Georgia NY Salon & Boutique Review

Hey guys 
Before Georgia
Last time we met, I had natural hair  However,  as an actress, my look must change often for certain roles, so this time my hair is back to relaxed. Now let's get to my review. It can be challenging work to find the perfect product for your hair. And if your hair is curly, wavy, or kinky there is a store catered to fit your needs. Yes this gem of a boutique located in soho should be called curl girl heaven, but instead it is named delightfully Georgia! Like “Great Georgia My, my hair is fabulous!!

Georgia is a curly girls Sephora. No more going from store to store trying to decide which label will truthfully bring less frizz to your locks or which brand will give you springier curls, now a whole store just for you, whether you are all natural or relaxed this store will literally quench your hair needs! And also another great perk of going to this store is that Georgia has there own yummy lines of moisturizers and fun bath stuff for your skin. This place is a one stop shop for your head to your toes, and you may even see a unique purse or jewerly that no one else in the world could have. I love Georgia for that!! You can buy the coolest and unique items for your body and your home!
But there is more! Georgia also has an amazing salon, and so you know yours truly had to test it out, and Im not surprised that I left looking awesome! Their beuticians are hair mixologist! They feel and look at your hair and apply a mix of different products so your hair can achieve ultimate shine and softness! And while your getting your hair done, listen to cool relaxing music from Stevie Wonder, India Ari to Maxwell and on top of it all they give you complimentary wine, you see, I told you it was heaven!!

Sharntai, was the beautiful woman to style my hair, I knew from the moment I saw her, she would do some magic on my hair. She used a mixture of products from Lanza Healing Strength “Silk Serum”, Lanza Straight Line Smoothing ShampooLanza Healing Color Care Trauma Treatment, PhtoSpecific Vital force Crème Bath and Jane Carter Wrap and Roll. This was the first time I ever had Lanza products used on my hair, and I must say my hair has never felt so silky. Sharntai, used two different sized flat irons, and made my hair curl like Dorothy Dandrige.

After Georgia worked their magic
If you're in Soho, or if you are far away, stop by, call, email do what you must for your curly locks. The wonderful boutique of Georgia is waiting to unlock happy days and nights for your curls!

89 E Houston St
New York, NY 10012-2805
(646) 827-2428

Service provided for editorial review


Cassie Freeman
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The Water Secret by Dr. Murad

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Murad.
Yes thee Dr. Murad!
The man who brought Alpha Hydrox to the market.
The man whose products are sold everywhere.
And can I just say, what a wonderful guy.
He reminds me of my Dad 
without the Latin accent. 
But anyway, let’s talk his new book The Water Secret
Which is one of the most informative and amazing books I've ever read
As you girls know I’m trying to
Stay looking 21 forever. 
And this book is teaching me ways on how
to not only stay looking young, but 
be my healthiest as well.
The book is based on Dr. Murad’s years of research and experience with his thousands of patients.
What he noticed was that his patients that looked the youngest and were the healthiest,
Had something in common.
They retained water in their cells.
So their cells stayed youthful, and were able to fight stress, and aging.
As you get older, your cell membranes become thinner, due to stress and, and other life hazards like pollution, sun exposure, sleeplessness etc. 
Causing you to age, get sick, and not be at your healthiest.
In this book Dr. Murad teaches you how  to keep your cells at their best state. 
Now you may think with a title like The Water Secret, he wants you to drink as many cups of water a day, but that’s not the case at all.. He actually thinks  it’s better to eat your water, than drink your water.
Yes I said Eat.
By eating fruits, and vegetables which are mostly water anyway, as well as powerful antioxidants.
Foods such as cucumbers which contain roughage, that helps with digestion, and fruits and vegetables, will help your cells maintain it’s optimal state and will reduce the damage to the cell membrane.
Your cell membrane is made of amino acids and lipids as well.
And foods like Eggs, seeds, nuts,  will also make your cell membranes stronger.
Did you know that there are many people who drink 8 glasses of water who still are dehydrated. Yes! Because if the water is not absorbed by your cells, guess where it goes, to the toilet. That’s why by  by eating fruits and vegetables, which not only contain mostly water but antioxidants as well,  your cells will strengthen.
This book is loaded with so much great information. Including a new word that Dr. Murad coined “Cultural Stress” which I am full of and  teaches you how to deal with it a little better.
Once your cells are at their optimum state, you will look much more youthful, have a lot more energy and look 21 forever (well not really, but it will kick aging’s butt)
He also teaches you about the importance of sleep. 
Here's something interesting. When you only sleep four hours a night for two nights, 
your appetite increase by 24%. No wonder I'm always hungry. Usually the most I'm sleeping is four hours a night. Anyway this book  is loaded with so much useful information including what you should look for in your cosmetic ingredients, I couldn't put it down.

I loved it!

Order It here. 


Book provided by pr for editorial review.

Collective WellBeing Hair Care Is a Win!

With lil man, it’s so hard to take Linette out to get done.
If you don’t know who Linette is,
 it’s the name I gave my hair.
Yes I named my hair! 
Stop looking at me that way.
Around 2 weeks ago,
I tried to get Linette all dolled up
By taking her to a salon.
I had no other choice but to take
Lil Man
and let’s just say
by the end of the three hours,
And Lil Man screaming Bloody Murder for two and a half  hours,
The salon was more than happy to see me go.
So lately I’ve been taking care of Linette myself.
                                                Me at home taking care of Linette 

I actually am pretty good at making her look fabulous on my own.
I think I do a better job than the salons.
You know that I only like to use the best products on her.
Recently I got my hands on Collective Well Being Hair Care
The shampoo is called Right to Shine Moisturizing Shampoo.
This contains ingredients like Aloe Vera, LLipe Nut, and other vitamins for the hair.
Of Course No Sulfates, Yuke!
The conditioner which I think is the real stand out of the two is called Quick Fix
I love this conditioner and Linette does too. It contains Camelia Oil, Amino Acids , Vitamin B5, really nourishing ingredients for  Linette. It detangles like crazy, and leaves my hair incredibly smooth, and oh so shiny. I’m obsessed with the conditioner.
I love the fact that a portion of the proceeds of Collective Wellbeing go to making our world more beautiful.

Have you tried Collective WellBeing Products

What were your thoughts?

You can order them here.  



Come Meet Us!

Hey guys,

Is it your dream to meet me?
Have you dreamed of  the day where one day we would share the same air?
Have you begged and prayed to God that one day, you would finally be able to shake my hand?
Probably not. lol
But if you girls have nothing to do on Thursday and live in or near New York City, it would be my honor and pleasure to meet you!
Here's where I'll be along with some other amazing bloggers and my fab editor Cassandra Freeman.
Click on the invite to enlarge. 

Also if you sign in when we meet, you'll have the chance to win a gift bag donated by Georgia loaded with their fabulous beauty products.
I hope you can stop by and say hi.
I promise to give you a big hug.



L'ORAC Real Life To Red Carpet Close Up Eye Tutorial Is the Business!

My makeup skills are pretty good. At least I think so. I’m no makeupbyrenren. (I’ve seen that girl change the average woman to Halle Berry dupes with her makeup skills.) But, I am ok. I am always down for learning any new technique and skill, and saving money is my life story. 

So when I heard about L’Orac’s Close  Up Eye Tutorial which contains the full size Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, The Special Effects Mascara and eyelash primer, their amazing eyeliner, and a beautiful Movie Star Eyeshadow, oh and the brush to apply, and a tutorial on how you can apply all of this including a day to night look, you know I had to get my hands on this. 

All this for $36 Bucks! If sold separately you would have to pay $110. This is a steal. I especially love the tutorial which really explains in depth exactly how you should apply. FYI, the mascara and eyeliner are amazing. The eyeshadow is great too. My only qualm with this product was the brush. Although I used it, I would prefer to use my own tools, as this brush was a little flimsy and didn't blend as well as I would have like. Other than that, this is a true steal. 

 Have you tried Lorac Products? 

Are you getting this?

What were your thoughts?



 product provided by PR for review.

Glowology Opulent Body Butter & Winners of Giveaway!

I’m always on the hunt for a good body moisturizer. Because I’m a brown woman, when my skin is less than moisturized the dryness is very noticeable, especially on my legs.  I remember around three weeks ago I was going to an event. I had on this gorgeous yellow dress,  4 inch stiletos, I thought I looked pretty good, until my girlfriend remarked that my legs were so ashy it looked as if I had just finished kicking flour. (whatever!) Nothing is unsexier than a woman whose legs are so dry that ash is clearly present.   I’ve tried tons of lotions, creams, body butters that claim they leave you with soft moisturized skin throughout the day. Most of them are Lies! Three hours later, I’m reapplying because my skin is obviously dry again. Recently I got my hands on Glowology’s Opulent Body Butter. 

This is a wonderfully thick body lotion that is scented with hints of coconut and loaded with ingredients like Coconut oil (my personal fave) shea butter, honey, camellia oil, all of these are very nourishing and moisturing ingredients for the skin. The best part about this, is after using, I’m pretty much good to go throughout the day. Loving this.

Have you tried this?

I know I’m super late with the  crest winners but hey you know how it goes.

The 2 winning comments are
Icosmetic RN
RVS Newark

Chosen from

Make sure you send me your addresses within 48 hours, or we’ll have to give these whitestrips to someone else.

What moisturizers are you loving?

Also this week beautylogic will be at an event in the city. If you live in NYC, I’d love for you to attend so we can meet. 


product provided by pr for review. 

Nigel Barker's Beauty Equation=Must Read!

Although I’m a reality show addict, I’ve never been a big fan of America’s  Next Top Model. The show wasn’t really my thing at all. I’ll tell you, I probably only watched it just to get a look at Nigel Barker.  (Talk about a cutie!) When I was asked to review his book, I was honestly really skeptical, but let me tell you, this book is the business. Nigel writes this book in a fun, conversational and honest way, almost  as if he’s your big brother trying to give you advice. Nigel hopes to give you 10 essential qualities that add up to inner beauty. He says once you unveil these, you will find yourself uncovering your outer beauty as well. Throughout the book, he’s giving you some really great advice about loving yourself, stop comparing yourself to others, because it’s destructive, ways of taking care of yourself and some really helpful exercises that he wants you to do on yourself in order to build a more secure and positive you. He also teaches you what certain body languages mean like, arms crossed across the chest=disinterest, arms unfolded=openness, and other helpful tips.  I truly loved this book.

 Here are some really great tidbits from the book:

Be sexual and be sexy! It’s sensation. It’s Sexational. But the trend of being a hoochie needs to stop.
Don’t try to play a role that you’re not right for. Accept who you are and make it work.
Doing things others want you to do is fueling their ambitions not yours.
Also he tells you to eat certain super foods and you will see an amazing improvement in your hair skin and nails. Foods like Almonds, apples, avocados, baked tortilla/pita chips, barley, blueberries, brocooli, brusel sprouts, cantaloupe, chicken (skinless), garlic, green teak, hummus, kidney beans mackerel, oatmeal, olive oil, etc

Another great chapter comes at the end, where he teaches you how to take great photographs.

I’m kind of obsessed with this book, and highly recommend it to all women! This will be one of my rereads. 

Order it Here

Love it.



Product provided for review!

Welcome BeautyLogic's New Co-Editor and Crest 3D Whitestrips Giveaway for 2 Readers!

Hey there guys, 

BeautyLogic has been my baby for the last three years, but now with my new real life baby he  takes up a lot of my time and I’m not able to review as many things as I’d like. So I decided to take on a new co-editor, one of my trusted friends Cassandra Freeman. I figured Cassie would be perfect for the job for a few reasons. She’s very into beauty like I am. She’s amazingly smart, sweet, and also my part time therapist as well, lol. Cassie is also a dreamer. She believes in her dreams and goes full force after them. She’s an actress by trade and can you believe her first acting role was playing Denzel Washington’s wife in Spike Lee’s most successful movie Inside Man which grossed over 180 million dollars around the world. Cassie believes anything is possible, and we love that here on Beautylogic. Cassie recently finished shooting a movie in Africa, and immediately after that  she was inspired to start her own non-profit organization. It’s called The Kassandra Project which hopes to bring the arts to disadvantage youth around the world. With the first benefit, Cassie hopes to bring an arts school to Rwanda for the surviving orphans and youth of the genocide. The first benefit will be held on October at Tenjune in NYC on October 20.  So let’s welcome Cassie to BeautyLogic the right away. In honor of Cassie, we’re giving away two Crest White strips packs to two lucky readers.

You saw the difference they  made in my choppers. If you didn't see that post, click here. They really work. Just leave a comment here, write anything you want. Maybe you want to tell Cassie about your dreams. Write Whatever you want. Winners will get announced Thursday.

To RSVP to Cassie’s Benefit call 716-201-0527.
Hope you can join us.

Now leave a comment and enter for a chance to win one of the Crest White strips.



CellCeuticals CellGenesis

Keeping up with the Kardashians is one of my favorite shows. I don’t know what it is about that family. I absolutely love them. Having met Kim, (interviewed her this year when she had the fashion show for her clothing line. You can click for that here). I can tell you that she truly is a sweet person and one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. But yesterday watching the episode I was a little saddened. Kim is not much older than I am, and got botox. If you saw Kim during those botox months, she looked horrible. Her face looked pulled back and just fake. I don’t know why she messed with perfection. As you guys know, I’m trying to prevent myself from aging, and although there is no fountain of youth, I refuse to resort to something like Botox any time soon. Lately I’ve been using Cell Ceuticals Cell Genesis at night. 

This was actually created by the Doctor that fixed Bruce Jenner’s horrible plastic surgery. This has seriously left my skin looking amazing. The product is a gel consistency, and I only use it night. What I noticed with this the last three weeks is that my skin seemed a lot more radiant, really soft and glowing. It contains something called GFP Cellular Complex technology, that supposed to encourage the regeneration of new surface cells for younger skin. It also contains retinol and antioxidants. Powerful ingredients against aging. Maybe Kim should have tried this before hitting the needle.  All in all,  I’m loving this.
FYI-yesterday I went to buy some wine at a new wine shop, and the guy asked me if I was over 21. When I said yes, he said just to make sure he needed to check my id.Haha!
If you’re 21 and over, start antiaging!



#product provided by pr for review. This in no way affected how I felt about it.

My Fashion's Night Out a Night to Remember

My Fashion’s Night out was a lot of fun. 
My friend Cassie and I began our night by meeting at Lincoln Center.- the New Home of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

 We headed out to Diane Von Furstenberg and there was a huge party going on. 

Drinks were being passed around delicious hors d'oeuvres , and great music. 

Mrs. Furstenberg arrived and looked amazing!

Just a lot of fun.
We then headed to Georgia NY. We’ll be posting a review on Georgia in the weeks to come.
I got my makeup done by one of makeup extraordinaire’s Cynde Watson's team. 

They were offering minx mani’s as well, but Cassie and  I had to go see Halle Berry at Rag & Bone. 
Cassie met this great girl at Georgia NY who sells some really cool glasses. Her website is She was really sweet. Here's Cassie with one of her glasses. 

We then headed to Rag &Bone.
The line was insane.
 Here was the scene inside.
Halle walked in a short time later, and although no one was allowed to take a pic with her, we managed to snag some.

We then ended the night at Ideya, which I reviewed before.

All in all, a good night. 

What did you do for Fashion’s Night Out?



Fashions Night Out Part 2 Amazing Event!

oh man, I got some amazing invites after I posted my first FNO POST.
Look at these 2

Check this out.

Rag & Bone
119 Mercer Street
From 8pm until 9:30pm Revlon will be offering mini-makeover with Gucci Westman  using her NEW (not sold in stores!) exclusive ColorBurst shade in Fashion's Night Pout and the chance to have a photo with Revlon Brand Ambassador Halle Berry.  Those who donate $50 to Halle's Jenesse Center Foundation will get the mini-makeover, photo and the Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Fashion's Night Pout.

Elizabeth Arden

Come check out Elizabeth Arden’s global flagship store on Fifth Avenue this FridaySeptember 10 for Fashion’s Night Out!
Get expert advice from our Fragrance Specialist, Martha Aguilar-Gil, experience the season's hottest fragrance trends and sample Elizabeth Arden’s most popular scents.

Sip on our signature fashion-tini during one of New York City ’s most fashionable nights! Shopping is never out of style and Elizabeth Arden is here to shop the night away with you and your readers.
Elizabeth Arden Flagship Store
691 Fifth Avenue (at 54th street

6 to 11p

Essie Fall Collection 2010

You girls know how obsessed I am about nailpolishes. The addiction is pretty serious. Essie has just released their fall collection and can I just tell you, I’m loving all these gorgeous shades. Click on pics to enlarge.

Essie In Stiches

I am truly in stiches over this gorgeous reddish pink. I love this color, and think it will be on me during fashion week.
Essie Limited Addiction
This is a gorgeous deep red. Love this color
Essie Sew Psyched

This color really shocked me. In the bottle, it looked ehh but on me I loved this beautiful sage color.
Essie Merino Cool

A riveting light purple. Really like this one on me.
Essie Velvet Voyeur

A brown plum.
Essie Little Brown Dress

Pure Dark chocolate.

What’s your favorite color in this collection?

Also, if you're in NY during Fashion Week, check this out:

Complimentary mini mani’s at the Essie Pop-up Salon
The Essie Pop-up Salon will be open September 10th and September 15th to all Fashion Week attendees. 
Hours open: 10am – 6pm.
Meet Essie herself on September 15th between 11 am and 12 pmShe’ll be there to interpret the latest color trends and reveal what’s new for nails. 

Where:           Lincoln Center in the Main Lobby


Fashion's Night Out Events

Are you super excited for Fashion's Night Out like I am?
I can't wait to head out all around NYC and see what countless vendors and brands have put together.
If you have no clue as to what to do for Fashion's Night Out, here is a list of Fashion's Night Events that should be fun and that you just might see me attending.

Enjoy and Hugs
Lancome Fashion’s Night Out Event
Tango and Touchups at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street
Kicking off the evening will be appearances by our spokesmodels Elettra Wiedemann and Arlenis Sosa at the Lancôme counter. (Arlenis and Elettra will be there promptly at 6 p.m.) Lancome will have professional tango dancers doing exhibitions at 6 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. And in case you’re wondering, the tango lessons are a nod to our fall color collection, French Coquettes.
Michelle Phan at Sephora Fifth Avenue (btwn. 48th & 49th Streets)
Lancôme’s video makeup artist Michelle Phan will be making her first personal appearance on behalf of Lancôme. She’ll be live “vlogging” in the Fifth Avenue window from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Then, from 8 p.m.  to 9 p.m., she and Vogue assistant beauty editor Christina Han will be meeting and greeting customers and fans in the mezzanine.
 Henri Bendel  Amazon Beauty
Luxury haircare company, Amazon Beauty, will be refreshing the city’s tired tresses with their Rahua line of shampoo, conditioner and finishing treatment on display at Bendel’s.  From 8:00PM on, beauty gurus and fashionistas will be flocking to the iconic Fifth Avenue location to scoop up samples of the organic line.  Rahua has developed a cult following among those in-the-know because of their key ingredient, the oil from the Rahua nut, found and imported directly from the Amazon, former home of the brand’s creator, renowned stylist Fabian Lliguin. Rejuvenating lifeless, damaged and dull hair.
 Henri Bendel
712 Fifth Avenue 

Rachel Roy and Model Jessica Stam

For Fashion's biggest night be sure to join designer Rachel Roy and model Jessica Stam at Macys Herald Square Level 2 on Friday from 6-8pm. Rachel and Jessica will be on hand to style guests and dish on their latest collaboration together. Guests also have the opportunity to get their photo taken for Roy's real girl look book to benefit charity: water.

QVC returns to New York Fashion Week for its largest presence ever. The leading multimedia retailer will kick off the week with the launch of its first NYC pop-up location in the heart of Rockefeller Center, which will serve as a consumer pop-up store and a fully functioning broadcast studio.
The QVC pop-up store will open its doors to the public on Friday, September 10 at 6 PM (ET) to mark the second annual Fashion's Night Out (FNO) event. QVC celebrates FNO as the exclusive multimedia retailer.
During the event, QVC is scheduled to have one of its largest broadcast and multimedia events live from the NYC pop-up location with special programming throughout the city. The three-hour broadcast - Fashion Night's Out (SM) - Live from New York is scheduled to begin at 9 PM (ET) and feature the debuts of K-DASH by Kardashian and Janie Bryant MOD. In addition, some of QVC's popular designers, including Marc Bouwer, Bradley Bayou, Pamela Dennis, Lori Goldstein, Mara Hoffman, Melania Trump, and Isaac Mizrahi, will unveil their latest collections for the fall '10 season.

Piperlime will be kicking off their first pop up store in New York with Rachel Zoe and the cast of Project Runway. Meet the cast of Project Runway from 6-8 and Rachel Zoe from 8-10. 
93 Mercer Street

Celebrate Fashion’s Night Out with designer Shoshanna Gruss at Lord & Tayor from 6-7pm and then Saks from 7:00pm-8:00pm. Shoshanna will be on hand offering advice on the latest trends and fall lines.
Lord and Taylor
424 Fifth Avenue
Between 38 & 39th Street
Saks Fifth Avenue
611 Fifth Avenue
between 49th & 50th street

Oscar Blandi Salon
In order for you to look amazing for Fashion’s Night Out, the Oscar Blandi salon is offering $25.00 blowouts from 5:30-6:30pm. This is normally an $85.00 value so get to it. Call the salon and mention Fashion’s Night out at 212-421-9800. Oscar Blandi 545 Madison Avenue. 

Laura Mercier
Have a flawless night out with Laura Mercier.
To highlight Laura’s signature flawless face,
Laura Mercier counters are all offering makeup touch ups throughout the city with celebrity makeup artist. And every hour on the hour, someone will be eligible to win one of Laura Mercier’s most popular products. 

Stila at Betsey Johnson
You can get complimentary makeovers at a Betsey Johnson location while sipping some delish champagne.
Betsey Johnson Soho
138 Wooster Street

Victoria Secret Pink
Get 7 panties for $25.00 plus the chance to win $100 sweepstakes every 30 minutes.
Victoria Secret
566 Broadway
(prince Street)

25 Park With Robert Verdi
Celebrity Stylist Robert Verdi and fashion Designer Robin Brouillette will style you in Fall 2010’s hottest new looks while guest DJ spins her favorite beats. Come and shop the new collections while sipping our special FNO cocktails.
25 Park
Meatpacking District
805 Washington Street
betweet Horatio and Gansevoort Street

Vera Wang and Caudalie

If you’re a bride this will be great.
Brides will be pampered, styled and greeted by Vera.
Enjoy live music, special offers, and a giveways from Caudalie.
Vera Wang Bridal Salon
991 Madison Avenue

One of my favorite spots in the city Georgia NY is having a great day of beauty at the spa. Get you makeup done, and mini manicures at Georgia NY. Tell them BeautyLogic sent you. 
89A East Houston Street

Fashion’s Night Out
Sephora Soho
555 Broadway b/w Prince and Spring
·         Meet Gwen Stefani – Sephora & Harajuku Lovers Fragrances are teaming up to give you an exclusive sneak peek at HL’s newest fragrance collection, Wicked Style. Harajuku Lovers is taking to the streets in a branded fragrance truck looking for some wicked style fun.  Follow @harajukulover_g on Twitter to find out where the truck will be throughout the day to grab samples & great giveaways. Be one of the first 100 people to buy HL's special Fashion’s Night Out fragrance package at Sephora Soho & Gwen will personally sign the Wicked Style bottle! In addition, guests can enter to win tickets to the L.A.M.B. fashion show during NYFW!  While in store, get Harajuku makeup and hair looks by Make Up For Ever and T3.

Sephora 5th Ave
597 Fifth Ave b/w 48 and 49
·         Meet Kat Von D, famed tattoo artist and beauty creator – Kat will be celebrating the launch of her new Adora beauty collection with an exclusive reading from the soon-to-be-released The Tattoo Chronicles, the follow up to her New York Times bestseller, High Voltage Tattoo at 9PM. Meet Dan Smith, renowned tattoo artist and High Voltage hottie. 

·         Model with Josie Maran - Come meet supermodel and homegrown-beauty maven Josie Maran from 7-9PM as she shares her beauty secrets and shows off her pure and natural makeup line. Then step into Sephora’s mini photo studio where Josie will give guests posing tips, and will walk away with a signed copy of their best shot. Plus, be the first to get the not-yet-launched, Argan Oil Colorstick in Cherry Popsicle—created exclusively for Fashion’s Night Out—with every Josie Maran Cosmetics purchase at the event.

·         Meet Dr. Gross, founder of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare – Guests can visit NYC celebrity dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross at his Sephora Skincare Advice Booth from 6-8pm, and get their complexion questions answered, including a personalized skin analysis valued at $275.  And with any Dr. Gross purchase that evening guests will walk away with a free 1.7 oz cleansing foam.

·         Meet Michelle Phan, Lancôme video makeup artist and YouTube™ Sensation - Michelle Phan is making her very first in-store appearance for Lancôme. Come meet Michelle and watch her in action as she films one of her signature makeup tutorials—featuring an exclusive Fashion’s Night Out look—live in Sephora’s window at 7PM! Then let Michelle answer your burning beauty questions from 8-9PM and get your makeup done by a Lancôme pro.

·         Get Styled by Sultra - Sit down for a free styling session with a pro from Sultra and experience their new Bombshell One Inch Rod Curling Iron

Sephora Times Square
1500 Broadway b/w 43 and 44
·         Groove with Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and celebrity DJ Alexandra Richards – Join Sephora Times Square for the exclusive worldwide premiere of Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture. Experience the new, exclusive lipstick shade N°20 Rouge Flamme created especially for Sephora. Guests can listen to special guest Celebrity DJ, Alexandra Richards spin tunes from 7-9PM while they sip champagne, snack on sweets and get their makeup done by an Yves Saint Laurent makeup artist. Guests can also enter to win one of three pairs of YSL Tribute Too Red shoes ($795 value).

Sephora 5 Times Square
200 West 42nd at 7th Ave
·         Temptu’s Runway to Reality - Pull up a front row seat, and watch TEMPTU’s glamorous live models as they turn Sephora into their catwalk. Guests can also flip through their look book, have their favorite high-fashion look re-created by a TEMPTU pro then get their picture snapped for Sephora’s window by a professional photographer. Special appearance by Kat Von D at 7PM.

Sephora 34th Street
130 West 34th Street b/w 7th and Broadway
·         Beauty Rocks the Runway with Benefit - Try on beauty trends straight from Fashion Week with the world debut of femme metale, the newest addition to the Maggie & Annie Collection. Guests will receive runway inspired makeup lessons, posh party favors, music and more.

Sephora Union Square
45 East 17th Street b/w Union Square West and Park Avenue South
·         Sync up with Hourglass Celebrity Makeup Artist, Gina Brooke - Join Hourglass Artistic Director Gina Brooke for a performance art, avant-garde makeup show, followed by runway-to-realway consultations by Hourglass artists.

Sephora Flatiron
119 Fifth Avenue at East 19th Street
·         Become a Buxom Babe! – Guests are invited to get buxom-ized with a free makeover inspired by a favorite Buxom girl. Whether they’re a Dolly, a Katie, a Sugar or a Trixie, guests will leave with a sinfully sexy new look, a deluxe free gift and a chance to win Leslie Blodgett-signed beauty items.

Sephora Lexington
711 Lexington Avenue b/w East 57 and 58
·         Get Glam With Dior – Guests are invited to have their makeup done up by Dior pros, who will be sharing backstage beauty secrets and creating luxurious fall eye looks featuring the amazing new Lash Maximizer set.

Sephora 67th & 3rd
1149 Third Avenue at 67th Street
·         Celebrate 10 Years of Eco Chic Beauty with tarte - Wish tarte a happy birthday as they celebrate the launch of their TEN Anniversary Collection.  Be among the first to sit down with one of tarte’s natural beauty experts and enjoy a makeover fit for a fashionista. Guests can also enter to win several eco-fabulous raffle prizes. 

Sephora 76th & Broadway
2164 Broadway at 76th Street
·        Learn Pro Secrets from NARS –Guests can stop in for a special Fashion’s Night Out eye makeover and let NARS artists re-create a hot-off-the-runway look just for them. 

Sephora 42nd & Madison
300 Madison Avenue at East 42nd Street
·         Laura Mercier Presents “Fresh-Faced & Flawless” - Join Laura Mercier Global Makeup Artist Luis Soto and his team for on-the-spot complexion touch-ups and an exclusive look at Laura’s latest innovation, the Bonne Mine face palette. Signature cocktails will be flowing, and amazing prizes will be raffled off every hour, on the hour.

Sephora Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle on Broadway b/w 58 and 60
·         Too Faced Presents: Eye Love Fashion - Celebrate Too Faced’s fall collection with makeovers using products from their coveted eye shadow collections, Swarovski crystal tattoos and a glamorous gift with purchase. Plus, be one of the first 50 people to sit for a consultation, and get a full-size Starry Eye Liner—free.

Sephora 86th & Lexington, Sephora 150 Broadway, Sephora 99th/Columbus:  
·         Stop in and enjoy cool refreshments, sweet treats and free makeovers by some of our favorite brands.  

Warren-Tricomi Salon
The Plaza Hotel (New York City)
Join the Warren-Tricomi Salon at The Plaza Hotel for complimentary hair styles and updo’s to start your Friday night off from 6-8pm. While you are at The Plaza, you can also join us in viewing the CFDA Incubator Project designs throughout the Shops. Musician, Corinne Bailey Rae, will be performing an intimate concert at The Plaza’s Palm Court. Following the concert, Joel Warren, Edward Tricomi, Douglas Hannant and Frederick Anderson, co-hosted with the CFDA and Shops at the Plaza, invite you to an after party in the Terrace Room from 9 – 11pm to celebrate this night of Fashion.

The Plaza Beauty

Location: The Plaza Hotel (New York City)
The Plaza Beauty will offer complimentary mini-facials, hand treatments and makeup touch ups to get you ready for your Friday night out! Meet the creators of top beauty companies such as Alison Raffaele and Kimiko and receive insider tips on how to create the perfect look for fall! Enter to win a custom-made hair accessory from Lucia Tristao Hair Designs and look out for exclusive offers that night from Miriam Mirani and Diego Della Palma. Afterwards, show off your new look at a concert performed by Grammy nominated EMI artist Corinne Bailey Rae hosted in The Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel

Pur Minerals
Location: Duane Reade The Look Boutique (Soho) (233 Lafayette St. New York, NY)
Join celebrity makeup artist to the stars, Jackie Gomez, for complimentary makeup touch ups from 6:00pm – 8:00pm with Pur Minerals. Gifts with purchase will also be available throughout the night from 6pm-11pm.

Completely Bare
Location: Completely Bare (25 Bond Street, b/w Lafayette & Bowery New York, NY)
This Fashion’s Night Out, participate in a scavenger hunt-themed styling contest in multiple Soho New York-based locations called “Dots SPOTS.”
Follow the clues and choose your favorite Dots pieces to create your own personalized look!
Meet back at Completely Bare and get a free Richie Rich vatoo, enjoy refreshments and have your photos taken on the pink carpet.
Celebrity stylist Mia Morgan and fashion legend Richie Rich will co-host and judge your personalized looks!
Winning looks will have a day of beauty and styling with Mia Morgan, a new Dots wardrobe and a trip for two to a tropical location!
Proceeds to benefit the Family Justice Center, which helps victims of domestic violence put their lives back together.
Follow @Dotsfashions, @completelybare @kingcollective on FB & Twitter for more details.  Stay fashionable!

Head to the Korres store in SoHo on Friday, September 10th for an evening of cocktails, cupcakes and makeovers. The event will feature ‘Detox Bubbles, Cupcakes & More’ for guests to enjoy as they help VOGUE magazine celebrate a night of fashion. The stores will include a detox bar serving complimentary antioxidant-infused cocktails based on the Greek skincare brand’s natural ingredients – Wild Rose, Pomegranate, Thyme Honey & Raspberry along with delicious cupcakes also ‘packed’ with natural ingredients. Attendees can detox on the outside as well with a complimentary Korres makeover or advice on how to wear VOGUE’s hottest color looks of the season using 'green' make-up. All guests will receive a product samples including global bestsellers.
WHERE:     KORRES / 110 Wooster Str. [btw Prince & Spring, SoHo , NY ]   
RSVP:         Korres Store 212-219-0683 or

Crest 3D White Strips Professional Effects Are Amazing!

Growing up, I had braces from 3rd grade to 8thgrade. Yea, that was hell. But what was even worse was after my braces came off, although my teeth were straight, they were not white at all. Years of metal on my teeth, had left them just a slight shade above brown (yes that's how bad it was). I got teased endlessly due to the color of my teeth, and it was during my freshman year in high school when I discovered a tooth whitener that changed my yellow choppers to movie star white ones. I used that whitener for close to seven years. After the seven years, my teeth were insanely white and I constantly got compliments on my smile. However for the last few years, I haven’t really been using teeth whiteners on a regular basis. The last few months, I haven’t been using them at all which isn’t a good thing considering, I subsist on coffee because of my lil man’s sleeping patterns. 

                                 Before Crest White Strips

Recently, I needed my teeth to be WHITE, movie star White because of an important meeting (yes the same meeting I've been talking about my last few posts). I looked up my old tooth whitener, and it’s no longer being manufactured. I had seen those Crest White Strip commercials with that gorgeous bride about to get married who needed her teeth whitened, and the other commercial she did where she’s getting set up on a date and needed her teeth whitened, and when she needed to go on an audition and needed her teeth whitened.  Although I normally don’t follow commercials, when I began reading the reviews on websites about the Crest White Strips, I was convinced. So I decided to give it a try. OMG, this stuff works. First of all, the convenience of this product is amazing. It’s two gel strips one for the bottom teeth and the top teeth. You apply them to your teeth and leave them on for 30 minutes.  I can still talk, drink,  do pretty much everything with this stuff on. I began using this on Monday, by Thursday my teeth were a remarkably different shade. These are my choppers the day of my event after only three days.  I’m talking major white. Just in time for that important day. 

For $50.00 you’re getting dentist strength teeth whitening for less. This is a must have.
My only problem with this item is the bottom strip is way too short. It should be the same size as the top strip. Otherwise, I'm loving this. 

Do I recommend it?


Linette & BeautyLogic It's a 10 Giveaway Winner

Hey Guys,

Linette says hi.
If you don't know who Linette is click here.
Anyway, the winner of the It's a 10 giveaway
chosen by
is Comment # 40
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Timestamp: 2010-09-06 14:26:32 UTC

Claim your prize within 48 hours or I will give this to someone else.




I love you girls.
Not only because you take time out of your busy schedules to read me, but because you girls help me just as much as I help you.
When I reviewed the It’s a 10 Miracle Serum, you girls left comments and emails telling me I needed to try the It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product.

I’m always iffy about leave ins.
Sometimes they leave my hair too greasy with no bounce at all. 
But after receiving over twenty emails about the leave in, I knew I had to get my hands on it, and I did.
I used it the day of a huge event.
I washed my hair, sprayed the leave in, in my hair, and then put some rollers on.
I sat under the dryer watching Desperate Housewives on Lifetime while it dried.
I love that show.
When I took the rollers out, Holy Shining!
Hair was shining, seriously vibrant, not greasy at all. I loved it. After I blew dry my hair to a style, it just looked beautiful. I should have taken a pic of my hair only but I was in a rush. Hubby took this pic of me though as I was leaving the house. I hope you can still see the fabulousness of my hair that day. 

I needed my hair to look perfect that day because I had a very important meeting, and it sure did. I've never gotten so many compliments on my hair. It’s a ten is no joke. I’m obsessed with the leave in, and the serum, and because of that, I’m having a giveaway. You can win all of It’s a ten products on my site. 
You will get the following.

The It's a Ten Miracle Moisture Shampoo

The It's a 10 Miracle Daily  Conditioner

The It's a 10 Miracle Hair  Mask 

It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Pink Product Breast Cancer Awareness Month Edition.

It's a 10 Miracle Hair Serum

It's an over $150.00 Giveaway.  Just leave a random comment here. Doesn't matter what it says. You can write something like "Milly, I'm having a great day. " Anything! And for extra entries, follow me on twitter @beautylogicblog and write “I’m entering @BeautyLogic It’s a 10  Hair Product Giveaway." Winner is announced Monday. Make sure you let me know you did that by leaving another comment.

Hope you win,



PS I will no longer be going by DE. Yesterday a reader spotted me on the subway, and she kept calling me DE. It felt a little   For those who don't know, DE stands for Dominican Enigma which is what I called myself when I started the site.  However, my real name is Mildred but my friends call me Milly. :-)

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