Zoya Sunshine Collection is Really Bringing the Heat!

Hey loves, how was your weekend? I hope it was amazing, and I hope you are one step closer to making all your dreams come true. Anyway, Let's talk beauty. You girls know I'm a huge Zoya fan. Their nail polishes were pretty much the only ones I used while pregnant because of their vegan friendly formula, and when their new collections come out, I'm always super excited. Their Sunshine collection is really bringing the heat with glitter and gorgeous bright colors but there is also another summer collection that Zoya has released called  Summertime  that I will be reviewing sometime this week.  We're going to start first by meeting the Zoya Sunshine Collection. Click on pics to enlarge and really see the color.

Zoya_Apple -This is a gorgeous green packed with gold metallic sparkle. I was surprised that I liked this one so much. 

Zoya Faye-This is my second favorite color. A bronzed mauve with purple and brown undertones, and gold sparkle.

 Zoya Reva-- A cool toned strawberry red with glowing golden metallic sparkle.

 Zoya Rica Warm light coral with pink and orange tones and heavy gold metallic sparkle. 

Zoya Kimmy (ZP547) - Reds are always my favorite.Nothing sexier than a gorgeous red.I love this one. Gleaming metallic candy apple red brightened by gold sparkle.

 Zoya Tanzy (ZP549) - Light, bright tangerine orange with yellow gold metallic sparkle. A sunny orange that's easy to wear year-round.

 So what's your favorite in this collection?

Do you love these colors?

You can order them here. 

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TheFabChick said...

I'm definitely drawn to the green color

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