Viviscal Hair Growth Formula & Giveaway

Please Note: I have not tried this product!

I get a lot of emails asking me "Milly, What you can do to make my hair grow?"  I truly believe that hair growth begins from within. Remember that your hair is dead and it grows from the scalp, so nothing that you apply on it, will make it wake up and start growing. Imagine if your hair was alive. It would hurt like hell when you got a hair cut! Lol,  Although I do believe massaging your scalp can definitely stimulate hair growth. It's so important that you are taking the proper nutrients. Anyway, I recently received a box of Viviscal to try out. Viviscal is a pill that contains Horsetail extract -an organic from of silica, Vitamin C, and something called Amino Mar C Marine Complex. It's said to stimulate hair growth.  Apparently a few dermatologist and hair transplant surgeons recommend this stuff. In the February issue of Vogue Magazine Famed Hair Stylist Orlando Pita says that he constantly recommends this stuff and Redken editorial Wiz Guido Paulo stated that he heard about it through a model he knew whose hair was extremely damaged and then when he saw her six months later, her hair looked amazing, very thick and long. Anyway, I have not tried this stuff nor can I because I'm currently nursing a seven month old lil cutie who just grew two teeth (Ouch!)  but I'd like one of my readers to give it a whirl. So I'm doing a giveaway:

One reader will get a chance to win this. All you have to do is leave a comment here. Tell me anything! This is a 30 day supply.

Here's something interesting: I recently found out that my crazy break outs and horrid mood swings were not from sleeping with makeup, but from crazy hormone levels. (My Doctor gave me a hormone test.) He wanted to prescribe some birth control pills to regulate them but because I swore to myself that I would breast feed Lil Man for a year, I declined.

Anyway, leave a comment to enter. Winner gets announced Wed!



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Sofia Vergara SAG Awards Makeup and Beauty

Did you guys see Sofia  Vergara last night at the Sag Awards. Man she looked beautiful. They don't call her Sofia VIAGRA for nothing!  I still can't believe she has a 20 year old son. Anyway, Sofia's gorgeous makeup look was created with Covergirl products. Yes drugstore products. Don't I always tell you beauty can be affordable.
Here's the deets on what was used on her and how.

Sofia Vergara by Celebrity Makeup Artist Kayleen McAdams

We wanted to create a Brigitte Bardot inspired beauty look with a lot of lashes and a glamorous smoky eye. It was a classic Sofia beauty look, but just amped up a bit.
To highlight Sofia’s flawless complexion I used just a touch of concealer under her eyes and then applied COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation in Chestnut followed by COVERGIRL Clean Pressed Powder Oil Control in Soft Honey. I added just a touch of highlighter on her cheekbones, forehead and the bridge of her nose for a healthy glow and finished the skin with COVERGIRL Cheekers Blush in Classic pink applied on the apples of her cheeks. For her smoky eye I first lined the top of the eyes with COVERGIRL LiquiLine Blast in Brown Blaze very close to the lash line and the bottom of the eye from the inner to outer corner. I made the line on the top very thick and smoky and then blended it out to a cat-eye shape. I then applied COVERGIRL Eye Enhancers in Coffee Shop over the liner to soften it and brought that color all the way up to the crease of her eye. Next I added a thin line of COVERGIRL Line Exact  in Black Brown right at the lash line to add thickness to her lashes and finished the eye with lots of lashes; 3 coats of COVERGIRL LashBlast Fusion Mascara in very Black on the top and one on the bottom.For Sofia’s mauve lip, I used COVERGIRL Lip Perfection Lipstick in Entwined for rich color with a creamy finish.

Did you love Sophia's look?
What did you think about it?



Getting Rid of Hyperpigmentation-Guest Post Esthetician Cecilia Wong

Hey guys, I recently did a post on how I'm getting rid of my hyperpigmentation. As I emphasized in the post, I am not a skin care professional. However, I recently asked Esthetician Cecilia Wong of Soie Aroma Spa in NYC to give us the low down on how we can get rid of hyperpigmentation on the skin. Just an FYI, currently Cecilia has an amazing deal on where you can get a Vitamin C Facial with her for $25 bucks.  I reviewed a facial that I had with her here. Anyway, The deal is only for today, so hop to it. Here's Cecelia:

The way I like to approach any skin care concern is by looking for the root cause of the problem as this is the reason why a symptom develops.

The two most common reasons for hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone are overexposure of the sun and high estrogen levels (hormonal changes) but other factors, such as inflammation (acne), can also cause this condition.  Sun spots can occur on your face, you body, hands and feet.

Now that you know the reasons for sun spots and uneven skin tone, you can approach the problem in any number of ways and the results will be visible to the degree that you apply what you know.

One of the most important things you can do regularly at home is to exfoliate, at least twice a week. Exfoliating increases the cell turnover, exposing fresh new skin. Over time you can fade or erase brown spots and have evenly tone skin.

Too much exposure to the sun can definitely result in damage of the skin. The sun spots can become darker when exposed to the sun further as melanin soaks up ultraviolet rays in an attempt to protect the skin, which results in even darker spots on the skin. Protect your skin by wearing  an SPF 30 or higher( you can apply sunscreen to hands and arms as well), sunglasses and a hat.

Fluctuating hormones can also impact your skin. Speaking to your OBGYN for an alternative contraceptive or a nutritionist to help you maintain estrogen levels down. During pregnancy, many women develop what's called the  "pregnancy mask," which is hyperpigmentation around the eyes.

Another source that may cause uneven skin tone is once that acne has healed, red or brown pigmentation can occur and the skin will eventually even itself out as the skin naturally sheds. Don't extract the blemishes yourself, see a professional who has the right tools and techniques to carefully perform extractions.

An easy and safe solution is having regular LED light therapy sessions. LED repairs sun damaged skin and helps to erase dark or brown spots. The result is of course evenly tone skin. Use products that contain Grapefruit, Lemon, Vitamin C and K, tomatoes (contains lycopene- a powerful antioxidant that protects skin and internal organs.), Raspberry (contains a natural SPF), Bilberry, Licorice and Glycolic Acid.

These solutions will help you work towards to having flawless skin

Thanks Cecilia,

Cecilia will be guest posting every week on BeautyLogic, so if you have a question for her, let me know.



Clarins Neo Pastels Spring 2011 Collection Review and NYC snow!

 I swear New York City seems to be getting snow every week now. It's so annoying. I'm one of  those people who just doesn't like snow, especially now that I have to walk around with a stroller. Are you a snow lover?

Alright, let's talk beauty.  Ladies, and gets, let me introduce you to the new  Clarins Neo Pastels Spring Collection!

 I was going to wait to get my slr camera to show you the new Clarins Spring collection but then I figured it would probably take me  months to learn how to use it. (I'm so not tech savy!) So better to just show it to you now. This collection is inspired by water color paintings, and celebrates spring through soft pastels that glow with a halo of light. Whatever it's inspiration, it's very pretty. The eyeshadow palette contains six shades of browns, frosted pinks and violets, very wearable shades and a black eyeliner. You girls know I love a neutral eyeshadow look, and I can create a lot of these with this palette. My  qualm with the eyeshadow is that it does take a bit of packing on to get the eyeshadow colors to show the way I like. Here's a swatch, click to enlarge:

The product that I'm kind of obsessing over is the blush. It's a mix of mineral and plant ingredients,that really gives a rich glow to my bronze skin. There are six shades. But the one that  that made me kick off my shoes and do a back flip because I was so excited about how pretty it looked on my skin was Sunset Coral. I love how you can create pretty much two looks with this blush. If you just want a slight flush to the cheek, just pat your brush on just the coral portion of the palette  but when you mix it up with the brown, you get this really pretty bronzing coral mix. It kind of reminds me of my Mac Chic Couple but without the massive shimmer.  I wore this on the night of my ball and got a lot of compliments on my makeup.

The next product in the collection is the Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude Lipstick. This lipstick is an interesting product because it contains 25% skincare ingredients that work to moisturize, repair and protect the lips. It's very creamy, feels almost as if you're putting a gloss on. I was sent Nude Coral. Here's a swatch of the blush on top, and the lipstick on bottom. The lipstick is incredibly sheer though.

All in all, the product that had me doing a happy dance is the blush. I love how pretty it looks, and how long-lasting it is too. I like the eyeshadow palette but I do kind of feel like I have colors very similar to it. The lipstick was beautiful too, but if I'm wearing lipstick, I do want a hint more color.

FYI: Yesterday I rejected 17 comments by accident. Don't ask me why I did it. I have no idea. Lil man was crying and I was trying to press "Publish" but instead pressed "Reject." Sorry if you don't see your comment, please don't take it personal.

What are your thoughts on the Clarins Collection?

Do you like it?

Do you like the snow?

What's your favorite blush?



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Favorite Nail Polish Collection 2010 and New Zoya Intimate Collection Giveaway

Hands down, my favorite nail polish line of 2010 was Zoya. They just kept bringing the heat. Every single collection from the Zoya Reverie Spring Collection to the gorgeous Zoya Flash Collection, Zoya Sparkle Collection, to the Zoya Wicked Collection. The collections were on Fire, but my all time fave for 2010 was Zoya's Flame Collection. It was so freaking Beautiful. Every Color was a winner! Now for the spring 2011 Zoya has come out with their Intimate Collection which I recently reviewed and loved. 

Anyway, I'm giving away a new set of the Zoya Spring Intimate Collection. Just leave a comment here telling me anything. If you need some help with thinking of something to say, tell me what you plan to do this weekend. I'm going to a ball! Yes, like a princess. lol. Anyway,  For my review on the intimate collection click here.



Hyperpigmentation-How I'm dealing

I used to always wonder how women could go to sleep with their makeup on. I just couldn't fathom doing it. However, fast forward to now, and  those days of wondering are gone. I've got a seven month old, who is full of energy. Because I don't like him to watch too much tv, it's up to me to be his entertainment. And sometimes after a long day of entertaining a seven month old, I'm too exhausted to do anything, let alone remove my makeup.  I slept with my makeup on six times, and now I'm paying for it. I broke out really badly on my right cheek. We're talking six huge  zits. Now I don't care so much about the zits. I can use Mario Badescu's pink stuff or  run to my dermatologist and get the zits cortizoned.  However, because my skin color is tan, I get stuck with really dark marks that look worse than the zits. I haven't broken out this badly since before my pregnancy. So now I'm going to share with you what I'm using to get rid of these marks. Before I continue: please note, I am not a dermatologist, I'm not even a skin care professional. I'm just a girl who loves all things beauty.


The first thing I'm doing is washing my makeup off every single night Four days out of the week, I use my Clarisonic. If you are iffy about getting a Clarisonic, don' t be. What everyone says about it is true. Why do you think I've given so many away on this blog. Because it works and I must share with my readers!!!  It removes all traces of makeup, massages the skin, and  it really makes your skin care products absorb better. I highly recommend it! You can find it here.

Neostrata 20 AHA Glycolic Wash

This face wash contains 18% Glycolic Acid. Glycolic acid is so beneficial.. It penetrates the skin and evens out  skin tone by removing or reducing discolorations and/or brown spots from sun damage or hyperpigmentation. It is effective in improving acne, blackheads,  congested pores  I wash my face with my Clarisonic and this. This isn't over drying.  You can buy this on Amazon for half the normal price. If you're skin is super sensitive you may want to try a Glycolic wash that isn't so high in glycolic acid, maybe try this one

Alpha Hydrox Souffle

This is my secret weapon. This was actually one of the very first products I ever blogged about four years ago. You can read that post here. After washing, I apply this treatment. This contains 12% glycolic acid. It exfoliates and resurfaces the skin.  I know this works because when I was an undergrad, I broke out a lot during finals and had a lot of hyperpigmentation . This actually not only helps with the marks, but also with the acne,  and really gives my sensitive skin an amazing glow. You may notice a slight breakout after using this, as it's taking all the crap out of your skin. The breakout will go away.  Warning: if your skin is super sensitive or you haven't tried glycolics before,  begin using this once every other day and a tiny amount. Also, do not use this after you use the clarisonic. I do it because I've been using Glycolics forever, but if your skin is not used to it, it may burn. This is super inexpensive. Many people swear by it. You can read about it here.

Dr. Murad Essential C Moisturizer

Glycolic acid can be a little drying to the skin so make sure you're moisturizing.After the glycolic acid souffle, I apply Dr. Murad  Essential C Moisturizer.    I've raved about it before here. I use this because Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant  that builds collagen and helps with evening out the skin tone. Also, this contains spf 30. If you're using glycolic acid, you need SPF because Glycolic Acid makes your skin sensitive to the sun. You can find it here


I also recently used a peel.  I used it in the evening. It's called Brazilian Peel. This contains 30% glycolic acid and the Acai fruit. it also has a self-neutralizer so although it may start off feeling a little hot on the skin, it feels fine after a few moments. Although it says you can use this every week, since I already use glycolic acid, I will only do this once every two weeks. Each tube is $23.00.

Drinking My Omega 3

Fish Oil is so beneficial for the skin. Many people are deficient in it, but Fish Oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and really helps with skin and hair health. And surprisingly I recently ordered this one from and this  is freaking delicious. It taste just like a Pina Colada. I made the mistake of giving this to hubby and now he keeps drinking my supply.  I drink two teaspoons  a day. You can order it here.

Don't Stress

Last but not least, I don't stress about the marks. I know when our skin is not looking its best, we want to look at ourselves every 5 minutes in the mirror and wonder what went wrong. Don't do that. Fill your time up with better things. If you keep stressing and staring, that will give you the urge to pick on your skin, and create more zits and dark marks. Realize that your skin will get better soon. It's just going through a healing phase now.  In Six weeks, I'll give you an update as well as show you a before/after pic.



Kim Kardashian Critics Choice Awards Beauty and Makeup

Man you girls are demanding! (Just kidding, you know I love you.) Ever since I posted Kim Kardashians Golden Globe Makeup, I got emails begging to know her Critics Choice Award makeup. She did look stunning though. Friend to the blog and Kim's makeup artist Joyce Bonelli did an amazing job on this look. I'd say this is probably one of my fave looks of Kim. Anyway, here are the deets. Thanks to Joyce for again giving them to us.

GET THE GLAM: Kim’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Refer to this.

I used The Prep & Prime Stick by M.A.C.. *this is perfect because it helps reduce redness and oil & helps improve complexion over all as well. 

I like to keep Kim’s overall skin to appear matte so I use Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer by Givenchy. Blend, blend, blend, with a foundation brush to create a more flawless photo-ready look.

I use Concealer by Dermablend
Finally I set Kim’s entire face with Loose Setting Powder by Dermablend. *REMEMBER don’t use too much of this, just a little touch is all you need.

I filled them in with The Brow Pencil by Bobbi Brown. *Top off the brows with a few swipes of The Natural Brow Shaper by Bobbi Brown in order to hold the shape of your brow all day long.

To give Kim a little pop in the eye without being too matchy matchy with her dress, I used Smashbox’s Flamingo Eyeshadow which gives off a coral pink shimmer vibe.  Over the top I applied Stila’s Kitten Eyeshadow in Shimmer Nude Pink to wash out the bright color underneath. I added Eyeshadow in Chopper by Urban Decay to the corners, up to the crease of Kim’s lid.  Along with some Kohl Eyeliner Pencil by M.A.C. in Smolder lining the lid, it becomes subtle, smokey, & complete.
Remember, to finish off the eye, I curl her lashes using Shu Uemura eyelash curler & with a few coats of Loreal Volumous Mascara in Carbon Black, lashes add the dramatics needed for this eye.

On the hollow of her cheeks I applied Bronzing Powder in Laguna by NARS. To give Kim a warm touch of color I applied Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Espiegle by Chanel Cosmetics to the apples of her cheeks. Right above the apples of Kim’s cheeks I applied One Hot Minute by Benefit to highlight her bone structure.

I applied Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle right above the hollows of her cheeks & bridge of her nose, this is a gilded peach bronze tone that has a frost metallic finish. *Don’t apply TOO much, just a touch is all you need!!

 To define Kim’s gorgeous lip shape I used Long Wear Lip Liner in Charming by Stila. Classic Cream Lipstick in Cashmere is what I used to fill in the lip. To give the pinkish tint I applied Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight by NARS over the top of the lipstick. I finished her lips with FUSION BEAUTY’s Lip Fusion in clear to give a high gloss coat.

Joyce Bonelli

Meet Felicia Walker Benson of This That Beauty

Hey guys, remember a few years back, I told you a funny story how I went to an event, and had the same exact dress on as another girl.  Turns out she was another beauty blogger.  Rather than be mortified, we took pics together and had a good laugh about it. Since then  we've become pretty good friends. Anyway, my friend Felicia of the blog This That Beauty will be making an appearance at Bergdorfs this Friday January 21. So if you're in the NY Area come check her out. Believe me, she's worth meeting.


Kim Kardashian Golden Globes Beauty and Makeup!

I have a confession girls. Please don't judge me.... I'm addicted to reality shows. Yes, I said it!!! Wooh, it feels good to get that off my chest. And I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about  Kourtney and Kim Take NY premiering this Sunday. I am counting the days. Hubby has already been warned that if he attempts to talk to me while the show is on, he's sleeping on the couch. I adore that family and having met Kim Kardashian and witnessed how sweet she is, I'm a huge fan.  Anyway, I was getting a lot of emails asking about Kim's Golden Globe look. You girls were dying to know what her super talented makeup artist and friend to the blog  Joyce Bonelli used. Well Joyce sent me her deets today, and you know I couldn't wait to post.  Kim looked  stunning.

REMEMBER!! It’s Very Important to keep up on your skincare regimen to keep it’s glamour & to help you have a clean smooth look. On Kim I apply PerfectSkin, LaMer lifting serum, & PerfectSkin eye cream. To condition lips I used Clarks Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Balm. *Don’t be lazy, this also goes for washing your face at night! Use makeup remover wipes if you are too tired.

I use Makeup Forever’s HD Microperfecting Primer. *This is on of my favs because it comes in 6 shades for color correction on all skin types, including one in clear.

I like to keep Kim’s overall skin to appear matte so I use Sheer Matte by NARS. Blend into the skin with a foundation brush for a flawless touch.

I use Lift Concealor by Make Up For Ever.

Finally I set Kim’s entire face with translucent powder by Laura Mercier. *REMEMBER Don’t get all cray cray & over do it, just dust your brush with a touch & then gently apply powder.

I tweezed them using Tweezerman tweezers. Then filled them in with Benefit’s Brow Zing. *use an angled brush and apply soft strokes of the pigmented wax to shape and define the brow, then take your small blending brush to apply and set the brow zing’s powder to fill in sparse areas and lock the brows into place.
First I applied the golden shade of NARS Duo eyeshadow in Mediteranee similar to how I did it for her Birthday at TAO. Next on the outer corners of the eyes, crease, & along the lower lash line apply Rose Gold Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow by Bobbi Brown.  Apply & blend in over the lid Champagne Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow by Bobbi Brown. To line the lower inside rim I used Stila’s Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Lionfish. *this eyeliner is perfect for this look because of the light shimmer it gives off to help the look flow. Remember, to finish off the eye, I curl her lashes using Shu Uemura eyelash curler.  I used Hypnose Drama by Lancome to give the a big bold lash.
*As you know, red lips can be risky, so to get away with this look with out appearing to retro I had to use gold tone shimmer for the eye rather than ivory tones. It was also super important that i kept the eye liner thin and purposely didn't wing the liner out in a ‘cat eye’ shape.

To bronze & add warmth to her skin I used Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine in Amber Matte. On the hollow of her cheeks I applied Bronzing Powder in Casino by NARS. *For blush I brushed onto the apples of the cheeks Lovejoy by NARS.

I applied Lust Dust by benefit right above the hollows of her cheeks & bridge of her nose.

First I lined her lips with a Dark Brown liner by M.A.C. and filled in the corners of her lips *sounds cray cray but this is my fav way to make contrast in a red lip shade! Then I applied and blended lipstick in Ruby by Dolce & Gabbana. To add the pop of red I applied lipstick in Fire by Dolce & Gabbana. AND THEN get the sheen from FUSION BEAUTY’s Lip Fusion Clear Gloss.

 Thanks Joyce, She looked stunning!



Fabulous Skin With Vitamins Guest Post Ceceilia Wong

Hey girls, Today we have a guest post from Esthetician Cecelia Wong. Cecelia gave me a facial a while back that I lovedddddddd!  Here is the review if you missed it. Anyway, today, she is giving us tips on vitamins that will keep you looking 21 forever, well not forever, but they'll help you stay looking young! I'm a true believer in vitamins and foods for anti-aging. I'm proud to say I still get carded when I buy wine and lotto tickets. (I only play lotto when it's over 200 million, hey you never know!) Anyway, here's Cecilia!

Choose the right vitamins

When choosing the right vitamins, it's my opinion that you should consult with your doctor or nutritional experts first. This way you can be sure you get the right mix of vitamins, not just for your overall health but also help to fight the signs of aging as you mature.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that additionally helps build collagen. It also helps fade sun spots, smooth out rough patches and brightens the skin. Unfortunately, you can get enough by taking it internally as it is difficult to get through the gastrointestinal track. That's why top beauty experts recommend topical formulas that incorporate Vitamin C as a means to boost its beauty effects. Though Vitamin C has all these amazing beauty benefits, at times, it can dry out the skin. Therefore, I recommend to really hydrate your skin and use sunscreen on top of that.

Vitamin K is another fabulous mix that I personally use. This is used specifically to help diminish dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Topically, it diminishes the appearances of broken capillaries, spider veins and helps with bruising post surgery.
It's all about aging gracefully..

OPC-3, when I tell my clients I take OPC-3 both internally and topically, they have no idea what this is or what it does. OPC-3 is a supplement that is made from a combination of bilberry, grape seed, red wine, pine bark extracts, and citrus extracts bioflavonoids, all found to be extremely powerful antioxidants. Some of the benefits are combat free radicals, demonstrates anti-inflammatory activity and supports a healthy complexion. Topically, I use the antioxidant grape seed moisturizer from ILIKE. This amazing moisturizer not only contains OPC but Vitamin C and many other powerful ingredients.

Vitamin B3- topically it's a hydration booster. It plays an important role in protecting and nourishing the skin. Internally taken B3 helps to properly breakdown proteins and fats and aids the digestive system to function properly.

The secrets to healthy aging skin is easy when you have the right information and actions to back up those choices. I hope I have made this available to you so you can continue to stay young and beautiful. Remember to always consult your doctor or nutritional expert first.

Cecelia's Contact info:
215 Park Ave South, Ste 1304
NY, 10003
(917) 596-5206

Get Intimate With New Zoya Intimate Collection

It's rare when a nail polish company comes out with a great collection every time but I swear Zoya does. I was obsessed with their winter collection. Zoya Lisa  stayed on my nails all of December, and now their new intimate collection is absolutely  perfect for the spring. Click on pics to enlarge to see what I'm talking about!

Zoya Dannii-A beautiful metallic purple. 

Zoya Caitlin-This is a creamy purplish grey, although my hubby said it looked a little blue. But what does he know?

Zoya Jules-A pretty gold metallic, with lots of shimmer.

Zoya Dove-a Very pretty pale gray.

Zoya Marley-possibly my favorite color.  A pretty Lavender/pink. The epitome of spring. I will be wearing this March 21 or March 22 (whenever spring starts). lol

Zoya Gemma-This color surprised me. In the bottle, I was like Eh.... but once on, it morphed into a whole new color. Zoya describes it perfectly-a green purple duotone metallic. I like

Zoya's new spring line doesn' dissapoint. The colors are very rich, Most of these you really could get away with just wearing one coat. And as always Zoya doesn't contain Phtalates, or Formaldehyde.

Beautylogic Rating an A.
What's your fave color in this collection?



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Melissa Leo Golden Globes Beauty Look

Did you guys see the movie The Fighter? If you haven't, it's an absolute must.
Yesterday at the Golden Globes  Melissa Leo won the Best Supporting Actress Role for her part in the film.
Melissa looked amazing yesterday and friend to the blog, make up artist Scott Barnes gave us the deets on how he gave Melissa her gorgeous look. Scott is releasing his own line of products this year, and most of the products used on her were from his new line.

Here's the breakdown of the products used
Bronzer in St. Tropez by Scott Barnes
Souffle Foundation by Scott Barnes in Princess
Translucent Powder by Scott Barnes
Eyeshadows in Pewter and After Hours
Eye Ice in White Lightening
Diamond Dust Loose Powder
Cheek crème color in Bloom
Mascara is called  After Dark by Scott Barnes
Blush color is Divine by Scott Barnes
Lip Slick in Burlesque
Body Bling in Platinum
Line Art Liquid liner in Raven (Black) by Scott Barnes
Lip Pencil in Nude Pink By Scott Barnes

Currently his line is not being sold yet, but you can still purchase body bling on his site

Thanks Scott!

She looked gorgeous!



Sophia Vergara Golden Globes Makeup

Did you guys see how hot Sophia Vergara looked at the Golden Globes?

Can you believe that this woman is a mother of a 20 year old?

She took my breath away!!!

Anyway, Lancome gave us the deets on her makeup. Her makeup artist Kayleen Mcadams was reaching for a modern retro feel. Instead of a modern smokey eye, she selected jewel purple tones for the actress. She kept the focus on the lashes and eyes with a cat eye feel. The rest of the look was sheer, glowy and gorgeous.

On Sophia's beautiful face she used Lancome Absolue BX makeup and Lancome Blush Subtil in Rose Fresque. On her eyes she used Le Crayon Poudre in Brunet (brows).Artliner in Aubergine. Color Design 5 Pan Palette in Coral Crush (out in Feb). Definicils High Definition and Hypnose Custom Mascaras. On the lips she used L'Absolu Nu in Sheer Mousse (available in March).

Hope you're taking notes.

I sure am!!!!

Next thing I need to find out is her anti-aging regime because she looks younger than me. WTH



NYC High Definition Mascara is the BUSINESS!

Drugstores are coming out with some major gems lately. Seriously! When I first got my hands on NYC High Definition Mascara, I was  so excited to give it a whirl. Although I'll be honest since it's under $5 bucks, I wasn't really expecting too much.  But, I should have known better.  Famed makeup artist Sam Fine loves drugstore products so don't ever look down on drugstore items when getting your makeup.  One of my favorite bronzers comes from NYC too. Anyway, let's talk about their new NYC High Definition Mascara. As you girls know, I always say the proof is in the pudding.  Here's my naked eye:

The brush for this mascara looks pretty basic, which was another reason I wasn't expecting too much.

Here's my eye after one coat (click pick to enlarge)

Here's my eye after Second coat (click pick to enlarge)

Now this mascara promises that it lengthens  lashes up to 60% and lifts lashes by 70%. It also contains something called Duo Play Complex with Panthenol and Vitamin E to help strengthen and soften lashes. When it comes to mascaras, I'll all about the length. Although I wouldn't say it lengthened them by 70%, I will say that this mascara really did give me some serious length with very minimal clumping and for only $4.99, that's pretty sweet. Yesterday tears were coming out of my eyes due to the strong winds and this mascara lasted all day without smearing. For $4.99, I'm so sold!

This product's official release is in  March. Although I have already seen it on the shelves of my local drugstore.

What are your thoughts?

Do you love Drugstore products too?



Product provided by pr for review

Almay Wake up Hydrating Makeup Vs Revlon Colorstay Aqua Makeup

Hey loves, how are you? New York got hit with nine inches of snow today but it looks no where near as bad as it did last week when the blizzard hit. The streets are clean and this morning I had to run to Whole Foods with my stroller, and it was pretty easy to move around. Anyway, let's talk beauty. 

Ever since I reviewed Revlon's Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup, I've been getting emails asking if I could please review Almay Wake Up Aqua Makeup as well. If you didn't see that review, click here.  Since I do what my readers want, I picked it up last week, and here's what I got for you. Here's the low down. If you must get an aqua makeup, skip Almay and just get Revlon. Both are very similar. but Revlon is the clear winner for a few reasons. They've got the same look to them. They both have the same brush. (I truly saw no difference in the brushes except  the color.) 

They both have very limited shades. 

                                            Revlon is on the left, Almay on the right. 

When first applying, I did feel more of that cooling sensation with Almay’s Aqua makeup than I did with Revlon. Maybe it's because Almay's cooling sensation comes from cucumbers, and not coconut water.   Honestly, I could care less if I feel a cooling sensation when I apply makeup, especially during the winter time, when I feel a cooling sensation every time I walk out of my house because of the freezing weather, but if that cooling sensation is important to you, Almay wins. However,  I had to swipe the Almay product on my skin four times before it was even near the coverage I wanted. But even then, it kind of felt like I had just just applied pressed powder to my skin.  Although concealers are used to conceal, I do like my foundations to offer some coverage especially now since I have two  hyperpigmenation marks on my skin from sleeping with my makeup on last week. (Yea yea, I know I'm  not supposed to but I had a hard week last week.) Coverage was basically nothing when I first applied the Almay Wake Up Hydrating makeup and like the Revlon I did have to keep building, but even after building with Almay's, I still had noticeable redness around my nose. I did feel like Revlon's covered a bit more (not by much though).  My skin had a matte finish with this, but this didn't dry it out.. This has sparkles just like Revlon's, which is another minus. But the biggest difference I noticed was that Almay's did not last long at all. Revlon's lasted way longer. Three hours  later with Almay, it looked like I had no product at all on my face. Bottom line, if you must get an aqua makeup and you require very little coverage,  get Revlon's. However, if you're a girl like me who needs medium to full coverage, you may want to look elsewhere. 



Part 2 Borghese Spring Rapido Nail Collection

As promised here's the second party of my Borghese Rapido Spring  Collection Review. If you missed yesterday's first part, just scroll down. As always click on pics to enlarge and really see the colors.

The first color is called Lira. Lira is a dense gold, full of sparkle. Loved this one. You can get away with one coat with this one but I've applied two.

Menta is a Jade Green with a hint of sparkle. This pic is with two coats. Three coats is better with this one though.

Violetto is a medium purple. Love a good purple shade. However, you need three coats with this one. I'm only wearing two in this pic.

Maraschino is the next shade. A very pretty fuschia-two coats is fine with this one.

Anemone a purplish pink shade. But more on the purple side. Two coats is fine with this one.

Last Limoncello. Limoncello kind of reminded me of slime. A yellowish green. Probably my least fave out of the bunch. Two coats with this one.

Do you like this collection?
What were your favorites or least favorites?



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