Clarins Neo Pastels Spring 2011 Collection Review and NYC snow!

 I swear New York City seems to be getting snow every week now. It's so annoying. I'm one of  those people who just doesn't like snow, especially now that I have to walk around with a stroller. Are you a snow lover?

Alright, let's talk beauty.  Ladies, and gets, let me introduce you to the new  Clarins Neo Pastels Spring Collection!

 I was going to wait to get my slr camera to show you the new Clarins Spring collection but then I figured it would probably take me  months to learn how to use it. (I'm so not tech savy!) So better to just show it to you now. This collection is inspired by water color paintings, and celebrates spring through soft pastels that glow with a halo of light. Whatever it's inspiration, it's very pretty. The eyeshadow palette contains six shades of browns, frosted pinks and violets, very wearable shades and a black eyeliner. You girls know I love a neutral eyeshadow look, and I can create a lot of these with this palette. My  qualm with the eyeshadow is that it does take a bit of packing on to get the eyeshadow colors to show the way I like. Here's a swatch, click to enlarge:

The product that I'm kind of obsessing over is the blush. It's a mix of mineral and plant ingredients,that really gives a rich glow to my bronze skin. There are six shades. But the one that  that made me kick off my shoes and do a back flip because I was so excited about how pretty it looked on my skin was Sunset Coral. I love how you can create pretty much two looks with this blush. If you just want a slight flush to the cheek, just pat your brush on just the coral portion of the palette  but when you mix it up with the brown, you get this really pretty bronzing coral mix. It kind of reminds me of my Mac Chic Couple but without the massive shimmer.  I wore this on the night of my ball and got a lot of compliments on my makeup.

The next product in the collection is the Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude Lipstick. This lipstick is an interesting product because it contains 25% skincare ingredients that work to moisturize, repair and protect the lips. It's very creamy, feels almost as if you're putting a gloss on. I was sent Nude Coral. Here's a swatch of the blush on top, and the lipstick on bottom. The lipstick is incredibly sheer though.

All in all, the product that had me doing a happy dance is the blush. I love how pretty it looks, and how long-lasting it is too. I like the eyeshadow palette but I do kind of feel like I have colors very similar to it. The lipstick was beautiful too, but if I'm wearing lipstick, I do want a hint more color.

FYI: Yesterday I rejected 17 comments by accident. Don't ask me why I did it. I have no idea. Lil man was crying and I was trying to press "Publish" but instead pressed "Reject." Sorry if you don't see your comment, please don't take it personal.

What are your thoughts on the Clarins Collection?

Do you like it?

Do you like the snow?

What's your favorite blush?



Product provided by PR for review


Veronica said...

Wow these prducts look nice

Anonymous said...

Not really feeling the colors. On lighter skin it might look great by on my NC45 skin, it would look very shimmery. Not a good look.

I also live in NYC , BX to be exact. I am so tired of the snow and cleaning snow off my car. Uuugghhh. I like snow but this is too much. March is usually the snow month.

Favorite blush, Warm Soul by MAC tied with Sunset Beach by Milani and Torrid by NARS.

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