Part 2 Borghese Spring Rapido Nail Collection

As promised here's the second party of my Borghese Rapido Spring  Collection Review. If you missed yesterday's first part, just scroll down. As always click on pics to enlarge and really see the colors.

The first color is called Lira. Lira is a dense gold, full of sparkle. Loved this one. You can get away with one coat with this one but I've applied two.

Menta is a Jade Green with a hint of sparkle. This pic is with two coats. Three coats is better with this one though.

Violetto is a medium purple. Love a good purple shade. However, you need three coats with this one. I'm only wearing two in this pic.

Maraschino is the next shade. A very pretty fuschia-two coats is fine with this one.

Anemone a purplish pink shade. But more on the purple side. Two coats is fine with this one.

Last Limoncello. Limoncello kind of reminded me of slime. A yellowish green. Probably my least fave out of the bunch. Two coats with this one.

Do you like this collection?
What were your favorites or least favorites?




boxeswithnowalls said...

Oooh I am really feeling the first one very nice....

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