Zoya Lovely Spring 2013 Collection Review and Swatches & Happy New year

Happy New Year Guys, I hope yours was great.  Let's talk more about the new year in a few, but for now I want to get into   the new Zoya  Lovely collection for Spring 2013. I'm giddy over this collection.  You know how I fell in love with Zoya. When I was pregnant,  I did lots of research on any ingredients that caused birth defects. I then met Dr. OZ who told me to make sure none of my polishes contained phthalates.  Anyway, I found Zoya to be the best phthalate free polish around. I recently went away to the Caribbean and wore two of the Zoya Lovely shades and got so many compliments. The collection contains pastels with hints of metallic in them and cream finishes.  I love them!  In my opinion, this collection captures the Spring season like no other!! Click below to see my swatches, and let's get into the new year, and your resolutions while we're at it.

Zoya Blu- A perfect name for this beautiful sky blue cream finish. It reminded me so much of the Caribbean Sky.  It was kind of messy when I applied though. Easily fixable with nail polish remover, but some of the polish did land on my cuticles. Two coats is all you need with this one for an opaque finish.

 Zoya Jaqueline- A gorge off white shade. Very work friendly. Super opaque. Two coats is all you need. This one wasn't as messy as Blu.

Zoya Julie-A lavender with silver sparkle.You guys know one of my fave colors is lavender but when combined with some sparkle, well we've got a WINNER!! Two coats is all you need with this one.

Zoya Gei Gei -A gorge Cherry blossom pink with silver sparkle. Again another winner.  Two coats is all you need with this one.

Zoya Piaf-When I saw this color in the bottle, I was like ehh. But when I tried it, my opinion totally changed. It's a color that I probably would never have thought to purchase for myself, but on my tan skin, the mustard yellow really popped, combined with the flecks of silver and I fell in love.

Zoya Neely-A cream mint green. So pretty. Two coats is all you need with this. And it didn't apply streaky.

All in all Zoya's new spring collection really dazzles. I can see myself rocking Neely, Piaf, Julie and Gei Gei a lot during the warmer months. With the exception of Blu, application was a breeze with all of these. How was your New Years? What did you guys do? I was in the caribbean for a few days with my hubbs.  It was great. We needed it!  2012 went a lot better than I had anticipated and I'm so thankful and grateful. I became a beauty editor of Cosmopolitan's Latina edition. I finally did the Today show (twice with more to come!). I met peeps that I'd always admired,  and even got to chat with them, from Zoe Saldana, Bruno Mars,  to Ben Affleck (I really hope he wins the Oscar this year! His performance in Argo was epic!).

to Carlos Slim (richest man on earth), to one of  my fave singers Marc Anthony
 I asked all of these people what they think led to their huge success,  and each one said the same thing, "hard work." Remember that!  It's ok in life to be a dreamer, but remember that dreams only work, when you do! So for 2013, let's get to work on making our dreams come true,  ok!!

What's your New Years Resolutions?
How will you make them come true? 
What's your favorite color in the Zoya Lovely Collection?

Happy New Year!!!!





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