Zoya Ornate Collection Review and Swatches

Zoya Ornate Collection

Hey loves, how have you been? I've been great. Instagramming my life away. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I recently got instagram and I am obsessed. Do we follow each other? I'm beautylogicblog. Anyway, let's talk about beauty. As you girls know, I am a huge fan of  Zoya polishes and when their new collections come out, I'm always super excited, because they never disappoint. The new  Zoya Ornate collection is probably one of my all time favorites. There's so many fun things going on with these polishes from  it's super pigmented colors, fun glitter flecks, and foil like appearance Zoya was  the only nail polish I used while pregnant and my love for them continues to this day.  Click below to read more and see swatches.

Zoya Aurora- I'm kind of obsessed with purple (as you can see from looking at the color of my site, and half of my wardrobe). Purple is the color of royalty. Shoot, one of my fave albums is Purple Rain by Prince (ok I know that has nothing to do with the color purple but I thought I would just throw it out there). Now, if you follow me on Instagram (beautylogicblog) I tweeted my love for this polish. This is one of the most beautiful purples I've ever seen with this unbelievable holographic glitter. I can't get enough of it. Two coats, and these applied like a dream.

Zoya Blaze is a gorgeous red with holographic glitter as well. This is definitely my second favorite. Looks unbelievably sexy, and I had this on when I went to eat brunch with a friend, and as I was walking out of the brunch spot, he waitress ran up to me and asked me what was on my nails. She needed to know!Again two coats.

Zoya Storm-This was a stunning black  with holographic glitter. When I had this on my nails, I immediately thought of the night sky with thousands of twinkling stars. I fell in love with this polish, and I never really rock black polish, but this def has changed my mind. Two coats, and these applied so well.

Zoya Logan-Oh man, this green is on another level. This is like the perfect holiday emerald green with bits of gold. It's just so elegant, so mynx like (remember mynx nails, they looked like foil). I loved it so much! Two coats, and these applied so well.

Zoya Ziv-So obsessed with this  bold gold. It contains little gold flecks as well. Two coats with this one.

Zoya Electra -Last polish is Zoya Electra which is basically line glitter. You can rock it alone or on top of another polish. Here's Zoya Electra with two coats. As you can see it's pretty full coverage by itself.

All in all, I will be rocking all of these polishes steadily. They apply so well too. The colors are insanely original, and the fact that Zoya is more on the natural side, makes me very happy.
What colors are your favorite?

Will you be rocking any colors from this collection?

Which ones are your favorite?

Zoya Ornate collection  can be found here. 




Huma said...

I love the Aurora, Blaze and Storm...perfect edgy shades for fall!

jencanada said...

Luv luv luv Zoya Storm. Reminds me of Men in Black (the galaxy). Im such a geek! Any hoooo, i just orderD Storm and two other colors not mentioned here. Cant wait to wear them all.
Thanx Milly : )

Lauren said...

Have to get my hands on these colors they are amazing !!

Maryam Maquillage said...

aaaaaaaaaah i'm in heaven!! I must have that ridiculously gorgeous red -- I'm with that waitress :))

Perla Sanchez said...

I haven't tried this brand yet but the colors look amazing! :)


Lauren said...

These colors look beautiful !!!!!

Alx said...

All are amazing, but that purple is out of this world.

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