Nucelle Papaya Skin Exfoliator Review

I used to have terrible blackheads on my nose. I swear my whole nose was covered in them. When I would get facials, many of the estheticians, would tell me they could not continue removing the blackheads on my nose because there was just too many (that's how bad it was.). But once I started exfoliating my skin a lot more, those little suckers disappeared, so exfoliants are a huge part of my life especially during the winter, when my skin tends to get on the drier side. I purchased the Nucelle Papaya Exfoliator recently, and am in love with this exfoliator. Click Below to Read More

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Review

Hey loves, how you been? Honestly I'm sorry I've been so bad about blogging.  I've been a bit crazed. I'm getting ready for my trip to LA so life has been hectic. I hope your holidays have been amazing!! What did you get for Christmas? I hope everything you wanted! But let's talk beauty. For the last few weeks, I've been using Tarte Maracuja Oil. You girls know I am the Queen of  oils. I love oils. They are not only fantastic beauty products but they are super affordable too (well most of them are). We've talked about the benefits of coconut oil, jojoba, olive oil, avocado oil, emu oil etc on this site.  But I have to be super particular about the oils I use on my face because my skin is super sensitive and acne prone. Maracuja oil (passion fruit oil) is a oil found in the  Amazon. It contains high amounts of essential fatty acids including Linoleic acid (which is so good for the skin and hair), Calcium, Vitamins A and  vitamin C. It's gotten some pretty great reviews, and I've been using it as well, and so has Mr. Milly. Click Below To  read more

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to You girls. I hope it's filled with Joy and Abundance, and lots of food! Yum!!


Therapy Thursdays: Stop Worrying about What Others Are Doing!

A few days ago I was taking a new set of professional headshots. The photographer had a great assistant who wanted to do my makeup. Since her makeup looked flawless, I agreed, and after she was done, I was so pleased with her work.  My makeup looked so great and finally I had headshot pics that looked decent. (I am incredibly un photogenic.) While she was doing my makeup she was complaining that she wasn't getting enough work, and she didn't have enough money etc. This girl's makeup skills were awesome.  She was super pretty and seemed really sweet with great energy, so the first thing I said to her after her complaining was, "You're incredibly talented, why not start doing youtube videos, you can make some serious money." Right away she told me, "nah, no one would notice me, there's way too many people doing youtubes." Sadly, I've heard that before in many things not just youtube. I'll suggest an area someone may want to work in and they'll tell me, "No that field is oversaturated, I can't work there, or no one would notice me." That's a big mistake in thinking.  STOP looking at what other people are doing and focus on what you're doing!!! If you keep worrying about what others are doing believe me, you will not get anywhere in life because every field will intimidate you. Click Below to Read more

Maybelline Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss Review and Swatches

Maybelline's spring collection, includes the Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss and these are probably my favorite products.  Maybelline says " Combining the staying power of a stain with the shine of a gloss, SuperStay 10HR Stain Gloss provides vibrant shine, lasting color and a weightless feel – all in one product." And I agree.  I thoroughly tested the gloss Muave Dream. Muave dream is such a pretty cranberry color,  It's a super rich shiny opaque gloss, but after 10 hours (I slept with this one, and drank my smoothie with it and ate dinner with it on.) the color was not as vibrant, but still very much present on my lips, like a stain. Also, it doesn't dry out your lips at all and I noticed that when I applied this, it gave my lips a cool sensation in the beginning.  I love the applicator too.  It looks like a mini spatula and it really ensures that the color goes on evenly.

Also, these taste like watermelon mixed with strawberry Yummy. Anyway Click below to see me with Muave Dream on, and to see swatches of all of the glosses.

Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

Alright, I'll be honest, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. Ok I'll be super duper honest, I don't even have a Christmas tree up either. I tried to do both on Saturday, go xmas shopping and buy the tree, but alas, I was busy tending to sick family. So I plan to start today, and if you're like me, a late shopper and you need some help deciding what you're going to get, here's some ideas of gift I think are great! woohoo.

Tarte The Starlet  Holiday 2011 

One of my fave  for the holidays. It's sold out at Sephora online but I went to two Sephora's yesterday and saw them in stock. If you live in NYC, and need the addresses of those Sephora's just email me.This is a steal for $52.00

Clarisonic Instyle Gift Set

If you read my blog you know I can't live without my clarisonic. This Instyle set has so much stuff in it. Kit includes:Cordless InStyle Red CLARISONIC® PLUS, Universal Charging Cradle ,Sensitive Brush Head, Body Brush Head, Trial sizes of Refreshing Gel Cleanser, Gentle Hydro Cleanser and Nourishing Care Cleanser (1 oz. each).Trial size of Refining Skin Polish (2 oz.)- Normal Brush Head.
- Delicate Brush Head. Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head. It's $225 but it's a $350 value.

Kate Somerville Tis The Season To Be Ageless

I'm a huge fan of Kate Somerville's products especially her Goat Milk Moisturizer. Anyway, you know my plan is to stay looking 21 forever, and this set contains so many anti-aging ingredients at a pretty affordable price $75.00.  The Gentle Daily Wash, CytoCell Dermal Energizing Treatment, and CyctoCell Dark Circle Corrective Eye Cream and Kate's famous Exfolikate.

Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy Sampler
I've been shaking a lot of hands lately, and have notice peeps need to carry hand lotion in their bags. Your hands shouldn't feel like like sandpaper when I shake them (especially if you're a woman!). So this is a great gift for a co-worker or anyone else. Also, I'm addicted to my hands being hydrated in the Winter, and I tend to carry about 3 hand lotions in my bag often.  I wouldn't mind getting this at all.

Sephora Lashstash

I want this set because it contains 10 of Sephora's top selling mascaras. I haven't tried most of these. I think I'll pick this up for myself today.  $45.00

Vincent Longo Holiday Palette

This is one of the prettiest palettes ever. I'm doing a separate review of it, but look how cute the palette itself is. The shadows look just like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and they are so pigmented. With one swipe of these shadows, you've got the quickest smokey eye ever!

Sonia Kashuk Prepping for the Party Lip & Eye Palette
I love  this palette and will actually be doing a separate review of it probably by end of week. The shadows are super pigmented (and their taupe is so pretty). The lip colors are very pretty too, and a $20.00 It's a steal, and the perfect stocking stuffer.  I also love that there is an  instructional on how to use it!

Borghese Candle Set

 Borghese Gardens Tuscan Home Candle Collection retails for $39, and is available online at and at Bloomingdale’s and Lord  & Taylor nationwide.

Alright this is my Beauty Holiday Guide, what are some of your wants for christmas? I"m off to buy my Christmas Gifts and tree.



Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara Review & Demo

The last Maybelline mascara releases have been pretty amazing.  Falsies Flared is a  staples in my makeup bag, and now for the spring Maybelline is releasing their Illegal Lengths Mascara which I'm happy to say may replace my Falsies Flared as my current fave drugstore mascara. This mascara  incorporates 4mm black fibers into the formula.  Maybelline says " The elongated, dark fibers provide a dramatic, almost illegal length to lashes." The mascara is supposed to contain a Fiber Fix formula that actually seals the fibers to each lash while the fiber fix brush catches each lash for optimal fiber placement.

That all sounds peachy, but you know how I am. The proof is in the pudding! When I look at the wand, I noticed it was pretty standard looking, with thick fibers.

Anyway, after trying, I'm in love with this mascara.  Yes it does give me super duper length, not sure if it's 4mm length, but man they look longer, but also I really love the amount of volume I get from this mascara without any clumping at all. Anyway, I placed the mascara on the left eye, and left my right eye empty so you can see the difference.  Check it out:
I have no makeup on in this pic, excuse the redness on my nose, I had just given myself a peel with a product that really gave me a bad reaction. Anyway, I love this mascara. Also, you can keep applying this mascara and it gives you the sexiest longest lashes ever, without being all clumpy.  All in all, I tend to carry three mascaras in my bag, this will be one of them.

What do you think of this mascara?

Will you be purchasing?

What's your fave drugstore mascara?



Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour Cream Gel Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Maybelline is really bringing the heat with their spring collection and their new Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour Cream Gel Eye shadows are freaking amazing! (Sorry for the use of the word "freaking' but man these are so good.) These remind me so much of  Mac Paintpots. First of all they are very pigmented, and the color selection is pretty beautiful too, from taupes to emeralds, they've got a lot of shades covered. They feel very smooth on my fingers and on my lids they apply pretty opaque, and they don't crease at all. Now Maybelline says they last 24 hours. I can't attest to that, but I know they do last longer than 12 hours, because I had the "Bold as Gold" shade and "Tough As Taupe" on that long and they still looked fresh. Also, another thing that I I loved, was that these were so blendable. Cream shadows usually become hard to blend pretty quick after application, but not these. Anyway, check my swatches of all the shadows, by clicking below.

Weekend Updates & Winner of Tarte Starlet Palette

Hey guys, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty mellow. Lil man was super sick so we had a rough weekend. While he napped, I was able to watch some really great films. One of the best parts of working behind the scenes in the news  was that I was able to become a member of the Writers Guild.

The Writers Guild is the group that vote for movies in awards so I usually get movies while they are in theaters or before hand. I highly recommend, Young Adult (Charlize Theron is fantastic in this), The Descendants (George Clooney is at his best, and man is he sexy.) J Edgar (I'm a huge Leonardo Di Caprio Fan,) and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Tom Hanks can do no wrong since Forest Gump). But that was my weekend. Anyway winner of the Tarte Palette is :

For those who didn't win, no worries, the new year will bring new giveaways, and new surprises.



Ursula Stephen (Rihanna's Hairstylist) Gives US Holiday Hair Ideas

Hey guys, I was able to interview  Ursula Stephen (Rihanna's hairstylist) about holiday hair styles. She's showing us three different ways to style your hair for the holidays, and how you can do it. Here is the clip. (That's my voice in the background.) She also gives us her must have hair products:

Thanks Ursula!
(She's such a sweety.)



Win Tarte The Starlet Limited Edition Vanity Giveaway

Hey loves, how's your week been? Mine has been insanely busy. Although honestly, I really need to get it together and start my Christmas shopping. We had a fun CVS Chat yesterday, thank you to everyone that was involved. I truly appreciate it. Anyway, today I"m doing a giveaway of this amazing Tarte The Starlet Vanity Giveaway. In my opinion, this is the best holiday set you could give someone. This starlet vanity is a $505 value, but Tarte was selling it for $52.00 for the holidays. However, it's currently sold out everywhere so the only place you can get it, is here! You girls know how much I love Tarte, I started using Tarte products when I was pregnant due to the fact that they remove so many harsh chemicals from their products, and their makeup is still top notch.

The starlet Vanity contains:
3 Removable trays that contain 24 eyeshadows in a variety of shimmer and matte textures.
Deluxe sample size of Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
Multipleye Lash enhancing primer
Bottom drawer consist of Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in new shades, Glory (shimmering Peach) , Starlet (shimmering rose)
Park Avenue Princess Mineral Powder Bronzer,
Proocateur Amazonian Clay shimmerig Powder in Rose (a Gorgeous soft Petal Pink)

This is our last giveaway this year so enter. 

Here's what you must do to enter:

) You must like the beautylogicblog Facebook Page
2) Then Just leave a comment here  about anything you want .
Maybe tell me if you have any plans this weekend. Or have you even started your Christmas shopping. Anything you want!

3) If you want, for an Extra Entry you can tweet "I'm entering @beautylogicblog @tartecosmetics Starlet Vanity Giveaway and You should too."

4)Then leave an extra comment here telling me you tweeted. 

Winner gets announced Monday December 19th.

Thanks to Tarte for providing us with this great holiday giveaway. 

Have a great Weekend.


Therapy Thursdays-No New Therapy Thursday

Hey guys, no new therapy thursday post. This has been a hectic week, but here are some old ones that I  hope will help you.

Ways to Be A Power Woman

Ways to Keep Happy

Don't Look Down on Anyone

Milly & Mr.Milly GuideWhat Not To Do After a Breakup

Don' Compare Your Journey

Also, please don't forget to rsvp for my facebook chat. I'm talking beauty and even life advice if you want some. It would mean the world to me. Join here


Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Swatches & Review

 Maybelline sent over some of their new collections, including their new Dream Bouncy Blushes. My absolute fave of the twelve that I received is the Plum Wine Blush a gorgeous berry that adds a beautiful "just had the best night with Mr. Milly flush" to my tan cheeks (I took that line from one of my readers Mrs. Farrah lol). I've swatched all of the Dream Boucy blushes for you. Click below to see my swatches, and a review of the Maybelline Plum Wine Dream Bouncy Blush.   

Laura Mercier Twilight Nail Polish Review

I think we can all tell from this site, that Purple is one of my fave colors. So, let's talk about Laura Mercier's Twilight nail polish. Can we talk about how gorgeous this shade is? Laura Mercier hasn't done a nail polish in years, so this is super exciting, plus look how gorgeous this violet shimmery color is. Wearing it today. It's fast drying (was typing on my comp within 5 minutes of using with no problems) and applies very evenly. Basically, I loves it!

What are your thoughts on this color?

You can get it here if you want, but hurry it's limited edition.



Product provided for review,but come on, look how gorge that color is.

MY CVS Beauty Chat Tomorrrow Thursday 12-1:30

Hey guys, I'm doing a CVS facebook chat tomorrow from 12-1:30. We're talking beauty beauty beauty! I'd love it if you would rsvp for the chat .It would make my day! Please click here to rsvp.

Thanks so much!



Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner Review=Yummy!

 Some products are really worth their weight in gold, and Lush's Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is one of them. The scent of this alone is so darn delicious. It's a light rose scent that lingers on the skin for hours. When I can't stop smelling myself, you know it's a good product. When Mr. Milly can't stop remarking how good I smell,  then I know I've got to buy tubs of the stuff.  Now let's get into it's moisturizing properties, first of all, all Lush's stuff is handmade, and this contains some super moisturizing ingredients like Brazil Nut Oil, Capuacu butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, argan oil, etc. This product is a dream for dry skin. During the winter my legs can get so dry and ashy, and it's so noticeable because of my tan skin. With this stuff, my legs stay smooth, and ashless all day. woo hoo!  The Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is meant to be used the same way you use a hair conditioner. Lather it on your skin, wait a few minutes, and then rinse, and I did that for the first few days, but then I decided I loved the scent so much, why not leave it on the skin, and that's what I've been doing lately. I use it in the shower and afterward, I  apply it all over my skin and leave on. It moisturizes my dry skin so well, leaves it super duper hydrated, and the scent is just so pretty and the fact that this is all natural, is a huge win win for me.

Have you tried this product?

Are you a fan of Lush?

If so, what are your fave products?



Ps: product provided for review, but you should know by now, if I didn't like it, you wouldn't see it

Loving Tarte Puttin' On The Glitz Holiday Purse & Palette Swatches & look

 Hey loves, how was your weekend. I hope amazing. Mine was fun, we'll talk more about it later, but let's start the week right with Tarte's Puttin' on the Glitz Palette and purse which is my current obsession. First of all, look how gorgeous the purse is. I actually wore it out last night for date night. But then check the interior, I was able to fit my credit cards, my learners permit (don't judge me because I failed the driving test twice) and cash. You can also fit one of  Tarte's Puttin on the Glitz Palette's as well and the lip gloss.

Oh, I wrote "ONE" of the Puttin' on The Glitz Palettes because this Holiday set comes with three palettes! Yes I said three. A total of 18 eye shadows, a blush, highlight, and bronzer, and even a lip gloss.Click below to see the three palettes, swatches, and a look I created with one of the palettes.

TJ Maxx Beauty Buys for the Holidays

I firmly believe that you should always be thankful to people when they do something nice for you. Abuela used to always tell me, no one has to do anything for you so when they do, make sure you show them appreciation. TJ Maxx recently sent over a giftcard so I can show you girls some great beauty buys they have. So I decided to buy three people that have helped me throughout the year, three great gifts.

There's a girl at Whole Foods who always saves me their best oxtail. She's been doing this for two years.  Mr. Milly loves Oxtails! So I got her this Babyliss curling iron. She was complaining  to me recently that her hair is too straight. Hopefully this will help her give it some major volume: I got this for a steal at $29.99.

There's a woman postal worker who always allows me to skip the line. Not sure why, but when she sees me, no matter how long the line is, she calls me over to her. I picked this Philosophy set up for her that contains a lip gloss, and shower gel for only $12.99.

Then there's a really sweet lady at my local heath food store.When I order the organic apple juice she always gives me an extra blueberry muffin.  Not sure why she does it, but she always does it. So I bought her The Body Shop Shampoo/Conditioner for $3.99

All in all TJ Maxx is offering some great beauty deals for the holidays.

Are you addicted to TJ Maxx like I am?


Winner of Yours by Loren Loren Ridinger Bracelet Giveaway

is Chrissy K

Chrissy please make sure to send me an email within two days  or we must give this to someone else.



JJ EyeLashes Black Diamond Lash Extensions & Get 20% off BeautyLogic Special

Lashes day After they Were done

About a month ago JJ lashes in NYC invited me to get their new Black  Diamond Lash Set at their salon located in Midtown Manhattan. The Black Diamond Lash set consist of 120 individual lashes applied to each eye.   When I got there, I noticed the place consisted of about eight beds. Six of the beds were already full, and many of the women were fast asleep while getting their lashes done. I was approached by one of the girls Jessie, who introduced herself and brought a small book showing me the various lash sizes. I asked her to give me a natural but slightly dramatic lash (since I was doing my Good Morning Connecticut segment the next morning).  As I was led to the back, Jessie asked me to lay down. She applied tape on my bottom eye basically to make sure they remained close. She told me to try to take a nap, but I was awake for about 10 minutes  as she worked her magic, and all of a sudden I felt  the most amazing pressure on my feet. "What The Heck?" I thought. I couldn't open my eyes but Jessie told me "yes you are getting a foot massage." For the next 10 minutes, I received a glorious foot  massage while getting my lashes done. It was out of this world. Everyone who gets their lashes done at JJ Lashes, gets a complimentary foot massage. After the massage, I fell right to sleep and woke up an hour and a half later with some gorgeous thick long lashes. The only feeling I felt while getting the lashes was a slight breeze on my lashes. That is it.  At the end of the eyelash extension application (which took about an hour and a half), they  give you a special mascara to use on your lashes to separate them which is great (For some reason, I really need to put mascara on my lashes after I do my makeup.) I had them in  for a solid three weeks without any problems at all. Even when I rubbed my eyes, the lashes stayed in place. Sometimes I woke up and they looked a little unruly but then i quickly fixed them with the mascara they gave me. Unfortunately I had to take them off because as a blogger, I need to begin reviewing mascaras again. Honestly, I've gotten Lash extensions a few times. I have never gotten this many compliments on my lashes. It was almost weird. When I went to get my hair done, when I went to get a facial, when I bought some jewelry off of a vendor in the city,when I went to do my segment, everyone asked about these lashes.  I loved them so much that, I booked another appointment in their new soho location in the beginning of January to get this black diamond set again, since I"m going to the Peoples Choice Awards. Woohoo (I will be paying for the service when I go). All in all I highly recommend JJ Lashes. You're not only getting great lashes, but a foot massage too, and in their new soho location, they are now offering shellac manicures, Massages, etc. Anyway for the next three months from Dec 8 to January 8 from December 8 to February 8 if you print this review and bring it to JJ Lashes, you will get 20% off the services.  FYI: you can't combine my deal with any other deals. Here are the price points:

Ruby Set  $120 (80 Pieces per eye)
1 Week Refill - $45
2  Week Refill - $60
3 Week Refill - $90

Diamond Set  $150 (100 pieces per eye)
1 Week Refill - $75
2  Week Refill - $90
3 Week Refill - $120

Black Diamond  $180 (120 pieces per eye)
1 Week Refill - $105
2  Week Refill - $120
 3 Week Refill - $150
Book an appointment and Bring this add and get 20% off of these prices. 
Here are the locations:

56 W 56 St (btwn 5th and 6th ave)
New York, NY 10019

Soho (Grand Opening)
41 Wooster Street (btwn Grand and Broome St)
New York, NY 10013

Let me know if you get them, 



Get Beyonce Knowles 20/20 Look from Mally Roncal & Win the look here

If you didn’t catch 20/20 on Friday, December 2nd, I've got her look for you! Superstar mogul and fashion and beauty icon, Beyoncé, was a guest of Katie Couric and it was hard not to notice her glowing skin and flawless makeup! Here’s a chance to get tips to re-create Beyoncé’s glowing look (not just her pregnancy glow) from famed makeup artist Mally Roncal, who worked with her for this very exclusive interview. Mally share’s her inside tricks on how to steal this look:
−        Start by using my concealer to brighten under the eyes or any other place that needs help.
−        Next, use my subtle highlighter and contour powder to really bring out your inner beauty! The highlighter lifts the face and even illuminates the eye area. The contour powder instantly makes you look like you lost five pounds.
−        For eyes, I opted for my creamy, shimmery eye shadow, bulletproof Eyeliner and my secret: Volumizing Mascara.
−        To create glossy, Beyoncé worthy lips, I used my High Shine Liquid Lipstick.
−        This look is great for any skin tone and any age!
These essentials can be found in Mally’s “My Favorite Things Collection”. This kit contains all the Mally products used on Beyoncé, and will debut on December 9th for $59.50 on QVC. 

However, you girls can win one here. This is an exclusive facebook giveaway. All you have to do is like this post on my facebook wall. I will choose winner tomorrow. Good Luck. 

Yours by Loren Ridinger Jewelry Line & Exclusive Bracelet Giveaway

If you've been reading me for a while, you know that I really admire Loren Ridinger. She's a woman that truly believes in her dreams, made them come true by starting an incredibly successful company called Market America. She also has her own makeup line Motives and a high-end jewelry line as well.  When people ask me about starting a vision board, I always direct them to Loren's own post where she talks about how everything on her vision board came true. You can click on that post here. Anyway, Loren is now starting a more affordable jewelry line, exclusively being sold on HSN beginning December 12. Today we're talking to Loren about the line, and one of you girls will get the chance to win a bracelet from the line exclusively on beautylogic before it's debut on HSN. You lucky gals!! Click below to read more about Loren's new line, her advice to anyone who wants to give up on their dreams, and find out how you can win the bracelet.

Motives by Loren Ridinger Plum Pretty Palette Makes Me Smile

As you can see from the color of my website, purple happens to be one of my favorite colors. So when I was sent the Motives by Loren Ridinger Holiday Plum Pretty palette, and I opened it, well it was love at first sight This palette consist of five super pigmented shades, a silver, a matte purple, an iridescent pink, a shimmery purple pink, and a deeper pink.

I'm so pleased to say that not only are these colors beautiful, but these shadows themselves are the They blend so well together and offer great color payoff.  I've worn the shades in this palette a few times and experienced no creasing, and very minimal fall out, but only with the fourth color.  Click below to see swatches, and a look I created using this gorgeous palette.

Winnner of the $50 Haute look Card & Enter A new Giveaway

Hey guys, winner of $50.00 Haute look card is Shana. Shana you have two days to get back to me, or I will give this to someone else.

If you didn't win, no worries, we are overloaded with giveaways this month (thank heavens). Tis the season for giving. Today I'm giving away a bracelet from the Yours by Loren HSN Collection which launches December 12, but one of you will win the bracelet before the launch.

Click here to enter.

Remember as of now, you must like our facebook page to be entered to win any giveaways.  lol



Makeup Master Scott Barnes-5 Makeup Tips On how To Look 10 Years Younger

He is the man credited with giving Jennifer Lopez her famous glow! Friend to the blog, Scott Barnes, has been the personal makeup artist to the famed actress/singer/producer (what hasn't JLO done)  for more than 10 years, and he's also  worked on countless celebs as well. Today on BeautyLogic, he's dishing on how we can use makeup to look 10 years younger.
1) Use concealer! Find one with a little pink undertone, which will add youth when used under your eyes

2)     Bronzer – work from the outside of your face in, to create a “halo effect” and beautiful “lit from within” glow.  The last thing you want to do is add dark bronzer under your eyes (or up to the side of your nose) where your skin is already darker, and definitely avoid applying bronzer to the creases around your mouth and eyes, as that will make you look older. I like Guerlain Bronzer. 

3)     Avoid a dark, harsh lip – this can age your face.

4)     Try a softer blush, I recommend a peach with a gold undertone or Nars Orgasm. 

5)     Individual lashes can brighten your eyes and make them look bigger! Always use an eye lasher curler – I like the one from Japonesque – and I like Naphcon A eyedrops), which make your eyes look rested.

Thanks Scott, 



Duri Nailpolish Holiday Collection 2011 Review

Hey love bugs, how are you? How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Saturday I spent the day with the family, and at night, hubby and I headed to the Cotto Vs Margarito boxing match. The only sport I can watch is boxing .One of hubby's clients gave us box seats so that was super fun.

But Sunday it was family day too, I also got caught up in a Snapped marathon. (That show about women who kill, what's up with these ladies?) Anyway, let's talk beauty, and especially the new Duri Holiday Nail Polish Collection. We've got a few sparkles, a cream finish, and shimmers. These colors reminded me so much of Christmas!  From the green, to the red glitter, to the color named Icicle which looked like snow.  I fell in love with most of the colors. Click below to read more and see full pics of the collection: 

Becca Wild Honey Blush Review

Some days I just don't have time to apply eye shadows or foundation. If I'm in a rush, usually I'll throw Linette (name I gave my hair) in a messy bun, and wear only mascara or blush. (Lately I haven't needed mascara though, I'll tell you why tomorrow). I can't be without blush though!. Blush can instantly transform my tired and" haven't had a good night's sleep" face (due to Mr. Milly snoring) into a face that looks like it's slept for 10 hours or more.   Step in Becca Wild Honey Blush.  A beautiful silky mineral peach nude blush that gives my tan skin a gorgeous glow without packing on too much sparkle.  Yes you've got a little bit of shimmer but nothing crazy.  With two swaps of this silky brush I've got a glowing peach highlight to my cheeks.  This blush is also paraben and talc free and contains vitamins to not only give your skin a glow, but nourish it as well.  I love the beauty effect of it. My qualm with this brush- the price. $32.00.

All in all I love the glow this blush gives my cheeks (as you can see in this pic).

What are your fave blushes of the moment?



Product provided for review, but you should know by now, if Milly don't like it, you wouldn't see it.



Meet the VP of Beauty of Haute Look and win a $50.00 Haute Look Giftcard

I've found some amazing beauty deals on the flash sale site Haute Look from Lorac Palettes for $10 bucks to the time they were selling all of Urban Decay for $2.00. Yes I said $2.00. If you don't know about Haute Look and it's insane Beauty Deals, meet the VP of Beauty for Haute Look Paula Scandone. Click below to read more about Paula, and also find out how you can be entered to win a $50.00 giftcard to Hautelook. 

Winners of the 7 Salma Hayek Products & New Haute Look Giveaway

Hey guys, here are the 7 winners of the Salma Hayek Nuance Products.
FYI: from here on out, you must like our facebook page to be entered to win any future giveaways so here's the link. I'm doing a lot this month so it's a good idea for you to like our page. Also, please don't enter under Anonymous because then you can't claim your prize.   (Wow I'm being so demanding today. It's my time of the month, don't hold it against me. )lol

Anyway the 7 winners of the Salma Hayek Giveaways are:

1) Hanna
2) Diane Bridgett
3) Khadine
4) JoJo
5) Larnies

OK You lucky 7 winners. You must email me at, with your 7 selections and your address within two days.  I will pick new winners if I don't get your entries. Go to this link here to pick out your seven Nuance Products.

If you didn't win no worries, we've got some amazing giveaways going on this month before XMAs that are including Tarte, Duri, Lacome. Today we've actually got a $50.00 gift card with You can enter that here.



Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream Review

As you girls know the plan with my life is to: 1) beauty or lifestyle report on a major network 2)stay looking 21 forever by anti-aging with powerful antioxidants internally and externally.    Since the under eye is one of the first places to show signs of aging due to it being the thinnest skin on the body,  I don't PLAY any games when it comes to eye creams. I apply eye creams religiously in the morning and at night (it's so important for you to apply your eye creams at night, because remember your skin repairs itself during that time). My latest eye cream and the one I've been testing for six weeks is Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream.

Click below to read more on why i love it

Cassie's Movie Opens Today Kinyarwanda

Hey guys, so my co-editor Cassie Freeman has been really busy this year. She shot three movies, and has been all over the world just making her dreams come true. Anyway, her movie Kinyarwanda that won at Sundance actually opens today in theaters around the world. Famed Film Critic Roger Ebert gave the movie four stars yesterday   Here is the official trailer. Congrats Cassie for showing us that your dreams can come true if you work hard at it. FYI: Cassie appears at 48 seconds.



Lush Lustre Body Dusting Powder Review

 If I'm going on a date with Mr. Milly or to an event in the evening, one thing I always love is to add a little golden glimmer to my decolette area and to my legs. My new favorite Body glow product is Lush's Lustre Dusting Powder. The scent of this alone is addicting. It's pure Jasmine which happens to be one of my absolute favorite scents. And the glow it gives my tan skin is out of this world. It's not too much, just a slight golden shimmer. I love that this is a powder too because it doesn't rub off on my clothes. Many of these glowey products although they claim they don't  rub off on your clothes, they do! This doesn't get my clothes dirty, smells AMAZING, and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth with a gorgeous golden glow. And this is only $14.95 for a bottle that will last you forever. Love!!!

Have you used Lush's products?

There used to be a Lush by a school I was going to, and I would always be late to class, because I'd be at the Lush store just smelling and testing everything



Therapy Thursdays: When Someone Tells You It Can't Be Done, Make Sure You Prove them Wrong!

 A few years back, I attended the NBC digital Journalism school in NYC for 8 weeks. One of my assignments was to interview someone spectacular. I immediately thought of this young girl Leanna Archer. She was a 12 year old who had started her own hair care line (at the age of 9), and was making about $100,000 a year with it. Long story short, I contacted her dad (who had actually quit his job to begin working for her) and asked if I could interview her.  I went over to her house, and met her amazing family, (beyond nice people) and had a great time while interviewing her. One of the questions I asked this young girl was,  "Where does your motivation came from?" Her answer still resonates with me to this day. “When someone tells me no, I work extra hard to prove them wrong.”

In life you will hear NO a lot. You will hear, "You Can’t do this" or "You Can’t Do That." It happens to everyone. HOWEVER, the difference between someone who is a winner and someone who isn’t, is the winner never listens to NO and doesn't give up. Leanna was told many times she could not start her company at 9 years old. Think about it. You probably would have told her the same thing. I probably would have too. But this now 15 year old didn’t listen to the naysayers, she listened to her heart and she never gave up. She kept going. And now at sixteen she is making over $100,000 a year because of her company. The moral of this story: If you are confident about your abilities, if you know that something can be done, and someone tells you no, prove them wrong.  Don't ever think someone knows more than you about you! You can do it! Don't give up. If a nine year old with a vision can make sure her dreams come true, then why can't you?

I'll leave you with a great quote from Leanna

"Dreams are Wild, but they are wild enough to come true"

So true Leanna, I'm making sure to try to make my dreams come true. I hope you guys will do the same. Remember you've got one life to live, make sure you're living it doing something you love.  And when someone tells you no, you make sure to prove them wrong!




I'm the Newest Member of The CVS Beauty Board & HUGE Giveaway

Hey guys, so remember the "big news!"  I'm so thrilled to announce that I can finally tell you what it is. I have now partnered with CVS Pharmacy to be a member of their Beauty Board, as their Global Beauty Expert.The Beauty Board already consist of three amazing and fabulous women Nichelle Pace, Mickey Williams, and Keiko Lynn and now me. You can watch the videos we have all done for them here.

Make sure you like the CVS Beauty Board Page.

Here are two videos I did:

What Beauty Secrets Were Passed Down To You From other generations?

 Meet Milly Almodovar

I'll be teaching you girls all about ingredients that are beneficial for you, and what you should look for in your products as well as a host of other things. woohoo!!!

Anyway, you girls know how I am, when I've got big news, I love to share. So here's what I'm giving away with CVS Pharmacy.  I really love the quality of the Salma Hayek Nuance Line so I've got a great giveaway for SEVEN OF YOU. Yes I said SEVEN of you.

Seven of you will win SEVEN of the Salma Hayek Nuance Products of your choice. Yes Seven of you will win Seven Nuance products that you like. If you win, you'll tell me the seven products you'd like to try, and we'll send them over. Here's what you have to do to win.

You must rt this

Welcome @beautylogicblog to the @cvsbeautyclub by entering her  Nuance Giveaway. 7 Peeps will each win 7 items.

Then Just leave a comment here, telling me anything!

The Seven winners will get announced Monday December 5. 2011

So what are you waiting for ENTER to Win!!!

Prep those Lips for Winter

As I told you girls before, when I was in ninth grade, I thought I was in love with this 10th grader We were doing great, (at least I thought we were) until one day he told me that he could no longer see me. I couldn't believe it. When I asked why, his excuse was, that my chapped lips really bothered him. At the time I had braces, so I'm sure that it didn't help the chapped lip problem.  But I was so sad. Years later, you'll never ever find me with chapped lips. I'm a  little insane when it comes to my lips, and have been for years. So here are some things I do to keep my lips ultra hydrated especially in the cold weather. Click below to read more and to find out why getting dumped was a great thing:

Clarins Holiday Smokey Passion Eye Quartet Mineral Palette

Clarins sent over their Holiday Smokey Passion Eye Quartet Mineral Palette recently. In this palette you'll find four eyeshadows, a satin rose copper, a creamy silver, a black with silver shimmer,  and a satin gray plum shade. I like this palette. The shadows (besides the silver) are super rich and easily blendable. I didn't experience much fallout. However, I can do without that creamy silver color.  I tried to use it on the lid, and it was seriously streaky. It felt like I had to pack on way too much product to get it to be even so I'd probably just reserve it for the inner corner of my eye. Click below to see swatches and a quick look I created.

Obsessed with G2 Organics Odorless Nail Polish Remover

When G2 Organics approached me about reviewing their odorless nail polish remover, I was a little skeptical. Odorless? How can a nail polish remover be odorless. Or maybe it is odorless, but it probably doesn't work well and I'll have to use half of the bottle to remove polish from just one of my nails. I'm happy to say peeps, I was so wrong. The G2 Organics nail polish remover is odorless and it works just as good as those other stinky nail polish remover I've tried. This polish remover curtains only five ingredients. Ethyl Alchohol, Butyl, Digicol, Aloe Vera, Embittering agent & Vitamin E. Oh also, if you're a Reiki fan, this polish remover is Reiki charged.  Reiki is a Japanese technique used for relaxation.The bottle contains quartz crystals that have been Reiki charged to create harmony and well being with each use. Now I'm not sure if I felt better  emotionally after using this, but what I do know is that it removed all of my polish, and the product smells like nothing, absolutely nothing! Also, many times I'll use nail polish remover and the skin around my nails will be dry as heck. Not with this product. My skin was still soft. All in all, if you're looking for an odorless nail polish remover, I highly recommend the G2 Organics Odorless Nail Polish Remover. My qualm with this product is the price though. At $15.95 it is a little pricey.

Find out more about the odorless Polish remover here at

Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2011

Glitter is everywhere this season and Deborah Lippmann really stepped it up a notch with her Holiday Collection. Although the collection is both glitter and metallic, I was sent,  Shake Your Groove Thing Polish, which was pure gold glitter with a clear base. You girls know how I love me some gold glitter! (Actually I like anything gold.)   I was a little nervous about applying this polish. I thought it would be messy but not at all. The clear base coat is pretty thin, so you're able to really work with this polish without it being messy. With this polish, you really can’t apply your nail polish like normal. You have to paint the nails, then apply the glitter around empty parts of your nails. It’s super easy, and I only had to do it three times to really get full coverage on my nails, and when I was done, look how gorgeous my nails looked. Just thick rich pure gold glitter on my nails.After about 4 minutes I would say my nails were fully dried. I didn't use a top coat with this.

Click Below to check out the other shades in the Deborah Lippmann Holiday Collection:

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