The Beauty Detox Solution Book Launch Party!

I'm really proud of friend to the blog  Kimberly Snyder. Not only is her book The Beauty Detox Solution life changing, but she had such an amazing showing at her book launch party. Too bad it was in LA because if it was in NYC, you know Beautylogicblog would have been up in there. (We love a good party!)

Celebrity guests included  Fergie, Drew Barrymore, Hillary Duff, Channing Tatum, and so many other amazing people. Knowing Kimberly, this is so well-deserved. She's just as beautiful inside, as she is outside. Doesn't she  look amazing!!! Please make sure to get her book. It will change your life, it changed mine!

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Nichole said...

You got me on to her blog. She is amazing and seems like a doll.

natural care said...

Wow!! She is looking amazing.

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