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Hey guys, I've been gone for a few days. I want to start by saying that due to a lot of my fabulous readers, I cured my own toothache. Who needs a dentist when I got so many brilliant readers? The trick: gargling with salt and water. I did that after every meal, and my teeth are like new again. Also Clove oil is great for the pain. You guys are wonderful. Love you all.

Anyway, this week has been incredibly bittersweet. Two of my vision board dreams came true,  and then I lost someone incredibly dear to me. I"ll elaborate soon in another post. Anyway, because of the strength that I got from her, and because she loved beauty too, I will be back soon. Here are some sneak peeks of what we're doing:

Zoya's new Summer Collection-This is just one part of their gorgeous summer collection.

Lorac's new summer Collection-again this is just one part.

Telling you how I got rid of my acne/including before/after pics. The before pics may scare you, so get ready.

Life Lesson: Don't listen to what anyone says about another person. Make your own judgments and why.

How my "no meat" plan has been going...not so good.

Some drugstore products that I'm loving

A fun video that I shot with Target. 

A salon located in midtown Manhattan 

And I get this question alot, my five favorite natural conditioners for under $10.00

Also, I'm aware that my "older post" button doesn't work. I am working on it with my fabulous web designer Christina. 

Have a great weekend.




Nikia said...

so sorry for your loss. stay strong, chica :-)

Ms. G said...

Glad you feel better. I am sorry for your loss.

Sugar + Spice(AzĂșcar+Especia) said...

Thinking of you, in your time of loss.

Congrats on the vision become true to life!

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