New Bobbi Black Pearl Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hey lovelies, it's been about two weeks since I've blogged.  I'm so sorry. Life has been a little insane. If you want to keep up, follow me on instagram though. I'm,  beautylogicblog. Anyway,  I'm back, at least for today. Let's get into beauty. Today's discovery, the new Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eye Shadow Palette. It's out for the holidays, and I've been giving it a whirl. I like it..for the most part.
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The Black Pearl Eye Shadow palette is part of Bobbi Brown's holiday collection. The palette contains six colors: three mattes, two shimmers and one very glittery color. I, personally would rock this day to night (but then again, Milly has been known to rock a smokey eye with false lashes even at 8am in the morning).  LOL~

Swatches are below:

White is a matte white that would work as a highlight. On my tan skin it showed up pretty easily.
Tin-A pale lilac shimmer-this one I had to layer a bit, but it worked. I actually used this on my inner corner.
Black Velvet-This is  a very glittery purple. This was an annoying color due to lots of fall out and being a very spotty shade.I had to layer it like crazy to get even pigmentation on my lids.
Oyster Grey Shadow-A pale gray Shimmer-This was pretty good pigmentation, and applied very smoothly.
Grey Denim Eyeshadow-A very matte grey-Pretty good pigmentation and almost no fall out.
 Black pearl eyeshadow-A very deep grey almost black matte shadow-This had great pigmentation and was very smooth when applied.

I think my problem with this palette was that Black Velvet Color. I had to layer that color like crazy  and by the time it finally looked decent,  the rest of my face resembled a Vegas Showgirl. It was full of sparkle. Thank heavens I always apply foundation after eye shadow. If I had applied before, I would have been majorly pissed because I would have had to re-apply.  The wear time for these was pretty good.  With my trusted primer, I got a good seven hour wear with no problem. Besides that Black velvet color, I really had no issues with it. Here's a quick look with the palette using Tin, Oyster Grey Shadow, and the hated Black Pearl Shadow on my outer corner . I actually left the fall out on my face so you can see how sparkly I am.

What do you think of this palette?

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