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 Winner of Murad is comment #15. Latonya. If I don't hear back from you by Sunday, we'll have to give this to someone else.

Today no beauty advice, but stick around, grab some tea or coffee and come read some of my life advice. It's a story that happened to me. You know I love sharing those.

One night almost ten years ago,  it was around 7:30. I was heading home from school super late because I'd been hanging with my friends.  I had my discman on (there were no ipods back then) when all of a sudden, I felt a force push me to the floor. What the heck! I looked up to see  two girls who I'd recognized from my neighborhood, pummeling me with their fist. I didn't even know these girls.   I'm sooooooooooooo not a fighter. But, I tried to defend myself the best I could, and knowing I couldn't win against two, I did my best to just block their attack. A few moments later, a man stepped in and stopped the fight/beating (whatever you want to call it). Although by then, a huge crowd had gathered to watch.  My hair was a mess, my nose was bloody, and I had marks all over me. An older woman wiped me off, and all I could do was stare at the girls as they ran laughing and looking back at me. At the time I didn't want to worry my mom so I decided against telling her, and went to my best friend's house who lived upstairs from me and cleaned myself off before I went home. Since I'm never the type to stress things, because even back then I knew how the universe worked, I went on with my life, and rarely thought about the incident. I saw the girls from time to time and they would laugh at me and talk about how they beat me up, but I always kept walking/running. lol

Fast forward almost 10 years later, and two weeks ago. I was in a Starbucks in Midtown Manhattan. There was a huge line, but for some reason when I met eyes with the cashier, she looked extremely uncomfortable. She began fidgeting. She asked another girl to take over the register while she went to the back but the other girl refused At first I wondered why she was acting like that. I hadn't thought about that incident in years so I had no idea who she was, but as I stared at her, it was clear my presence was making her more and more uncomfortable.  All of a sudden it hit me! It was her! One of the girls who had attacked me years ago. I was in shock and remembering that day got me really upset. But,  let's just say life had not been kind to her. (Which is usually how life is for bad people.) I began to laugh out loud to myself. (A few people started looking  at me as if I was crazy so I stopped.) As the line got shorter, I thought about all the mean things I would say to her, and how I would  complain to the manager about her horrid service. But when I got to her and she took my order, I can honestly say I really felt bad for her. She didn't look great at all. She looked way older than her years. Her skin looked bad and dehydrated. Her hair was already graying.  From the looks of it, her life had not been great. She couldn't even look me in the eye as she took my order and she even dropped my credit card when she swiped it. After watching her,  I decided rather than stoop to her level, I would take the high road. So I smiled at her, and said "Wow, I haven't seen you in years," ordered my latte, and stepped to the side. She looked at me in shock. And as I waited for them to call my name for my drink, I kept catching her stare at me. After I got my drink, I walked out, but before I left, I turned around, and again spotted her staring after me but this time she gave me a slight smile. Not in a mean way, but almost as if to say,  "I'm sorry." or "Thanks for not embarrassing me." 

This incident got me thinking about Karma After attacking me 10 years later, this woman had to serve me a drink and not only that, my presence made her extremely uncomfortable and she looked really bad. Remember in life, anything you do to someone whether good or bad, will come back to you in some way or another. And if someone does something bad to you, don't stress it. Know that  Karma is real and life will pay them back.

Do you believe in Karma?

With that being said-

Have a good weekend.

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prettydarkthing! said...

Wow, what a story.

NYC is a small world though.

Lavendar said...

Fantastic story! The Bible says you reap what you sow. I guess you could say that's the same thing.

LaTonya said...

That's Crazy!!
Yay! I am the Murad winner!!! My e-mail is
Please let me know if I need to provide anymore information!
LaTonya Green

Tina aka Beanie said...

You are so right! My Granny always said to me, Let God/Karma fight your battles for you and I can say I have seen time and time again wrongs made right in my life and in others who were wronged.

Ms. G said...

Absolutely believe in Karma - I've seen it work!

Cerisa "Bronze Goddess" said...

I totally believe in karma! I love that you were super classy as well!

Bronze Goddess Beauty

the beautynista said...

WOW!....well its true what they say....Karma is a B***tH!

justicefighter1913 said...

Hey DE, thanks for sharing this! Karma is real. Love the new site lay out!!!

Green Shushi said...

Wow!Awesome story! I totally believe in Karma and props to you for being the better person!

wuguimei said...

Great story! And you're right--sometimes you just have to be the bigger person. :)

Gerri said...

Having felt both the good and bad effects of karma, I firmly believe it exists. Good or bad, things have a way of coming back on you. Applaud yourself for taking the high road!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sad story for sure for her. Personal growth is when u dn't wish bad things on others, no matter how they have treated u in the past.

Once saw an ex who had treated me horribly and I never defended myself. I walked away feeling de

JazzaBelleTress said...

I really needed to hear this. Karma is so real. Although we may not be able to see it it still is real. I just wish I could see it sometimes ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I definitely believe in karma.

I am sorry that you experienced that kind of attack as a young person.

Reading your post made me think of times in my own life where someone had done me wrong and I was present to see how life had paid them back.

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