Keeping Your Hair Gorgeous During the Spring/Summer Months

The spring/summer is here. Due to the sun's rays, chlorine filled pools, beach water, these two seasons are probably the most damaging and drying to your hair.  The pic below is me enjoying time in a pool. As you can see, my hair is out .  But, my hair still stays healthy. Here's what I do to prevent damage to my hair during the spring/summer months.

At the Pool, hair out!
1) Every single time I jump in and out of the pool, I drench my hair with a conditioner containing conconut oil. The one I used while away was Essentious. Why does my conditioner have to contain coconut oil because coconut oil and Olive Oil are the ONLY two oils that naturally penetrate the hair so using them will lessen the damage  caused by chlorine.

2) When I'm walking about in the hot tropical weather, I tend to wear hats. There are so many cool sun hats you can get especially at TJ Maxx.
3) There are a lot of hair products now that contain spf. Use them if you're going to be outdoors a lot.
I blogged about this one before. 

4) During the summer/spring, I tend to shampoo my hair less often. During these months your hair tends to need more moisture. So I shampoo probably the most once a week.
5) I actually do a deep conditioning a lot more than normal especially if I'm in the water.
6) I tend not to do so much heat styling. The most I'll do is once a week. 
7) Also if I'm really crazy about my hair or feel like I've exposed it to too much chlorine, while I'm in the pool, I will wear a protective cap.
8) This is  great time to invest in some good borage oil. Borage oil is great for hydrating from inside out.

Hope this helps.




Danielle Doss said...

Love your hair layers!

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