Getting Bikini Ready is Easy With Bare Ease

Me and my mystery man

I've missed you guys! I was kidnapped by a hot man who took me away and told me that for four days my only job was to RELAX! Don't tell my hubby. Jk, obviously it was my hubby.  He booked a trip for us last year, and didn't tell me.  I found out about the trip literally one day  before we were supposed to leave.  Thank God I found out in advance! I was totally not bikini ready. A girl had to go get waxed PRONTO!  The problem was my regular waxer Allah couldn't see me. She was booked for days. I begged, cried,pleaded, but they just couldn't squeeze me in. I am so crazy when it comes to getting waxed. Although I've been doing it forever, it still isn't painless. Allah knows me well, and she knows how sensitive my skin down there can be so she has a whole method that works for me. Anyway, I didn't know what to do. I knew there was a waxing place around me, but I had never been there before, and I was so scared . But then I remembered a product that had been sent to me called BareEase. It's supposed to take the pain out of the waxing.

It was created by a female Doctor named  Edna Ma who like all of us hated the pain of being waxed. The main ingredient in this product is Lidocine which is also the main ingredient in local anesthesia. Anyway, I followed the instructions and applied the cream all over my area, then put on the latex underwear that it came with , and then walked to the waxing place close to my house. You're supposed to wait around 30 minutes after application to get waxed. I sat down and told the woman what I wanted. She led me to the room, and began. I thought it would hurt like hell because they didn't even have the sensitive wax that I normally use. I was so nervous but OMG, this stuff works. The pain was barely there. Literally, while she was waxing, I was relaxed enough to text my mom about my surprise trip. If you are scared of getting waxed for the first time (and you should be) I would highly recommend this product.  This was incredibly effective.



#product sent by pr for review.


TheFabChick said...

I just sent a friend a link of this post! I need to try this stuff out ASAP!

Anonymous said...

this is amazing! only a female doctor would think to create this product...thank you so much!! =)

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