New Napoleon Perdis Chandelier Shine Nail Polish & Lip Gloss

Hey girls, how are you? Man I'm feeling good today. I slept ten hours straight last night. This morning, I did a backflip and a somersault (alright no I didn't) but I sure felt like it. I was so happy!!! Man it feels good to sleep!!! Alright, sorry, let's talk beauty.

Napoleon Perdis recently released 12 lip glosses to match their highly coveted Chandelier Shine Nail Polishes. I got my hands on the Rockstar Pink Set. I was a little intimidated by the color. It's an opaque, dark bubble gum pink. Very pretty, but not sure how the gloss would look on me. I love the texture of this gloss. It's creamy, and last a long time, a good five hours, even after drinking my green smoothie. I was pleasantly surprised on how pretty the gloss looked on my tan skin as well.

Excuse my hairy upper lip. I'm waxing it today. Don't judge me. 

All in all, I love the lip gloss. However, after applying the nail polish, I looked up the ingredients and it contains ingredients like phthalates. YUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,  which I don't love at all, so I would skip the nail polish COMPLETELY, but if phthalates aren't a big deal for you, then by all means, try it. The whole set is $15.00 here which isn't bad.

What are your thoughts on this set?

Do you like Napoleon Perdis products?



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Jewelz said...

My fav lip color...very similar to MAC snob :)

Check out my blog :)

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