New Borghese Spring Rapido Nail Polish Collection Part 1

Do you know what "rapido" means in Spanish? It means, fast. I guess it means the same thing in Italian because the new  Borghese Rapido Spring collection definitely does dry  fast and contains 12 shades in bold brights and chic neutrals. I really love this collection. Some are super bright and  floral, others are very pretty neutrals with a hint of sparkle. Today will be part 1, and I'll swatch six colors for you. Tomorrow I will swatch the other six.  Now, as I said, I did enjoy this collection, however, my only qualm with it is a few shades had to be applied three times to really get an opaque look to them. I love that Borghese doesn't contain Dibutylphtalates, Toluene and Formaldehyde. I'm loving that nail polish companies are removing those harmful chemicals from their products. Anyway, click on pics to enlarge:

The First Color is called Vignetto. This is a very pretty  medium purple color. However, this is one of the colors that I had to apply three times to get an opaque finish.

The second is Marino. Marino is just a hint darker than sky blue, no glitter or sparkles with this one. Although this pic contains 2 coats, I think I might have loved it with three.

Mochaccino is a work perfect medium brown color! No sparkles or glitter in this one either. Two coats is all you need with this one.

Chroma is surprisingly one of my fave colors. It's a very rich silver, loaded with sparkle. I really was surprised at how cool this looked on my nails. One coat with this one is all you need but here's two.

Siena is another one of my faves. It's a very pretty Sienna brown, but the hint of sparkle really takes it to the top. This is two coats.

And Rosso. You girls know how i feel about my reds. I love red polish!  I just read that when a woman wears red, she appears 30% more attractive looking than normal. You know I ordered like 5 red shirts and lingerie this week after reading that. lol Anyway, Rosso is a gorgeous sexy fire engine red.This is two coats.

What are your thoughts on the first six colors in this collection?

Tomorrow I'll review the other six.




Beauty MVP said...

I LOVE when you take time out of your busy day to swatch nail polishes. I have bought Essie's Limited Addiction becase of your post. My faves in this post are Chroma (for toes) Siena and Mochachino are beautiful Winter mani colors.And I love red polish as well. It must be a Latin thing.
Looking forwarsd to seeing tomorrow's swatches!

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