Perfect Formula Winter 2011 Nailpolish Collection

The new Perfect Formula Winter 2011 nail polish collection is so far my fave collection  for the winter. I love that it contains both classy and edgy colors, and the quality of the polish is out of this world. The bottle is super cute too.  Click below to see my review and swatches of the collection.

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Cloths

 I've currently got two people in my house with strep throat, one being  a 30 something year old man who after becoming sick has now turned into a big baby. (Doesn't that always happen with men!) So, it's up to mama to do the care taking! After a long day of dealing with two sick people, and just my everyday responsibilities,  cleaning, and cooking, I am exhausted! The last thing I want to do  after a long day is wash my face, and put my various creams on, etc. Last year, I slept with my makeup on a few times, and really paid the price . I've learned to just keep face wipes on my nightstand, as well as jojoba oil, and my night time face cream.  The face wipes I've had by my nightstand the last few weeks are Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Wipes. I received the first pack of  wipes at an event I went to, and actually really liked the performance of these wipes.

New on QVC Beauty Newsmakes Face-to-Face October 28

I know a lot of you are QVC fans here, and tomorrow is a big day for QVC that maybe you girls want to watch!

Tune in on Friday, October 28 at 1AM, 1PM, and 8PM (ET) to get a firsthand look at the best of beauty during Beauty Newsmakers Face-to-Face on QVC.

All of the hottest innovations in beauty will be offered at unbeatable prices with special appearances throughout the show by beauty’s leading experts including Denis Simioni, Laura Geller, Maureen Kelly, Dennis Gross, Nicky Kinnaird, and many more! 
Below is a sampling of some of the newest and hottest products from QVC’s Beauty Newsmakers:

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Three-Piece Collection
QVC Item #A217784                                                                              Approximately $48.50
NEW TODAY! Scheduled to be presented by Ojon Creator Denis Simioni at 1AM, 1PM, and 8PM (ET)

Click Below to find out more brands and products that will be on QVC and their unbeatable prices. 

Therapy Thursdays-No New Therapy Thursdays

Hey guys, no new therapy Thursdays. Mr. Milly was supposed to do one called Six Things You Should never Do on a First Date, but he got side tracked with work, so no new ones, but try to have it next week. Have an amazing day! Here are some old Therapy Thursdays that I hope will help you!

Ways To Keep Happy
Ways to be a Power Woman



New Smashbox Snap You're Fab Holiday Lipgloss Set

Last week when  Mr. Milly spotted my new Smashbox Snap You're Fab Holiday Lipgloss set,  he asked me this, "You have one set of lips, how many lipglosses do you need?" I was shocked. What a dumb question. I tried to explain to him that just like underwear a woman can never have too many lip glosses, but as I spoke, the smirk never left his face, and it was then that I realized the book really is true, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Somethings we just won't understand about each other (like I don't understand how he can spend all day in pajamas watching football-seems like a huge waste of time to me) and he'll never understand my addiction to lip gloss.  Now back to the product, the new Smashbox Snap You're Fab Holiday Lip gloss Set would be such a good gift for a lip gloss lover. Click below for swatches, and pics:

Celebrity Hair Stylist Leslie Correa-5 Tips For Fabulous Hair

Leslie and his client Ryan Phillippe
I told you girls on Monday that I recently received waist length hair extensions at C'apelli D'oro Salon in NYC. Celebrity hairstylist Leslie Correa, the owner and the man who did my hair, had such a wealth of knowledge when it came to hair. And we shared many of the same beliefs, like he loves Coconut oil for hair. He's been doing hair for over 30 years. So I asked him to share 5 Tips on How We Can All Get Fabulous Hair! His hair is fabulous!

1) Brush your hair with a paddle brush, before you shampoo to distribute the oils and stimulate your scalp. This will promote hair growth & impart shine.

2)Go to your stylist for regular trims every 6 weeks to prevent split ends. Even if your letting your hair grow. Hair grows about 6 inches a year. If you cut 1/4 inch every 6 weeks you'll end up with 3 inches of healthy hair rather than 6 inches of dry brittle hair.

3)Deep condition your hair from mid shaft to ends (never on the roots) using Olive oil or coconut oil once every 2 weeks. Your hair will absorb the lipids from the oils and it will shine like glass.

4)Beware of over conditioning your hair. Especially close to the scalp. It can make your hair fall out. Hairdressers train clients to condition in order to detangle the hair but too much conditioner can make your hair fall out in clumps. It's better to condition from mid shaft to ends or not at all. Check your drain & see if it makes a difference.

5) Another cause for hair loss is combing when the hair is wet. Start to detangle your hair with your fingers when its wet and brush your hair with a paddle brush only after it dries a little.

Leslie recommends this paddle brush. Click here.
Thanks Leslie, 

FYI: I'll be reviewing the hair extensions Monday. I want to have them on a little longer before I can write a review.

5 of Milly's Fave Drugstore Mascaras

 I always tell my girls that mascara is a product that you really don't have to spend that much money on.  The quality of my current #1 favorite drugstore mascara Maybelline Falsies Flared, beats out many of my high-end ones.  I was recently asked by one of my readers if I can name some of my fave drugstore products that are comparable to high-end ones,  so let's start with mascara, because this is the one product that I will wear no matter where I go, whether it's to the gym or on a play date. Click below to see some of  my drugstore faves!

Anti-aging Tip-Facial Massage with Jojoba Oil

As a teen, my mom made me get a job at a Manhattan Vitamin Shoppe for a few reasons: 1) she wanted me out of the house because I was a little brat (it's the truth, I can't even believe how horrible of a teen I was.). 2) Because she wanted a discount at the Vitamin Shoppe. (Mommy is a huge believer in Vitamins, and believed they contributed to her curing her own Cancer 15 years ago.) 3) She wanted me to make my own money so I would stop asking her all the time. Although I hated her  for making me get a job when I could have been home eating, and watching the Golden Girls, it was such a great thing.  I ended up working with an Italian woman who taught me so much about internal health and beauty, and I got to experience hanging around Manhattan, and realized then that Manhattan is where I needed to be! Now this woman also taught me the importance of facial massaging to keep wrinkles at bay. She was in her sixties, and could have easily passed for a woman in her late thirties. She told me that I must do facial massages, and to use Olive Oil.  Although I liked Olive Oil, on my skin I prefer jojoba oil, just because my skin can be very iffy. One day my skin is  fine with olive oil, the next day I apply olive oil and I've got huge cystic zits all over the place. Jojoba oil doesn't break me out at all, and it's such a miraculous oil. Here's some benefits of Jojoba oil: Click below to read more and watch a video on Facial massage:

Nordstrom Gift With Purchase

Starting today, customers who visit and spend $100 on Cosmetics and Fine Fragrances will receive an exclusive gift valued at over $80. This chic black mini carry-all is large enough to fit all of your beauty essentials and comes complete with 14 luxurious samples from fan favorites including Kate Somerville, Bare Escentuals, Living Proof and more. 

·         Arcona Gentle Solution Treatment 
·         Balenciaga Paris Glass Vial
·         Bare Escentuals bareMinerals® Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen
·         Cashmere Mist Whipped Perfume packettes
·         Caudalie Premier Cru' Cream
·         Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
·         Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Black  
·         Elie Saab Mini VOC in Box 
·         Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment 
·         Laura Mercier Deluxe Primer
·         Living Proof 'Full' Body Boosting Thickening Cream for All Hair Types
·         Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream
·         MOR Sachets of Black Currant Iris (not pictured)
·         philosophy the microdelivery exfoliating wash

As an added bonus, customers who spend over $125 will also receive a Lancôme 3-piece set valued at over $50.
·         Lancôme Génifique Eye Youth Activating Eye Concentrate
·         Lancôme Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate
·         Lancôme Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base 

This offer is good until October 31, or while supplies last. 
Also follow @nordstrombeauty for tips and tricks as well as “Sample Saturday” tweets, where Nordstrom offers a sneak peak of the premium deluxe sample offered at all doors that day. 



Laura Mercier Holiday Luxe Colour Portfolio 2011

Before I begin the actual review of of the Laura Mercier Holiday Luxe Colour Portfolio, can we talk about sexy this packaging is! Snakeskin!!  Love! The product itself is pretty great too. It contains six highly pigmented eye shadows,  three tightline cake eyeliners, and two cheek colors, along with three of her amazing brushes. 
 Click below to see swatches and a look I did:

Weekend Updates & Date Night Outfit!

 Hey loves, how was your weekend. I kept it really simple, had family time, did a lot of beauty reading

and painted my nails with Zoya Gloria. This is one of my favorite  polishes and from one of my fave collections, Zoya Flame


I’m also testing Rimmel’s latest foundation, and wrote a review for L’oreal’s latest mascara (which I actually liked a lot). On Sunday, hubby and I headed out for date night.

Click below to see the outfit for date night and deets for the rest of the weekend.

Therapy Thursdays: The Only Thing Hate Does, Is Block You From Being Great

Hey love, how are you? I hope great. I just finished making a smoothie. Can I offer you some? It may not look great, but it sure taste good. I put in some Cacao today so it tastes like a chocolate milkshake. (FYI: Cacao is an amazing antio-oxidant, and contains a crazy amount of sulfur which is great for healthy hair skin and nails.) I know you don't like the greens taste too much so hopefully the cacao will make it taste better.  

 Today, I want to talk to you about hate, and how holding it in your heart, will block your greatness. For a time, I hated someone who had wronged me. Hated, loathed them, wished every bad thing imaginable to them. And guess what the hate did, it did nothing to them, but it brought everything bad to me. Click below to read more.

Lancome Genes Day-Buy Genifique Today

Hey guys today is a great day for you guys to buy Lancome's incredibly popular Genifique which I reviewed a few years back and loved! Lancome is donating $7.00 dollars for each Genifique sold today to St. Jude's Hospital. If you don't know what St. Jude's hospital is, it is a hospital that helps families that have children with Cancer. No child is ever turned away at this hospital if they can't pay!! This is such an amazing cause!

Quick DIY, Honey Tea Tree Oil Mask & Find Out If You're a Giveaway Winner for Mally & Lancome Makeup

I'm the only one in my immediate family  who has very sensitive acne prone skin. My siblings have always had flawless skin. I was never that lucky. To this day I don't remember ever seeing a zit on my brother's face.  Growing up, I broke out like crazy with zits, and those horrid hyperpigmentation marks, and even now as an adult I still suffer from occasional breakouts. I told you girls  that I worked at the Vitamin Shoppe as a teen, with an Italian woman who was 60 and looked 35-40. While I was there, she (like my abuela) taught me how to make many anti-aging Do It Yourself masks, and she also taught me how to make a very simple yet effective mask for keeping those zits away and hydrating the skin. Even now, I still make this mask. I made it last night because I felt a huge zit coming on my chin (don't you hate those?). This morning the ziti  is gone.

All you'll need are two ingredients.

Honey, and tea tree oil.

Click below to read more and watch me make the mask, and to also find out if you're the winner of the Mally Eyeliner set or 2 new winners of the  Lancome Paris Kim Kardashian wedding makeup. 

Gucci Westman Revlon Fall 2011 Collection & Old Neighborhood Drugstore Haul

So yesterday I went to visit my parents in my old neighborhood. For some reason the drugstores in my old neighborhood,  carry so much more stuff than the drugstores in my current neighborhood. I've been going crazy looking for the limited edition Gucci Westman Revlon Fall collection and couldn't find it in any of my local drugstores. If you don't know who Gucci Westman is, she's Revlon's top makeup artist, and her work is really beautiful. I think her name is so cool.  Imagine if your name was Gucci and introducing yourself, "Hi, I'm Gucci." (love!)  When I went to visit my parents, I found her Revlon collection in every single drugstore in their neighborhood. Every single one! Click below to see some swatches and first impressions of the items.

Weekend Updates & Cafe La Esquina Review

Hey loves, how was your weekend. Mine was great. Mr. Milly and I got into a bit of an argument, but we came together, talked about it, and worked it out. That happens in relationships sometimes, you won't always agree. It's completely normal, but what makes a relationship work, is communication. Talking about your issues! My grandparents were married for more than 50 years and my abuela always told me, "if you don't have disagreements sometimes, well then somethings not right."  Anyway,  this weekend, I gave myself a mani with Butter London's No More Waity Katie. I received this in the amazing gift bag I got when I went to the Lucky Magazine conference. I love Butter London's philosophy "Butter London is a 3 free company, No Formaldehyde, No Toluene, No DBP. Colour, not Carcinogens" How cute. Here's my nails:

Then Mr. Milly and I headed to a restaurant in Brooklyn called Cafe  La Esquina. Click below to read the review and see the new dress I got from Zara which reminded me a lot of the dress Rosci Diaz was wearing when I interviewed her except mine cost $39.99.

Laura Mercier Holiday 2011 Kohl Eye Pencil Set

I always say one of the best times to buy your makeup is during the holidays.  You can get some sweet deals! One amazing deal is Laura Mercier's Holiday Kohl Eye Pencil Kit. You can get five of her best selling, highly pigmented, long lasting eyeliners for $45.00. That's pretty great considering one of her eyeliners is $19. If I found five Laura Mercier eyeliners in my stocking, I would be a very happy girl and would probably do a backflip. (Well no I wouldn't, I don't even know how to backflip, but my girlfriend whose a gymnast swears she'll teach me one day in Central Park!) The great thing about pencil eyeliners is how long they last. Because every time you sharpen them, they become new again, they can last forever (just make sure you disinfect that sharpener) unlike liquid pencils which you should replace after 6 months or you can find yourself with a nice eye infection. 
Left to Right Black Gold, Black Violet, Stormy Grey, Black Navy, Brown Copper

 Here are swatches:
Black Gold, Black Violet, Stormy Grey, Black Navy, Brown Copper

Black Gold-black with gold pearl,
Black Violet-(black purple charcoal) This color is so beautiful for brown eyes.
Stormy Grey (charcoal grey)
Black Navy (black with navy pearl)-If you don't sleep, throw on some  navy eyeliner, the whites of your eyes will really stand out and make you look awake.
Brown Copper  ( shimmering brown)

I like these because they apply so smoothly, as you can see they are highly pigmented, and they last all day. I love pencils too just because they last a lot longer. (If you're curious as to how long you should keep your makeup, check out a tv segment I did with channel 11 in NYC, about how long to keep makeup here) Yes I'm self-promoting, don't judge me :-)

What are your thoughts?

Would you pick this up?

Do you think this is a sweet deal?

Do you want to learn how to backflip too?



Mally INFOMERCIAL and Giveaway for Mally Eyeliner Secret Kit $100 Value

Hey guys, here's Mally's new infomercial which I love.  She teaches you how to do one of her fiercest smokey eyes in this infomercial. and other makeup tricks and gives amazing makeup tips.   Here is the infomercial.

In honor of Mally's new infomercial, I'm having a giveaway. You can win the new Mally Eyeliner Secret Kit ($100 value). Just leave a comment here about anything
This giveaway ends Wednesday October 19. 

Also FYI, 3 winners of the Lancome Giveaway have not come forward. I may be picking new ones tomorrow. 



Skin Ingredient Must Have-Vitamin C

One of my must-have skin care ingredients  is Vitamin C.  It’s so incredibly beneficial for the skin and  important for anti-aging (you girls know I want to stay looking 21 forever! Lol). Here are some benefits of vitamin C for the skin.

-Helps in the production of collagen,
-Assists your  skin in repairing itself
-Incredibly powerful Antioxidant
-Reduces Hyperpigmentation marks dramatically

The problem with many products is that they say they have vitamin C in them, and then they put a non-stable vitamin c in their product, so once you open it, the vitamin c is not effective and you’re basically using nothing on your face. Or they contain such a low amount that really it does nothing for your skin.  Make sure your vitamin C products contain at least 5% Vitamin C, and these forms of stable vitamin C: ascorbic acid, L-ascorbic acid, and ascorbyl palmitate. Also, I keep my vitamin C products refrigerated and away from the light. It can lose it’s effectiveness very quickly if exposed to those factors. If your vitamin C serum looks yellow, that's usually a good indicator that it’s been oxidized and it’s time to throw it away! Also, don't think buying capsules of Vitamin C and opening them and applying on your face will work-they won't. Those vitamin C's are not meant to be applied topically and have no benefit on your skin.

Click below to find out some of my vitamin C Favorites:

Winners of the Lancome Giveaway

Hey guys thanks for entering the giveaway. Sorry that I posted the winners of the Kim Kardashian Lancome Wedding makeup so late. I was running around all day, and didn't really have time to get on and post until now. So here are the 5 winners according to You must get back to me by Monday night or I will have to give your prize to another entrant (does that sound mean?? If so, sorry.) but anyway here are the 5 winners.

T Davis

Winners, make sure to email me. My email is right under my pic on this page. If you didn't win, we've got a lot more giveaways coming. On wed/or thursd (depending on when the brand gives me clearance) of next week 7 of you will win 7 products from another brand. I"m celebrating some big news, and when I'm happy, I love to share the blessings!

Have a great weekend.



Therapy Thursdays-Visualize, Oprah's Life Class

Hey guys, no new therapy Thursday today, but I highly recommend that you watch Oprah's new show Oprah's Life Class. If you don't want to watch the whole series, please watch the episode that aired last night. I truly believe in it. It's about visualization, and if you visualize the life you want it will happen. Jim Carrey was on Oprah's show before and he basically told her how he visualized his success and it happened.  I've talked about my vision board before and how things have happened exactly as I envisioned them.   I give you an example below.  I know the Oprah episode airs again today in NYC at 4:00pm on Oprah's channel. Not sure when it airs anywhere else. Anyway, here are some old therapy Thursdays that I hope will help you this week.

Don't Compare Yourself
Don't Compare Your Journey
Don't Look Down on Anyone 
Vision Board & TV Segment

Also, today is the last day to enter my Kim Kardashian Lancome Paris Wedding makeup giveaway. 5 of you will win all of the Lancome Paris makeup used on Kim Kardashian for her wedding. Enter today or forever hold your piece (or peace?). Who knows which one it is? If you do, leave a comment. lol

Also I recently did an interview with a site called myskin for Hispanic Heritage Month. You can read it here. 



Nuance Salma Hayek Anti-Aging Wrinkle Filler Eye Serum

 For the last few months, I have been religious about applying my under eye creams. I love Mr. Milly to pieces, but the fact is, his loud snoring wakes me up at least three times a night. (I tried kicking him out of bed, but I hate not sleeping next to him.) So I know if I don't use eye creams,  I will have the worst bags under my eyes and my dark circles will worsen. For the last six weeks, I have been testing Nuance Salma Hayek Anti-Aging Wrinkle Filler Eye Serum and I like this for a few reasons. First it's a rollerball.

I love using a rollerball under my eyes because of the massaging effect.  I highly advise that you always keep your eye creams in the fridge. When you apply cold eye cream, it will reduce any puffiness dramatically.  In the morning after washing and moisturizing, I take this product out of the refrigerator, and begin massaging my under eye area. It feels so good. This product has some interesting ingredients too. It contains something called Acacia Senega Gum. This  comes from the sap of the acacia tree, which grows in the Middle East.  It's supposed to be great for smoothing skin. It also contains Vitamin C, and something called Lumisphere which brightens the skin.I always say the proof is in the pudding. I will say that this leaves my under eye area smooth as a baby's bottom, and my under eye concealer applies so much better with this on. Thank heavens I don't suffer from really bad dark circles and although Mr. Milly snores like crazy, my dark circles haven't gotten worse.  In truth, I really like it, and recommend it. Just an FYI, when you apply this, make sure you twist the rollerball with your hand first to get the product out, and then apply. It's much better that way.

Have you tried this product?

Does your partner snore too? Do you have any solutions




All Nuance products provided by pr for review, however you should know by now, honest reviews only here!

Spa Week Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa Facial $50

 Growing up, mommy and abuela (my grandma) made sure to  instill in me the importance of a woman taking care of herself. My general motto in life is: If You Look Good, You Feel Good.  I blogged about it before. One way I care for myself is I either give myself a facial or go get one. ( I prefer to get one for the relaxing experience.). This week is Spa Week, and it is the perfect time for you to indulge on yourself. Treatments that are normally hundreds of dollars are now priced at just $50. Yesterday I received a Spa Week facial from the famed Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in NYC. My skin was super dry from testing out a horrendous peel so I needed a facial badly. Nina was my esthetician. She has been doing facials for over 35 years. Immediately when she examined my skin she began educating me. She said cystic acne can be caused by hormones but more than likely hair products are the cause of cystic acne. I could’t believe that. I never heard that before. She’s been doing this for 35 years so I definitely was listening. Anyway, back to the facial. I was treated to a relaxing warm hand wrap while she worked her magic.  She massaged my face and back for a solid 10 minutes. OMG! Facial massages are the absolute best. Not only do they keep the wrinkles away but they just feel so good.  She then turned on the steam and applied a solution to my face and then began extracting my pesky blackheads, which barely hurt. She then applied a mask, and walaa!! My skin was glowing no redness at all! I would highly recommend you girls grab a spa week facial from the Red Door Spa. They are also offering other services for $50.during spa week as well. Find out more info on and if you don't live in NYC, but want to find out more about spa week, go to to find treatments around you. Spa Week ends Sunday, so you still have time to book an appointment.

How do you take care of yourself?

What do you like to do to relax? 

Do you believe "If you look good, you feel good?"



Opi Muppet Nail Polish Collection Review & Swatches & Weekend Updates

Hey loves, how was your weekend, mine was pretty great, except that I really didn't do too much. However, on Sunday I was walking to the park around my neighborhood when I noticed there was a street fair going on. I love street fairs! But this was no ordinary street fair. It was the first annual beauty street fair. Do you know how exciting that is for a beauty girl like myself Woohoo, And then I noticed this:

A display for the new OPI Nailpolish Muppet collection. I almost hyperventilated (well no I didn't, that's a lie, but I was excited). I freaking love the Muppet Babies. That was the show of my youth and the holiday videos were always my favorite. I always wondered why Kermit The Frog didn't like Miss. Piggy. In my opinion, Miss Piggy was way too good for Kermit, but whatever. Anyway, I picked up 5 shades from this 12 shade collection. Read my review below.

Fall Beauty Trends With Amazing Products For Under 10 Bucks

Hey guys, how was your weekend. I hope great.  I wanted to do a Fall Trends post and explain what drugstore products you can use to get the latest trends for under 10 bucks.   After testing and trying hundreds of makeup, I can honestly say drugstores are really doing amazingly well when it comes to the quality of their products. Many products that I've tried from the drugstore are actually better than high end stores. All of these products that I'm recommending are under 10 bucks. They can be found in the drugstore,  and  I have personally used all of them, and can say based on my experience they are the 

Red lips-  A lot of women are scared to touch lipsticks because they think that the lipsticks of now are like the lipsticks of before which dried out the lips and left them a hot chapped mess. Not true at all. Many lipsticks now are infused with nourishing moisturizing ingredients. This year, for the first time in years, lipstick has actually outsold lipgloss. And for the fall, it’s all about the red lip. Any woman can wear a red lip.  Just find the red that suits you. If you have warm undertones, maybe you want to use a red with orange undertones (those always work for me). I would highly recommend Salma Hayek’s Nuance Paprika. It’s so pigmented and gorgeous and super moisturizing. I reviewed it here. If you're looking for a lipstick with blue undertones, try Maybelline’s Color Sensational Red Revolution or Ruby Star, both highly pigmented, moisturizing and  blue reds. If you have no idea what undertones are, and you're thinking,  "What you talking about Willis?" just look at your veins. If your veins are green, chances are you have warm undertones. If blue you've got cool undertones. I also like to tell by jewelry. Although I do wear silver, I find gold really looks great on me. If you have cool undertones, you probably prefer silver on you. If you're warm (like me) you probably prefer gold. 

 Spider Lashes-  This season spider lashes are an incredibly popular trend.Kim Kardashian has been rocking this trend since she first burst onto the scene. For the best spider lash using a drugstore product, pick up Maybelline Falsies or Maybelline falsies Flared (My #1 drugstore mascaras. ) I reviewed Falsies Flared here and showed you how amaze my lashes looked. 

To get that perfect spider lash, coat your lashes with the mascara.  Wait a few moments till it dries, then coat lashes again. You can stop there or keep going until you get them as spidery as you want. Don't forget the bottom lashes. So super important to create that dramatic look.  And if you want an amazing lash curler, I swear by Sonia Kashuk's lash curler.

Intense Brows- -It’s all about brows this season. Last season they were actually covering the brows, this season the thicker the better. My absolute fave brow kit now is Nuance Salma Hayek Brow Kit. I use this every day to define my brows, and love it!! Not only does it contain a dark powder to use on my brows, but it also contains a wax that can seal in the brows, and even a highlighter for under the browbone. I don't use the highlighter but love the wax and powder. FYI: I went to my brow girl recently  to get my brows done and I  was complaining to her that my brows just don't seem to grow. She told me in India, the girls massage their brows at night with Castor Oil to stimulate growth. I don't know if it will work, but I'll try anything at this point.

Alright hope this helped, 



Almond Blossom Clarisonic Winner

Hey friends,
According to the winner of the Apple Blossom Clarisonic is LeoAnna62. LeoAnna62 you must get back to me by Friday or we will give this to someone else. 
 If you guys didn't win no worries, holiday time is a coming and you know we love giveaways here.
And just to let you guys know the clarisonic Mia's price has now been reduced to $119.00 by Clarisonic, so def get it. Can't imagine not having it for my skin.

Also remember, I still have another giveaway going on where 5 of you will win all of the Lancome Paris makeup used on Kim Kardashian for her wedding. Enter Here. 

Giveaway: 5 Of You Will Win All of Kim Kardashian's Lancome Wedding Makeup

Hey guys, tonight is Kim Kardashian's wedding on the E channel. I love weddings, and I do love me some Kardashians. (I'm a little crazy for reality shows.) Do you guys see how gorgeous Kim's makeup looked on her big day!

The makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic used many Lancome products to create her wedding look. So, the good peeps over at Lancome are giving 5 of you, yes I said 5 of you the chance to win ALL of the Lancome makeup used on Kim for her wedding right here on Beautylogic. Here's what 5 of  you will  get. You lucky gals!

To create Kim's gorgeous eye look, Mario used Lancome's Golden Frenzy Palette. I reviewed this palette before and loved it. 

Lancome Palette in Golden Frenzy. Retail $48.00

 Lancome Doll Lashes (My current #1 mascara, I reviewed this as well before.)

Lancome Doll Lashes Retail $25.00

Blush Subtil in Rose Romantique, $29.50

L’Absolu Nu Lipstick in Coral Sand, $29.00

La Laque Fever Lipgloss in Ravishing Coral, $26.50

5 of you will get ALL of those Lancome goodies. You lucky gals. That's a prize worth over $150 for each of you.

Here's what you have to do to enter. 

You must tweet:

"I am entering to win all of the @lancomeparis makeup used on Kim Kardashian for her wedding on @beautylogicblog

Then leave a comment here telling me you tweeted. 

For an extra entry, leave an extra comment about anything. Maybe tell me something about yourself, or recommend a good show, or recommend a good beauty product. Whatever you want.

5 winners will be picked on Friday October 14, 2011 by 

Good luck, 




Laura Mercier Holiday Mini Lip Glace Set 2011

Can you believe we're already reviewing holiday collections? This time of the year is always insane for me. So many important people in my family have birthdays right around Christmas time, and Mr. Milly's birthday is next month! I have no idea what to get this man, but if you have suggestions, please email me. Although the holidays can be overwhelming, one thing I do look forward to is the holiday makeup collections, and Laura Mercier's Holiday Mini Lip Glace set does not disappoint!

Click down here for swatches and lip pics!

Nuance by Salma Hayek Smooth Start Primer

If you guys missed Laura Mercier's Flawless in Manhattan yesterday (where you could get a free full sized primer in every Laura Mercier counter). I've got an amazing primer for you, for a steal! Do you guys love primers as much as I do? They are an essential in my makeup bag.  So for the last few 4 weeks, I've been trying out Nuance by Salma Hayek primer, and this is an excellent primer. It's so high quality that it can easily be sitting next to primers in Sephora.

This contains no parabens or fragrance, which I love. It also contains nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil. (I was a little nervous about it containing oil thinking it would break me out, but it didn't.) The primer does contain silicones so if you don't want silicones in your primer this may not be for you. When you apply,the first thing you notice is it really doesn't feel like you have anything on your skin. Some primers can be heavy but not this one, you barely know you have it on. However, I notice using this, my makeup looks flawless, my skin looked insanely even, and my foundation lasted all day without getting blotchy. I've worn this in very hot nyc temps and my makeup looked great hours later.  Just to see the difference I applied my foundation without this for a few days and definitely noticed that my makeup needed a touch up a lot faster.

All in all, I would highly recommend this primer. And for $11.99 this is a steal.

Have you tried Nuance Products?

What were your thoughts?



Mally Beauty First Infomercial

You guys know how much I love celebrity makeup artist QVC Superstar Mally Roncal.   If you don't know why, click here. Anyway on October 10, she will be unveiling her first infomercial. I'm so excited. Having met Mally many times, she is probably one of the kindest and beautiful souls ever and an amazing makeup artist.  Anyway, here is the tease to her infomercial which will officially come out October 10. To celebrate we will have a giveaway next week giving away a Mally Beauty prize worth over $100.00.

Congrats Mally,



Here's to New Beginnings with Georgia

Hey guys, so remember my co-editor Cassie went to visit Georgia Salon/store and got an amazing hairstyle. If you don't click here. Well the amazing women at Georgia are closing down their flagship location in soho, and will be now focusing on their brand online and taking it worldwide. I wanted to talk about this because both of these women are so inspirational. Jodie was the former head of PR for Zac Posen, and Kiara was a Wall Street exec, and both left their jobs to pursue their dreams. They are also both mothers. Jodie is a mother of four (yes I said it four) and Kiara is the mother of two.  They are now realizing that the only way they can build their brand world-wide is if they closed down their brick and mortar shop and focus on their online presence and getting their brand/products out around the world. Brilliant!

However, because they do now how popular their salon itself is, they have set up their salon at  223 Mott Street Between Spring & Prince. So go visit! Remember how fabu Cassie's hair style came out. We'll be updating you more on Georgia soon.

You can also log on to Georgia's website if you are around the world, and they will connect you to one of their hairstylist where you are! These ladies know everyone!

I love women who aren't afraid to take risk and follow their dreams!!





Therapy Thursday: "Sometimes Life will Hit You in the Head With a Brick, Don't Lose Faith!"

This morning I walked by the Apple store on the Upper West Side. There was a memorial set up for Steve Jobs, and when I tell you countless people were hysterically crying, I couldn't believe it. Me, being the reporter I am, I had to ask why they were crying so hard for someone they really didn't know. One man told me, "because he was my hero."Another woman told me "because he made my son think it was cool to be smart." Her son was next to her with tears in his eyes too.  I too was truly saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs.  For the last few years, when I began to feel defeated or rejected, one of the first things I did, was go to my computer bookmarks and pull up this speech he did six years ago.

I also carry a copy of the speech with me as well.  I tweeted about the speech a few times in the past  because I found it to be just that inspiring. Steve Jobs was born out of wedlock, adopted, dropped out of college. He would  exchange coke bottles for 5 cents to eat, and slept on his friends' floors because he didn't have anywhere else to go, but through all that adversity,  he became the most successful man of our generation. Later in life, Apple fired him. While being fired, he started PIXAR-the most successful animation company in the world, and he still came back to Apple with a bang.  So, my question to you today is, what's your excuse again for not following your dreams?   As Mr. Jobs said, "Your time is limited, don't spend it living someone elses life."

Steve Jobs lived out his own dreams, and inspired millions in the process. 

That's an amazing life.

RIP Steve Jobs-thank you for being an inspiration to me and to millions of others.



Lancome Golden Hat Foundation Holiday 2011 Collection Review

  Lancome will soon be releasing, The Golden Hat Foundation Holiday 2011 Color Collection. This collection was created to support The Golden Hat Foundation  which was created by Lancome brand ambassador Kate Winslet to nurture and teach autistic children how to communicate more effectively in order to live richer, more dream-fulfilling lives.  I actually have two autistic children in my family and I've seen the struggle and difficulties both of these children have trying to communicate with their parents and with us. Lancome is donating 150,000 Euros to the foundation , and they have created the breathtaking Lancome Golden Hat Foundation Holiday 2011 collection. 

To take a better look at the collection and some swatches, click below.

The Beauty Bus Coming Back to NYC October 6

There's so much going on tomorrow in NYC. You can go to any Laura Mercier counter in NYC and get a 30 day supply of primer (no purchase necessary). And after that, why not stop by The Beauty Bus. 
The Beauty Bus is coming back to NYC October 6 in Union Square (Union Square West, between 15th and 16th Streets) from 12-6. What is the Beauty Bus? It's a glass truck outfitted with styling chairs, mirrors and beauty product must haves. You can come aboard and get professional makeup applications, DIY beauty tips and hairstyling consultations . Hair Room Service celebrity stylist and Daily Candy editors will be on site sharing their favorite beauty tips and looks.

Additional supporting sponsors of the Beauty Bus include nimble by Balance Bar, Goody, and Solano.  For more information on the Beauty Bus, visit

I think I might stop by.

Will you?



Win a Limited Edition Look Good Feel Better Clarisonic Plus Worth over $200.00

Hey guys, You know how much I  love to do giveaways here, and the good people over at Clarisonic know how much I love my Clarisonic. So they are giving one BeautyLogic Reader a chance to win a Clarisonic Limited Edition Look Good Feel Better Clarisonic  Plus worth  $235.00 exclusively sold at Nordstrom. I mentioned this specific Clarisonic in this post.  But if you're a long-time reader, you know how much my Clarisonic means to me. I've mentioned it many times on the blog.

To Enter:
All you have to do is leave a comment here. That's it. I would love your comment to be something about Breast Cancer, maybe a fact about it or what you are doing to fight it. But if not, just leave a comment about anything. Maybe tell me a little about yourself.  I love finding out about my readers.  Comment about anything.

For an extra entry you can tweet 
"I am entering to win @beautylogicblog Pink Clarisonic Plus Giveaway."

And then let me know you tweeted by leaving an extra comment. 

Contest ends next Monday night October 10. 

Winner will be picked by



Breast Cancer Awareness

Hey loves,

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. Had an insane day. How was your weekend? I hope amazing! We are loaded with beauty reviews this week. Loaded!!  Including some gorgeous new offerings from Lancome. And in six days I'll finally be able to reveal some great news. Man I can't wait. I've been dying to tell you. But today, we're going to get a little serious.   I want to talk to you today about breast cancer. I think every one of us knows someone that has been affected by this horrible disease. It is the most common Cancer in women.  Last year, I shared with you that I lost someone very special to me,  to this disease. In one encounter, this woman basically changed my life.  If you didn’t read that post click here. We must stop this disease from taking away so many amazing people (like my friend). If you're able, please donate to the various breast cancer charities, like the Susan B Komen Fund . Also, to fight breast cancer, many beauty brands are offering pink products. These are products that you can purchase and proceeds from the sale will go towards Breast Cancer Research. Here are some:

Pink Clarisonic
My must-have beauty product. 

With every purchase of this fashionable PLUS, Clarisonic will donate $15 (as well as $3 for every pink Mia and $4 for every pink classic or plus to Look Good Feel Better.)
Price $235.

Stila Positive and Pretty Palette

Get empowered in pink with this limited-edition palette featuring four award-winning Eye Shadows, a Cheek Color and a Highlighter. A mirror is included for on-the-go application and a detailed face chart offers how-to tips and tricks. A total of 10% of proceeds will go to a variety of BCA charities, one of which is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Price: $14 (a $62 value), Available at


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