, and pleaded with him to take her back, crying to him that she loved him. She was so engrossed in begging for this man’s love, that she forgot all about us. That happened to be one of the saddest and most pathetic things I’ve ever seen. I honestly began to feel bad for her. I asked myself a few questions. What could make a woman be so desperate as to lose her pride and stalk another human being? To approach another woman who she’s never seen before, and just attack her. But the saddest thing and the thing that disturbed me the most, was the way she begged this man to love her. Are you kidding me? Ladies, don’t ever beg any man/woman to love you. You are a gift to anyone, and if they don’t realize it, then find someone who will treasure what you can offer or just stay by yourself, and love you. But please don’t become a crazy stalker, and lose all your self-respect because of another human being. It’s not worth it. You’re better than that. As my friend and I began to walk/run away (DE has never been a fighter), I turned back and watched as the neighbor continued to scream at the woman and call her the most disgusting, and vile things you can call anyone. I watched the pain in her eyes and the tears running down her cheeks as he said those hurtful words, and I looked away, and said a prayer for her because I knew that if this woman could devote her life to loving a man who didn’t love her, then her life is missing love..for herself. Ladies, before you can love anyone, please learn to love you. That is the most important love you can have and it is the only way you can have a healthy relationship with anyone.

You’re a gift. Remember that. And believe me if one person doesn’t appreciate your treasures, a lot of others will.

If you're currently going through a breakup, I would advise this book I reviewed it last year.

Big Hugs,


BeautyLogic Talks to Makeup Artist Extraordinare Troy Jensen

Photobucket (Make-up and photograph done by Troy Jensen)

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Kim Kardashian. All I remember thinking was wow, she’s gorgeous! Have you guys seen her new look? She’s a blonde now, and still looks smoking hot (not many people can pull that off!) Anyway, I recently got a chance to interview one of Kim's most treasured make-up artist, Troy Jensen. The man is a genius! Not only has he worked with Kim, but he’s also worked on beauties like JLO, Rachel Bilson, and gasp, Angelina Jolie! We asked Troy a few questions and he was very gracious about answering us. Thanks Troy. Your work is amazing!

1) How did you get started in the business?
I started as an artist drawing fashion magazine covers and my favorite actresses. Through my drawings I was told that i had an eye for beauty and was constantly told that I would be a great makeup artist. So when i got the opportunity to try it I was hooked. It brought my art and my love for beauty and women together.

2) How did you begin working with Kim Kardashian?
We were introduced by the Pussycat Dolls creater Robin Anton. Kim was looking for someone to shoot her Calendar. I though it would be a lot of fun. I did her hair, makeup, and photographed her. I created a 1960's bond girl look for her in the shoot. We bonded as friends and I have been photographing her, creating looks for magazines, and red carpet events ever since.

3) Are there any beauty products that Kim loves to use constantly?
Well, we are both obsessed Q-tips. We both use them before applying makeup to remove any left over makeup around the eyes. I then use them during application to apply highlighter to strategic areas in the face like, the high cheek bone, down the center of the nose, above the bow of the lip, and in the corner of the eye near the tear duct. I also use them to blend eyeliner and eyeshadows. I use Q-tips to help me guide the lash strip close to the eye line. I always put a few into Kim touch up bag to help touch up lip gloss around the mouth, and under the eyes.

4) Is there a particular look that you did for Kim that you love the most.
Above pic

5)What are some of the products you used to create her look?

For Kim's lips I used

Nars Jilted Love Lip Liner
(But he also suggests choosing a shade that matches your skin tone for an opaque look)

Nars Belle Du Jour Lipstick

Lip Gloss
(Matching the same creamy tone as the lipstick above with an amazing shiny coverage)

5) What are must haves in your make-up collection?
I really love my Benefit cream eye shadows. They are so easy to use and they don't crease like most cream eyeshadows can. I also love my shu eumera eyelash curler.

6) What is the best piece of beauty advice you can give us?

Every beauty look starts with two things, well groomed brows and beautiful skin. These are two things I feel all women should give a little more attention too and are area's that you may need to seek professional advice. An esthetician skilled in brow shaping and skin care. So many times i see women using the wrong moisturizer and eye cream. A skin care specialist can design a skin care program for them and shape there brows to look best with there features.

7) What do you think are some mistakes women make when putting on their makeup?
I get a lot of comments about foundation, whether it’s choosing the right foundation or how to apply it. First mix a touch of your foundation or moisturizer together in the palm of your hand. Blend the makeup into the palms of your hands then apply to the neck working upwards to the jawline, the cheeks, across the nose, and forehead.
Then rinse and dry your hands and blend well with a Q-tip. Once you have an all-over blended glow, apply a cream concealer to any area's that need a little more coverage, which are usually around the eyes, any redness in the skin or and blemishes. I like to apply concealer with one end of a Q-tip, and use the other to blend in. Lastly, I set the look with a loose powder.

Thanks Troy,



New Face of Covergirl

Hey loves, First there was Arlenis signing to Lancome, now there’s Dania Raimirez !The beautiful Dominicana just got signed to be the new face of Covergirl. Im very proud of this beautiful Latina and wish her lots of success in the future. Dania has an great story. At fifteen, she was working at a convenience store when she was discovered by a modeling scout. From there she had a small part in a soda commercial, and after that she moved to LA to pursue acting full time.

Follow your dreams guys! It will always work out.



Congrats to Dania.


Hey Guys!

Hey Guys! I've been MIA for the past week. I apologize. My schedule is crazy! Trying to be a superstar is insane. But I wanted to give you a heads up on a few things. I'll be revamping this site soon, making it prettier, adding some more videos, as well as adding some cooking topics (you guys didnt know i was a little dominican chef on the side, lol)as well as some other interesting topics. Also,for those who live in New York area, Reaction salon in Queens is opening a new location this weekend (i reviewed them before), and all beautylogic readers can get their hair wash/set for $18.00. FOR MORE INFO CONTACT CHELA AT 718-974-5048. Just bring this with you.

Anyway, next week, we're talking to a major make-up artist, also, I reviewed that Anti-Frizz product that everyone seems to be raving about, and other beauty topics.
I hope all of you have a great weekend.

Lots of love,


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