Almay Wake up Hydrating Makeup Vs Revlon Colorstay Aqua Makeup

Hey loves, how are you? New York got hit with nine inches of snow today but it looks no where near as bad as it did last week when the blizzard hit. The streets are clean and this morning I had to run to Whole Foods with my stroller, and it was pretty easy to move around. Anyway, let's talk beauty. 

Ever since I reviewed Revlon's Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup, I've been getting emails asking if I could please review Almay Wake Up Aqua Makeup as well. If you didn't see that review, click here.  Since I do what my readers want, I picked it up last week, and here's what I got for you. Here's the low down. If you must get an aqua makeup, skip Almay and just get Revlon. Both are very similar. but Revlon is the clear winner for a few reasons. They've got the same look to them. They both have the same brush. (I truly saw no difference in the brushes except  the color.) 

They both have very limited shades. 

                                            Revlon is on the left, Almay on the right. 

When first applying, I did feel more of that cooling sensation with Almay’s Aqua makeup than I did with Revlon. Maybe it's because Almay's cooling sensation comes from cucumbers, and not coconut water.   Honestly, I could care less if I feel a cooling sensation when I apply makeup, especially during the winter time, when I feel a cooling sensation every time I walk out of my house because of the freezing weather, but if that cooling sensation is important to you, Almay wins. However,  I had to swipe the Almay product on my skin four times before it was even near the coverage I wanted. But even then, it kind of felt like I had just just applied pressed powder to my skin.  Although concealers are used to conceal, I do like my foundations to offer some coverage especially now since I have two  hyperpigmenation marks on my skin from sleeping with my makeup on last week. (Yea yea, I know I'm  not supposed to but I had a hard week last week.) Coverage was basically nothing when I first applied the Almay Wake Up Hydrating makeup and like the Revlon I did have to keep building, but even after building with Almay's, I still had noticeable redness around my nose. I did feel like Revlon's covered a bit more (not by much though).  My skin had a matte finish with this, but this didn't dry it out.. This has sparkles just like Revlon's, which is another minus. But the biggest difference I noticed was that Almay's did not last long at all. Revlon's lasted way longer. Three hours  later with Almay, it looked like I had no product at all on my face. Bottom line, if you must get an aqua makeup and you require very little coverage,  get Revlon's. However, if you're a girl like me who needs medium to full coverage, you may want to look elsewhere. 




Anonymous said...

Thank you very much =] it helped a lot!

Anonymous said...


Did you ever try Revlon Colorstay Liquid foundation and then using their "new" aqua mineral translucent powder on top of that? I'm thinking about doing that. I have terrible older, dry, but sometimes oily/acne prone skin. I'm also sensitive. Colorstay is the only makeup that lasts. I used to use their mineral sheer makeup/powder that worked well, but they stopped carrying that. I was very disappointed.

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