5 Ways to Switch Up Your Beauty Routine For The Fall

Yesterday it was a bit chilly, and for the first time in a few months, I felt a bit cold, and had to rock a jacket. I'm so annoyed about Fall coming. I am such a Summer and Spring gal. Truthfully, I can't stand the cold. If California had subways (I can't drive!)  I'd probably want to live there because of the perfect weather.  When the seasons change, you change your wardrobe,  well you should also change your beauty routine too, because the products you use in the summer, can make you look a hot mess in the winter.  Here are some of my suggestions.

1) Fish Oils-Alright, I've told you about my love of fish oils a million times (and how I believe it may have given me a butt that resembles Kim K's), but please take me seriously. Recently,  I stopped using them for a month because my local whole foods ran out, and I just forgot to get them, and I saw such a difference in my skin, and not a good difference. Remember how they helped stop my Cystic Acne.  My favorite, is Barleans Mango Peach. The winter can dry out your skin big time, and this oil will help to keep it hydrated, and smooth from within. Plus it taste really good.
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2) Exfoliators-It's time to invest in some good ones. In the summer, you will find your skin can actually get a little oilier or greasy. The opposite happens during the winter. As the weather gets colder, your skin gets much drier. If you can, pick up the new Clarisonic Aria (review up soon, but you guys know how much Milly loves her some clarisonic. If it's above your budget, try some of my favorite exfoliators like Kiss My Face Potent and Pure Start Up Exfoliating Face Wash $14.99  or Peter Thomas Roth Laser Free Retuxterizer Scrub.$38.00 
Both of these do a great job of exfoliating and hydrating your skin. Want to just make one yourself. Grab some brown sugar and jojoba  oil.  Jojoba oil will not break you out, as it's consistency resembles human sebum. Scrub and go.

3) Hydrate-Make sure you're drinking at least 8 glasses of water. I drink that and  4 cups of white tea.   I'm kind of addicted to the taste of water. My fave and the one I drink like a mad woman  is Icelandic Glacial. It doesn't taste like regular water, and it's interesting because it's sourced through Iceland and filtered through volcanic rock. I found out about it because Dior used it in their skincare products.  I can always tell when someone is dehydrated due to immature wrinkles creeping up on their face and their lips are chapped. Also, make sure to moisturize!  In the summer, you might even skip moisturizer but don't do that in the winter.   Two of my fave moisturizers: : Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Moisturizer  or Skinceuticals Skin Firming Moisturizer

4) Foundation-You may want to start taking a look at lighter foundations or tinted moisturizers.  My foundation in the summer is two shades darker than my foundation in the winter. My current fave foundations:  Stila Stay All Day Foundation $44.00, Urban Decay Naked (review up soon) $38.00  or Revlon Colorstay Whipped Mousse $13.99. These are all fantastic, stay on all day, keep skin hydrated, and have a great range of colors for all women.

5) Invest in a red lip: Can I be real? Lately I've been rocking a red lip, and I've never felt sexier. Mr. Milly tells me all the time that he's obsessed with my mouth (yes those are his words).  My girlfriends tell me it makes me look younger and sexier. I know the trend is deep dark lips, but man, I can't get enough of a hot red. My fave reds: Hourglass Opaque Rouge Raven $28.00. Mac Lady Danger $15.00, Illamasqua (Box) Box $25.40 is a blue red and I tried Nars Cruella  $24.00 (because one of my readers swore it was great, and it looked fantastic). I'm in love.

Hope this helps.

How do you change up your beauty routine for the Fall?



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Anonymous said...

Hola Chica..... Can I take Flaxseed oil instead. To do the same. Also I read that fish oil can be applied to the bottom at night will work fast too is that true. Not too sure of the smell....

Maryam Maquillage said...

I'm totally with you on the bright red!! I hardly wear it in the summer time, cuz I'm stuck on the pinks and corals, but I looove a nice classy hot red. My faves are MAC Russian Red (obv), Lime Crime Retrofuturist, all the Kate Moss reds by Rimmel and my new fave Missha RD703 -- so gorge on Asian skin tones :)) But don't sleep on the deeper reds, Milly, they can actually make you feel just as sexy and red hot!! Take Too Faced Drop Dead Red -- now that's a HOT ass deep red!!! sorry for the essay, your reds talk struck a chord in me haha

Yvelette | Calming Corners said...

For fall I tend to go for a more natural look. I start switching to body butters and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Great post!

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