Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint For Eyes Review & Swatches

Hey loves! How are you guys doing? I hope amazing!!  Remember in the Summer when I spoke to you girls about my love of Clinique Chubby sticks Lip Balm/Stains, well I'm thrilled to tell you about my new addictions-Clinique Chubby Sticks Shadow Tints For The Eyes.   These are great for so many reasons.  Click below to read my review, and see swatches.

 From Left to Right:
Ample Amber-a medium pink gold
Massive Midnight-A navy Blue with silver shimmer.
Whopping Willow-A metallic Olive Green
Lavish Lilac -A lilac with silver shimmer
Pink & Plenty A peach pink
Fuller Fudge- A sexy Bronze
Big Blue- silver baby blue-very pretty for the inner corner

1) First off, these are insanely easy to work with and are so great if you're new to makeup.  You apply them to the lid almost your coloring with a crayon, and then blend with your fingers. 2) They blend so easily. Literally two rubs of my finger, and the three colors I used look perfectly blended. 3) The colors are pretty pigmented. 4) With primer, I got 9 hours of wear with these, with no problem, or creasing. These glide on very well too and are so creamy. I find they work best with my fingers. I tried using my stiff brush, but I liked my fingers more. I've swatched seven for you. I had one more color, but a certain 2 year old thought it was a crayon, and well it's gone. Here's me with three colors:

I used Ample Amber all over my lid and all the way above to my highlight area.
I used Big Blue on the inner corner, Whopping Willow on the lid, and Massive Midnight on my outer corner and crease area. This look took me 3 minutes. Mr. Milly was rushing me (as always) and it was a breeze. I highly rec these if you are a woman on the go.. If you're new to makeup these would be great too and if you just like the colors get them. I was digging these big time.

I believe these will be available at the end of this month.

Do you think you'll be getting them?




Ann St Amand said...

What lipcolor are you wearong
in this photo? It is stunning!
Since we have similar coloring,
I often use your swatch photos
to shop with...Ann

beautylogicblog said...

Hey Ann, It's Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge in #9

Lauren said...

When you apply these with your fingers, does a lot of tugging go on with your eyelid ? I always wanted to get stick eyeshadow but I was afraid that to blend it out you would need to use a firm touch in order for it to look right.

P.S. I am catching up on your blog I missed it. I have been so busy, I am glad to have time to go through all of your amazing posts now !


beautylogicblog said...

No, it does not do a lot of tugging. Girl you know I don't ever tug on my lids. Don't need or want premature wrinkles.

Maryam Maquillage said...

these look awesome! They remind me of high-end NYX jumbo pencils hehe... and omg I loooooove that lippie you have on!! it's perfection :))

Anonymous said...

Great description of the eye shadows, I also heard that Clinique will have 8 intense chubby sticks for lips sometime, don't know when, and chubby sticks for cheeks. Do you know when eye shadows are coming to counters? they are in magazines. Thanks so much.

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