The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder-Review

                             Kim and I yesterday.

I'm a beauty book lover. Any book that comes out pertaining to beauty,I've usually got my hands on it. So when I found out friend to the blog Kimberly Snyder was coming out with her new book The Beauty Detox Solution,  you know I had to get my hands on it ASAP. I loved the book, and not only that I read it twice, which is real hard when you have the worst toothache ever. But, honestly I couldn't put it down because so many things made sense, and were life changing. Also, she writes this book in such an easy to read manner that anyone can enjoy it. I hate books that are too technical. After about the second sentence my mind starts wandering, and  I start thinking about other things, but this book is such an easy read.

I got to hang out with Kim yesterday at a blogger event (she even made her glowing green smoothie) and she's actually making a a video for Beautylogic, answering our reader questions. I love this book because Kim doesn't ever say, "You have to stop eating this! "(Well except for dairy.)She believes that any meat eater, can follow her plan too. I love that. Anyway, here are some things I learned:

1) Kim really became interested in beauty and nutrition when she visited poor countries, and noticed that the people there looked a lot younger and healthier than the US. 
2) In order to lose weight and look your most beautiful, you must free up energy from digestion.
3)  Meat ages you. Why does it age you? Because meat is a very acidic substance,  and the energy that should be used for beautifying you, gets wasted on trying to digest meat.
4) Kim has a great chapter called "Beauty Foods", where she talks about foods that beautify you-this is definitely my favorite chapter.  But here's what she says about dairy "No one should eat dairy period." She has a lot of valid reasons, but the one that stood out the most is that dairy has casein in it which has a strong link to causing cancer. You can also get your calcium from plant sources like kale, cauliflower, collard greens and cucumber.
5)She also list a lot of beautifying fruits, which I'm very happy to say many of them I put in my green smoothie. But you must eat fruit on an empty stomach! Fruit goes in and out of your body in 25 minutes. If it has to sit on top of foods that take longer to digest, namely concentrated foods like starch and protein, it will ferment and acidify the whole meal. You never want that to happen because you want your body to be more alkaline. Alkaline bodies have more oxygen in their system and are more beautiful.
6) She talks about Beauty Food pairing,  foods you should and shouldn't eat together. It's based on the science of how foods digest optimally in your stomach. Once you start pairing certain foods together, you free up a lot of beauty energy from digestion which we can now use to rebuild our skin, hair and nails.
7) Here's something interesting, Gorillas and humans have about 94% of the same DNA. Gorilla's are considered the strongest animals on earth, and their diet is pretty much greens. 
8) I also love Kim's True Beauty Stories, where she talks about her clients, and how they have changed their beauty and their lives using her solutions.

I can talk about this book all day. There is so much more to learn. She also includes great easy recipes. This book  definitely changed my life.  I notice lately every time I've been about to eat something I think of The Beauty Detox Solution.

You can order it here.




Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

OMG I would loveee to meet her some day.

april said...

My aunt who is the head of radiology at a very well known teaching hospital say that the microwave and plastic dishes have a very strong link to cancer.Dairy? Should we not breast feed or is that something different?Is it possibly the way that milk is chemically treated that might lead to cancer and in that case lets get our dairy from a source that isn't so interfered with.Everyone please do your own research.

Nikia said...

She so gorgeous. She always looks so glowy and happy.

Kristina said...

Totally unrelated but I wished I looked as pretty as you when I have a toothache.

fantastic said...

i agree with so much that she has to say on nutrition. i've had this one waiting for release in my amazon shopping basket ;)

justicefighter said...

Hey DE, I just ordered this book on amazon. I went to the dr. yesterday and she told me point blank that I need to get on a vegetarian diet. Maybe this book will help me kill two birds with one stone....look good on the outside and be "good" on the inside. Thanks for the rec! :)

Beauty Tips said...

I have been meaning to get my hands on her book ! You gave me the push I needed to go get it !

Lisa said...

I order this book and received it and it is awesome. I have been eating better and I have more energy when I take my Zumba, yoga and kickboxing. I encourage everyone I talk to-to change their diet thanks DE. Oh side note I have named my hair coco-lol

Anonymous said...

Gorillas also eat their own poo. no joke. It's called caprophagous

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